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Single Space .gif F. - Career Development, Credit, Finance, Reference, Relocate, Salary, Employee Rights
Single Space .gif G. - Search, CareerBuild, Moving, Job Preparation, Resumes, Tools
Single Space .gif I. - Salary Comparisons/Benefits by Location/Education/Job Law
Single Space .gif J. - Currency Conversions, Compute Pay Between Countries
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    A. Top National (US): Top
    Employment & Income Statistics, U.S. (src: White House)
    Fastest Growing Occupations (
  1. 411 Jobs

    (search, excutive, government, resumes, training centers)
  2. 6FigureJobs
  3. AARP (American Association for Retired Persons, 55+)
    Find out about jobs and employers and Work News, tips, top retirement jobs & industries
  4. Careers/Jobs
    (good indices)
    (Some other country/language/culture jobs at: About Cultures
    Resumes 101
    (arts, business, education, finance, gov't, media, military, non-profit, science, technology, technical writing; career planning, job searching help)
  5. Air Courier Travel

    Air Courier Association FAQs More
  6. Airport Security Jobs
    Transportation Security Administration (TSA, US GOV)
    Employment Index (applications accepted online)
    Airport Security Jobs (DOT, US GOV, National Transportation Library)
    Facts & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Law Enforcement Job Vacancies (TSA)
    (also see below)
  7. All Star Jobs
    (Careers List, Employment Resources, Job Schools, Education, Employer 'Post A Job' [free], Jobs Search)
  8. America's Job Bank (1.5M+)
      Job Searches:
    1. by Occupation, ZipCode, State
    2. by Keyword, Title, Degree, Certificate, ZipCode, State
    3. by Military, Code, Rank, Branch, ZipCode, State
    4. by Job Number
  9. Agriculture - Farming (AgCenter)

    1. Job Openings List
  10. American Jobs
  11. American Libraries Association: JobList (ALA)

    "Librarians ..listings from job sites maintained by American Libraries, the Association of College and Research Libraries' (ACRL) C&RL News, and ALA's Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment"
  12. American Staffing Association

    1. Job Seek
    2. Definitions of Staffing Job Skills & Services
    ( temporary, day, flexible, contingent, contract employee, outsourcing stats)
  13. American Library Association
  14. AmSites - Jobs Links

    (State-by-State Job Resources, salaries, comparisons, moving, IRS forms - by Skip Best)
  15. AOL Jobs Directory (
  16. Applications Printable Job Applications ( A new item animated gif.
    (job applications for many popular restaurants, retail & department stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, fast food chains, pharmacies, and other companies)
  17. Applications: Online Free Printable Job Application Forms Resource Site

       • All Job Categories
       • Employee Benefits
       • En Español/Spanish
       • Interview Tips
       • Interview Questions
       • Job Descriptions
       • Job Finding Tips
       • Salary Info
    ( is a job seekers resource that provides hundreds of printable and online applications for financial institutions, airlines, retail and department stores, pharmacies, grocery stores etc.  In addition, we have hundreds of useful employee videos-we interview employees and ask them for inside tips on what its like to work for their company, and how to get a job with their company (example:   You can even embed these videos on your own site.  As far we know, no other job site provides this kind of information.)
  18. Aristotle Research Group [Georgia Tech]
    (research assistants: programming, software engineering & development; scientists: M.S./Ph.D)
  19. ASCD Job Bank
  20. ATS Radio image of small speaker (

    (Job search tips, career advice, career development, resume & job interviews advice)
  21. Aerospace/Aviation Careers (src: Aviation Now)

    1. Job Listings
    2. Search by keyword, location (country, state, city), type, date range, State
  22. Available (clickable map)

    1. Search for Jobs
    2. Preferred Jobs Salary Survey
  23. Best Jobs USA
  24. Black Voices
    Search National Job Databases:
    (by employer, job category, state, industry & keywords via
    (ethnocentric portal: African/American)
  25. Blackwater Worldwide - Careers
    1. Corporate
    2. Contract
    3. Online Application
  26. Bloomberg Search
  27. Brass Ring
    (technical, college, & diversity recruiting; career guidance, resumes, WWW Job Resources/Multi-Search and US/CA/DE/Netherlands Career Events Calendar and the BrassRing Campus (career-building for young adults w/zero to five years work experience)
    Job Searching:
  28. Career Atlas for the Road
  29. Career Bliss

    Company Reviews
    Salary Information
    Jobs Near You, local jobs
  30. Career Builder

    Mega Job Searchsm  +   Article, 10Apr00 Inter@ctive Week
    Career Builder: Advanced Job Search
    ( + search window & job/relocation resources at bottom of this list )
  31. Career Fables

    (Mid-Career Change for Mid-Life Adults)
    Skills Match Your Skills to Employer Needs
  32. Career Flex

    (Jobs Opportunities from Employers Who Offer Family-Friendly, Flexible Work Policies)
      A. Preview Jobs:
      B. Post Your Resume:
      C. CareerFlex Criteria Defined:
  33. Career Magazine Online
  34. Career Mosaic
  35. Career One Stop
    department of labor jobs resources CareerOneStop is a U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration sponsored website offering career resources and workforce information to job seekers, students, businesses, and workforce professionals.
    [career descriptions, interviews, job banks, write job descriptions, military transition, occupations, resumes, salary benefits, search, training]
  36. Career Net  (High-Tech)
  37. Career Pal

    1. Job Search
  38. Career Path (help wanted, U.S. newspapers)
  39. Career Pulse
    (medical, healthcare)
  40. Career Site
    (Search by job [23,000+] - Employers [11,000+])
  41. Career Shop
  42. Career Web
  43. Career Web
  45. Careerjet: Employment Search Engine (U.S., also see CareerJet: Ireland)
    1. JobBox -
    2. (add web site search: Java, RSS, API)
    3. SearchBox -
  46. Careers in Business

    (Finance, Accounting, Marketing - Recommended Books, Other Job Search Links)
    Jobs-in-the-Money Search:
  47. Careers in Government (govWorks)

    ( Job Search (state, province, country) - Helpful Jobs Links
    Local, State, Federal, International Agencies List - State/Local Government/Technology Sites - International City Governments)
  48. CareerXroads

    (500 Job Site Reviews, 2,500+ Site Listings)
  49. Chief Monster

    (Senior & Chief Executives)
  50. CIA - Intelligence Agency, U.S.

    1. Language Positions
    2. All Positions (professional, language, technical, clandestine, analytical)
  51. Clusty Jobs
    (powered by , search & clustering 500+ websites and job boards, 200+ newspapers, hundreds of associations, and company career pages)
  52. College Grads
    (jobs, preparation, resume, job postings, interviews and negotiations)
  53. College Majors: Jobs Links by Major/Field of Interest & Location
  54. Computers & Information Technology Jobs  (NationJobs)
  55. Computer Jobs (8K+)
  56. Computer Skills: Programming & Computers
    Programming and Computer Guides

    (languages, coding, tutorials, guides, PC hardware, source: resources from Online Computer Science Degree)
    Also see: Harrold's HTML, Internet Tutors, Tools'n Web Page Help Links
  57. Cool Works

    (National Parks, ranches, amusement parks, resorts, water, ski, seasonal)
  58. Craig's List

    (Africa Americas Asia Au Canada Europe IE Nz UK & United States)
  59. Cruel World

    ( Marketing - Sales - Finance - MBA - Developer - Database - Java )
  60. CUBIC Corporation
  61. Dayton, Ohio Jobs (Dayton Daily News)
  62. Department of Labor (U.S.), Employment & Training Administration (ETA)
    1. Job Seekers
    2. Regional, State, and Local Contacts
    3. One-Stop Service Locator and One-Stop employment, training, & education
    4. National Farmworker Jobs Program: Migrant & Seasonal Farmworker Grantee Contact Database
    5. Native American Programs
    6. Career OneStop Career Development & Occupational Skills Information
        Career OneStop Portal Page, including:
      1. America's Job Bank (AJB) --
      2. America's Career InfoNet (ACINet) --
      3. America's Service Locator (ASL) --
  63. Department Store Applications (H/T Heidi, 19Jun14)
  64. (High Tech Jobs)
  65. Direct Employers
    (non-profit site that aggregates jobs from consortium members' sites)
  66. Disability Related
  67. Disability Related Jobs: Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)

    (Job links by state and employers who have indicated interest in recruiting and hiring qualified individuals with disabilities for open positions
  68. Disability Related Jobs: Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)

    (Job links by state and employers who have indicated interest in recruiting and hiring qualified individuals with disabilities for open positions
  69. Diversity Employment Solutions
    Job Search
  70. Eastern New Mexico University Job Resources
      Employment Links
    1. Find Your Career
    2. Finding a Job (guide to print resources in Dewey Library)
    4. MIT Office of Career Services (information for job-seekers, including JOBTRAK online job listings)
    6. The Riley Guide (employment opportunities and job resources on the internet)
    7. Science's Next Wave (career and job-hunting information for scientists; registration required)
    8. StudentCenter (career planning resources,
  71. Elcaro (High Tech Jobs)

    1. Find Jobs
    2. Compare IT Salaries, Corporate & W2 (Regionally, by Metro Area, and Job Title)
    (How to...Job Search, Etiquette, Interviewing, Dress, Resumes, Cover Letters, References),1004,1009,00.html

    Job Survival:,1004,1011,00.html
    (Business Etiquette, Effective Work Habits, Getting Ahead, Specialties, Worker/Boss Relations)
    Occupations, How to Become..., Career Categories:,1004,1012,00.html
  73. eLance

    (matches independent IT specialists with contract jobs)
  74. Elite Farmer (also see Agriculture News)

    (Aims to disseminate information of use to people with small farms or rural property and career development resources to educate and prepare workforce-ready graduates.)
  75. Employment Guide

    1. Search Jobs
    (includes online interviews by job category)
  76. Employment Spot

    1. Jobs search by state
    2. Jobs search by company
    3. Paycheck & options calculators at
    4. glossary of payroll terms
  77. Escape Artist - Jobs Overseas Index Page
  78. English as Second Language/Language/Translation Jobs (ESL) (ESL Cafe)
  79. Environmental Jobs
  80. ESpan - Job Options

    1. Job Search ( alternate link )
    2. Search Employers
  81. Federal Aviation Adminstration (FAA)

    Civil Aviation Security Specialist (Federal Air Sky Marshal)
  82. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (Department of Justice, DOJ)
      Special Agents, Support, Internships, Career Fairs
    1. (employment, general)
    2. (Special Agent & internships)
  83. Federal Bureau of Prisons

    (includes job requirements by occupation, also student & veteran information)
  84. Federal Jobs (OPM) (USAJOBS)
    changed item icon
    USAJOBS is the official job site of the United States Federal Government Search for Jobs ¿Habla Español? changed item icon
    Para saber más de las oportunidades de empleo, iniciativas, y novedades.
    Veterans Information Contents: Preferences, RIFs, Service Credit, Restoration after Service, Redress & Appeals and FAQs (frequently asked questions) re Disabilities & Disabled Veterans, Appointments, Complaints, Reemployment Rights, Readjustment Appointments
  85. Federal Jobs Central

    1. Search & Search
    2. Federal Pay Schedule changed item icon
    3. Federal Occupations
    4. Airport Security Jobs (security screeners)
    5. What Jobs Do I Qualify For?
    (United States Office of Personnel Management [OPM], Operating Manual: Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions)
  86. Federal Jobs Digest - Fed Jobs Online    (complete job announcements free w/a resume submission)
    ( Search for Jobs by Category [summaries listed free] - Salary Charts/Pay Scales
    OPM Addresses - Benefits - Federal Hiring News )
  87. Federal Job Search
  88. FedWorld - Daily Federal Jobs List
    1. Search Federal Jobs (updated daily)
  89. Find Jobs Net
    List All Jobs
    Links to other Internet Job Resources, including law, articles, tutorials, US/UK
  90. Federal News Radio image of small speaker
  91. Flip Dog
    Find Jobs:
    (557K+ Jobs, 46K+ Employers, hotjobs/cooljobs, Worldwide)
  92. Forum: Jobs

    (post job seeking messages)
  93. Free Agent Jobs Search
    (matches job seekers with contract projects)
  94. Freeality Jobs Search
  95. Future Step Recruiting Service

    (Executive/Senior Management and Skilled Technical Professions:
    engineering, technology, healthcare, financial services, insurance)
  96. Geebo & AdWatch

    Plus eMail notification of selected job information with AdWatch
    (search by city, job category, keyword)
  97. Get A Job

    1. Employment 911 - Job Searches
  98. Girl Geeks

    (IT Professionals)
  99. Globe Place

    (jobs & free classified ads)
  100. GIS/RS

    1. Jobs Listed (geographic information systems/remote sensing)
  101. GOPjob - Republican Jobs Source

    1. Search 2. Post Resumes
  102. Government Employment Resources & Job Listings (US Gov't)

    1. US State/Local
    2. Government Education & Training
    (Many finance related, also see: GovNews below)
  103. Government Jobs
  104. Government, U.S. (
    Jobs & Career News (jobs, resources, vacancies, job portals)
    1. Pay, Benefits, Holidays, Leave, Retirement, Insurance
    2. Per Diems, Travel, Mileage (car, bike, plane)
    3. Military Pay Tables
    4. DOD Per Diem, Travel, Lodging, Dining Allowances
    5. (Currency Exchange Rates - FEMA Hotel-Motel Fire/Life Safety List)
    6. Senior Executive Service (SES)
    7. Former Military & Veterans
  105. GovJobs

    (Government Jobs in Federal, Defense, State and Local Agencies)
    1. Job Search
    Register to advertise, manage and search jobs or resumes online in realtime. Find government jobs in federal, defense, state and local agencies.
  106. GovNews NewsGroups Jobs Database

    (Government News Groups & FAQs)
  107. Graduating Engineer & Computer Careers Online   (Career Tech)
  108. Green Thumb
    (Employment & Training for Older Mature and Disadvantaged Workers) Online Market Place for Handcrafts by America's Seniors. costs money image
    (Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), Welfare-to-Work Initiative,
    Job Training Partnership Act Projects, Experience Works Staffing Service)
    Shape Up - Health, Wellness & Exercise For Seniors:

    (matches independent IT specialists with contract jobs)
  110. Halliburton
  111. Headhunter
  112. Health and Medical Science Careers

    (NIH : National Institutes of Health, Office of Science Education, US Gov.)
      Career Finder :
    1. Alphabetical List
    2. Education Required
    3. Interest Area
    4. Median Salary

    5. + College Prep from K8 to K12
  114. HealthCare Job Bank
      HealthCare Job Bank's index of related & other Jobs Search links
    1. Nursing Links
    2. Medical/Health Links
    3. Career Links
    4. Other Related Jobs Links
  115. Homeland Readiness & Security ( changed item icon &
     1. U.S. Capitol Police changed item icon
     2. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
     3. U.S. Coast Guard
     4. U.S. Customs and Border Protection changed item icon
     5. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
     6. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)
     7. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
     8. Department of Homeland Security Immigration Organizations (DHS, INS)
          a. U.S. Border Patrol (DHS)
          b. Immigration Inspector
     9. National Institute of Health (NIH) (bio-defense)
          All Jobs, NIH, including Police positions
    10. U.S. Secret Service
    11. Burea of Diplomatic Security, Department of State
    12. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) [DOJ, UF Policy]
    13. U.S. Park Police (USPP)
  116. Homeland Security (
    1. Transportation Security Administration jobs
    2. Homeland readiness and security positions across government
    3. FDA hiring initiative for countering bioterrorism
    4. CIA language positions
    5. Volunteer opportunities
  117. Hoover's Online   (80+ sites),1334,28,00.html
  118. Indeed One Search. all jobs
    (Job Trends, Salaries, Jobs Search & Tools for: Canada - Germany - France - Spain - India - UK - US )
    (also see: Job search engine for:
  119. Intelligence Careers   (Defense Systems, Engineering and Intelligence Careers )
    1. Defense Careers RADIO 24/7 News and Jobs + Music Source image of small speaker
    4. Defense & Intelligence Skills Salary Survey
  121. Interim Services, Inc.
  122. International
  123. Job Application Center (D. Turner, CEO 28Nov12)

    (information and advice on how to apply online and offline, free: Armed Forces, Hospitality and Leisure, Service Industry, Department Store, Transportation Industry, Fast Food, Restaurant, Retail Industry)
  124. Job Bank USA
  125. Job Corps

    At Risk Youth:
    Employer Benefits:
    How to Enroll:
  126. Job Hunt
  127. Job Information Center
  128. Job Resources on the Net
  129. Job Star - Searches & Career Centers
  130. Job Web
  131. Job Less
  132. JobTrak

    (college student & alumni jobs/resumes, internships, full & part-time; 1000+ education partners)
  133. Jobs3K (USA)

       A. List of all jobs. (archive)
    (categories: Accounting , Admin & Clerical , Automotive , Banking , Biotech , Business Development , Business Opportunity , Construction , Consultant , Customer Service , Design , Distribution - Shipping , Education , Engineering , Entry Level , Executive , Facilities , Finance , Franchise , General Business , General Labor , Government , Grocery , Health Care , Hospitality - Hotel , Human Resources , Information Technology , Installation - Maint - Repair , Insurance , Inventory , Legal , Legal Admin , Management , Manufacturing , Marketing , Media - Journalism - Newspaper , Nonprofit - Social Services , Nurse , Other , Pharmaceutical , Professional Services , Purchasing - Procurement , QA - Quality Control , Real Estate , Research , Restaurant - Food Service , Retail , Sales , Science , Skilled Labor - Trades , Strategy - Planning , Supply Chain , Telecommunications , Training , Transportation , Warehouse)
  134.    (MyOwnJobs)

    ( Military - Search - African, Asian, Hispanic, Women, & Native American
    College, Recent Graduate - Temporary, Contract - Intern, Volunteer, Voluntary - Part-Time )
  135. Jobs for Kids Who Like:
    Arts/Music, Math, PE/Outdoors, Reading, Science, Social Studies (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  136. Jobs Online

    A. Job Searches
  137. Jobs...They're out there!
    (jobs links by Craypoe & God and Country)
  138. Jobs Search Engine
    (" has build a spider software that will retrieve jobs from Monster, CareerBuilder and several other websites and point jobseekers in the right direction with one search.")
  139. JobSniper [site map] auto-search multiple job databases
  140. Jobster
  141. Jobvertise
    (Search Jobs, Post Resume, Employers)
  142. Just Tech Jobs
    (Jupitermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM), is linked to 120 tech sites via, for IT professionals; for developers; and
  143. Language Related Jobs Links
  144. Las Vegas, Nevada area jobs

    ( links sources, Las Vegas Newspapers : > "Las Vegas Review-Journal" > Current Edition > Classifieds > Employment Categories > Full Employment Listing )
    A. Search Jobs
    ( by All, Text, Job Title Only, City or US Zip Code, State, Radius, Employer, Category, Types, Hours, Season )
    •  Career Training, Tutors & Schools
    • Employer Directory
    • Employment Resources
    • Job Clips
    • Job Seeker Help
    • Post Resume
    • Salary Wizard
    • Search Jobs
  145. LatPro - Latino & Hispanic Jobs | Spanish & Bilingual Jobs | Diversity Jobs (English)

    A. Espaol - Espanol - Spanish
    B. Português - Portuguese
    C. Job Search - Buscar Emprego
    D. Immigration Resources
  146. Law Enforcement - Police

    A. Jobs List
    (By Agency, Foreign, Federal, State, Local, Private Security)
  147. Lawyers: Jobs Links
  148. LibJobs

    (IFLANET ListServer Instructions, International Federation of Library Associations, LWGate)
  149. LinkedIn
  150. Lycos Careers

    (Job Searches - Post Resumes - Trends/Interviewing
    Tools/Training, Cover Letters, Resumes, Interviews - Employer/Recruiter)
  151. Marketing
    (H/T AndrewMulchahey at Gmail dot com, 14Jun14)
  152. Mamma (also see: International)

    1. U.S. - 320+ Sites, 3M+ Jobs ~ (Job Sources Listed)
    2. U.K. - 20+, 250K Jobs
    3. Canada - 160+ Sites, 100K Jobs
    4. Qubec - 40+ Sites, 20K+ Jobs
    (by category, location, key words)
  153. Massacusetts Institute of Technology - Jobs & Employment Links (MIT)
  154. MedNet - Physicians & Allied Health Jobs
  155. Medical - University Health Services, U. California
    1. Career Assessment
    2. Occupations
  156. Mega Job Search

    (by location, job type, keyword, salary, listing source)
    [Daily Press - Hampton Roads Careers]
  157. Mexico (
  158. Military Hire
    (Free Job and Resume Searching and Posting for Veterans & Employers)

    Jobs Search Page:
    By State, City, and Company:
    International Jobs:
    (Live Online Job/Employment/Resume Related Chat Rooms)
    News: 23Apr03
  160. MSN Jobs Career Portal
  161. National Security Agency (NSA, US)
    (Computer Science, Computer/Electrical Engineering, Cryptanalysis, Foreign Languages, Intelligence Analysis, Mathematics, Signals Analysis)
  162. NationJob Network
  163. Native American Employment Opportunities
  164. Native American Employment: "Indian Country Today"
  165. Native American Jobs

    1. Job Directory Indexed by State
  166. Native American Seeking Jobs
  167. Native WDSC [Indian] American Programs
  168. Native WDSC [Indian] American Web Sites
  169. Native Web (Native American, American Indian, Indigenous)
  170. Net-Temps
    (Contract, Temporary and Permanent Employment)
  171. NetEmpleo

    (espaol, Ofertas de Empleo para el Caribe y Latino America, resum ciberntico, Caribbean & Latin America Jobs)
  172. Netscape Career Center Job Search Database
  173. Newspaper Jobs
  174. New York TImes (NYT) [free registration]
      Jobs Market News, Featured Jobs, Tools & Jobs Search
    1. Education, Skills, Training for Jobs (searchable) [Educators & Course Alerts]
    2. Advanced Job Search (keyword, location, category)
    3. Post a Resume
    4. Tools: training, professional development, resumes & resume help
    5. Career: insider guides cost $ gif and company guides cost $ gif
  175. Northop Grumman: Careers
  176. Nurses for Life: Application
  177. Olsten Staffing Services   (commercial, resume builder)
  178. opportunityNOCS

    (Non-Profit Jobs, Career Opportunities, employee/employer human-resources information)
  179. Online Jobs

    (free postings for employers & job seekers, no membership/no registration)
    Working Abroad, Relocation Information You Should Know:
    U.S. State Department Travel Warnings & Counsular Information Sheets:
  181. Paramedics & Registered Nurse (RN) resources (students, professionals)
  182. PC World Hiring/Recruiting & Job Hunting

    ( compare job sites, resumes, how to find jobs, regional, career/industry specific, research your job & self-tests)
  183. Physics Jobs
  184. PickAJob

    1. Search by Industry
    2. Search by State
  185. Post Job Free
  186. Profiling Tests, online, match personality/skills/needs to careers
    "You and Your Job"
    - by J. Garrett Glover, NetCenter News 12Apr00 (+find jobs links)
  187. Pure Carbon (IT)
    A. Search for a Job:
    B. Find A Job for A Friend: (receive referral rewards [money])
  189. Regional Help Wanted (United States & Canada - USA/CAN, algunos estn tambin en espaol e.g. San Diego)
    (313+ cities & region/regional areas listing jobs by category, by city, by company, employers, job seekers, resumes, searchable) (, also:[online dating, basic free] )
    1. Alphabetical List of Sites by State (US) or Province (CA)
    2. Map of USA Sites (interactive)
    3. Map of [Canadian] Canada Sites (interactive)
  190. Resort Jobs
  191. Responsible Radio image of small speaker (

    (business-oriented programming connecting people with career opportunities, job search advice and tactics; Regularly features Recareering Guru Dr. Helen Harkness)
  192. Retail Jobs

    1. Search by Industry, Category, Location, Work Type, Pay, Keywords
  193. RetailFit
      (search by retailer/company, job title, state, or city)
       A. Retail Career Advice Articles
       B. Post Resumes
       C. Search Jobs
    (" is a retail job board specializing in retail management, hourly and part time jobs, specializing in retail management, hourly and part time jobs. Whether you are an experienced store manager, just starting a retail career, or simply looking to pick up some hourly shifts as a cashier at the local mall, is the job board for you. Employment opportunities range from management to merchandising to sales clerks to cashiers. Search and apply to local jobs in corporate headquarters, major department stores, chain retailers or mom and pop shops.")
  194. Rocky Mountain Jobs
  195. Sales Workz

    (Sales & Marketing Professionals Career Site)
    A. Employers/Recruiters & Job Seeker Options & Events/Calendar
    B. Free Resume Submission & Toolz (Including: Resume Resources, Moving Help, Resume Software, Associations/Online Sources, Interview Help, Salary Comparisons)
    C. Search Sales Jobs Database
  196. School-to-Work
  197. Science Lab, The (biotech, science)

    [ Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Environment, Job Search web sites, Math, Physics, Resumes, Special Reports and Publications, Staffing Services, Ultrasound and Vibration]
  198. Scientist Jobs (science, scientific)

    [biology, chemistry, physics, math, earth, environ, engineering, other]
  199. Simply Hired (also see, below: Jobs News, Calif/LA area)
    1. Search by: job title/skills/, local area by state/city/zip, by company, by industry
    2. Advanced job search: keyword(s), within ?miles, filter by experience, education, when posted, company size/revenue/class
    3. Special Searches: dog friendly, working Mom friendly, Age+50 friendly, Eco-friendly, & GLBT friendly (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender transexual)
    4. Create your own "Employment Trends Graph" in which you can compare the frequency of job titles, companies, skills and industries in the US employment market. [see government jobs example below]
  200. Senior Jobs
    1. Job Searches
    2. Search For Companies by Type/Organizations
    3. Affiliates:
    (by County, Job Type, City, Zip/Mail Code, Keywords - Also GB/UK, CA, AU)
  201. Snag A Job
    (part-time & hourly employment)
  202. Sologate
    (search portal, sponsored results, home business, work at home)
  203. South China Morning Post - Careers (HK)
    1. Job Searches
    2. Enter Resumes & Advice: Interviews, Resumes, Job Applications, Personal Improvement
    3. Employers Directory & Educations Resources
    4. Labor Related Laws & Regulations
  204. Space Jobs
    Space Job Seekers, Applicants: Searches & Resumes
  205. Summer Jobs
  206. State Jobs
    (click map)
    1. Search Jobs
    example: California
  207. Techies

    (computer, information systems, internet)
  208. TeleCommuting Jobs (work at home)

    A. Jobs List
  209. The Ladders (U.S. & U.K.)
    ($100k+ US, 50+ UK)
     1. UK job search
     2. US job search
  210. The Riley Guide
    1. Categorized Jobs Listing
    (by apprenticeship, discipline, industry, interest, internships, location, occupation, seasonal, self, volunteer)
  211. Thingamajob
    A. Military Transition:
  212. Transition Assistance Online (TAOnline)
    A. Job Seekers: Search Jobs, All listed
    B: Guards, Reservists, Veterans, Retirees:
    Dependent Pages: Spouses, Family members, Dependents, Teens, Child Development
  213. Translation Jobs
    Language/Languages Recent + Questions
  214. Truck Drivers & Owner Operators: Hiring
  215. Truck Driving: Big Rig Jobs

    (American, Canadian & Mexican freight carriers hauling all over North America from Canada to Mexico)
  216. Truck Driving Jobs

    (American truck drivers can search for the best employment opportunities available based on location, experience, and freight handling experience.)
  217. Truck Owner Operator Jobs

    (Owner operator and contract drivers employment information with trucking companies.)
  218. Trucking Jobs

    (Truck driving matter the driver experience level, all types of company truck drivers and owner operators.)
  219. TV & Radio Jobs

    1. Job Listings
  220. U.S. Customs Service ( Department of Homeland Security (DHS) )
  221. U.S. Immigration-related Vacancies & Employment Information (DHS)
  222. U.S. Employment & Training Administration ( Department of Labor )

    (Regional Offices by State)
  223. USAJOBS ( Office of Personnel Management )
  224. USA Today Jobs List
  225. US Job Board

    1. Search Job Listings

    (jobs index by US metro-city areas, resumes, 'How to Write a Letter of Resignation', negotiation)
  227. Vet Jobs   "Veterans Make the Best Employees"
    A.   Search for Jobs:
    B.   Post Resumes:
    (Veteran Service Organizations, Transition Assistance/Post Military Plans/Interview Questions/Oral Presentation/Resume Tips, Resources to Find What You Need [Active or Vet], VA Approved Schools, Salary Surveys, Per Diem Rates Employer/Active Duty/Veteran Online Relocation, Research, Library & Military Reference/Lookup Materials)
  228. Veterans' Employment and Training Services

    A.  For servicemembers & veterans: Using Your Military Experience and Training [UMET]
    Transitioning to Civilian Careers
    B.  For prospective employers:
    Hiring Qualified Veterans
    C.  Related Career/Employment Sites for Veterans & Employers, Job Searches, Credentials:
  229. Vocations to the Priesthood
    (Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa)
  230. Wall Street Journal - CareerJournal
    A.  Job Searches:   (30K+ jobs)
    B.  Who's Hiring:
    C.  Salaries by Industry:
    D.  Job Hunting Advice/Tools:
    (resumes, cover letters, interviewing, negotiating, relocating)
    E.   Articles re Job Hunting:   (2.5K +3/4 new daily)
  231. Washington, D.C. - Maryland - Virginia Area
  232. Wanted Jobs 2K   (Wanted Technologies,
    (Free Interface Download to Single MetaSearch of 3M+ Jobs via 97+ Online Job Sites)
  233. Webhire's Internet Job Boards

    (Search Links to: Yahoo! Classifieds, America's Job Bank, Excite Careers, Black Voices, CareerPath, Headhunter, CareerMag, incpad, The Globe and Mail (CA), Washington Jobs,, CareerMosaic, Dice.  Post Resumes)
  234. WebLens - Jobs for web designers and technical writers
    (regular, full time, part time, freelance & elance, career planning & labor market research tools, resume help, youth & student employment, internships, co-op, seasonal & summer, entry level, part-time, finding jobs online)
  235. Wine & Hospitality
    (culinary, banquet, restaurant, nutrition, vineyard, food, beverage, gourmetn - Search by location, job title, keywords)
  236. Yahoo - Jobs Search
    (Search by location, job title, function, keywords, salary calculator, city comparisons)
  237. Yahoo - Salaries, Benefits, Trends
    (salary calculator, negotiating, regional profiles, outlook & compensation by occupation)
  238. Youth Opportunity Movement - Job Corps, School-to-Work, DOL, ETA
  239. ZDNet Information Technology (IT) Jobs
    1. Search Keywords: (Dice)
    2. Click-Map/Cities: US and Canada
  240. Zoom Jobs
  241. Top

    A1. Top International: Top

  242. Academic & Associated Communities (U.K.) (also see: Educational)
  243. Academic Career Network, The International: eUni (180K+ jobs) (German)
    (English, und German/Deutsch, et French/Franais, y en Spanish/Espaol)
    (Graduates, Scholars, Professionals and students, eUni compliments career sites of Higher Education. ..students, lecturers and professors find faculty vacancies as well as job opportunities from companies, universities, colleges, high schools, institutes (listed at University Directory, College Directory worldwide) worldwide: For Universities, Institutes and societies: You can use eUni as your own personalized job platform and free of any costs.)
  244. Adecco International (commercial, multilingual)
  245. AgriSeek: Agricultural Careers, Employment, Jobs  (AgriSeek)
  246. All the Top Bananas
      [also see, below: a jobs widget/gadget]

    (AllTheTopBananas is like a search engine. Results are an index of companies' and agencies' own websites and link directly to them for viewing of job details. ..also by region, a CV database for recruiters, and a jobs gadget)
  247. Asia-Pacifice: TEFL:

    (TEFL teaching based within the Far East: Cambodia/China/Indonesia/Japan/South Korea/Thailand/Taiwan/Vietnam)
  248. Austria: Jobs und Karrieren in sterreich
    (eine Jobsuchmaschine fr sterreich)   [siehe unten, auch: eine 'Careerjet JobBox' widget/gadget]
  249. Bi-Lingual Jobs USA
    1. Listings
    (Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, German - Asian oriented)
  250. Bi-Lingual Jobs Latin/Portuguese

    Espaol & Bsqueda de Empleo - Português & Buscar Emprego
  251. Biotechnology Jobs and Careers

    (links to bio-technology job sites links)
  252. Canadian Jobs
    (+ French)
    B. (Job Search Canada)
  253. Career Site Advisor (UK)

    (also see "" UK)
  254. (U.K.)
  255. Dubai, Middle East & Gulf Jobs (Agency Finder - Recruitment Agencies & Job Sites Directory)

    (Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, Gulf, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Middle-East, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE, Yemen)
  256. Education & Teaching Jobs (TeacherXpress)
  257. Employment911 - Jobs Overseas Index Page
  258. English Teaching Jobs and TEFL TESL Information (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China)
    1. Teacher Certification, online
    2. Lesson Plans
    3. English Teacher Application
  259. Emmaus Recruitment Church School Teaching Jobs (U.K.)
  260. Environmental Jobs and Careers

    (links to environmental job sites links)
  261. Farming, Agriculture releated:

    Jobs employment services, Horticulture Careers, Equine, Horses, resumes, jobs, workplace, training, career information - Recruiters, Employers, Candidates
    [ USA | UK | New Zealand | International | Germany | France | Canada | Australia ]
  262. Fish4 Jobs - UK
  263. Free Pint (UK oriented)
  264. Guardian Unlimited (U.K.)
  265. German Jobs & Careers
    (German Europe and/or German language, resources, articles, links)
    Germany: Other Job site links... fr Umwelt und Gesundheit (with links to many more job links in Germany); Forschungszentrum Jlich; Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
  266. Human Resources - Cern

    (..Web sites related to employment, with a strong emphasis on High-Energy Physics and International Organizations. [ International Organizations & specific institutions, UN, academic, general: UK, DE, FR, Euro, DK, CH, IL (2 letter country codes) ] )
  267. HR and Payroll Professionals (U.K)
  268. Ireland: CareerJet
  269. Ireland, including Dublin, Cork, and Galway
      Jobs in Ireland Jobs in Dublin, Cork, Galway and all Ireland
      (Includes jobs for people coming from abroad. More company jobs than recruitment agency jobs. Eire, Irish)
    1. Entry-level & Semi-skilled positions
      (specializes in casual work, call-centres, security, hotels, restaurants and bar jobs}
    2. Retail jobs in Ireland
      (Jobs for buyers, merchandisers, shop assistants in all the major retailers in Ireland, Dublin, Cork & Galway)
    3. Legal jobs in Ireland
      (Jobs for barristers, lawyers, solicitors, legal secretaries and paralegals in Ireland, Dublin, Cork & Galway.)
    4. Teaching jobs in Ireland
      (Jobs for teachers, trainers and academics in Ireland, Dublin, Cork & Galway.)
    5. Related links
  270. IT Jobs (DE)

    Metasuchmaschine (180.000+)
  271. Japan:
    1. Japan Bilingual Jobs & Career Development

      Job search | Company list | Job seeker | Employer | Resume Bank, add yours | Resume - Interview Guide
      + The Black Ship - Japan News and Forum (English) (also see: Harrold's Japanese News Links)
    2. The Teaching in Japan Job Links Page

      (information to both teachers who want to teach in Japan and those teachers who currently teach in Japan)
      1. Teaching in Japan Job Links Page
  272. Job Guide - Danmark (Scandanavia/Europe)

    a. Job Search/Selection
  273. JOBBÖRSE (heise online)

    (Germany - Technik, Medien und Wissenschaft)
  274. Jobs Info (UK)

    (Jinfo is a database of information-related job vacancies.)
  275. 'Jobble' Jobs Search Engine
    (Jobs across these & 16+ other countries) - Argentina - Australia - Canada - España/Spain - France - G.B./U.K./England - Germany/Deutschland - India - Italia/Italy - Netherlands - USA
  276. Kareeve

    (Seasonal Ski Resort Job & Employment)
  277. Mamma (also see: Jobs Links, National)
      Countries by category, location, key words:
    1. U.S. - 320+ Sites, 3M+ Jobs ~ (Job Sources Listed)
    2. U.K. - 20+, 250K Jobs
    3. Canada - 160+ Sites, 100K Jobs
    4. Qubec - 40+ Sites, 20K+ Jobs
  278. OpcionEmpleo

    (employment search engine for España / Spain and Latin America, part of the CareerJet search engine)
  279. Pakistan:
    Mustakbil Jobs Search (Technobird, Pakistan)
  280. JobServe (U.K. + Aus & USA )
    (Latest customer service vacancies online at Jobserve. Search Jobserve, the recruitment website for a wide range of jobs worldwide.)
  281. One Job Group (U.K.)
    (50+ Job Specialities, a jobs meta-search, 250K+ vacancies, note: an e.g. is the Recruiters Site listed below)
  282. (U.K.) (backoffice)
  283. Search Engine Watch Job Board (International & U.S.)
    search by keyword
    search resume bank
    job search by keyword and/or location
  284. United Kingdom Academic & Related Jobs (also see: Educational)
    (Science, research and academic jobs and studentships in the U.K.)
  285. Weather Jobs (BBC)
  286. Viando - Jobberse for Berater (German/Deutsch)
    Eine Jobbrse fr Consulting Projekte - A job exchange for Project Consultants
    Alle offenen Projekte anzeigen/All Open Projects
               (English/Englisch Translation by Google)
  287. Vietnam Jobs
    (page in English & Vietnamese)
  288. Top

    M. Top U.S. Military - Armed Forces - America Responds: Top

  289. 2007 Military Pay Rates (Defense Finance and Accounting Service, DFAS) Military Pay
    changed item icon
  290. Air Force Times

    1. Military Careers changed item icon (News, Personal Education, Tuition, Civilian & Military Education/Colleges)
  291. America Responds to Terrorism
      Help Your Country - Work for the U.S.A.:
    1. Homeland Readiness and Security Positions
    2. Freedom Corps
    3. Federal Security Screener Positions
    4. Apply to be a Federal Air Marshal
    5. Work for the FBI
    6. Work for the Immigration and Naturalization Service
    7. Military Recruiting
    8. Air Force Army Marines Navy Coast Guard
    9. Register for the Selective Service
    10. National Guard and Reserve Activated for Duty
    11. Job Rights for the Guard and Reserve
    12. Employee and Employer Advisor
    13. Local Veterans Employment and Training Offices
    14. Apply for Other Government Jobs
  292. Army Times
  293. Coast Guard News & Events
  294. Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

    Links for Job Seekers & Employers for severely wounded and disabled War on Terror Veterans
    from the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes
  295. Department of Defense (DoD)
    "Welcome to Today's Military. Real People. Real Stories. - Active, Guard, or Reserve"

    + Links to: College Prep, Work Prep, Life in Today's Military, ROTC, Academies, Bases & Events, and to official military branches' & recruiters' sites
  296. Department of Defense - - Recruiting (src: DoD Links)
  297. Department of the Navy: Human Resources
  298. Military OneSource (, military oriented)
    ( Body, Career, Crisis, Deployment, Education, Elder Care, Financial Calculators, Guard/Reserve, Legal, Mind, Money, Moving, Parenting, Recreation, Relationships, Relocation, Severely Injured, Special Needs, Transition)
  299. "Hire a Hero" Career Center for Military Severely Injured Center
    A U.S. Dept. of Defense support program for employment to wounded or disabled veterans. Submit a request for information form. Help take care of servicemembers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Job searches on site.
  300. Marine Corps Times
  301. Military Career Center
    • Military & Veterans Jobs Listing and Search (Cintas Corporation,
    Education, G.I. Bill, Military Service Credit
    Job Hunting Tips
    Job Search
    Military-Friendly School Finder
    Military Mentors
    Salary Calculator
    Security Clearance Jobs
    Skills Translator
    Spouse Jobs
    Transition Tips ( Army-Enlisted, Army-Officer, Navy-Enlisted, Navy-Officer, USAF-Enlisted, USAF-Officer, USCG-Enlisted, USCG-Officer, USMC-Enlisted, USMC-Officer, Recruiter )
  302. Military Severely Injured Joint Support Operations Center (MJOC) (Transition, Rehabilitation, and Employment Resources)
    Also see "Hire a Hero" above.
  303. Military, Join the: by Branch, National Guard, or Reserves
    Military Careers & Transition
    1. Civilian Jobs
    2. Education & Scholarships
    3. Join the Military - Insider's Guide
    (Career Intelligence, Civilian Jobs - Job Hunting Tips - Spouses - Match Civilian & Military Jobs)
  305. Navy Times
  306. U.S. Air Force & Main Page & AF Information
    1. Careers - Indexed
      1. Enlisted - Description
      2. Officer - Description
      3. Financial Aid? - Request Info - Enlistment Bonuses
    2. Recruiter Locator (Enlisted, Health, Officer, & Overseas Locations)
    3. Air Force Reserve
    4. Medical Professionals Employment
      1. Physicians, Nursing, Dentists, Biomedical Science, Medical Services, Job Scholarships - Uniformed Services University
    5. Request Information About: General Enlistment, AF ROTC, AF Academy, Officer Training School, or Prior Service
    6. Office of Special Investigations
    7. United States Air Force Academy, Boulder (easy browsing menu)
  307. U.S. Army
    (Active Army, Army Reserve, army health care, army reserve health care, Reserve Officer Training (ROTC), U.S. Citizens abroad, & Europe, Korea, Japan, Guam, Samoa)
      Job Categories (
    1. Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) & Career Management Field (CMF)
      Browse All Jobs
    2. Find A Recruiter
    3. Chat With A Recruiter Online/Real-Time
    4. United States Military Academy at West Point - Jobs - Admissions
    5. TRADOC - Army Schools
  308. U.S. Coast Guard
      Career Positions
    1. Jobs - Civilian
    2. Enlisted
    3. Officer
      1. Entry ladder
      2. Officer Candidate School
      3. Direct Commission (+lawyer, environment, Maritime Academy, engineer, aviator, prior-trained)
    4. USCG Reserves
    5. USCG Auxilary
    6. Civilian Positions - Current Job Openings - Federal Benefits
    7. United States Coast Guard Academy, New London
  309. U.S. Marine Corps
    1. Join - High School Student Tour - Community or Jr. College Student
    2. 4 Year College Student - or Graduate
    3. Marine Corps Institute - Courses & Enrollment
    4. Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps (good pop-down menus)
  310. U.S. Merchant Marines
    1. USN Military Sealift Command
    2. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point
  311. U.S. Navy
    1. Professionals & Benefits
      (Physicians, Dentists, Medical Services, Nurses, Lawyers, Chaplins, Engineers)
    2. Parents, Teachers, Advisors (Money for College - Navy Life - Training & Skills - Receive Information)
    3. 15 and younger
             (Read A Story - Download Images Mac/PC - Play "The Mission")
    4. For College Students or Graduates
             (Careers - Travel - Navy Life)
    5. High School Student or Graduate
             (Jobs & Training - Money for College - Travel)
    6. The Navy College Program (Get Your Degree in the Navy)
    7. Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) - Scholarships
           and Enlisted Commissioning - Active Duty Scholarships
    8. Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) - Instructor Vacancies
    9. Naval Special Warfare: Navy Seals and Navy SWCC
    10. United States Naval Academy, Annapolis
  312. U.S. Military Jobs & Careers Search (

    (search by branch, by occupation, by officer fields, by keyword)
  313. U.S. Military Careers & Related Information (
  314. U.S. Military Careers & Related Information (

    [Military Employement & Job Related (+700)]
  315. Top

    B. Top California State & Regional: Top

  316. California Association of ROP Centers & Programs
  317. California Employment Development Department (EDD)

    (job placement & referrals, unemployment & disability insurance, employment training, occupation & industry data, occupation information, trends, wage & salary data, demographics)
    A. EDD Find-A-Job
       1. CalJobs Search -o- Buscador de Empleo (en Espaol)
       2. Labor Market Information
       3. non-job EDD search
    B. Non-Graphical Version of Above
  318. California 'Job Star'
    (Search, Plan, Resumes, Negotiate)
  319. California Jobs Source
    (PC/Net/Communications, Post Jobs, Resumes, Fed/State/County/City)
    State Agencies, Cities, Colleges, Government Sites in California
  320. California (ROP) Resources
  321. California sacJobs:
    Job Categories:
  322. California School-to-Career Net
    (Grants & Funding, Local Ca. Sites, Documents, Technical Assistance, Events)
    Related Ca. & Federal Sites, Education & Vocational Ed. Sites, and other Ca. & Fed.Gov't Links
  323. California State Jobs, Ca. Personnel Board (CSPB)
    (How to get, transfer, reinstate, WVPOS jobs, eligibility, education/experience, benefits, change personal information
  324. California State Personnel Board
    B.   (Statistics, Pay, Unions, Benefits, Retirement, Special Programs, Disabled, Links)
    C.   Jobs Listed by Departments and Agencies within California
    D.   Other Government Employment Web Sites & Gophers:
       1.   Federal,
       2.   Ca. Educational,
       3.   CA. Local Gov't.,
       4.   Other State Governments Indexed.
  325. California State University Employment

    (Search: Campus, Mapped, Discipline, Campus, Administrative Position, Discipline+Campus )
  326. CalJobs (also see education section below)
  327. CalJobSite
    (Jobs in California (CA), Jobs Careers in California, Job Fairs, career events, part-time jobs, recruiters, employers, hospitality jobs and chef jobs in entire state of California)
  328. CalTeach (also see education section below)
    (Applicants & Recruiters, Ed Events, Resumes, Preparation, financial Aid, School/School Districts Index, credentials)
  329. Ed-Join Education Job Opportunities Information Network, California
     (also see education section below)
    By Statewide, Search:
    By County, Search:
    By Region or City, Search: (clickable map)
    Resumes, Posting, Join to Enter/Update:
  330. Geebo & AdWatch

    Plus eMail notification of selected job information with AdWatch
    (search by city, job category, keyword)
  331. Jamie's Jobs  (California Jobs Central)
    Administrative, Computer/Web, Finance, Human Resources, Sales/Marketing
  332. Jobs Summit
    by California :
    A. Regions
    B. Job Categories/Types
    For Employers:
    Pricing, Posting Jobs, Finding Candidates, FAQs
  333. Los Angeles Times (L.A., So.Cal.)
    A. Jobs Search
    B. Searching Tips
    (starting, backgrounds, selling yourself, interviews, resumes)
  334. Sacramento Jobs and Careers
    (the one place for Sacramento, California area jobs)
  335. San Diego Jobs
    ( Central San Diego, East County, Imperial County, North County Coastal, North County Inland, San Diego Coastal, San Diego Metro, South County )
  336. San Diego Union-Tribune Jobs/Career News & Advice (JobLink)
    (Find Search Jobs, Resumes, Employment Agencies, Schools)
  337. San Francisco & S.F. Bay Area Jobs (Craigslist)
    All San Francisco area jobs or by Sorted by S.F. Bay area
    Search by Continent, Country, City
  338. Southwest Border, Economic Development Project
    Regional Resources:
    US Statistical Profiles by Region, State, & Counties:
  339. Silicon Valley Job Source
    (Post Jobs, Resumes, Employer List, Company Profiles, Links)
  340. Workforce - Employment Opportunities (Jobs) and Relocation Resources

    (also see Imperial County, Ca. Workforce Opportunities below in the Imp. Co. section)
  341. Workforce - San Diego Region
  342. Top

    C. Top Imperial Valley, California Resources: Top
    Imperial Valley, California Area
    Local Employment Programs and Job Sources:

  343. American Red Cross of San Diego/Imperial Counties
  344. Building Trades
  345. Calexico Unified School District (HRS)

    1. Certified Vacancies (.pdf)
    2. Certified & Substitute & Management Application (MS Word 97)
  346. California EDD - Job Resources Links
  347. California Employment Development Department (EDD)

    1. Find A Job Page at
  348. Career Builder (finance)
  349. Ed-Join in Imperial County, CA Jobs (also see education section below)[database]=edjoin_counties.db&[layout]=main&[response]=ed_join/county.htm&county_name=Imperial&[search]%0D
    By School District:
    By Countywide, Search:[database]=edjoin.db&[layout]=Layout1&[response]=ed_join/search.htm&county_name=Imperial&[token]=Imperial&[show]
  350. El Centro, Imperial County, CA
  351. El Centro Regional Medical Center Job Announcements
  352. Empowerment Zones Search
  353. Enterprise Community Program
  354. Enterprise Development Search
  355. Hunter Employment Services (Yuma, AZ)
  356.       Imperial County, also see above:   'San Diego Jobs'
  357. Imperial County Office of Education (ICOE)
  358. Imperial County Job Resource Center (
  359. Imperial Valley Community College (IVCC), Human Resources Announcements

    1. IVCC Work Force Development Center
    2. About services/resources
    (includes: "One Stop Employment Services", career assessment/development, internet accesss, job search links, writing, interviewing, resumes)
  360. Imperial Valley, California
      (The Regional Occupational Program (ROP) is a public education service which provides free, practical, hand-on job training, career guidance, and job placement assistance.)
      1. Imperial Valley ROP Class Schedule changed item icon
      2. Employment Opportunities
    2. Imperial County Employment Services One-Stop Centers
      1. One Stop Offices, Imperial County, California
        1. Brawley: 350 G Street, (760)344-2131
        2. El Centro East: 2995 South 4th Street, Suite 101 (760)337-5000
        3. El Centro West: 1550 West Main Street, (760)339-2745
        4. Calexico: 301 Heber Avenue, (760)768-7171
        5. Calipatria: 124 North Sorensen, (760)348-2971
        6. Holtville: 585 Fern Avenue, (760)356-2100
        7. Niland: 8101 Highway 111, (760)359-4538
        8. Imperial Valley College (IVCC): Workforce Development Center, Bldg. 1700, 380 E. Aten Rd., (760)355-6538
    3. Manpower, Inc.
    4. Manufacturing Enhancement Areas Established in Imperial County, California (CTCA)
    5. One-Stop
      (See One-Stop & SBA below)
    6. Pennsylvania State University Employment/Career Web Links
    7. Rural Empowerment Zone
    8. School-to-Careers
    9. Technical
    10. Viejas Casino & Turf Club Job Announcements
      Map Location/Directions:
    11. Workforce Investment Board of Imperial County
    12. Workforce Opportunities - Imperial County, Ca. Page


    D. Top Workforce Investment Act One-Stop Partners: Top
    Workforce Investment Act One-Stop Partners
    Internet Addresses to some Federal, California State and local programs:

  361. Adult Training Programs
  362. Adult Education
  363. Apprenticeship Training
  364. Best Practices - Skill Standards
  365. Best Practices - Skill Standards
  366. Best Practices - Transportation
  367. Best Practices - TANF
  368. Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training
  369. California Department of Social Services
  370. California Labor Laws/Regulations
  371. California's Labor Market Information (EDD)

    (FAQs, Ag, by Industry, Hours/Earnings, Unemployment Rates, Major Employers by County, Occupational & Career Info: Wages, Projections, Guides, O*Net, SOC, Demographics: US/State/Metro Areas/Counties/Cities'n Sub-Counties, Job/Training Programs)
  372. California's One-Stop Career Center
  373. California Workforce Association
  374. California Workforce Development One-Stop Employment
  375. CalJobs -
  376. Demonstration, Pilot, Multi-Service, Research, and Multi-State Projects
  377. disAbility Online
  378. Dislocated Worker
  379. ED>NET
  380. Employment & Training Activities, U.S. Dep't. of Housing and Urban Development
  381. Employment Development Department
  382. Employment Service
  383. Employment Training Panel
  385. Indian & Native American Programs
  386. Indian & Native American Web Sites
  387. Labor Market Information Division, EDD
  388. Migrant & Seasonal Farmworker Programs
  389. NAFTA Transitional Adjustment Assistance
  390. National Emergency Grants
  391. Post Secondary Vocational Education
  392. School-to-Work
  393. Small Business Administration (SBA)
    One-Stop Capital Shops (OSCS) + Rural/Urban EC/EZ
  394. Title V of the Older Americans Act
  395. Trade Adjustment Assistance
  396. Unemployment Insurance
  397. Veterans Employment & Training Programs
  398. Vocational Rehabilitation
  399. Welfare-to-Work
  400. Youth
  401. Youth Opportunity Grants, 1998 Awards
  402. Youth Opportunity Grants, 1997 Awards
  403. Top

    E. Top Education Oriented: Top

  404. Academe This Week (Chronicle of Higher Education)

    [src: MIT Libraries, Virtural Reference Collection]
  405. Academic Employment Network
  406. Academic Position Network (worldwide)
  407. American Federation of Teachers (AFL/CIO)
    (Job Reports, Pay Survey/Analysis, Salaries by State, City, Compare, International, Ed.Tools)
  408. Association of California School Administrators, The (ACSA)
    1. Search by Regional Map & Counties List.
    2. Search for jobs in a specific school district or county.
    3. Search using advanced criteria.
    4. Create/Save a search profile, track positions, auto-notification)
  409. CalTeach
  410. CareerPath

    (U.S. newspapers, classified ads)
  411. Chronicle of Higher Education
    A. Jobs:
    B. General Links About Academic Jobs:
    C. Education Related Administrative Jobs:
    D. Faculty Jobs by Discipline:
    E. Career Network Articles & Columns, Topical Index:
  412. Department of Defense Schools (USDOD)

    1.  DoDDS Europe
       a.  Vacancies
    2.  DoDDS Pacific
       a.  Vacancies (+ Korea, Okinawa)
       b.  Japan
    3.  DoDEA Education Links
    (DoD,Fed., Other Gov. Non-Gov. Personnel, Career Related)
  413. Department of Education (USDOE)
    Vacancy Library
  414. Google's Index of Education Related Job Sites
  415. Ed-Join Education Job Opportunities Information Network, California
     (also see education section below)
    (see Ed-Join in National/International & in Imperial County sections above)
  416. Education Week on the Web
  417. International Teaching & Administrative Positions
  419. Lingua Franca - Hirings & Tenurings 2000-2001

    a. Junior Hirings 1998-2000 (US/CA school placements)
    b. Hiring/Tenuring Archives
  420. National Teachers Recruitment Clearing House

    1. Job Banks Search Portal (State, National, International)
    2. Find States' Departments of Education, Contact Information
    3. States' Alternative Licensure/Credentialing
    (About/Why Teach, NCTAF - Ed. Links, How to Become, Finding Jobs, Aides, Retaining, Recruiting)
  421. Private Schools Employment Network
  422. San Diego State University (San Diego & Imperial Valley, California (SDSU))
  423. School Jobs
  424. School Staff

    1. Search for Jobs in Education
    2. Advanced Degrees by Postion
    (categories: job type, full/part-time, bi-lingual, certification yes/no, type of school/education specialty)
  425. Southern California Teacher Recruitment Center

    [Imperial, Orange, and San Diego Counties]
    Apply Online
      Job/Education Related Links to:
    1. Educational Associations
    2. Future Teacher Information
    3. Higher Education Informatikon & Financial Assistance
    4. Labor Associations
    5. Resources for Administrators
    6. Staff Development
    7. Teacher Recruitment
  426. SETI - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

    (Apply Through the University of California at Berkeley, Human Resources Department)
  427. A Teacher Job Search
    (Teachers Helping Teachers Find Jobs)
    (Teacher Publishing, Inc.)
    [Quotes: We don't list jobs or post resumes. There are many other sites that do that and we'll tell you about them. We take you through the job-seeking process by helping you make decisions, giving you tips and suggesting actions for you to take that will lead you to your job. We are the only teacher's job site that guides you by the hand this way.]
    Topics: Organize, the Test, Job Hotlines state & districts, Job Fairs, Interviews, Salaries and --
    1. State Websites (applications, testing, credentials, fees)
    2. Find Your Job, Where & What to Do Checklist
        Job Vacancy Sites:
        Teacher Placement Agencies:
        Retired Military?
      2. Have a B.A. in another field? - hires beginning teachers for two years.
      plus, the 50 Largest school districts listed by size
  428. Teachers at Work
  429. Job Center
  430. Teachers Employment Network
  431. Yahoo! Education Job Links
  432. Top

    F. Top Career Development, Credit & Finance, Relocation, Job Preparation, Salaries, Specialized, Other : Top

    (Also see:
    Credit, Credit Reports, Finance, Finances, Financial, Loans, Relocation, Finances - Personal Considerations, Interest Rates, Relocation & Moving, Stock Exchanges/Markets & Financial Terminology)
    And: Finance related educational links

  433. 401K Calculator
  434. America's Career InfoNet:
    (General Outlook, Wages, Trends, Employer Profiles/Search, 3,500+ Job Search Sites, Explore Jobs, View Job Videos, National/State Financial Resources for Education & Training, Labor Demographics, Occupational Coordinating Committees, Occupational Projections)
  435. Agricultural Science, Careers - Descriptions, Education
  436. AIRS NewsCenter - Daily News for Recruiters
    AirNews Free Via eMail Sign Up:
  437. Employment Readiness & Relocation Readiness
    (src: Army Community Service (ACS))
  438. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
    National Compensation Survey at (salaries)
    (Wage Queries, Localities, 9 Census Regions' Data, Search, Occupational Classifications Manual, Employment Costs, Occupation Wage Estimates, Employee Benefits, State Unemployment Insurance Laws, Jobs Outlook & Search All Occupations Indexed changed item icon
  439. Career Babe
    Career Advisor for Online Job Searching
    Resume Tutorials, Interview/Salary Negotiation Tips, Career Transition & Job Emergencies
    2. Computer Your Job Worth
  440. Career Development Manual
  441. Career Questionnaire to Match Your Interest & Abilities
  442. Career Salary and Cost of Living Calculators from ERI the Economic Research Institute
      ERI's Compensation Research free resources include:
    1. Salary Potential Calculator 2020 (5,634 positions)
    2. Cost-of-Living Calculator, Student (7,774 locations - US, Canadian & other cities)
    3. Linking Web Sites (career, compensation, HR, benefits, jobs, legal, payroll, accounting, recruiting, relocation, salary wage, continuing ed,)
    4. Compensation and Job Analyst Resources
      (links to free salary/cost-of-living & investment calculators • excutive compensation data, compensation planning resources • HR [human resources] software • occupational comparison & job availability wizards • compensation calculation, analysis & survey software • hardcopy reports • internet reports • compensation education, glossary, laws, textbook & continuing education • assessor support )
  443. CareerTV News Online
  444. Contract Employees Handbook
    A.   Contract Employees Handbook:
    B.   Professional Association of Contract Employees:
    (An Umbrella Service for Individual Consultants, Self Employed & Contract Employees)
  445. Contract Employees: The Temporary Future
  446. Cost of Living Calculator
  447. Department of Defense (DoD) Transitional Job Searches
    1. by Job Title
    2. by Keyword
    3. by Military Occupational Code, location
    4. Military Assistance Program (MAP)
      (interactive services assisting relocations, money management, & job searching [.mil])
    5. DoD TransPortal
      (designed to assist Service members leaving active duty, transition and employment assistance)
    6. Transition Assistance
    7. Preparation Guide
    8. Transition Offices: locations, phone numbers, web sites
    9. Job Preparation, Your Next Career
      (get ready, web tips, career job search links, corporate recruiting web sites, reading)
    10. Veterans Business Newsletter
    11. The National Association of Veterans Upward Bound Project Personnel (NAVUBPP)
      (assist veterans by developing, improving, and extending educational access and opportunities to eligible veterans through academic needs assessment, instruction, enrichment, and other academic support activities)
  448. "Diary of a Job Search"
      In Six Chapters: by Tim Johnston
    1. Absorbing the Shock of Losing Your Job
    2. Why Resume Revision Means Never Being Done
    3. Defining Your Objective When Options Abound
    4. What Gets Results When Job Hunting Online
    5. Money Is a Touchy Subject for Jobless Professionals
    6. Candidate's Novel Strategy for Interviews: Be Yourself
    [source: The WSJ Career Journal's Job Hunting Advice]
  449. Employment911's Career & Relocation Tools
    (Career Tips, 90 Career Videos, Job Links, Salary & Moving Calculators, Move Planning, Crime Rates, Mortgage Rates, Community Comparisons, School Reports)
  450. Financial Aid, Internet Resources

    Repayment Strategies
  451. Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Deeply Discounted Housing
    A.   Teacher-Next-Door:
    B.   Officer-Next-Door:
  452. Human for Sale
    1. Today's most expensive males [+estimated IQ's of some great geniuses]
    2. Today's most expensive females
    3. How much are you worth on the open market? (a subjective survey)
  453. Human Resources (personnel) News
  454. iWork Advisor

    1. Protecting Yourself At Work (text) or Graphical HTML
       (personal liability, law, policies, decisions, being sued)
  455. Job Smart Occupation Information Tools
    (Ranges, Hidden Jobs, What Are They?, Minimum Wage, Bonuses, Glass Ceilings, Severence Practices/Benefits, 78 Job Salaries by Gender, Women's Earnings/Differences)
  456. Kaplan Career Planning,1899,8,00.html
  457. Layoff Calculator
    Find out the odds of losing your job.
    (src: Economic Indicators, Labor from & The Dismal Scientist)
  458. Military Moves

    (Search Career Builder Software Download - Pay Calculators
    Education, Federal & State Aid, Student Loans, Non-Traditional Fields
    Enter the Civilian World Successfully
  459. Monster Moving Relocation Tools
    Cost of Living Analysis, City Profile Report, Compare Two Cities, 50 Best Cities, Virtual Tours, Homebuying Calculator, Salary Calculator, Expert's Advice
  460. Networking
  461. Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2002-2003 Edition,
    U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Three (3) Ways to Find Career Information

    and the
    Occupational Outlook Handbook (Jobs) Index
  462. Pay People Right - Articles

    (management perspectives, useful information for employees)
  463. Personalogic - Tests for Life Decisions and Career/Jobs Profiling
  464. Quintessential Career Guide
  465. Randy Realty's Relocation Tools
  466. Salary Calculator - Compare Cost of Living Between Cities and/or Countries   (
  467. Salary Surveys - What are your job skills worth in today's technology market?
    Salary, Training Resources, IT,
    Interviewing for a job? In line for a raise? Send this questionnaire to CareerBabe to
    Learn how she feels about your value in today's job market.
    From a $100,000 Salary - How much do you keep? - State by State Comparisons of Net Income.
  468. Self-Assessment Links
  469. Take Home Pay Calculator (
  470. Test Your IQ, Personality, Entrepreneurial Skills Online
  471. "So You Think You've Got A Good Job"
    by Chelsea J. Carter, AP, Aug 2000
    A Ranking of 250 Jobs, According to "Jobs Almanac"
    "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly"
  472. Veterans - Military, Retired
    1. Troops to Teachers
    2. Vets 4 Hire
    3. Related Links, recommended
    4. TROA Military Resource (education, benefits, pay, survivors, spouses, news, jobs, current events, job searches, transition planning, Academy graduates, relocation, Career Specific Resources, Military to Civilian)
  473. Web Monkey Job Tips

    (Right One, Searching, Veterans, Freelancing, Telecommuter, Interviewing, Internships, Curriculum-Engineering Design Production)
  474. Working Woman - Top 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers (2000)
    A.    Top 10 Standouts
    B.    Four Runners-Up for 2001
    C.    Employee Rights (Hiring, Firing, Spying, Are You A Boss?, On the Way Out)


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Resumes, Relocation, Job & Self Preparation Resources:
G. Top Career Builder: Top
Career Builder - Relocation, Job Preparation, & Resources

Job Hunting Tools - Cover Letters - Resumes - Job Interviews - Negotiating Job Offers - Getting Ahead at Work - Workplace Issues - Work & Family - Surviving Work/Career Transitions - Self Employment - Working Women - Employers/Ad Agencies - Relocation Tools - Salary Calculator/Cost of Living by Locations - Compare Cities - School Reports - Contrast Neighborhoods - Moving Calculator - Moving Wizard Timeline Generator - Military Friendly Version - Download a Resume Builder Program (10MB+, free, time limited) from Web Resume and/or Career Disk Book [a comprehensive course in self-assessment and preparation for a successful job hunt campaign, details, examples] (free, time limit) from Woodbridge Softworks

Resume Deliver
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VisualCV An Internet-based resume site with your own web site for - Professionals, Employers & Recruiters, & Students & Alumni [ Site Map & How to Visual C V small logo icon ]
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   and Preferred Jobs Salary Surveys
   and Choose By Category, Job, Area (links to general, technical, specific, industry, IT, computer by Career Pal)
   and Online Salary Surveys & Finance - General Administrative Support - Health Care - Human Resources - Engineering - Engineer & Eng. & Technical Writing - Manufacturing Production - Sales Marketing
   and Teacher Salary Trends - Tables - Figures (AFT)
   and Surfing for Salaries (
(Computer/IT - Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy - Advertising - Aviation Maintenance - Legal - Economic Research Sources)
   and 20+ Salary Sources & by Profession/Occupation
   and Administrative, Executive, Management
   and Electrician - Plumber - HVAC - Carpenter - Health Care Staff
Employment Law, Legal Encyclopedia, Law Centers, Legal Library (Examples: immigration, independent contractor, employee lawsuits, worker's compensation, child care agreements, sexual or other harassment, fair pay, time off, privacy, employer rights & responsibilities, wage & hours laws, personnel policies, firing, hiring)
Dilbert's Salary Calculator
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PayScale - Salary Survey, Salaries, Wages, Compensation Information and Analysis
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