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Legislation Pending in Congress
California Legislative Information
    (Thomas LOC)
  1. House Legislation
  2. Senate Legislation
  3. Congressional Record (101st-113th)
  4. Executive Orders of the POTUS (22Jan-)
  5. Executive Orders (1929-present)
NAGR Bill Watch NAGR Federal Bill Watch
Be Heard/Take Action:
    Contact officials & Voice Your Opinion:
    Phone numbers 866 are toll free, 202 is toll outside D.C. Metro Area
    House and Senate switchboard: (202) 224-3121
    Phone & Fax Numbers To Congress | House & Senate (interactive map) A new item animated gif.

  1. SENATORS:  866-220-0044 or 202-225-3121
       • Find your Senator :
             [California: Boxer (D) & Feinstein (D) D.C./Ca. Offices.]
       • Senators Sorted by State + Phone & Fax (.xml) (.htm)
       • Directory of Senators Sorted by Name + Phone & Fax (.xml) (.htm)
    List of Senators' addresses, phone #s, email
    HOUSE of Representatives : 202-224-3121
       • Find your Representative : List of Representatives' addresses, phone #s, email
    PRESIDENT : 202-456-1111 & 202-456-1414 & Fax: 202-456-2461
         snail mail: The White House, District of Columbia 20500
         eMail the President smallWhitehouse favicon image
         White House Switchboard: 202-456-1111 & 202-456-1414 (phone)
           Contact the Whitehouse via online form at web address of:
    All Federal & State Legislators' Phone & Fax Numbers
    Central Government Agencies:
  2. CALIFORNIA: Assembly, Senate, Judicial Counsel, Auditor, Secretary of State
         - Governor: Jerry Brown
         - Legislation California Legislative Information (
                               California State Legislative Directory (
           Imperial County Assemblyman & Senator:
           - Assemblyman (Dist. 80-D) V. Manuel Pérez
           [Sacramento: (916) 319-2080/Fax (916) 319-2180 or Indio (760) 342-8047/Fax (760) 347-8704
             or Imperial County/Valley (760) 336-8912/Fax (760) 336-8914]
           - Senator (Ca. Dist. 40-D) Denise Moreno Ducheny + Online Contact Form
           [Sacramento: (916) 651-4040/Fax (916) 327-3522 or Chula Vista (619) 409-7690/Fax (619) 409-7688
             or El Centro (760) 335-3442/Fax (760) 335-3444 or Coachella (760) 398-6442/Fax (760) 398-6470]

  3. Use Zip+4 to Contact Elected Officials via + 111th Congress, Online Directory
    y Quiere ponerse en contacto con miembros del Congreso en Espaol? ( sources:,, )
  4. phone, fax numbers and email for U.S. Senators & Congressmen plus a Congressional Guide (being updated Feb09)
  5. U.S. Representatives (House) - U.S. Senators (Senate) - President Barack Hussein Obama - eMail Gov't Reps ( source: *** )
  6. Contact your Governor ( source: )
  7. National & Local Radio/Talk Shows' Contact #s
    and AFA: Find and contact national and local media; Editors, Reporters & Producers; Newspapers, TV, radio
    and Find and contact national and local media ( sources: & )
  8. Directory of State & Federal Officials (mapped), Incumbents, Potential Candidates, Elections Schedules, Congressional & State Election Office & Parties, News Sources & News Contacts ( )
*** (note about "Why wait until the Tuesday after the first Monday in November to cast your ballot?  At, you can "vote" on pending legislation, post comments, then compare your votes with those of other Govit users and your elected representatives.  After you vote on, say, closing Guantanamo Bay or opening the continental shelf to oil drilling, you can submit your choice, along with a brief note, to your local representative, U.S. senator or the president.  The site also features a handy map to each congressional district and the executive branch.  You can drill down into each Congress member's voting record on every bill and follow the money trail of their biggest campaign contributors.  The site is still in beta and was a bit slow to respond -- much like Congress itself."   [source: "5 Innovative Political Sites By Dan Tynan, PC World"]

  Sources: The Federalist & Harrold's Links Index's SOG links: White House, Senate, House, Federal Reserve, SCOTUS, State Governments
  The Patriot Post:, including Historical Documents (related: history links)

       U.S. Government links (changing)
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