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Subject: England School Closure (LCHS) - Affects Command-Sponsored Personnel Assigned to UK

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SUBJ:  England School Closure (LCHS) - Affects Personnel Assigned to UK
1.  The London Central High School and Residence Halls 
on Daws Hill Royal Air Force Base in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England 
will close at the end of school year (SY) 2006-2007.  DoD command-sponsored 
personnel being assigned to the United Kingdom are advised to contact 
the Command Section or School Liaison Office at the gaining installation 
about schooling options prior to receipt of assignment orders. 
2.  Department of Defense Dependents Schools  Europe (DoDDS-E) will have 
limited DoD schooling options in the United Kingdom beginning SY 2007-2008.  
For a complete listing of DoD schools in the UK, please visit http://www.eu.dodea.edu.  
In areas where no DoD school is available, students need to enroll 
in the Non-DoD Schools Program (NDSP).  NDSP information and registration forms 
are available athttp://www.eu.dodea.edu/nondod.htm.  Prior written authorization 
from the NDSP must be obtained before a parent or guardian commits or spends 
US Government funds for educational purposes.   It is recommended as soon 
as orders are issued, to enroll in NDSP.
3.  Additional information on dependent schooling options can be found 
on the SITES web page at https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/appj/sites/.  SITES is the official 
DoD website to assist military members and their families with all the details 
connected with a government ordered Permanent Change of Station (PCS).     
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