14 April 2003.

By winning words to conquer hearts, And make persuasion do the work of fear. --Milton.
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The Plan for Humanitarian Assistance to Iraq 24Feb03
(Director, Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance for Post-war Iraq 24Feb03)
Now in April:
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	An open letter to our U.S. Government, Military & Citizenry of the U.S. and Iraq:
	Please, tell legislators, the Department of Defense i.e. USCENTCOM, 
and other officials involved in the scenario planning and execution of our country's war 
against terrorism that provisions must be computed into future military ventures and be enforced 
now to prevent the anarchy, looting, and chaos running rampant in areas that we have 'liberated.' 
It should not be espoused as normality to have "a transition period, and no one is in control." 13Apr2003  
Publicly condoning such lack of cultural self-respect and degredation, pillage and plunder, 
is not a message of hope to the mainly honest and moral peoples of Iraq.
	Our military forces being seen taking no action, with valiant exceptions, standing 
idly by, observing public thieving, lynchings, and other forms of 'retribution' with tacit 
approval, hardly present the world with a true picture of Americans' honest desire to 
'insure [the] domestic Tranquility' 17Sep1787 of freed peoples.  What is natural euphoria versus 
unnatural and criminal behavior is clear. We removed order. We must restore order.
	Future enemies may be less willing to surrender & cooperate after observing apparent
indifference or perceived lack of post-war compassion for the plight of non-combat innocents 
and former regime members. The apparent acceptance, if not tacit approval, of the plundering
of national & historical treasures and wanton violence against former regime members, their 
personal property, burning of government buildings, destruction of records, looting stores,
warehouses & hospitals & homes & schools dehumanizes and demoralizes all survivors bringing 
new fears to bear on their already fragmented society.
	If we can defeat complete armies, then surely, we can conquer the logistics 
of post-war humanitarian aid, provide direct medical aid inside hospitals within devastated
cities, and replace 'street justice' with police justice.  Allied forces should invite
defeated police and regular military [re-arm, as needed], civil servants [with pay] back to 
duty immediately to revitalize the civil government's infrastucture and to help quell and 
calm the storm of rampant violence and vigilantism. Unlike past civil collapse in the U.S. 
where our Troops had no bullets to quell the anarchy, in Iraq criminal street thugs and 
wilding gangs are the new enemy and should be dealt with accordingly.  And, before religious 
zealots proclaim a holy war, let their Clerics publicly condemn all such criminal acts.
	If we intend to free peoples, they must be made free to walk their own streets.  
We will win more hearts and minds in future post-war environs by taking now, not later, 
strong, fast acting albeit concise measures to maximize public health and security
in all areas we 'liberate.'  We have disarmed and made the people unable to defend
themselves from attacks within upon their lives, families, property, and national heritage.

One form of tyranny is no less evil than another whether at the hands of terrorists 
or a crazed street mob.  Their atrocious & criminal behaviour should not be tolerated.

And, the symbol of America, our Flag, should be displayed as a beacon to draw 
fearful peoples to shelter behind its strength and the justice it represents.

Robert Harrold

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