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More London Central High School Links - BP Map
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Native American Heritage Month is November
Presidential Proclamation by George W. Bush, 12Nov01
Listen to AIROS On-Line! American Indian Radio On Satellite
Truthful Humor - A Short Joke
A BW Image of Indian Warriors on Horse Back.
Native American Web Pages and Resources
Native Calling - Different Drums - AIROS - RA Media Player
National Native American Awarness Month is also known as National American Indian Heritage Month, and National American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month. May is Native Heroes Month

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Lest We Forget
September 11 - Patriot Day : A Remembrance; this image from

The Victims, Our Flag,
Our Pledge, Our enemies.
Imperial Valley, CA, US
Nearby Places + L.A. & S.Cal
San Diego, CAUS > Mexicali, BJMX
and Yuma, AZUS. Border Areas
More Weather Links US/World

Imperial County Airport, CAUS
32-50-03N 115-34-43W
NRA Video/Audio Site  A new item animated gif
Real Audio/Video News &
The Home Page of
The National Rifle Association
view:  A 2nd Amendment Truth
Ban Doctors or Guns?
A Petition for Enforcement of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
WiFi Service Providers A new item animated gif
Whereis Boingo?
Hotspots Search
Wayport Spots
Wi-FiHotSpotList A new item animated gif

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Visit: A Patriot Day, September 11, Remembrance
Red White and Blue 9.11.2001 - We Remember

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