Gun Facts - Your Guide to Debunking Gun Control Myths
author: Guy Smith © 2011
     Guy Smith (writer, songwriter, political provocateur) and has been referred to as a libertarian with a foreign policy.  Because the 2nd Amendment is the only civil right under perpetual attack, Guy has chosen to make gun owner rights the focal point of his political activism.
     "No civil right has come under such unrelenting attacks as the 2nd Amendment.  Everyone who takes liberty seriously which apparently does not include the ACLU must actively defend the 2nd Amendment."
     Gun Facts is a free e-book that debunks common myths about gun control.  It is intended as a reference guide for journalists, activists, politicians, and other people interested in restoring honesty to the debate about guns, crime, and the 2nd Amendment.
     Gun Facts has 112 pages of information.  Divided into chapters based on gun control topics (assault weapons, ballistic finger printing, firearm availability, etc.), finding information is quick and easy.
     Each chapter lists common gun control myths, then lists a number of documented and cited facts (with nearly 500 detailed footnotes).  Thus when a neighbor, editor or politician repeats some sound bite about firearm control policy, you can quickly find that myth then rebuke with real information. Gun Facts v6.0 Screen