Shooting Games & Diversions
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  1. Go Army Target Practice (M4 Rifle, 20 targets, 60 seconds)
  2. Target Practice Gamefrom the Hinkley & District Air Rifle League, UK by Dave Wykes History of Bell Target Shooting
  3. Mark your territory [no ammo shortage here] (for dog lovers from Meaty Bone®)
  4. Special Ops 1 (anti-terrorism)
  5. Bin Laden Liqours (anti-terrorism, shoot/no shoot: hostage/no hostage) We.29Jan14
  6. Prairie Dog Shoot
  7. Samsung U900 Skeet Shoot (original source:
  8. Russian pistol target shooting.  All text is in Russian.  When the pistol appears, click on the trigger, aim, and fire.  You have 3 shots in 30 seconds to hit the target and get your score. (Hat Tip: Baja4x4) Recently Added