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kilroy was here HR gif
An Old Beer Hall Adage Goes: "There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch."
Many 'Free' Services Collect Bio/Marketing Data. Visit: Antivirus, Spyware, Security & Big Brother, Privacy'n You Pages.

It is easy to find New Entries on web pages (like this one) which have LONG LISTS of URLs by using a FREE program called "Change Agent." It is simple to use and is a real time saver. You can download it from: C4U v1.32 -and- Assess Security & Virus Vulnerabilities then update your PC.
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    Share or Sell Your PC CPU Time via Distributed Computing (Peer-to-Peer [P2P] Article)
What Is It? - History - SETI@Home - distributed.net (Info From: United Devices) Need home/office/school productivity software? hardware? internet access? Examples:
   Computers for Learning
   Schools and Educational non-profits can register & request surplus Federal computer equipment.
   Get Paid to Browse  -  Using Oveture's Browser. (real-time multi-lingual translation portal/chat; US/UK/DE)
   Free Internet Access  -  Address.com - JUNO - Costco - NetZero
   Free Long Distance   -   BroadPoint & Dialpad & More Free Long Distance/Fax
   Shared Resources   -   SETI Project On Your PC   [Search for Extra Terrestrials] & Planetary Society   (related)
Single Space .gifA Speaker GIF Image. Project SETI http://www.setiathome.ssl.berkely.edi

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Companies 'Giving Away' Free Internet Access Are Changing & Re-Thinking Strategies
(18Dec00/8Feb01, James Daley, Business 2.0)]