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English - A Brief Look at the History of English (Merriam-Webster)
English - A Way with wordsabout & previous episodes, archive of   small animated speaker (also see, online radio/TV)
(source:, quote, "A Way with Words is a romp through the English language with authors and language experts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett. They tackle listeners’ questions about all aspects of language -- word origins, grammar, slang, regional dialects, pronunciation, good writing, and much more.")
English - An Elementary English Grammar Book
English - Creative Writing (J. Marlowe, Calexico, Ca. H.S.)
English - ELA's Categorized English, Literature, Writing, Prose & Poetry Links
English - Grammar, Elementary Basic - Tests: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced (English Institute, UK)
English - Grammar - (Digital Education Network (DEN, Bedford, UK))
English - Grammer, Guide to Grammar and Writing - Online Resources for Writing
(grammar at the sentence, paragraph, & essay levels; forms, quizes: Guide to Grammar and Writing and Principles of Composition.)
English - Grammar and Writing
English - Grammar Tips Archive ( + Gaff Gallery, Church Bulletin Goofs (humor, humorous, funny)
English - OE, Readings from A Guide to Old English (real audio, practice listening)
English - OE, The Fall of Man, Genesis 3:1-19 (real audio, practice speaking)
English - Phrases, Phrase Finder, Phrase & Shakespeare Quizes
English - Reference Tools for Writers (organizations, gov't, ways to work)
    English - Style new item ani gif
    Guides to common errors, writing styles, formalities, and grammar
  1. Common Errors in English - What is an error in English? (by Paul Brians, Department of English, Washington State University (online since '97))
  2. A list of common errors (by Paul Brians, Department of English, Washington State University (online since '97))
  3. The Economist [English] Style Book
  4. The Blue Books of Grammar and Punctuation (English)
  5. Guides to Grammar & Writing
  6. English Style Guides (Wikipedia)
  7. An English Style Guide (European)
English - U.S. State Dep't. Teaching Resources
English - University of Toronto: English Studies
     (also see Poetry links below) Vocabulary, Learning Fun & Test Preparation (K-Adult & ESL)
( Vocabulary Learning Fun" is a free educational website helping students build vocabulary and spelling skills. ..used by ESL students (children and adults) ..and for standardized test preparation. The flash site incorporates 219 topics, ..over 10,000 English words and phrases. Topics include grade level words, rooms in a home, sports, health, and careers. There are 6 different games: HangMouse (like Hangman), Crossword Puzzle, Word Search, Vocabulary Quiz, Picture Match Game, and Word Scramble. The games can be played on the computer or printed out. )
  • English - WannaLearn
      free instructional sites, including:
    1. Grammar
    2. Spelling
    3. Writing
  • English - Word Spelling Game Quiz (FunBrain)
  • English - Writing, Quiz, Poetry, Literature Definitions (K-8, ThinkQuest)
  • Read Print (Read online library) new item ani gif
      [English] Literature Articles
      (Explore these articles to enhance your [English] literature experience.   If you've written a literature related article and would like to share it with Read Print users, drop us [] a line.   Our doors [ReadPrint] are open for feedback from wonderful readers like you. ( find many more books online at: Harrold's links to Online full text books, ebooks/etexts )
  • U.S. EnglishFoundation

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