also see: Timeline of Web Browsers, hierarchal chart or Timeline listed Chronologically (also, early browsers 1991-1996)

The Web Standards Project's Acid Test 3 (Acid3 is a test of dynamic browser capabilities) A new item animated gif
  1. 2000cities 3D browser - The 2000cities browser offers attractive interactive 2D and 3D surfing.
  2. 3B (3D browser)
  3. 404Browser - Built with productivity, speed, and security in mind. Some of the features include a note pad, agents that learn, pop-up and ad blocking , privacy protection, and bookmark management. [Windows]
  4. Abaco (for Plan 9 from Bell Labs) - Text-based
  5. ABrowse - ( KHTML and WebKit-based )
  6. Activator Desk - Internet desktop and browser program for a fast, secure, Internet. It may be used for simple child-safe filtering, or as an advanced security shield, preventing tampering and unauthorized access to both conventional programs and questionable Internet content.
  7. Alefox - Gecko based
  8. Alternative Web Browsing,specialized browsers (screen readers - adaptive browsers - voice browsers - other access methods)
  9. Altimit OS Web Browser - Trident based
  10. Alynx - Text-based
  11. Amaya World, developer: Wide Web Organization W3C's testbed browser.
  12. Amiweb - Colorful, musical browser for kids for selected educational sites. Requires password to use address bar or exit program.
  13. AMosaic
  14. AMSD Ariadna - the first Russian full-featured World Wide Web browser
  15. Android (mobile device platform) - ( KHTML and WebKit-based )
  16. AOL (For use with their proprietary intranet) (discontinued)
  17. AOL Explorer - Trident based
  18. Arachne browser for DOS & UNIX
  19. Arena
  20. Atari: see, HighWire
  21. AtomNetPE - Mini Internet browser. Browses also zipped files. Can run from a floppy disk.
  22. Auction Browser - Full featured web browser with built-in tools to use with eBay.
  23. AuctionTamer - Customized tabbed Internet browser with a built-in auction item watch list
  24. Avant Application designed to expand services provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer that includes tabbed browsing with a pop-up stopper, cleaner, and Google search. w/other description - Trident based
  25. AWeb
  26. Bento Browser (Built into Winamp) - Trident based
  27. Beonex Communicator - Gecko based
  28. Browzar It's small browser interface that works with the main components of Internet Explorer; however, Browzar doesn't track/create any histories in you PC of where you've visited while on the internet. This feature can be useful when you are using a PC that's not yours, in some office or public environments where your history shouldn't be left anyway. It's only about 275KB in size and can be easily carried on a USB memory stick or downloaded for temporary use. It doesn't actually install on a PC, but rather is a small executable program that you can put on the desktop and via it browse the internet with IE not leaving any tracks of your activities. also dissenting views: see blog discussing whether Browzar is adware at: and from the BBC: 'Adware' attack on privacy tool. ( Story from BBC NEWS: Published: 2006/09/03 11:35:35 GMT © BBC MMVI )
  29. Buzz 3D - Browser that displays websites in a 3D display, showing 48 different websites simultaneously, and pre-loads multiple instances of all pages, allowing the user to read one page, while the others continue to load in the background.
  30. Camino for Mac OS X (formerly Chimera) - Mozilla's Gecko based
  31. CamSnoopFree - A webcam image viewer that downloads images from the web and displays them as a slideshow.
  32. Cello, developer: Thomas Bruce
  33. The Chameleon Web Browser, The - [Windows] Advanced features with a small download filesize.
  34. Charon (for Inferno)
  35. Chrome at (Google's Sep08 release)
  36. CipherNet - The official site of the CipherNet browser, editor and FTP client.
  37. Clue Java Web Browser - Web browser written entirely in Java. Supports HTML 4.0, Cascading Style Sheets, Document Object Model, JavaScript and Java applets.
  38. CompuServe - Gecko based
  39. Crazy Browser Freeware web browser with the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task.
  40. cURL (Line-mode browser) - Text-based
  41. CyberDog
  42. Dillo (Small, fast, free, minimalistic, and multi-platform)
  43. DocZilla - Browser with support for SGML, XML, HyTime, CALS tables, RDF, and XLink based on the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine.
  44. DosLynx - Text-based
  45. edbrowse (Line-mode browser) - Text-based
  46. ELinks (active version of Links) - Text-based
  47. Emacs/W3
  48. Enigma - Trident based
  49. Epiphany, GNOME's current default browser - Gecko based - ( KHTML and WebKit-based )
  50. Erwise, April 1992
  51. Firefox: w/other description
  52. Flock Application designed to expand services provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer that includes tabbed browsing with a pop-up stopper, cleaner, and Google search. - Gecko (FireFox) based (To enhance social networking, blogging, photosharing, and RSS newsreading) (created for enhancements of specific browsing activities.)
  53. Fusion WebPilot browser (Embedded Web Browser) - Gecko based
  54. Galeon, GNOME's former default browser - Gecko based
  55. Ghostzilla (Blends into the GUI to hide activity) (created for enhancements of specific browsing activities.)
  56. Gollum browser
  57. Grail - An extensible Internet browser written in Python. It runs on Unix, and, to some extent, on Windows and Macintosh.
  58. HighWire Browser (Atari 68k Computers)
  59. HotJava, developer: Sun Microsystems (discontinued) - for the Java platform
  60. I-Comm, developer: Talent Communications
  61. I-View, developer: Talent Communications
  62. IBM Web Explorer
  63. IBrowse
  64. iCab (version 4 uses WebKit; earlier versions used its own rendering engine) - ( KHTML and WebKit-based )
  65. IceWeasel, Debian's free fork of Firefox - Gecko based
  66. InterGo, developer: InterGO Communications, Inc.
  67. Internet Explorer 6, August 27, 2001
    Internet Explorer 7, October 18, 2006
    Internet Explorer (August 1995)
  68. Internet Explorer, developer: Microsoft (IE6 / IE7)
  69. Internet Workhorse, developer: MarketNet
  70. iRider - Trident based
  71. K-Meleon for Windows - Gecko based
  72. K-MeleonCCF for Windows (based on K-Meleon) - Gecko based
  73. K-Ninja for Windows (based on K-Meleon) - Gecko based
  74. Kazehakase, a very light GTK2 web browser for GNU/Linux - Gecko based
  75. Konqueror Unix-based Web browser, file manager, and universal viewer from KDE. - ( KHTML and WebKit-based )
  76. Krozilo
  77. Leech - High-speed offline web browser for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
  78. Links (not currently active) - Text-based
  79. Lobo - for the Java platform
  80. Lynx, developer: Many Lynx Team Developers - Text-based
  81. MacWeb
  82. Madfox (based on Firefox) - Gecko based
  83. ManyOne - Gecko based
  84. Maxthon Application designed to expand services provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer that includes tabbed browsing with a pop-up stopper, cleaner, and Google search. w/other description - Trident based
  85. Metabrowser - IE-based Web browser displays and edits HTML 4.0 metadata. Public domain version supports browsing of Web pages and metadata.
  86. MidasWWW
  87. Mothra (for Plan 9 from Bell Labs)
  88. Mozilla browser related downloads:
  89. Mosaic, April 22, 1993
  90. Mosaic, multilingual, developer: Accent Software
  91. Mosaic, Quarterdeck, developer: Quarterdeck
  92. Mozilla Firefox, November 9, 2004; (formerly Firebird and Phoenix) - Gecko based
  93. Mozilla SeaMonkey
  94. Mozilla Thunderbird (optimized for USB key drive)
  95. Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE version 7) previous IE versions: Microsoft Internet Explorer, developer: Microsoft
  96. NavRoad - Compact offline HTML viewer, runs off a floppy and requires no winsock.dll. Users can view HTML files anytime.
  97. NeoPlanet, Offers diverse interface skins and customizable, sharable, content channels.; developer: NeoPlanet - Trident based
  98. NetCaptor Tabbed browser that can also block pop-up ads, save time, enhance privacy, and allow faster navigation. - Trident based
  99. NetCruiser, developer: NetCom
  100. Netomat - With netomat, the user has a dialogue with the Internet. You can ask the net a question using natural language. netomat responds by flowing text, images and audio from the net to your screen.
  101. NetPositive
  102. Netscape Navigator and Netscape Communicator, October 13, 1994 ; Netscape (version 6 and newer) - Gecko based
  103. Netcape Communicator, developer: Netscape Communications Corporation w/other description
  104. NetSurf (An open source web browser for RISC OS and GTK+ written in C)
  105. Net-Tamer - Text-based
  106. Nintendo DS Browser (Opera Powered) - Presto based
  107. Off By One - A small, fast, free standalone 1.1MB web browser with HTML 3.2 support. Can be run from a CD or network.
  108. OmniWeb - ( KHTML and WebKit-based )
  109. Opera, 1996, see History of the Opera Internet suite - Presto based
  110. Opera, developer: Opera Software w/other description
  111. Opera Mini - for the Java platform
  112. Orca (based on Avant & Firefox)
  113. Oracle PowerBrowser June 18, 1996 (version 1.5)[1]
  114. Oregano
  115. Planetweb browser (discontinued, for Dreamcast)
  116. Psiphon, developer: University of Toronto's Citizen Lab ( login: ) (quote: "psiphon is a human rights software project developed by the Citizen Lab at the Munk Centre for International Studies that allows citizens in uncensored countries to provide unfettered access to the Net through their home computers to friends and family members who live behind firewalls of states that censor.")
    (quote source, Wikipedia, "Psiphon[1] is a software project designed by University of Toronto's Citizen Lab under the direction of Professor Ronald Deibert, Director of the Citizen Lab.." Psiphon is a quote source, Wikipedia re: "circumvention technology that works through social networks of trust and is designed to help Internet users bypass content-filtering systems setup by governments, such as China, North Korea, Iran, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and others.")
  117. Runecats Explorer - Trident based
  118. S60 Web Browser for mobile) - ( KHTML and WebKit-based )
  119. Safari (web browser), January 7, 2003 - ( KHTML and WebKit-based, Apple Mac/PC )
  120. SeaMonkey (internal name for Mozilla Application Suite, now the public name) - Gecko based
  121. SecretWeb
    (Physically disappear from the PC desktop screen and from the taskbar when you don't want someone to know what you're surfing or use a hotkey to activate Screen Saver immediately, has a deceptive interface that looks like an Office suite)
  122. Shiira - ( KHTML and WebKit-based )
  123. Skipstone - Gecko based - ( KHTML and WebKit-based )
  124. Sleipnir
  125. SlimBrowser Multiple site browser with pop-up killer, form filler, and history cleaner features. - Trident based
  126. SlipKnot, developer: Peter Brooks
  127. Smart Bro - Trident based
  128. Songbird (software) (browser with advanced audio streaming features and built in media player with library.) (created for enhancements of specific browsing activities.)
  129. Softerm Plus, developer: Softronics,Inc.
  130. SpaceTime (Search the web in 3D) (created for enhancements of specific browsing activities.)
  131. SurfPanel - Animated desktop portal and browser assistant.
  132. Swift - ( KHTML and WebKit-based )
  133. Tango, developer: Alis Technologies Inc.
  134. Tkhtml
  135. Torpark developer: ©2006 Steve Topletz, quote: "Torpark..will launch a Tor circuit connection, which creates an encrypted tunnel from your computer indirectly to a Tor exit computer, allowing you to surf the internet anonymously. ..small, portable, clean, open-source, free of spyware/adware, and free."
  136. Tiber, developer: Video On Line
  137. Turbo Browser - Maximizing efficiency by merging the management of local and Internet resources, and web browsing.
  138. UdiWWW, developer: Bernd Richter
  139. UltraBrowser - Trident based
  140. ViolaWWW, May 1992, see Erwise
  141. VMS Mosaic
  142. Voyager
  143. w3m - Text-based
  144. WebbIE - Text-based
  145. WebGrab - A tool that allows the user to quickly and easily download webpage elements such as images, html, applets, java applets, shockwave or director animation. WebGrab is not an offline-browser but rather a tool for webpage and ftp element downloading.
  146. WebMiner - Internet bulk downloader.
  147. WebRouser September 18, 1995[2]
  148. The Web Stalker - An alternative browser - in fact an art project made by I/O/D, a London-based group of artists and programmers. The Web Stalker 'maps' websites and presents the separate pages as plain text or html; an extremely beautiful and poetic application, very much worth the (short) download time. Available for Mac and Win95/NT.
  149. WebStripper - Free offline browser. Copy websites and browse offline. Lists downloaded sites by category.
  150. WebsurfACE - A freeware web browser based on Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  151. WebTV, developer: WebTV
  152. wget (Line-mode browser) - Text-based
  153. Wii - Internet Channel (Web browser for the Wii console) (Opera powered) - Presto based
  154. WorldWideWeb, February 26, 1991
  155. WWW - The Libwww Line-Mode Browser, before February 11, 1991
  156. Wyzo (A media browser that integrates BitTorrent like Opera's integrated BitTorrent) (created for enhancements of specific browsing activities.)
  157. X-Smiles (experimental) - for the Java platform
  158. XeroBank Browser (formerly Torpark), portable browser for anonymous browsing - Gecko based
  159. Yahoo! Browser (or partnership browsers eg. "AT&T Yahoo! Browser"; "Verizon Yahoo! Browser"; "BT Yahoo! Browser" etc.) - Trident based
from the blog at:
learnvb said,
September 3, 2006 @ 2:52 am 
Want to create a browzar like browser? Very simple, 
goto and download the free version of Microsoft Visual Studio 
(includes Visual Basic for free.)
1] Open Visual Basic and click file>new. Goto Forms>Add form>Webrowser. Click ok.
2] A new form is added, goto Tools>Options> 
   click on the listbox for startup form and ensure that form2 
   or the webbrowser form is selected. Click ok.
3] Hit F5 or click the run button (play button). 
   Now you have your own Browzar like security browser. 
   Market it and sell it - donít worry itís exactly the same, less the GUI. 
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