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Frank R. Harrold
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? Harrold


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1. Cynthia Jean Kelley

2. ?

? Harrold 1

  • Born: Danville, Illinois
  • Marriage (1): Cynthia Jean Kelley on Dec 21, 1965 in Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Marriage (2): ? on Oct 27, 1978 in Orange Park, Florida

bullet  General Notes:

In his own words:

Ball Lightning - "The ball lightning was in a house, I think in Fort Dodge, in the house across from the big, I think, Farmall' tractor building. Lightning was striking all about. Me, My folks'n JoAnn were up/kinda of awake. in the hall way between the folks's bedroom and JoAnns'n mine, came this translucent bluish purple/electric blue undulating ball, 'bout the size of a basketball just slowly drifting down the hall way and as dad (don) came toward it...'poof' it was gone with the teeniest of 'popping sounds', yes, ball lightning is real..." (as told by Robert Franklin Harrold, II)

From Iowa to England - "After mom remarried to Don, he was transferred (requested) recruiting duty for the A.F. 'cause there was an opening or two in Iowa near where his Danish folks live/lived. They were/are in area around Humboldt. Anyway, he first got to around 52/53? Boone, IA then to Fort Dodge 53?-56. In '56 he got the transfer to England to RAF Station Bentwaters/Woodbridge near Ipswich/Woodbridge/Felixstowe, on/near east coast north of London. That's how I went to H.S. at the military/civilian dependents school in London. At that time there was only one government supported H.S. in the U.K., so travelled there on Sun. nights, back next Fridays....'cept summers of course. JoAnn went to grade school & I think, 1st year of Jr. High (maybe) at local AF base schools. Then in Jul/Aug?59 he transferred with us in tow to Bunker Hill AFB, Bunker Hill, Indiana (near Peru)...I went to my Sr. year there. shortly after graduation in 60...he/we transferred to Shreveport at Barksdale...I turned 18 and like the ball lightning...poof, I was the AF that is." (as told by Robert Franklin Harrold, II)

From Lackland to Ruston - "I left to AF basic training in Lackland...went to AF Weapons school Denver (while in Denver began my efforts to get appointment to AF Academy (which I finally did, at least to the AF Academy prep. school...) fell in love with a girl there, Kay Weeks...asked her to wait for me until I got my first 'out of training' permanent base assignment, which by co-incidence was in Lake Charles at Chennault AFB...gone now...anyway, needed to see if Academy appointment would work out, 'cause you couldn't/can't be married until after graduating from the Academy...anyways, she couldn't wait...I later flunked the physical, missed both opportunities...drifted around not know what to do, stay in enlisted/try for regular officer school/re-enlist to Vietnahm...what? Anyway in last of 4 year hitch ended up transferred with others in my outfit to Lockborne AFB outside of Colombus, OH. There enjoyed the fruits of the vine around Ohio State discharged and drifted back to Barksdale where my folks still lived...not particular plans...figured why not try college...looked for cheapest with some technical classes...don't know why...chose Tech 'cause it was cheap, small, and in familiar territory...'by that time, I'd been in/out of Lousiana more'n anywhere except Danville when I was off to Tech for no particular reason other than cheap, close...nothing better to do...just wanted the diploma more the its content...mostly drank, generally goofed off, though I worked a job the whole time of some kind or another...grades weren't all that good...finally one night, returning with our last dollar between us, Jack Vernon and I stopped at the Chenie Inn (gone now too) just west of Monroe on the then dry Lincoln Parish line to split a 50cent quart of beer each...there, that night began the saga of the Bob'n Jean tale." (as told by Robert Franklin Harrold, II)

The KA's and the KKK - "Didn't mind the KKK as much as the dumb KA's...and all the dork sorierty? girls who thought KAs actually invited them to the frat house 'cause they, the girls thought the KAs looked up to classy girls, 'bout the only thing KAs looked up was bottoms & not just bottoms of beers...." - (as told by Robert Franklin Harrold, II)

GDIs - "Jack, myself and a bunch of ex-GI's, there was a lot of us then, we called our selfs GDI's...weren't allowed to put stickers in our car windows or wear GDI logo sweat shirts'n, hats'n stuff....Tech Administrations banned the term vulgar or some such crap." - (as told by Robert Franklin Harrold, II)


? married Cynthia Jean Kelley, daughter of Thurman Pierce Kelley and Hazel Grace McFarland, on Dec 21, 1965 in Shreveport, Louisiana. (Cynthia Jean Kelley was born on Sep 2, 1941 in Washington, D.C. and died on Jan 26, 1990 in 9818 Country Lake Lane, Bethany, Caddo Parish, Louisiana, 71007 2.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

Marriage Fact, 1977.


? next married ?, daughter of Sidney Joseph Bell and Katherine Marie Nelson, on Oct 27, 1978 in Orange Park, Florida.

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