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Single Space .gif B. - Food, Chiles, Hot Peppers & Sauces, and Salsa
Single Space .gif C. - Spirits as in Beer & Wine
Single Space .gif D. - Online Games/Fun for Kids & Grownups
Single Space .gif E. - Web Cams, Realtime
Single Space .gif F. - Disaster Preparedness/Response
Single Space .gif G. - Religion & Health
Single Space .gif H. - Bizarro
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An Old Beer Hall Adage Goes: "There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch."
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A. Top Music: Top

Enya - Midi Page (Links: Titanic, Movies, Chopin, Pop/Rock, Chinese)
'New Age - Aesthetics for A New World' by Serge Kozlovsky
The Lost Soul - Midi Music Files (Abba, Enya, Jarre, Oldfield, Meccano)
Silent Night - 144 versions, 97 languages, translations-notations-many audio
Rap 'Hip Hop' Dictionary

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B. Top Food: Top

Caribbean Island Imports ( Hot! Sauce Shops, Mfgrs. & Importer Links)
Chowhound - Restaurant Critic for Those Who Love To Eat
Coyote-Moon Hot Sauce Club (aka spicyhot.com)
Pepper Joe's Hot Peppers That Sizzle
Plants, Posters/Pictures: Flowers, Fruit, Gourmet Foods, Health, Herbs, Mushrooms
(Gourmet & Healthy Foods Posters, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3:
American Indian Corn; Apples, Classic (Black Background) - Apples, Classic (White Background) - Apples, Modern (Black Background) - Apples, Modern (White Background) - Apples Posters Set (Black Background), Apples Posters Set (White Background), Asian Vegetables, Berries; Bread, American - Bread, European; Cheeses of the World, Chile Fresco, Chile Seco, Chile Dried Posters, Chile Fresh Posters, Citrus, Culinary Herbs, Donuts, Edible Flowers - Edible Mushrooms, Cultivated, Yard and Field - Edible Mushrooms, Forest Floor - Edible Mushrooms Posters, Eggplant, Exotic Subtropical Fruit, Exotic Tropical Fruit, Exotic Fruit Posters Set, Four Mushrooms Posters Set, Garden of Herbs; Garlic, Black Background - Garlic, White Background - Garlic Posters Set, Gourmet Mushrooms [Edible Mushrooms: Morel Mushrooms, Mushroom Growing Kit, Shiitake, Oyster, Pom Pom Blanc; Dried and Fresh Mushrooms for Health and Cooking; Porcini and Truffle Infused Olive Oils, Mushroom and Truffle Sauces, Truffle Paté, Arts & Crafts; Mushroom Books, Mushroom Posters, Mushrooms T-shirts, Color Mushroom Notecards, Mushroom Nutraceuticals, Glass Mushrooms, Gourmet Pasta, Gourmet and Gift Baskets, Gourmet and Mushroom Pasta], Grains, Medicinal Herbs, Medicinal Mushrooms, Mushroom Products, Poisonous and Psychotropic Mushrooms, Olive Oils; Orchids, Epiphytic - Orchids, Terrestrial; Organic Spirit, Pasta Primavera, Pears, Root Vegetables; Salad Greens, Black Background - Salad Greens, White Background; Salad Greens Posters Set, Shellfish, Crustaceans - Shellfish, Mollusks; Southwest Kitchen Ingredients, Spices & Culinary Herbs, Squash, Stone Fruit, Sunflowers, Teas, Tomatoes, Wine Grapes - Red, Wine Grapes - White, Wine Grapes)
Salsa Express (hot sauces & salsas)
Salsa Recipes from the LNSEMSF - "The international webquarters of the Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa Foundation"!  new item ani gif
The Hot Sauces and Hot Peppers Page

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C. Top Spirits:    As in Beer'n WineTop

American Brewery History
Becks Facts'n Chat (Deutsch)
Beer Church, The (Current Beer News Online)
Beer Me! (World wide brewery guide with a listing of 5327 breweries and tasting notes on 3000 beers.)
Dos Equis (Mexico)
German Beer on the Internet - German Online (VLB)
German Beer on the Internet - Beer Screensaver Links (VLB)
Google's: Recreation > Food > Drink > Beer     Google's Directories by Topic  
Google's Beer Directory
Consumer Information
Home Brewing
Personal Pages
Terms and Definitions
Related Google Category:
     Business > Industries > Food and Related Products > Beverages > Beer
Guiness - Home Page (Ireland)
Guiness - Home Page (US)
Guiness by Margareta Martimo
Guiness Brewery - Someone's Vacation Pictures/Story
Guiness - Labels
Guiness - Party Pack (advertisement)
Heineken (Holland)
Kaltenberg - Beer Divisions, Color, Lexicon
Major Breweries (Looksmart Index)
Micro Breweries (Looksmart Index)
Midnight Sun (US, Alaska)
Research & Teaching Institute for Brewing in Berlin (VLB), Germany
Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin (VLB)
Western USA Breweries (Japanese)
Wine Advice, Guide, Glossary, Articles, Online Tours, News, Downloads, Tools (Snap.com)

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D. Top Online Games/Fun for Kids & Grownups: Top

For Kids: Artificial Intelligence - Interactive 'human like' chatterboxes (talk with them...) some may require: JavaTM 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (1.3MB+)
Army Tank OnLine Game - Arcade/Board/Casino/Card/Word/Trivia Games (Exite.com)
Bubble Colors Shoot'n Match (Source
Illusions - A Sensory Adventure of Optical Illusions
Nothing Better to Do? Try Some of ZDTV's "Stupid Net Tricks"
Yo-Yo Links
For Grownups:
100 Casinos on the Net

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E. Top Web Cams: Top

Discovery (TV) Channel's Index of Web Cams
James Canada's Links to Web Cams (worldwide)
Mandy Cam (Alternate (24/7 daily life))
United Kingdom - London, Scotland, Northern & Southern Ireland, Sports
Microsoft Media Web Cams A-E F-J K-O P-T U-Z #

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F. Top Disaster Preparedness: Top

Disaster Preparedness & Response

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G. Top Religion & Health: Top

Color Genics (By choosing various colors, in order of preference, from a color spectrum, it is possible to ascertain various characteristics of a person at a specific time.)
World Wide Study Bible (Christian)
Questionable Medical Practices (wellnessweb)

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H. Top Bizarro: Top

Dumb Laws 'Big Government, Small Brains, Dumb Laws' in the U.S. and around the World
Ghost Research Society and the Ghost Labs Research Society
Google Links to "Harrold" ghost houses
Locate Freight Loads in U.S.
Oh, Mir! I'm A Cosmonaut (by Nicholas Morehead, 19Jun00, Wired) [Got a spare $20,000,000?, Be A Russian Cosmonaut!]

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I. Top Inquistion: Top

Inquistion circa 2000:     100,000 web sites blocked?
The Banned Software Archive (cyberpatrol decryption)
The Breaking of Cyber Patrol® 4
Cyber Patrol & commentary
MP3, Cyber Patrol
Cyber Patrol, A history
Cyber Patrol & Censorship, extensive narrative/links
Slashdot threads, Cyber Patrol, story, links
Cyber Patrol, background (Declan, 15Mar00)

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J. Top Jobs/Employment: Top

Harrold's Jobs Links
The International Guild of Professional Butlers
IT Jobs Demand, Availability, Salaries  

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K. Top Personal or Business: Top

Avalon Hair Salon, Shreveport, Louisiana
Don Harrold's Music Pages
Stock Pick Report formerly Maverick Trader
Randy Varley Real Estate, El Centro, CA

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