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"An acronym is a word or abbreviation formed from the initial letters or successive parts of a compound term. When you don't know what they mean, acronyms can be a major source of technology confusion, but acronyms are not limited to the world of computers."
(quote source: Barbara J. Feldman's 'Surf the Net with Kids')
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  1. Acronyms & Abbreviations Links in Yahoo
  2. Acronyms & Technology References by PC Webopaedia
  3. Acronymfinder.com - Search Automatically Dictionaries, Glossaries, Search Engines, Links to Library References
  4. Air Force, U.S.
  5. Astronomy/Military Acronyms & Initialisms (NASA)
  6. CyberCitzenship: Computer and Internet Glossary (link source: Barbara J. Feldman's 'Surf the Net with Kids')
    (You will need the latest, free version of Adobe Acrobat ( Adobe Acrobat Reader download ) to view or print this file.)
  7. DataHidingTM Glossary, Abbreviations and Acronyms  A new item animated gif
  8. Glossary of Common Internet File Formats & Terms - Bookmarks by Matisse Enzer
  9. Glossary of Internet Terms by C4 Labs
  10. Glossary of Internet Terms by Matisse Enzer
  11. Glossary of Investment Terms, Financial Terminlogy (DLJ Securities Corp.)
  12. Google Define
    ("Google..supplies definitions through its search function. Simply search for either "what is your-term-here" or "define your-term-here".. What's interesting about the results is that they do not come from a single glossary, but rather are culled from a large variety of sources." For a single, more definitive result from Dictionary.com, simply search on your word in Google, and then click the "[definition]" link at the right-hand margin of the blue bar."
    (quote & link source: Barbara J. Feldman's 'Surf the Net with Kids')
  13. Glossary of Terms by Mountain Data Systems & FAQ & Links
  14. Glossary of Vietnamese<>English Education Terms & Non-English Language Resources & Gov't
  15. Glossary of Internet Terms by NETGLOS (multi-lingual)
  16. Harvey's Hypertextual Glossary of Financial Terms & Original Site
  17. Karbos PC Guide (+ Computer Tutors) and In German - More
  18. Langenberg's (portal, US,French,UK,Ireland)
  19. Medical
  20. Medical, Health & Social Services
  21. NYSERNet's Computer, Internet & Communications Glossary (java)
  22. Russian<>English Glossary of Computer Terms
  23. Spanish, French, German Glossary of Computer Terms (1977, U.London)
  24. Technology Glossary by Monash Info. Services
  25. Universal Thread's (technology, general, file extensions, symbols)
  26. The WWW Acronym & Abreviation Server, Queriable Database
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