" If you had to look it up, you have to cite it." quote by Jack Lynch, Rutgers U. , Newark, NJ: Citation - What, Why, & How - "Getting an A on an English paper."
Citation Citation Formats Researching and Evaluating Intellectual Property Law Copyright Plagiarism Music Piracy
SlideShare.net's Plagiarism & Copyright presentations (with slide transcripts) e.g. "Are You Legal? Copyright & Plagiarism in the Classroom" [ about SlideShare/FAQs re slidecasts, ppt, pps, pdf, odp ]
Most of the presentations contain copyrighted material used under the educational fair use exemption to U.S. Copyright law.
Kittatinny Regional High School (Newton, NJ) Style Sheets: General FormEditor's SymbolsTitle Page FormatTitlesCapitalizationPunctuationOutline FormThesis StatementAPA Citations and APA References on how to cite Books - Periodicals - Electronic Sources - Other Sources • from AccuWeather: Writing Grants - Citation Resources and Cite them right: How to Organize Bibliographical References (src: Northumbria U. , UK) plus Create Your Citations Online (src: NoodleBib - The MLA & APA Bibliography Composer)
Visit more web sites:
Locating, Using and Citing Information:
Duke University Libraries Guide to Library Research by Steve Cramer, 14Jul03
Locate, Use and Cite Information
      (source: PacBell KNE Blue Web'n: "Created by South Australian TAFE Libraries, this interactive tutorial provides an online learning opportunity for students to gain useful skills in locating and using information [based on the Australian Information Literacy Standards.] The main sections are: Introduction, Analyse your assignment, Identify needed resources, Identify keywords, Search the library catalogue, Find it on the shelf, Search the Web, Evaluate and cite your sources. Although created for Australians students, it can be used by anyone." (LEARN Information Literacy Initiative)
      [Grade Level: Early Childhood (K-2), Elementary, Middle School, High School. Content Area: Community Interest (General/Other), Education. (Internet, General/Other) [Dewey #020]. Application type: Web Based Tutorials]
How to be a Web Hound * Finding what you want on the world wide web.
"Please don't steal this Web content." (full story by Elinor Mills, at CNet/ZDNet News, 2Aug07)
Start my web hound training... go dog go!
Search Engines and a Pandia's Search Engine Tutor
Plagiarism Workshop (9-Adult, 1hr)
      (source: PacBell, KNE BLue Web'n: "This lesson on plagiarism is designed to give high school students an introduction to the issue of plagiarism, an overview of copyright laws and fair-use provisions, and a demonstration of the use of paraphrasing and quoting as methods of avoiding it. Accessing a wide variety of the Internet sites on plagiarism and copyright, the focus of this workshop is to encourage students to empathize with artists and authors whose work is "stolen" when it is plagiarized."
      [Grade Level: Middle School, High School. Content Area: Education (Information/Media Literacy ), Technology. (Internet) [Dewey #027] Application type: Unit & Lesson Plans]
* Web Hound Links Source: Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI)
and What a Site! For Teachers: A workshop on Finding, Evaluating, and Integrating Web Sites [MCLI: courses, materials, activities, resources]
and Harnessing the Power of the Web, a Tutorial for Collaborative Project-Based Learning (Global SchoolNet Foundation, GSNF) ,
an Introduction to Internet Searching + Research & Searching Tools
Citing Internet Resources: E-mail, Telnet, World Wide Web, Gopher, Ftp, Usenet Newsgroups, Images, Sounds, Video clips (Classroom Connect, 1996)
Examples of Citation Formats For: (src: Nueva TLC)
Books eMail Online Discussion or Forum Post CDRom Interview
Basic Legal Citation, Introduction to (Cornell U., LII; 2001-2002 ed.) [Credits & Conditions]
Magazine, Online Magazine Newspaper, Online Newspaper Professional Website Scholarly Project Personal Web Page(s)
Examples: MLA & APA formats (src: BookRags) and MLA & APA formats (src: PinkMonkey)
The citation format used in scholarly healthcare papers is that of the American Psychological Association's APA format:
APA Style, Tips, Who Uses the APA Citation Style?, including removing bias in Disabilities, Sexuality, Race & Ethnicity
Electronic Media & URLs - General Forms for Electronic References - Reference Examples for Electronic Source Material - Citations of Text in Electronic Material (src: recommended by )
Using the APA Format (src: Purdue U. Online Writing Lab)
A Guide for Writing Research Papers based on Styles Recommended by The American Psychological Association (alt url)
Modern Language Association (getting started on a research paper)
Library & Information Skills Workbook (using library/online sources)
Forms of Communication (grammer & writing)
Including questions about manuscript preparation, specific types of reference, parenthetical citations
(links src: Capitol Community College, Hartford, Ct., US [Professor of English/Humanities, Charles Darling]
Citation Formats, Index to - Citing Sources (in various bibliographic styles (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc) examples )
How to cite w/examples including, Citing Electronic Information
[src: Kalamazoo College: web sites indexed by subject, Columbia]
Style and Policy Manual for Theses and Dissertations (Revised 2001)
[U. Washington, Graduate School, Theses and Dissertations]
Internet Addresses Bibliographies
(citation format examples: WWW, online images, electronic mail [eMail], Gopher, FTP, telnet, UseNet newsgroups, Internet Relay Chat [IRC], online sounds, online video)
(link src: St. John's Catholic School, Brunswick, ME & Classroom Connect)

Examples of how to cite a web page: Citing Mission Tour (link source: A virtual guide to California Missions by Thomas E. Simondi)
e.g. • Simondi, Thomas E., Citing MissionTour. In MissionTour Website [Online] Available HTTP: http://missiontour.org/cite.htm. [May 1, 2004]
Fact Monster's: "..information you need to include and ..a sample citation for each type of article."
[ "Citing Fact Monster" Ask the Editors. Fact Monster. Information Please & © 2004 Pearson Education. 07 Jul. 2004 . ]
Researching: How to Search and Evaluate Sources
A. Finding & Evaluating Internet Sources: by Janice R. Walker
B. Term Paper Research, Getting Started (U.BC) How Do I? Do Research? Write? Evaluate? Cite? (Dalhousie U.)
C. Library Assignment, Gathering Information (UCI Libraries)
(includes: research process involving WWW, journals, call numbers, headings, citation)
D. From Barbara J. Feldman's: Surfing the Net with Kids, 25Sep02 email newsletter and Online Research and Web Site Evaluation resources:
    1.  ClassZone: Web Research Guide (middle school+ w/teacher guide),
    2.  Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators: Critical Evaluation Surveys (3 levels: elementary, middle, high school + en español),
    3.  Noodle Quest (7 Q&A steps to researching),
    4.  The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing: Evidence (also high school level, researching, citation styles, plagiarism, open/closed searches),
    5.  OWL: Research & The Internet ( * a powerpoint .ppt introduction to online research & evaluation ) ,
    6.  eLibrary's "student research" index.

* download powerpont viewer for Windows or Apple/Mac]

E. Research and Documentation Online (Finding & Documenting):
      Humanities, Social Sciences, History
      (by Diana Hacker, Prince George's Community College)
    1.  Sciences
    2.  List of Style Manuals and Glossary of Library & Web Terms
    3.  Bedford/St. Martin's Business & Technical Writing, Online Book Reference Sources:
          Communication/Journalism, English, History, Music
    4.  Student: Web Design Tutorial & Research & Documentation Online
          and Teacher Resources: The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing
    And, from the ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies (src)
    Recommended help in evaluating web sources:
  1. Thinking Critically about World Wide Web Resources by Esther Grassian, UCLA College Library
  2. Evaluating Information Found on the Internet, by E. E. Kirk, Johns Hopkins
  3. Evaluating Web Resources by Jan Alexander and Marsha Ann Tate, Widener Library (includes teaching materials, MS PP, E.G.s, biblio., links)
Intellectual Property Law:
FindLaw: Legal Subjects: Intellectual Property Law (resources, web guide, related Guide pages, West Group)
An interactive question and answer activity for students that will teach them the basics about Copyright. (.swf)
also Resources and Lesson ideas for Teachers on the Copyright from CyberBee Adventures & Links
And, The University of Texas System 'Crash Course in Copyright.'
Copyright basics for Web authors and users & Quick access to Web resources: a copyright infringement? by Jukka "Yucca" Korpela.
(Note to Finnish readers - Suomalaisille lukijoille: Tämän aihepiirin suomenkielisten sivujeni hakemisto on Datatekniikka ja laki.)
Copyright on the Web
Part 1: Being on the Web Doesn't Make it Public Domain - Protect Your Rights
Copyright on the Web
Part 2: Obtaining Permission
by Jennifer Kyrnin
U.S. Copyright Office: Copyright Law, Title 17 and "the doctrine of Fair Use"
10 Big Myths about copyright explained by Brad Templeton
(..answer common myths about copyright seen on the net and ..issues related to copyright and USENET/Internet publication.) [link src: Jennifer Kyrnin]
Copyright Basics - US Copyright Office LOC
Print y en Español
History of Copyright Copyright & Fair Use Law links (megalaw.com) Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia - Details Copyright links (Graceland U.) Copyright Website (humor askance)
The ILTguide to Copyright (U. Columbia) Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 Copyright Resources for Education Online (CREDO) (UC)
Copyright and Fair Use (Stanford U.)
(primary materials: law, judicial, regulations, treaties; current case law; internet resources; overview of copyright law)
Copyright and Fair Use (W. Va. DoE)
(Have you checked on copyright before you copy that graphic, file, or home page?)
Rules of thumb for determining when things enter the Public Domain
(Mary Brandt Jensen, Associate Professor of Law, Director of the Law Library, School of Law, University of South Dakota)
The New Plagiarism, Seven Antidotes to Prevent Highway Robbery in an Electronic Age
also known as 'cut and paste' hijacking
"Content Thieves" by Lee Odden includes: links for reporting site stealing, where to file a DMCA complaint or registering cease and desist complaints, re scraping & search spam. Plagiarism [online] Today
Plagiarism in Colleges in USA
(by Ronald B. Standler ©2000)
On Plagiarism, Check It, Searches, AUP, Resources Find Content, Not Keywords (free) Plagiarism (AUC)
What is Plagirism? How to Avoid It
(Rules at N.KY.U)
Plagiarism Q&A
(Michael L. Spears)
What It Is. How to Recognize & Avoid It.
(In.U Writing Resources Citing MLA or APA style, Paragraphs/Sentences, Thesis, Proof Reading, Essay Exams, Outlines, Book Reviews, Applications, Resumes/Covers)
Purdue Online Writing Lab + Other Online Labs MS.U Lab (flash)
"Students Rebel Against Database Designed to Thwart Plagiarists" [by Maria Glod; Washington Post Staff Writer; Friday, September 22, 2006]
Turn It In (TurnItIn) (Plagiarism.org) Fee Copyright & Plagiarism: Rules to follow to avoid infringement A new item animated gif. Plagiarism Check & Pricing, Fee
Music Piracy & Copyrights: (links sources: SurfNetKids & RIAA)
Music Piracy (Barbara J. Feldman) Copyright Kids (K-8) An Investigation into Music Piracy (K8-Adult)

The Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use
from the The Education World ® Copyright Series:
Part 1: Copyrights and Copying Wrongs
Part 2: Is Fair Use a License to Steal?
Part 3: Copyright Law and New Technologies
Part 4: Applying Fair Use to New Technologies
Part 5: District Liability and Teaching Responsibility
Curriculum Article: Who Said That? How to Cite Electronic Resources
Citation Source: Education World ® (http://www.education-world.com)
Helpful Resources
Trademark Protection, Copyright and Search Engines
By Sara Holoubek, March 30, 2006 • Source: Search Engine Watch ® (http://searchenginewatch.com)

"Mr. [Jeffrey Rohrs, President of Optiem, LLC] Rohrs was kind enough to conclude with a list of helpful resources:
"Sara Holoubek is a free agent consultant for the interactive advertising sector and its investors. She can be reached at saraholoubek@gmail.com . "
Imitation May Not Be The Sincerest Form of Flattery (Dr. Judy Zaichkowsky (Business Administration), SFU)

A Kilroy Was Here Horizontal Line Break.

"Dead Plagiarists Society" (By Paul Collins, posted on Slate 21Nov06)

Examples: (from dictionary.reference.com)

apropos. (n.d.). Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.0.1). Retrieved November 08, 2006, 
from Dictionary.com website: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/apropos

"apropos." Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.0.1). Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 
© Random House, Inc. 2006. 08 Nov. 2006. 

Chicago Style:
apropos. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.0.1), Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 
© Random House, Inc. 2006. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/apropos (accessed: November 08, 2006).

source for the "iCopyright" information below: http://license.icopyright.net/rights/learnMore.act?topic=home
      The publisher of this content has implemented iCopyright's web-friendly article tools and intelligent copyright technology to make it easy for you to quickly obtain permissions for common types of reuse that are beyond the scope of fair use/fair dealing. Please honor this publisher's intellectual property by using the article tools and licensing options provided.
      Piracy hurts creators, devalues their works, and puts you and your employer at risk.
      Cutting and pasting copyrighted content and then posting it on the web or distributing it to others in any form, except for certain "fair uses," requires permission from the publisher.
Copyright Do's
•Do the right thing. Use the publisher's email, print, save, post, and republish links to copy and share content. •Use common sense when applying the "fair use/fair dealing" test. Contact the owner of the work to be sure you are covered under fair use.
•Know the most common types of content infringement and when permission is absolutely required.
•Establish an anti-piracy internet usage policy at your place of work.
•Know what to do if you are accused of copyright infringement.
•Realize that it is remarkably easy for digital rights bounty hunters to catch and prosecute pirates, via technical means and whistle blowing.
•Report piracy to the Software and Information Industry Association. You may be eligible for a $1 million reward. Copyright Don'ts
•Don't use your browser to copy and paste copyrighted content for commercial purposes. In most cases it is illegal.
•Don't accept files and documents of copyrighted content from others who have not obtained permission to send you the content.
•Don't believe that using copyrighted content without permission does not hurt the livelihoods of the people who create content. Piracy costs creators and their publishers billions of dollars each year.
•Don't buy the "I am using it for the public good" argument. That is a weak justification for infringement and sends the wrong message to students and employees.
•Don't infringe copyrighted content. Getting caught is expensive and embarrassing. and embarrassing.
•Don't think copyright is capricious and unenforceable. The laws and principles are clear and they exist to protect content consumers as well as creators.
      The more you know about copyright, the more you realize it is the foundation upon which most content is created. Copyrighted content employs us, enlightens us, and entertains us. Without copyright and the benefits it affords content creators, we would be unemployed, uneducated, and bored silly.
— Michael O'Donnell, Founder & Director, iCopyright
About iCopyright
      iCopyright is an automated copyright licensing service used by publishers to grant rights and permissions to those who want to reuse their online content. The service provides both free personal uses and commercial reuse licenses. Most uses are granted and delivered instantly.
      iCopyright also offers Clip&Copy, a news and information monitoring service for users, and Discovery, a web monitoring service that helps publishers uncover and remedy unauthorized reuses of their copyrighted content.
      Frequently Asked Questions about iCopyright and the Licensing Services we provide
      This page is merely informational and does not constitute legal advice. Application of copyright law to your facts can be complicated and you should consult an attorney regarding your specific questions. iCopyright disclaims any and all liability for your use of this information.
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