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Please read: How to forward eMail & using the BCC (blind carbon copy) to reduce spam. A new item animated gif.
    Got a web page with an eMail addresses in it?  Obscure embedded email address(es) with help from:
  1. Link Encoder javascript/no javascript (by Paul Gregg)
  2. Syronex SafeMail: email links & webpage email graphic encoder
  3. Hide Email Addresses from Spam Harvesters (by Mysterious Ways Website Design, UK & Chinese, mways.co.uk)
  4. Obfuscator, Obfuscators, shrouding, snitching code: definition/links (by Canadian Mind Products, mindprod.com)
  5. Netmechanic design tip: Hide from Email Spiders by (by Larisa Thomason, Senior Web Analyst, NetMechanic [Webmaster Tips], Inc.)
  6. e-Mail encoder: mailto.php reclaims HTML mailto: links from spammers' e-mail address harvesters. (by Gavin Brown, jodrell.net)
  7. ECM--Email Countermeasures: How and Why of obfuscating your address (by Tim Williams, to protect from high, medium or low spam threats)
  8. Download eMail Address Cloakers (by janim.net Webmaster Free Software)
  9. Email Address encoder (by West Bay Web Internet Publishing)
  10. Geobytes eMail Address encoder
  11. Spam-me-not E-mail Link Obfuscator (by ianr.unl.edu)
  12. Mail to Protector (online free, download $) A new item animated gif.
    ( Quote, "MailTo Protector is a tool for webmasters, used to create encoded mailto links for their web pages.  First, it lets you make "configured" email links -- so you can include things like cc:, bcc:, subject, and body directly into the email links in your page.  Second, and more importantly, MailTo Protector encodes the mailto link information." )
Email Encoder - Anti Spam Solutions for Web Publishers
1. URL of the page containing email links to protect
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2. Email address to notify when ready
Your request will be queued for processing within the next hour or so. Please enter the email address you would like us to notify when the encoded page is ready for download.
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Anonymous Remailer: HushMail: freeWeb-Based encrypted email accounts
Anonymous Web Gateways (security against 3rd-party snoops, may also bypass certain censors, censorware products, cexx.org)
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