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StudySphere Education Portal organizes & categorizes over 100K research-quality child-safe websites for students, families, teachers for education online from home, school, study abroad and home school
[quotes: "StudySphere provides fast, easy and free access to a wide variety of research-quality child-safe websites... StudySphere’s goal is to help students, teachers, librarians, and other researchers find both highly targeted and closely related information quickly."]

    More K-12 Subject Portal Pages
  1. American Association of School Librarians' Favorite Web Sites for K-12 Students: by subject
    1. How to ask, find, evaluate, & share information
    2. Awards, Grants, and Scholarships
    3. Career Development & Continuing Education
  2. George Lucas Educational Foundation small camera image (exemplary practices in K-12 public education) [Quick Time v5.0+ required for 70+ videos]
  3. Internet Scout Report's:  [Sub-Window]
  4. The National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Digital Library, Home & NSDL
  5. Life Sciences (Biology, Zoology, Ecology, Botany, and related topics)
  6. Physical Sciences (Geology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Physics, and related topics)
  7. Math, Engineering, Technology (Industrial Engineering, Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Civil Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Environmental Engineering, Computer Sciences, Human Factors, Hardware, and Software, and related topics) provide academics, researchers, librarians, and the K-12 community with a fast, convenient way of staying informed of valuable online information without having them do sorting or searching themselves. [NSF funded]

Houghton Mifflin Social Studies - Textbook Support (1991) and 1999 Edition (Jr. High) By Chapters Houghton Mifflin - Reading/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics (K-5, bilingual)
Review of Middle School Physical Science Texts by John L. Hubisz: A review and critique the physical science textbooks in Middle School (grades 6, 7, 8, 9) with regard to the scientific accuracy, adherence to an accurate portrayal of the scientific approach, and the appropriateness and pedagogic effectiveness of the material presented for the particular grade level.

Study Skills for Students []
(Adult Education, Colleges & Universities, Distance Learning, Early Childhood, Employment, Financial Aid, Higher Education, Home Schooling, K12 Education, Online Degrees, Organizations, Regional, Special Education, Subjects, Teacher's Corner, Test Preparation)
21st Century Community Learning Centers
Abacus - The Art of Calculating with Beads (interactive, multilingual)
Abacus Links + K-12 Math & Science, Teacher Materials, History of Computing, Lego plans
After (for kids, teens, & adults to get information from government-federal dollars, Food - Health & Safety - Learning - Recreation - Research - Technology (20%-90% communications discounts) - Transportation (to/from/after school) - Volunteers
Anthropology - Anthropology & History and Sites Awarded for Excellence
Anthropology - Explore the Cave of Lascaux, France (prehistoric, paleolithic cave paintings)
AOL@School - Free e-mail, reference tools & filtered Internet search
(May2000, primary, elementary, middle, high school, teachers, administrators, ERIC/SCORE, K-12)(COPP compliant)
Archaeology - Interactive - Future Ruins - Search for Lost Cave People, Teacher Guide - Resources
(archaeology, anthropology, Aztec, Belize, Inca, Maya, Mesoamerican, Mexico, Pre-Colombian) [PBS,Nova]
Archaeology - Resources & Courses (John W. Hoopes, U. Kansas)
Archaeology - Teotihuacan, City of the Gods, Mexico (Hoopes) [also see history page] Top
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Astrophysics - 'Stephen Hawkings Universe, Strange Stuff Explained' (PBS,WNET)
BBC's Guide to Educational Web Sites (categorized by subject area, then age/grade, topical, special needs)
BigChalk - Search Portal for::   Teachers - Library/Media Specialists - Parents - Students K-12
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  • Encyclopedia of Life: electronic page for each species of organism on Earth
           EOL Newsletter, September 2008 (.pdf)
    1. AmphibiaWeb
    2. Animal Diversity Web
    3. AntWeb
    4. ARKive videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's species.
    5. Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) Ten major natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries, and research institutions digitized
    6. Biology library
    7. historic and modern biology books
    8. BioPix: digital nature photos
    9. Catalogue of Life: catalogue of all known species of organisms on Earth by the year 2011
    10. eFloras: flora botany botanists
    11. FishBase: global information system on fishes
    12. Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
      (GBIF Secretariat is hosted by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in the Zoological Museum)
    13. International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
      (IUCN helps develop conservation science, manages field projects all over the world types of animal and plant species on the planet; all types of ecosystems)
    14. micro*scope: information on the biodiversity of microbes
    15. Natural History Museum: Solanaceae Source and its worldwide taxonomic monograph of all species in the genus Solanum
    16. Tree of Life Web Project:
      (The Tree of Life Web Project is a collection of information about biodiversity compiled collaboratively by hundreds of expert and amateur contributors. Its goal is to contain a page with pictures, text, and other information for every species and for each group of organisms, living or extinct. Connections between Tree of Life web pages follow phylogenetic branching patterns between groups of organisms, so visitors can browse the hierarchy of life and learn about phylogeny and evolution as well as the characteristics of individual groups.)
    17. uBio uBio: Indexing & Organizing 11,068,849 Biological Names & research tools
    Biology - Animal Picture Printouts (Enchanted Learning)
    Biology - Biology, Enviornment, Health Pages for Kids
    src:(National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences [NIEHS] y en Español)
    Biology - Birds, endangered, migratory flight patterns, live cams (K-college)
    Biology - Butterflys (Enchanted Learning)
    Biology - Encyclopedia of Life (
    Biology - Endangered & Extinct Species [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
    Biology - Entomology,,
    Biology - Human Skeleton, Comparative Anatomy of human, chimpanzee, baboon(interactive, K5-Adult, eSkeleton Project, UofTX)
    Biology - Medical, Educational/Multimedia, by subject
    Biology - Molecular Genetics, A Primer - DNA, Genes, Chromosomes
    Biology - Scorpions, All About (non-technical, audio)
    Biology - Sea World's Animal Information Database (Facts, Resources, Research, Photos, Stories)
    Biology - Sharks (Enchanted Learning)
    Biology - Projects, Genetics, Cells, Biotechnology [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
    Blue Web'n-PACBell's Blue Ribbon Learning Sites on the Web - Contents - by Subject - Search
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    Botany - Internet Directory, Subject Category List - IDB Search
    Botany - Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs, Botanical & Common Names
    Botany - Flora, California (search: common, family, scientific names, synonyms & photos)
    Botany - NatureServe Explorer
    (quote: "NatureServe Explorer, an authoritative source for information on more than 65,000 plants, animals, and ecosystems of the United States and Canada. Explorer includes particularly in-depth coverage for rare and endangered species.")
    Botony - Plants & Fungi, CalPhoto's 21,500+ Pictures and Fauna (animals) and People/Cultures and Landscapes/Habitats
    Botany - Plant Biology, Internet Public Library (Resources on the Web)
    Botany - Rainforests (photos, pop quiz, multimedia, Dr. Steve Blythe)
    Botany - Rainforests (Enchanted Learning)(environment, ecology)
    Botany - Topical Web Sites [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
    Botany - Trees, 100 Species, Index of Botanical & Common Names & Terms & Habitat/Terrain (Iowa State U.)

    Business - Management Education (WLC College)
    (The WLC College leads by example when it comes to management education in India. There are courses for graduates, undergraduates and others in its 25 campuses all over India. It is famous for its ‘earn while you learn’ programs.)
    Business - Small Business Administration, Online Courses (SBA)
    California Academic Institutions/Organizations
    Caribbean Guide - Culture, History, Vacations, Travel, and More
    Chemistry - ChemiCool Periodic Table, Elements, Symbols
    Chemistry - Topic Pages, Student/Teacher Resources [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
    Class Scheduler (college, pre-college, USNWR [java])
    College & Higher (
    (Planning For College, Campus Survival, Post/Continuing Ed, Graduate Studies, Political Awareness, Studying Abroad, Language Studies, Writing, Scholarships) and Jobs - An Alternative or Together
    College - Scholarships- Ethnic- Athletic- Art- Corporate- Organizational- Military- States/Merit
    College - Searches, Rankings & Comparisons (US) (U.S. News Online [USNWR])
    College - Costs, Estimate, Compute/Compare Three (3) Schools at a Time (USNWR)
    Computers - Chronology of PCs 1966-1979 - 1980-1984 - 1985-1989 - 1990-1994 - 1995-2001
    Computers - Internet (Surfing the Net with Kids)
    Congress Link - Contents - How, Who, Where? - Teacher Resources - Lesson Plans - Experts - Site Search - Histories, Narratives - The President & Presidency - Government & Judiciary - Major Political Parties/PACS - Scholarly, Research, Politics, Issues - Civic Education, Grants, Vote Tracking, lesson plans, technology
    Department of Education Topic Index (extensive) Student Social Studies, Science, English, Math, Clip Art Teacher Tools, Lesson Plans K-5/K6-8/G9-12, TLC Daily G7-12/Weekly K-6
    Grants, Funding, Documentation, Managing, Bilingual, Migrant, Special Ed
    Find/Locate Educational Institutions by Country or School Category (DEN)
    Earthquake Engineering Risk Assessment Guides
    Earthquake, Tsunami, & Related Disaster Preparedness Information Links (maps, realtime, histories, U.S., International)
    Ecology, Earth Science & Enviornment, Deserts, Plants, Recycling, Rain Forests, Volcanoes, Weather, Oceanography [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
    Ed Tech News - Information & News, Trends in Education Technology
    Education for a Lifetime - PA Virtual Charter School - Jobs (Dr. William J. Bennett)
    Preview Lessons - About - Approach - Programs - Placement Tests
    Kindergarten, Curriculum, Language Arts, Math, History, Science, Art, Music
    1st Grade, Curriculum, Language Arts, Math, History, Science, Art, Music
    1st Grade, Curriculum, Language Arts, Math, History, Science, Art, Music
    Education Tutors, Homework & Study Guides, Schools, Colleges, Educational Theories & Methods (K-Adult,ThinkQuest)
    Education World® Where Educators Go To Learn
    Educational Web Adventures (Art/Art History, Science/Nature, History/Geography) (K-Adult)
    eHow - "How to Do Things" For Teachers, Students, Parents (K-12)
    Electricity - Energy, Today's California Supply of & Demand for Electricity (updated each 10 minutes) - Background
    Electricity - Energy, California rebate program (Save up to 20% on Electric Bills + Questionaire prints savings unique to your house/area))
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    Environmental/Pollution Reports by Zip Code
    Evolution - From Caves to Computers [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
    ExplorAsource for Educators - Resources by Grade/Subject - Standards/Standard Statements by Grade/Subject - Links
    Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (free: arts,, foreign languages, health & safety, language arts, mathematics, physical education, science, social studies, vocational education, +searches)
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    Finance:    (Also see:
    Credit, Credit Reports, Finance, Finances, Financial, Loans, Relocation, Finances - Personal Considerations, Interest Rates, Relocation & Moving, Stock Exchanges/Markets & Financial Terminology)

    Credit Repair: Guide to Money, Counting Money, Earning & Saving Money (H/T Courtney Phillips,, El Paso County, Colorado 26Mar15) new item ani gif
    Finance - Promote Savings, Calculate Amount Needed to Save For/Buy Items (K-12, StrongKids)
    Finance - Savings Plan, Compounding Interest, Money Growth Calculator (K-12, StrongKids)
    Finance - Mutual Funds/Investing Quiz & ABCs of Investing (Grades 5-Up, StrongKids)
    Financial Education with Games & Puzzles
    ( Quote: "Creating awareness to make sound financial choices.." )
    Finance - Gazillionaire Game, Fun With Business (business, math, economics, thinking skills) (classroom notes, worksheets, lesson plans, ages 8 to retired)
    Finance - " Kids' Money" - Ways to Earn Money - Kids Making Money Web Sites (financial teaching materials, links, games, FAQs) by David McCurrach
    Finance - Investment Challenge, monthly $5K, 3K, 2K winners + annual grand prize (free, Yahoo)
    Finance - Investment Challenge, monthly portable pc prize (free, ZDTV MoneyMachine)
    Finance - Practical Money Skills for Life y en Español (K-Adult)
    (Lesson Plans, Calculators [savings, budget, retirement, credit card, loan], games, banking tutor)
    [For:   Teachers, Parents, Students, and Consumers] Note: April is " Financial Literacy for Youth Month" and Financial Literacy Challenge, Teachers can register for email newsletter & maybe win a computer for your classroom.

    Fun Brain (games & activities by age, kid/parent games, teacher quizes/homework, remote learning) (parents, teachers, kids 6-17+)
      Fun School - Online Interactive Learning, Pre-School & K-3
    2. Two Peas in a Bucket
    3. Baby Zone
    Games, Hobbies (Surfing the Net with Kids)
    Gateway to Educational Materials (Dep't.of Education: by grade, subject, keyword, topic; ed.level, curriculum units, lesson plans)

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    Geography (NPAC)
    Geography (Surfing the Net with Kids)
    Geography (world) Trivia Questions Quiz [source: CIA]
    Geography - Business & Economic - Population Data/Demographics
    Geography - Department of Education ( - Internet Resources - Earth, Our Home, Planet (NASA)
    Geography - Earth Sciences Websites (Columbia U., NY)
    Geography - Geology, Hydrology, Biology & Classroom/Teacher Activities (USGS)
    Geography - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
    Geography - Maps, Reference, Water/Rivers, Ecosystems, Coasts, Development, Population, Rural Settlement, Cities, Natural Resources, Images/Web Cams & Internet Links, Physical & Human Environments (Kay Williams, UK)
    Geography - People & Places: Biography, Cultures, Travel (K-Adult, ThinkQuest)
    Geography - The ABC of Geography (from the ITS Tutorial School, HK)
    ( Geography Dictionary & Glossary for Students, a comprehensive source of definitions for Geography related terms in subject areas of Physical & Human Geography and Related disciplines..supporting secondary/senior/high school and early tertiary students )
    Geology "for fun and profit", core course materials links (link source: A Way with Words, podcast)
    (by Professor David Leveson, Geology Department, Brooklyn College, CUNY )
       + Azimuths and Compass Quadrant Bearings (Ye Old Compass Rose - Thinking in Circles)
       + A little QUIZ on azimuths and compass quadrant bearings
    Geology - A Study of Continental Drift, 'The Great Divide', Cities Affected, Earthquakes, Panagea [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
    Geology - Degree Programs: Accredited Online Geology Degrees
    Geology - Minerals, Gemstones, Rocks, Glossary, Properties of, Identification, Finding
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    Civics - Government:    (also see: US Government)
    American Government Study Guide (src:
    Government - Educational, International, Federal, States, California, County and Local (CA) (Harrold's links)
    [includes current legislation, legal/laws, how to contact officials, agencies]
    U.S. Constitution:
       1. U.S. Constitution (Constitution as amended, searchable) [Cornell U.]
        a. Preamble, Articles, Signers, Amendments
       2. U.S. Constitution Test
        a. Federalist Papers
        b. Debt Clock & Official: The Public Debt, U.S. Treasury
        c. Calvin-Hobbes
        d. Reagan Library
             ('Daily Republican Newspaper')
       2. Teaching Theme: U.S. Constitution
           [materials, research, lesson plans, work sheets, handouts]
       4. Test Your Knowledge: U.S. Constitution (
    Government - NARA, National Archives & Records Administration, Primary Sources and Activities
    This page contains reproducible copies of primary documents from the holdings of the National Archives of the United States, teaching activities correlated to the National History Standards and National Standards for Civics and Government, and cross-curricular connections.
    Government - NARA, The Digital Classroom
    Primay Sources, Activities, and Training for Educators & Students
    Government - NARA, Document Analysis Worksheets
    (written, photograph, cartoon, poster, map, artifact, sound recording, motion picture)
    Government - Making  dollar symbolcents out of Money, a history of, activities, resources, banks, trivia
    Government - Officials' Contact Information, Voting, Ratings
    Government - Students.Gov (education, careers, community service, military, gov't 101)
    Government - U.S. Mint, Educational, Lesson Plans, Handouts, Games, Cooperative Learning, Suggested Evaluations
    ( K-1 History, Patterns, Counting, Coins - K2-3 States, Capitals, Add/Subtract, Civics, Money, Problem Solving - K4-6 History, Geography, Multiplication/Division, probability, U.S. Gov't, advanced problems solving)
    Government - U.S. Treasury, Educational Pages & Lesson Plans:
    (Kids - Treasury History, Learning Vault - STAWRS, Learn Business Basics & How to Start a Business - Bureau of Engraving, All about money & printing currency (BEP) - Curator, Preservation, Virtual Tour - Taxes Interactive, Learn About local, state, federal - Dog of the Week, Canine Enforcement Collector Cards - Story of International Banking - U.S. Paper Money - Free 50 State Screensaver - U.S. Coins, coinage)
    Grade Point Average Calculator (college, pre-college, U.S. News Online, USNWR)

    Click Here to Go To the Grants Links Page (moved to own page, 25Oct02)

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    Health & Safety - Anatomy, Body Systems, Differently-Abled, Drugs, Food, Nutrition, Fitness, Exercise, Medicines, Special Needs (K-Adult, ThinkQuest)
    Health - "Tobacco and Health" + Other Tobacco & Health related sites (Star Scientific, Inc.)
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    Heber Elementary School District Study Links:
    Heber School Internet Resources - Education Related Search Engines/Indices - Lesson Plans - Kids Sites & Homework Helpers - Science - Desert Resources Mathematics - Museums - Reference - News - Weather - Resources for Educators

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    Homework Central - Teacher Resources Index - Themes, Calendar, Lessons, Curriculum, Web Tech., Professional Development - Parents Information - for Students, Elementary, Middle, High, College - Book Report Themes, Guides, Reports, How To Write A Book Report (K-5)
    (Study & Research Sections by Age, Grade, Subject) (10,000+Subject, 70,000+Resources)
    Horticulture - Composting for Kids (scripted slide set by Robert E. (Skip) Richter, CEA-Horticulture, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, US)
    Imperial County, California, Office of Education (ICOE) - Educational Resources Links
    (Arts & Music, Computer Science, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Searches & Research, Sports'n Fitness, Parent, Teacher & Student Resources)
    Jigsaws for Classroom Acitivies & More from Surfnet (K-5)
    Journalism - News, the Process, 'News by Kids' How to Start Your Own School News Show [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
    Kinder Crafts - Projects for preschool, kindergarten, & elementary school children using common household materials (Enchanted Learning)
    Languages-on-the-Web 30,000+ Language Links & Bi-Lingual Short Stories
    Language Arts (Surfing the Net with Kids)
    Language Arts - Calligraphy, English, French, German, Deutsch, Grammar, Sign Language, Spanish, Writing, Journalism, Korean, Words'n Phrases (K-Adult, ThinkQuest)
    Language Arts - Foreign Languages/Cultures on the Web
    Learning Page - free worksheets, lesson plans, & activities for preschool, K, K1, & K2, thematic units & basic skills
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    Click Here to Go to Literature & Books Online

    Books Online, free, full text (Harrold's links to: online books, plays, poetry, etext, essays)
  • also see "Books, eText Online" or the "UTEL" link in the 'English' section above
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    Los Alamos National Laboratory K-12, college, ed resources, more & science, postdoctoral
    Learning Network tools, activities & resources for parents, teachers & students (K-12)
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    Standards: California Mathematics Academic Standards (K-7, Grades 8-12) [source: Schools of California Online Resources for Education (SCORE)]

    Number Pronunciator
    Please enter a number and I will try to pronounce it.
    Your number can be up to 303 digits long.
    Submitted by: Sydney Wedding Video / DVD
    First Number: Second Number:
    Third Number (not required):

    Greatest Common Factor (GCF):
    Least Common Multiplier (LCM):


    Free JavaScripts provided by The JavaScript Source
    Algebra Lessons: lesson planning form, operations & variables, perimeters, polynomials, positive & negative numbers, slope, solving linear equations
    Math (Surfing the Net with Kids)
    Math - Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Chaos Theory, Fractals, Geometry, Trigonomety(K-Adult, ThinkQuest)
    Mathematics -" (Supplemental Online Socratic Tutoring tied to many popular Math Textbooks for Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus. Free during school hours, less access after hours, $5 US/month for 24/7 access.) Parents, Students, Teachers, What you should know About + More Math Study Links, An Online Graphing Calcualor & for Parents, Students, Teachers
    Mathematics - Geometry of War 1500-1750, The (Oxford, Museum - History of Science)
    Mathematics - Math Goodies- Lesson Library (K5-8)- Homework Help- Puzzles- Search- Home School (Mr. Glosser's interactive lessons, worksheets, homework helpers, puzzles)
    Mathematics - Mathematics Archives (K-12 Teaching Materials, lesson plans, software, topics, contests, Professional Societies, other math links)
    Math - MathNerds, Free Assistance K-12, undergraduate, Advanced via eMail (Xavier U.,LA,US)
    Math - Metrics, 'Cooking with Mathemagians' (Cooking Measures, Calculators, Converters, Metric/English Tables, Recipes with Mass & Volume Conversions, Metrics History) (Frenchtown, DE, US Elementary)
    Math - Teacher Resources (extensive, UseekUfind)
    SMILE PROGRAM Mathematics Index
    quote: "..a collection of almost 200 single concept lessons. These lessons may be freely copied and used in a classroom but they remain the copyright property of the author(s) and the directors of the SMILE program. The Mathematics lessons are divided into the following categories: Geometry and Measurement, Patterns and Logic, Probability and Statistics, Recreational and Creative Math, Practical and Applied Math, Arithmetic, Graphs and Visuals, Algebra and Trigonometry, and Miscellaneous."
    The SMILE website is hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology

    Military, U.S. ( MSNBC's Resource Guide for Teachers, Parents, Students & Learning Online

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    Mysteries ( Top
    Mysteries & Curiousities [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
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    National Geographic- InterActive- Maps Earth/Space- Photography- News- Teacher Aids
    National Library of Education - Resources - Collections
    National Science Foundation - Science News - Bill Nye, The Science Guy ( kids, teacher aids )
    Online Learning, A Guided Tour
    Online Learning (Act360 Media, test prep/research/reports/tutors)
    PACBell's 'Filamentality' - How to Use the Web in the Classroom & Making Web Pages
    PACBell Teacher - Education Workshops, Training, & Support - Video Conferencing
    Dinosaurs (U. Columbia, NY)
    Paleontology - Dinosaurs, All About (Enchanted Learning)
    Paleontology - Dinosauria, 'Truth is Stanger Than Fiction' (UofCA, Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley)
    Parents, Teachers (Surfing the Net with Kids)
    Philosophy - The Friesian School, Ethics, Metaphysics, Religion, History, Science (pre-college/college)
    Philosophy & Philosophers - The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (About the IEP, U. Tennessee, Martin)
    Physics - Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
    ( Link source: SBC's Blue Web'n Library )
    Poetry - Mark's Poem of the Day Page
    Popcorn & A Corn-ucopia of Ideas for Teachers (Popcorn Board Teaching Guide)
    Preschool, Kindergarten (Surfing the Net with Kids)
    Reading/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics (K-5, bilingual)(Houghton Mifflin)
    Quia (course related, topical, activities, games, quizes) (k-12+)
    Safety - Seasonal, Auto, Travel, Home, Senior, Pet, Personal, Child
    San Diego COE K-12 Education Links
    (Tech.,Ed.Stats, Health & PE, History & Soc.Sci., Lang.Arts, Math., Music, News/Current Events, Parent Student Teacher Resources, Sci., Research, Spec.Ed. & Gate)
    Scholorship Searches (pre-college, college)
    Science (Surfing the Net with Kids)
    Science - AMRC real-time data - Antartic Meteorology Research Center
    (data, photos, web cams, movies, animations, ship data & reports, weather, pressures, polar stereographic & composite images)
    Science - 'Learning About Leonardo' Da Vinci + Leonardo Learning Links - Original Music
    Science - Lightning Detection (NASA)
    Science - Real-Time Data Sources on the Web
    (WX, meteorological, astronomy & space, environmental & earth sciences, animal observations, oceanography, time zones, paleoclimatology, morbidity & mortality + other unique tracking, internet projects) from the Center for Improved Engineering & Science Education, K12 Projects (Hands-on Internet Training for K-12 Teachers) ( Proyecto CiberMaestro) en Español
    Science - Real-Time Human Space Flight Tracking Data (TV KSC Channels 1-12 online, landing tracks, sighting opportunities, orbital tracking, WX, tracking coordinates data)
    Science - Real-Time SOHO, winds, heliospheric, auroral, magnetometer, convection maps, space weather, sun) + Space Physics Related Sites
    Sheppards Science Sources (K-12 with Lesson Plans)
    Science - Fire A Torpedo (PBS, NOVA)
  • Science - The 'Flying Turtle' Explores physics, energy and basic science in nature, living organisms, & human technology:
  • Photosynthesis, Energy and Life (biology, botony)
  • Superbugs, the geometry & physics of ants & fleas
          a. The effects of size (U. Fullerton)
  • Dr. Galapagos' humorous & insightful answers to science questions
          a. Whales, dolphins, cetaceans, marine mammals, marine science
          b. Taxonomy of cetaceans (biology)
  • Energy and heat transfer in nature and human technology
  • Engineering and Technology perspectives (civilization)
  • Science - Physics: Electricy, Light, Machines, Magnetism, Sound [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
    Science - Physics: electricty - What's the Difference Between AC & DC? (PBS, SurfNet)
    Science - Physics: Weather, Atmosphere - Meteorology - Reading WX Maps - Remote Sensing - Open Ended Projects - Classroom Activites - Teacher Guides & Assessment Tools (UIUC, CoVis, NSF)
    Science Resources for K-16
    (14,000+ Science Resources sorted by Category, Subcategory, and Grade Level: For students, parents, teachers, scientists, engineers and mathematicians.)
    [developed & maintained by: Frank Potter and Jim Martindale]

    Science - SciCentral, 50,000+ articles for teachers, K-12-Adult
    Science - Scientopica, A Directory/Portal to: (Alternative Sciences, Amateur Science, Biological & Life Sciences, Commerce, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Information Sciences, Mathematics & Computer Sciences; Medicine & Health, Museums & Aquariums, Physical Sciences, Research & Publications, Space & Aviation Sciences, Social Sciences, Teaching Science, Technology)
    Science - Weather & Climatology (Kay Williams, UK)
    Space - NASA, Live from the Space Center, WebCasts (K-12, lesson plans)
    Spanish Language Resources for Teachers - Elementary - Secondary/HS - More
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    Sociology, Cultures, Ethnocentric
    (Cultures, Customs, Festivals, Folklore, Societal Conflicts - Resolutions, Racial - Regional - Ethnic - Religious)
    [ThinkQuest by (Social Sciences & Culture)]
    A&B's Complete List of Allyn & Bacon Sociology Links Pages
             (source: Allyn & Bacon Sociology Introduction & Courses )
    African Business, Community, News (
    Africa, Central Africa (
    African-Americans, Famous (negro, black culture)
    African-American Inventors
    African-American News & Culture (
    African diaspora (
    Asian News & Culture (
    Arabia, Northeast Africa (
    Australia Indigenous People
    Caribbean Links (
    Central & South America (
    Central & South America (
    China, Hong Kong, Taiwan News & Culture of the 'Middle Kingdom' (
    Chinese Studies WWW Virtual Library (U. Melbourne)
    Eastern Europe & Asian foreign born/second generation (
    Ethics, Philosophy, Religion, Mythology (middle-Adult, ThinkQuest)
    Ethnic Sites Online (
    France, Franconia (
    Guyana & The West Indies (
    Iberian, Spanish, French (Dartmouth)
    India Communities (
    India Educational & School Sites + Details, Virtual Online Schools, & Universities from Indian School's Kids Fun Study Page
    India, Languages
    Islam (
    Islam for Today
    Jewish Resources, Jerusalem (
    Judaism, Basic (by Rabbi Seymour Rossel, Have a Question?, Links)
    Languages/Cultures on the Web (U. Berkeley)
    Latin America - Mexico, Economic & General News - Cuba Source - Teaching About the Americas (RetaNet) (lessons, materials, photos, embassies, links)
    Lybia and 1001 Arabic Web Sites
    Mexico para Niños
    Myths & Legends (Alternate Mirror Site - Frames Version) by Christopher B. Siren
    [African, Albanian, Ancient Near East, [animal: cats, foxes, dogs, unicorn], Armenian, art, Arthuriana, [Asia: Central, East, Southeast, Western], Australian Aborigines, Basque, bestiary, beasts, Big Foot, [birds: gryphons, griffins, griffons], Bulfinch's Mythology, bogie, boogy man, Britain, British, Caribbean, Celtic pantheons, Celts, Christian, Cinderella, classical, cultures, [creation, flood, afterlife], creatures, cyptozoological, Cupid, divine beings, influence, El Cid, Dictionary of Phrase & Fable (1894), dragons, encyclopedia mythica, extracanonical, faeries, fairy, fairy tales, fear, feri, Finno-Ugric, folk stories, folk tales, folklore, Frankish-French-Carolingian, genie, genies, goblins, gods, goddesses, Gothic, Greek, Greek Amazons, Hellenic, heroes, Indian, Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Judaic, King Arthur, kobolds, legends, medieval indices: ABZU, Perseus, Labyrinth; mermaids, mithology, mysterious, mystery, myth, mythological characters, mythologie, mythologist, mythology; mythology and religion, myths; Muslim, Native American, Nordic, Norse, Oceanna, Origins of Mythology, pagan, pantheons, Pegasus, Persia, phoenix, proto-religion, rainbow, religion, Renaissance, Robin Hood, Roland, Roman, Romanian, Scandinavia, search ancient & urban tales, by Theme & Region [Ancient World, ancient religions, archaeology, art, history] serpent, shape shifter, Slavo-Baltic, Spanish, spirit, sprites, stories, superstition, symbols, tales, Teutonic, vampire, werewolf, warlock, witch)
    Native American Indian (NAI) Resources Links
    Religions, World, Major
    Religious Studies, Comparative Religions, Spirituality
    Russia, Moscow (english, expatriates,
    Saudi Arabia - Written in Stone: Inscriptions (National Museum of Saudi Arabia)
    Sacred Texts (religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism)
    Social Sciences Databases, Stanford U.:
    Africa - Anthropology & Archaeology - British History - German/Germanic Collections - International Government Organizations - IGO Web Sites - Islam & Islamic Middle East - Language & Linquistics - Political Science - Psychology - Psych Web Sites - Sociology - U.S. Federal Government Documents - United States History

    Links to Spanish, Hispanic, Latino culture (src:
    War, Geo-Politics - The Secret Empire, 21st Century U.S. Military (maps, interactive, MSNBC)

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    Story Place - Children's Digital Library
    (Animated stories, interactive activities, printouts, crafts, English & Spanish - Pre-School & Early Elementary)
  • Study Web - 121,000+ Links for Students Learning, Research, & Teacher Resources No Frames Index (TOC)
    Student Assistance & Prevention Programs, Links (San Juan, CA, USD)
    Teacher Materials & Resources (Technology Use, Methods of Teaching, Interdisciplinary, Models of Educations, Models of Practice, New/Novice Teachers, Curriculum Materials) [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
    Teacher Vision Site Map - Curriculum - Resources - Professional Development - School-to-Home - (Quizes, Gradebooks, Tests'n More)(K-12)
    Teaching With The Internet
    ( Knowlton Township Elementary School; math, rhyming, ePals, live sights/cams, education sites, & ethics internet links)
    Teaching Ideas for Primary & Secondary Teachers (ages 5-11) English - Mathematics - Science - Information & Communications - Design & Technology - History - Geography - Art - Music - P.E., Physical Education - Religion (Christian & Islam, Islamic, Muslim) - Time Fillers - Download (ideas, classroom resources, worksheets, links, book recommendations)
    Teaching With Technology
    [Online Interactive Course, Web Based Curriculum] (U.MD UC, Bell Atlantic)
    Teachers Professional Development Programs K-3 Links, Performance Assessment Links in Science K-4 5-8 9-12, Online News Clipping Service, Math Forum Resources, Technology in Classroom Debate, Sci/Math Database K-12, Lesson Plan Contest (K-16) & Multi-User Classroom Activities
    Teacher Vision (Classroom Management & Behavior, Gradebook, Curriculum, Printables, Lesson Plans/Tests, Writing, Quizzes, Activities, Rubrics, K-12)
    Technology (Agriculture, Communications, Electronics, Inventions, Transportation, Weapons) [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
    TVEyes - eMail Notification of TV Programming
    Video Tape, DVD Search Local Rental Stores
    Virtual Classrooms - MOO/MUD Teacher's Tips, Student Preparation - Education MOOs/Mushs/MUDs
    Water Resources (USGS)
    Web Sites for Teachers (MS)(ed, careers, financial aid, lesson plans, special education )
    Wrentham, Ma. Public Schools' Links for K-12 Students (Art - Holidays - Homework Help - Language Arts - Libraries - Math - Music - Physical Education - Reference - Science - Search Engines - Social Studies - Spanish - Computers & Technology
    and for Teachers Early Childhood, Pre-School to K-2 - RHL Worksheets - M-Tech Worksheets - Acronym Finder - Education Planet - Marco Polo - Standards Based Lessons - Animations, Clip Art - Biographies - Encyclopedias - Lesson Plan Sites - Reference - Search Engines - Study Skills - Virtual Field Trips
    Worksheets 2000+, (Tutorials, Educational Downloads, Today-in-History, free) Top
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    Click Here to Go To the "Tutors and Tutorials" Page
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    Writing - American Writers
    (find by date/era, name, work; founding to revolution, young nation, slavery & civil war, gilded age, progessive, depression, war, cold war, social transformation, vietnam, recent)[C-Span]
    Writing - Native American Links
    Writing - A Research Paper, How To Start/Organize/Complete (
    Writing - Technical, Theme Stream, Resources, Without Ambiguity (Suite101)
    The Economist Style Guide
    ( Link source: Quote: "Advice on good writing practice. Includes tips on how to avoid common errors and solecisms, and an online quiz to test your writing skills. )
    Writing - Women Writers (
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    Zoo - Bronx Zoo, NY, US
    Zoo - San Diego Zoological Society, S.D., CA
    Zoo - National; Animal (mammal, birds, reptiles/amphibians, invertebrates) Photographs (Smithsonian, Washington, DC)
    Zoom School - Geography, Science/Biology, Language Arts, Classroom Activities/Printouts, Early Childhood Activities, General Classroom Help for Teachers and Children, Illustrated Dictionaries (Enchanted Learning)
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