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A Top
A Harrold Haunted House, Decator,, IL,US & Ghost? & And This? & Reports
Albert Harrold, U NB-Omaha, NCC 158# 3 place wrestling 1998, St. Cloud U, St. Cloude,,MN, US
Alex Harrold, MS Society of Canada Network, Westport, NF, CA [listed, brief-bio]
Andrew Harrold, Pingu's Iceberg, friend,,,UK [listed]
Andrew R. Harrold, EE.,,,UK [photo] & Email &
Virtual Satrosphere with Y2K countdown, Aberdeen,,Scotland & Photo
Anne Harrold, Dep't. of Consumer & Bus. Services - 1502 Training,,Oregon,US
Anthony J Harrold, Dr. BMSc, MRCOG; Sr. Registrar, ACU, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee [photo]
Ash Harrold's Unfinished "I hate computers...' Web Pages,,,UK
Aubrey & Christine Harrold: The Harrold's at Home - Finding Old Iron: Harrold's Antique Tractor & Engine Links - The Harrold's At Home, Edmonton, Alberta, CA & [picture, Aubrey]
B Top
B & TA, Atlanta,,GA,US - mentions as Feb97 sponsor, 'Glass, McCullough, Sherrill & Harrold'
B.F. & Mary Elizabeth Harrold, Hillsboro,Montgomery Co.,IL,US (1838-1920) (604kb load)
B.F. & Mary [listed] in Chris Garrigues' Genealogy
B. P. Harrold, Ore Geology Reviews, Vol 10 Issue 306 May96 [listed] &
B. P. Harrold, Abstract - Chemical Mass Transfer Modelling [2Oct96]
Ball State U, Muncie,,IN, US - Names & Email for Faculty, Staff, & Students named Harrold
Barbara Harrold - Harrold Memorial Fund (St. James Episcopal School, Corpus Christi, Texas, US)
Bernard Harrold, Atty; a founder of Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon,Chicago,,IL,US [bio-photo] & Email - Wildman Harrold Newsroom
Beth Harrold, RN; Walter O. Boswell Mem. Hosp. ICU, Sun City, AZ, US 18Nov96 [quoted]
Bill Harrold Realty, Charles City,, IA, US
Bill Harrold, Sales Manager; National Instruments, San Francisco, ,CA, US & Email [photo]
Bill & Peg Harrold,, Altaville, CA, US & Email & DataSeek
Bob Harrold, State Farm Ins., Gretna, LA, US & Email
Bob Harrold, Co-Author - Paper Mar98, Pig Feeding Research, North Dakota State U., ND, US
Brad Harrold, Madrone Consultants (Bio. Earth. Sci.) Duncan, BC, CA [listed Sep98]
Bradley Harrold, '98 Student - English 382, U Illinois, Champagne-Urbana,, IL, US [listed]
Brent Harrold's Home Page, Student
Brent T. Harrold, , Woodbury, MN, US & Email & Example Page & Listed & at
Brent Harrold & Cathy Harrold, Beethoven 8 km Run 1997, Confederation Park, Kingston, ON, CA [list]
Brian Harrold, threaded articles re amanda, mid-1996 & More &: Email
Brian Harrold, Comp. Opr.; Sullivan Co. Adult Care, Liberty, Sullivan, NY, US [listed] & Email
Bridals by Harrold's, Weddings Gown Tuxedos [Images] - Milledgeville,, GA, US [photos] - Alternate (sound)
C Top
C. Harrold & D. Reed, 1985, Ecology 66:1160-1169 [bibliography ref.] [long file] &
C. Harrold, et al; paper re Kelp Forests, Monterey, ,CA, US [biblo.ref. 1988] & Sect.5
Carol Harrold's Photography, Seattle,,WA, US
Caroline Harrold School of Dog Training (Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England)
Carroll Harrold, Pres. Fiserv,Inc. Banklink Bus.Unit [article 24Mar99]   (NASDAQ-FISV)
Catherine Harrold, Trial Testimony Excerpts - News Article 01Aug97, Raleigh, ,NC, US
Cecilia Harrold, Sec't.; Office of Mayor, Tucson,, AZ, US
Clinton J. Harrold, H&M Technologies, Elecronic Specialist; Fort Wayne,, IN, US & Email
Ca.Lock & Alarm Institute, Sacramento, CA, US - student comment by Dennis de Harrold
Charles Harrold, Patrolman; NYPD Spring 3100 Magazine, 1930, Cover Page [Credit]
Charles C. Harrold, Dr., Macon,, GA, US - Nature Conservancy, 72 Acre Preserve
Charles Fredrick Harrold, Author: Links to Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine & The Preface
Charlie Harrold, Ops. Mngr.; NC+ Research & Dist. Ctr., Hastings,,NE, US [news art.18Sep95]
Chris Harrold, member, Monterey Bay NMS RAC.,,,CA,US 17Dec93
Chris Harrold, 2nd Place Off-Road Desert Racing, Laughlin, ,NV, US
Chrisbry's Family Genealogy [Thomas Miles-Elizabeth Harrold]
Cristine Harrold - The Harrold Gallery (photographer, artist) (also see Aubrey & Christine Harrold, above)
Clay Harrold, mentioned, 'The Gazette', Cedar Rapids,,IA,US [article, 15Mar99]
Cliff Harrold, FidoNet Tributes, Jan98, re his Passing,, Carmarthenshire & Pencader, Dyfed, Wales [listed]
Clint Harrold, Faculty, Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ, US [listed]
Clive Harrold, Validian - Shin Tzu Dogs, Perris, CA, US
Con &: Dorothy Harrold, 1980, Wabash Valley Hist.Mus., Terre Haute, Vigo, IN, US [article]
Copsey-Harrold Family History, Essex, UK - Photo: Mary (Harrold) Copsey
C.R. Harrold, Abstract - British Dental Journal, 26Jul97 Vol183 Issue 2,,,UK
Cynthia Harrold-Eagles. Book - Killing Time, Jan98 Fiction
D Top
Dacia Harrold, U Calif. San Diego, Women's BB Stats 96 [listed], San Diego, San Diego, CA, US
Daniel C. Harold, Wanted , 20Apr1865, Assassination Pres. A. Lincoln [interesting photo, not Harrold]
Darren Harrold, The Howard Group, Calgary,Al,CA[Jun98] & ATC & Email or Email [Nov97]
Dave Harrold, CAM Ops., threaded msg Polycenter Console Mngr Scan profiles & Email
Dave Harrold, 'wanted: slalom kayak' & Email
Dave Harrold, Commissioner, Boise River Flood Control District Division 3, Parma,,Idaho, US
Dave Harrold, Ocean Edge Resort Hotel 29Jul96, Negril, Jamaica
Dave Harrold, Physical Graffiti Heavy Metal,,,NL [listed, photo]
Dave Harrold, listed as runner, 1/2 Marathon 20Apr97. West Bloomfield,, MI
David Harrold, Actor - Biograph, Credits (Aug98), Edinburgh, Scotland [photo]
David Harrold, Stu.; Hilliard Christian School, oonah, Tasmania [listed] & Email
David Harrold, Sys. Mngr., Milwaukee School of Engr. [msg, 10Feb95]
The Mill Stores [David & Yvonne Harrold], Stromness, Orkney Islands, Scotland, UK - Area Links
Dawn Harrold, Equi-Sports Wholesale Saddlery soliciting US distributors, Kamloops, BC, CA
Dean Harrold, Pres. & CEO, Las Vegas Hilton, Press Release 'Star Trek' Attraction, LV,,NV, US
Deborah Harrold, Listed Pol.Sci. Grad, U of Chicago,,IL, US
Denise Harrold, BBS Sale Listing,,,[15Nov98] & Email
Denise Harrold, cookie recipe, bb msg 6Mar97
Dennis Harrold, Director, C of C, Shelbyville, Shelby Co., IN, US [listed]
Dennis Harrold, Bldg.Srvcs.Tech. 29Feb96, Macquarie U,,,AU & Email or alt Email
Dianne Barker-Harrold, Dist. Att'y.,,OK, US & Article 1 & 2 & 3 & 4
Dick Harrold, msg,,IN, US & Interests Index & Allis-Chalmers WC Manual & Tractor Links & Email
Dick Harrold, The Home Craftsmen Forum, Indianapolis,, Indiana US & Email & Article [cousin, ref.]
Don Harrold, Pastor; Methodist Church(s), Eldorado-Elmer-Olustee,,OK, US
Douglas C. Harrold, Teacher; Jeff. Tech., Reynoldsville, ,PA, US [photo] & Email
Dorothy Harrold, Faculty; Bus.Dep't., Clinton H.S., IL, US [listed]
E Top
E. A. Harrold Elementary School, Millington,,, TN & Main Page & Email
Edward Harrold's Family Web Page, Seminole, FL, US & Christmas 1999 Photos - Janes
Eddie Harrold, Det. Lt.; Article, Houston News - Forgery, Houston, TX, US
Eleanor Harrold Building, Royal Adelaide Hosp., Adelaide, S. AU
Elliotte Rusty Harrold's JAVA FAQs & JAVA Tutorial
Elmer Harrold [1919] Leetonia,,OH,donated Clark Observatory [photo] to Mt. Union C, Alliance,OH,US
Elton A. Harrold [1898/1907 history] & Ed Cole Harrold [1916 photo] Millington,,TN, US
Emily Harrold, Stu.; U.C., Berkeley, Berkeley,, CA, US [photo Jun95]
Emma Harrold, Post Grad., Health Policy & Practice Sch., U of East Anglia, Norwich,,UK [listed] & Email
• English Royal lineage, Monarchs family trees: 519-1126, 1000-1589, 1589-1984, List of British Monarchs (House of Stuart, 1707-present) new item
• Current monarch: HM Queen Elizabeth II (b. 1926) Line of Succession to the British Throne (from 1 → 1289 in line, plus other contendors & lineages) [source: Wikipedia] new item
Eric Harrold, Caretaker, Temple Shalom, Colorado Springs,,CO, US [listed]
Erica Harrold, Dir.; Cal. Peace Action, Anti-Nuclear Rally Article [photo]
Erin Jean Harrold, B.S. Med, Chem. & B.A. Comp. Sci., Resume & Email & Web Page [photo] & [listed]
F Top
F. B. Harrold, Paleolithic Cultural Behaviour, [referenced 1983/89] & Sources
Farmsteads & Structures - Harrolds', Images, Iowa, US
Fiona Harrold, Author "The Complete Body Massage..." & Ad & Reviews -
Fiona Harrold, Life Coaching
Francis B. Harrold, Ph.D.; listed...editor Oct97 catastrophism biblio. & Review & U of Chicago & Email
Francis B. Harrold & R.A. Eve, Authors - The Creationist Movement In Modern America & Co-Author
Francis B. Harrold & ...Antiquity-Vol.68 N.259 JUN94 Notes, Konispol Cave, Albania
Francis B. Harrold & ...NCSE Book Sales [listed] & Referenced
Frank Harrold [camera,focus,sound], Allambie Heights, NSW, AU
Frank J. Harrold, USMA 1943- Eulogy [deceased]
Frank R. Harrold, my paternal grand-father [photo]
G Top
G. Harrold, msg posting, re ES688 drivers &
Garrie Harrold, Dir.; Spprt Srvc'.s Directorate, NZ Treasury.,Wellington,,NZ [listed]
George Harrold, CCTA,, Norwich, UK & Email
George Harrold - Dir., Managed Services Div., CCTV UK Gov; Norwich/London,, UK [photo] & Email
Glenn Harrold, MBSCH Dip C.H, Hypnosis tapes, Leybourne, W. Malling, Kent, UK & Email [Paul Harrold]
George (b.1796 d.1874) & Magdalena (nee Thomas) Harrold, family lineage
Glenn Harrold, MBSCH Dip C.H. & alternate Email [photo]
Gordon & Harry Joy Harrold, A 1st Gen. Entry, Conn., US
Grace Emaline Harrold née Rees-Mendenhall, my Paternal GrandMother, GedCom entry & [photo]
Green County, Tennessee - Harrold Family (
Greer Genealogy of Pennsylvania [Harrolds], ,PA,US (Sharon & Andy's Genealogy in Pennsylvania)
Harrold's - US Pipe Organ Catalogue
Greg Harrold, 1988 Organ Builder, PLTS Chapel, Berkeley,CA,US & Gregory J. Harrold, Attorney; P O Box 1148, Minocqua,.WI. US
H Top
Harrold And Related Roots Online Database (our Harrold family genealogy)
Harrold Family History, A (Descendents of Richard Harrold) (by Stephen Chinn, steven.chinn @ also see Chinn below
Harrold Records, Ontario Genealogical Society,ON,CA (Mary, Sarah Caroline)
'Harrold & Murray', 177 Broad St., Richmond, ??, music dealer c.1850 (U.of NC Lib.)
Harrold Genealogy of Dr. Barbara Denny George (online genealogy courses)
Harrold Related Public Messages BBS by Assembly [Login] & Register to Login [Free] & Read Msgs
Harrold Brothers (#7) Antebellum-Civil War African-American History
Helen Harrold's - Welwyn Hatfield Constituency Pro-Life Alliance,,,UK [photo] & Election Results :-(
Harrold Bay, A History of; in New Zealand
Harrold Exposure Scale (1924), The; described - Photographic Hist. Soc. of Canada Fair [Oct97]
Harrold Road, Grand Bahama Island [mentioned]
Harrold Street, Crescent City, CA, US [mentioned]
Harrold's Model Train Museum, Tyler,, TX, US [listed]
Harrold Bells Dedication, St.Peter's Church, Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK [photo]
Harrold URC, High Street, Northamptonshire, E. Midlands, UK
Harrold, North Bedfordshire, UK - brief tourist information & Walking Tours [photo]
Harrold, North Bedfordshire, UK - Harrold Bridge Flooded [photo]
Harrold - A Town History & Under-17's Activities, Borough of Bedford
Harry Harrold, 17Jul96 BBS msg posted re Unix/HTML, ,,,UK &
Hilliard, George W. & Harrold, Elijah - Queries by Surnames
Harrold, North Bedfordshire, UK - Color Map To, Area, Local Links
Harrold Lodge Farm, Carlton Road, Harrold, Near Olney, Bedfordshire, UK (fishing, River Ouse) [map] & Where
Harrold, Scrobell & Danner, S.C. ; Atty's., Minocqua,,WI, US [listed]
Harrold, Mr.; Contact for: JCP Computer Services Ltd., London,, UK & Email
Harrold, Danish Radio reference only, Elcka/Island Records [listed] & Band Bio w/photo,,UK
Harrold Financial Planning (Paul Harrold) (Independent Advisors, Hingham Norwich England)
Harrold Insurance, Inc., Canton, OH, US
Harrold's Italian Restaurant [mentioned], Brisbane, AU Aug98
Harrold, Cast Member, Opera Cleopatria's Night, NY Met, 31Jan20 [listed]
Harrold, A Red Delicious Apple Clone, Wash. State U,, WA, US
Harrold, Mrs., Art. ; Pre-4th grade, Cath. Elem. Bldg., Notre Dame Sch. Sys., Warren,, OH, US [listed]
Harrold Coaches, Bus Service Between Thurso and John O' Groats, Near Orkney Isles, Scotland
Harrold, The Goblin - A short story
Harrold.Com, Jerry Sumpton's Commercial Domain Sharing Service & FAQ
Harrold, The Lonely Goblin - Another Short Story
Harrold Group Email [moderated] by eGroup
Harrold [listed], St.Bernard Fan Club,,,NL
Cottage for Rent, Harrold, Bedford, UK [photo] & Virtual Village Info
Harrold v. Rolling 'J' Ranch
Harrold Ford, Sacramento, CA, US (since 1911)
Harrold Ford, 85th Anniversary - History, Sacramento,,CA, US & Main Page (down?)
Harrold-Odel Country Park - NatureNet, Harrold & Odel Villages, Bedfordshire, UK & Fishing & Photos & Holidays - Harrold Priory School (9 to 13 years) - Harrold Broadband Project (area map) (down Fall '03?)
Harrold Township & Village (populations 1900), Hughes Co., SD, US &Demographics
Harrold High School,, Harrold, Hughes Co., SD, US & SchoolMatch Database Listing
Harrold High School - Harrold Alumni Registry, Add/Query Former Students
Harrold,, SD, US - Campground & Raber Elem. School
Harrold Municipal Airport Information, Harrold, SD, US
Harrold, TX, US - Immanuel Lutheran Church & Post Office 1907, ,Wilbarger County, TX, US [listed]
Harrold School, Harrold, TX, US & HS Football Schedule
Harrold, TX, US - Accomodations & Profile 21Mar98 & Sports Article Feb98 & Water Haul 6Jun98
Harrold,, TX, US - Drivers Travelmart #410, Hwy 287
Harrold, TX, US - Satellite Photo 3Oct94
Harrold, Texas (fomerly Cottonwood, Tx. - renamed after Ephraim Harrold owner of the nearby Bar-X ranch in 1884) History of Harrold, Tx.
A Harrold School Yearbook Photos, location unknown [long load]
Herald Surname History & Variations
Herrold Hall, Muskingham Area Technical College,,Zanesville, OH, US [Photo of Bldg.]
Heather Harrold, History - Mitford Middle.School, Cochrane, AB, CA [listed Sep93]
Harrold Marriages, Caithness, Orkney & Shetland, 18 & 19th Century, UK
Harrold-Domar growth model, economics, circa 1957; ref: The World Bank
a Harrold family genealogy Richard Deckard's (Richard.Deckard @ (
Article re West London's "Elcka", Arts, music, The Michigan Daily Online,, Harrold quotes
Lane's Genealogy Collection, Norwegian-American, large number of Harrold 1st Names
Lane's Genealogy Index of Surnames Beginning with 'H', Haraldson (circa 945-1071), pre-Harrold surname?
Clan MacLeod: Septs, Crests and Tartans; MacLeod of Harris septs [Harrold] & Email to Sally Smith &
Septs of Clan MacLeod of Harris [Harrold] & Dunvegan & Harris [Harrold], Lewis, & Raasay
The Clan MacLeod [Harrold]; Origins, A NZ family; Mottos, Crests & Tartans; Clan, Celtic, Scots links
NewsGroup - alt.scottish.clans - The Clan MacLeod Society USA, Inc.[Harrold]
Septs, Tartans, and Crests, The - MacLeod of Harris septs
The Mendenhall Inn - History
I Top
Ida Judson Harrold, PPT 100th Anniv. Award, Miss. U for Women, Columbus,,MS, US [listed]
integraNET Networking Services Ltd.- Dickens Close, Harrold, Bedfordshire, UK, MK43 7ER
J Top
J. Harrold, Loyola Chicago NCAA Basketball (15Nov97) [listed]
J. Harrold, Yusaab Enterprise Services, Galena Park,TX, US [listed]
J Harrold & S Harrold, listed NCAA BB,15Nov97,Chicago,,IL & ESPNET & 08DEC96
J. W. Harrold, Carvan Park, Cockermouth, Cumbria, UK [listed]
J. Harrold Murray, 1925-1929, A 'Real Audio' On-Line Recording [need RA plug-in]
Jaime Harrold, Actor,,,US & Photo & Bio & [listed] & [listed] & E-Online & Photo &
Jamie Harrold, '95 Academy Award Eligible 'To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar' [listed] & Biograph James A. Harrold, Harrold & Assoc's. DDS, PA; Rocky Mount,,NC,US & Business [listed]
James A. Harrold, USAF, Cmdr, 9th Trans Sqdr, Beale AFB, CA US [photo]
James E. Harrold, Jr. MBA; Stanford Grad. Sch. Bus., Alumi News In Memoriam [listed]
Jeff Harrold, Dir. End User Services, RDE System Support Group, Clifton,, NJ, US & Email
Jeffrey S. Harrold, Atty. - CPA, St. Louis,, MO, US
Jennifer Harrold, JH Design Works, Wilkesboro,, NC, US [listed, CofC member]
Jenny Harrold, School Polar Seas Project, Santa Cruz,, CA [listed]
Jenny T. Harrold, Dep't. Educ., Imp. College of Sci., Tech. &: Med., U Liverpool,,UK
Jeremy Harrold, PGA Pro, Perton Park Golf Club, Perton, Wolverhampton, W. Midlands, UK [listed]
Jeremy & Seth Harrold, 10Dec96 BB Sport Score [listed] & CNN/SI Mar96 Leaders
Jerry L. Harrold, V.P. Exploration; geologist - gold mining, Golden Palms, US & Brazil
Jim Harrold, Councillor; Grey County , Owen Sound, On, CA [1999]
Jim Harrold, Health Council Steering Comm., Flesherton, ON, CA [listed]
Jim Harrold, Independent Financial Advisor, Birmingham, W. Midlands, UK [photo]
Jim Harrold, Cadre Air Chron., Art. - Outsourcing & Privatization USAF 18Nov96 & [listed]
Jim Harrold, Real Estate Agent, Spooner,,WI,US [listed]
Jim Harrold, Contributor - Polly Klass Action, Sausalido,,CA, US
Joan Harrold, M.D., Hospice Physician, faculty, CICD, GWU, Washington, D.C., US
Joanna Lea TURNBULL [Jonathon Harrold, Ancestors of] & Email
Jocelyn Harrold, Genealogy re Carrie D. Evans, BBS listing
Joel Ettinger's genealogy: Herrold, Harrold, Hörold (+ genealogy links)
(Altman, Armitage, Beard & Baird, Brockway, Buller & Bullard, Cable, Daniels & Dannels, Daytz, Elwood, Ettinger, Giddings, Gyddyns, Herrold, Harrold, Hörold, Johnson, Nelson, Nielsen, Olson, Palmer, Pearson, Person & Wolfson, Rolfs, holocaust )
John (George) Harrold b.1745 d.28FEB1828,,PA,US & Lineage [Altman Genealogy]
Jonathan Harrold & Gibson Family, circa 1800
Joan Harrold, Authors: Women in Philosophy [listed] & Source
John Harrold, Executive, NMHA, ON, CA [listed 97/98]
HARROLD - John, Mitchel, Robert; 51st Virginia Infantry Regiment Roster, CSA 1861-1865 & Brief Bios
John Harrold (138th PA Inf.), 'Libby, Andersonville, Florence: Capture, Imprisonment, Escape & Rescue of
John Harrold', Philadelphia: Selheimer, 1870.
- Friends of the Florence Stockade
John Harrold, Ed.Dep't., Kokomo,,IN, US [listed]
John E. Harrold, Ringing World 1993 Index -188, 250,,,UK & Harrold, Beds 686
Josh Harrold b. 25Jun76 [James & Linda H.], Sports Bio-Hockey-Miami Redskins; Kirtland,, OH, US [photo]
Joy Fairley Harrold, EPII Testimonial Letter 12Dec92, Lacombe,, LA, US
Judy Harrold, Stu. 96-97, John L. Grove C of Bus., Shippensburg U., PA, US & [photo, 2nd left] & [photo]
Julie Harrold - listed as Results Learning Specialist, USAID Inter-American Fnd. 30Sep96
K Top
K. Harrold, MS; 4th Regular Meet., Acad. Brd, Edith Cowan U. Claremont,,AU 2JUL98 [listed]
Karen Harrold, Board Member [listed 97], Kansas City, Johnson County, KN, US & Email
Karen Harrold, Prosecutor - News Article ' Surrey Advertiser', Guilford, South West Surrey, UK
Karen Harrold, Regional Manager of Ticket Masters Candada, Red Deer,,CA & Email
Kathryn Harrold, Prop.Maint.Care., Admin. Office, Swinden College, UK [listed]
Kathryn/Katherine Harrold, Movie 'Raw', MPEG Video Clips & 'The Companion' [photos]
Kathryn Harrold, TV-Movie Actress, Photo-Bio, US & Mentioned & Filmography & Filmography
Kathryn Harrold - Movie, "The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper," 1981 & E-Online Factoid
Kathryn Harrold - For Sale $45 US, "The Odds Favor Death" & 20Jan97 TV Cameo
Kathryn Harrold Reflects 1of3 (HDLN 28Apr00) & 2of3 & 3of3 (CNN, Showbiz Today, 27Apr00)
Kathryn Harrold - Celebrity Portal - Credits, VHS, DVD, Movies - Biography at IMDb & TvTome
Katie Harrold (custom made costumes)
Keith Harrold's - Nicknames of the Month
Ken Harrold, Buick/Pontiac Auto Dealership, Freeport,, IL, US [listed]
Kenneth A. Harrold, ITA; Prop. Inspections & Consulting, PA, MD, & VA , US & Email
Keith Harrold's "Nicknames" Page
Kevin Harrold's, Ball State U, Muncie,,IN, US & Place & Email & Poetry
Keyon Harrold, A Blues Bros. Band,, MO, US [listed, photo]
Kristen Harrold, 97-98 U of OK, Norman,, OK, US [photo]
L Top
L. Harrold, HS Football stats, Leesville,,NC, US [listed]
L. Harrold, Mrs.; Teacher, Grade 2 (1964); Coolbinia Primary School,,,AU [listed]
Lara K. Harrold, Stu.Intern; Comp.Plan.Sect., Env. & Consrv., Austin, TX, US [listed]
"A Tribute to Jeanie" - Post A Symbolic Candle Mentioned: Larry Karin Harrold-Lantz,,, PA, US
Lou Harrold, Assoc. Comp. Engr's. Club Advisor, Ca. State U, CSU, Chico,, CA,,US [listed]
Leslie Harrold & Assoc.'s Inc., Elmhurst,,IL,US & Email & Email & Ad Packaging
Liane J. Harrold, Pres., BizCardz Business Directory - Searches....US &
Liane J. Harrold, Resource Mngr., Profound Consulting, Inc., Indianapolis,, IN, US [listed] & Email
Linda H. Harrold, Council; Kirtland Hills Village, Lake County, OH, US [listed]
Lisa Faye Harrold, Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, Westmoreland, PA, US & Email
Louis R. Harrold, Faculty - Dep't. Chair & Email
M Top
M. Harrold, MD., Urology; Genesis Surgery Cntr., Lansing,, MI [listed] [photo?]
M. A. Harrold..., RPO U., (Guelph U. , ON, CA) Saskatoon,,CA [paper, listed 1986]
M. W. Harrold, co-author, "Gen, Pharmacology," 25:1577-1584, 1994; Ohio State, Columbus, OH,, US
Manzo Harrold & Diane Harrold, Mt. Manzo Nagano, Aug97 Climb. Group,,, CA
Marc Harrold (advertising photographer; Paris, France)
Marc W. Harrold, Dr., Assoc. Prof., Med. Chem., Duquesne,,Pittsburgh, PA,US [photo] & Bio &: Email &
Marc W. Harrold, Dr., Award/Bio & Chem.Tutors & Email & Mark Harrold, Quotation, source not listed
Marion Alexander Harrold, my paternal great grand-father [photo]
Marshall C. Harrold, Author & Researcher - 16th Century & Estevanico, Centerville,, OH, US
Martyn Harrold, Chairman; EIBG Executive Committee 97-98,,,London, UK [listed]
Mary Elizabeth Harrold, born 8Jul1838, Hillsboro, Montgomery Co., IL, US [father - B.F. Harrold]
Mary Anne Harrold & Wm. Boreland Family Home Page
Mary Jean Harrold Assoc. Prof.,College of Computing, Ga. Institue of Tech. [photo] & Software Research
& [listed] & Mary Jean Harrold, Ass't Prof., List of Publications (ICSE) - Clemson Univ.,,,,US & Listed & Mary Jean Harrold, Clemson U, Comp. Sci. Dep't., Tech. Reports [listed] & And & Listed
& Testing Object-Oriented Software, Swiss Fed. Inst. of Tech., Lausanne, SZ [listed 4Apr97]
Matt Harrold, OCI Corp., Duluth,, MN, US
Matthew Harrold's, Tasmania, Australia & BeatleMania CD Web/Scanning & Aussie Bands WebRing
Melanie Harrold, Alblum - Daphne's Flight,a critique,, UK [listed]
Melvin & Sandy Harrold - Navajo Mission, Rough Rock,, AZ, US [photo]
'Metallic Harrold', Bakeware, cooking, Brand Name [listed]
Michael Harrold, Author/Co-Author Articles, Citizens for a Sound Economy, Wash. D.C., US
Michael Harrold, Artist Management & Email & Michael Harrold, Artist, Representative, & Concert Management (13, Clinton Road, LEATHERHEAD, Surrey, KT22 8NU, U.K.)
Michael Harrold, CSE Campaign to Reform Ins.Reg., 4 articles 1997/1998 & Updated
Michael Harrold, threaded msg, difference between violin & double bass
Michael Harrold, ,,,AU [listed]
Michael Harrold, Linux/m68k registration, ,, AU [listed] & Email
Michael C. Harrold, Author; Watch & Clock Books, Biblio. [listed]
Michael Joseph Harrold, U of AZ faculty biograph reference, ,,AZ, US
Michelle Drayton-Harrold, SSFF Administrator, Glasgow,, Scotland &
Ralph Drayton-Harrold, SF Convention 31Dec2000, Glasgow,, Scotland [listed]
Michell York-Harrold, EMO, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne,, IL [roster] & Email
Mike Harrold, Europa Way. Lichfield Staffs, UK [listed]
Mike Harrold, Alamo PCUG, San Antonio, TX, US [article]
HARROLD - John, Mitchel, Robert; 51st Virginia Infantry Regiment Roster, CSA 1861-1865 & Brief Bios
Ms. Harrold (teacher, Edmond Memorial H.S., Edmond, Oklahoma)
N Top

Nancy Harrold, Howard Lake Library, Howard Lake, MN, US
Nate Harrold [listed] & BrouHaHa, Tulane U, New Orleans, Orleans, LA, US & Index &
Nathaniel O. Harrold, Architecture, Student - Interned, Rochester, MN, US
Norman H. Harrold, listed & Telecom Archives
Norman Harrold, Lake TenKiller Fish 1st Place Bass Fishing, OK, US [listed]
O Top
Orkney on the Internet, Orkney Islands, Scotland [Harrold - Links & History]
Orville Harrold, Pres.; P&W Railroad Co., Worcester,,CT, US [22Dec97, photo]
One view of US school systems - including - Harrold Middle School, Pittsburg,, PA, US
P Top
P. Harrold, author; World Bank RePEc:fth:wobadi:180 re Chinese Economic Reforms, '92 [cited]
P. J. Harrold, The Alleged Fall of Pope Liberius (ACQR,v.8,1883,pp.529-49) & Electronic Edition
Pam Harrold, Founder - Pamelot School of Dance, Auburn,. CA. US
Pauline Harrold, Wedding Venues - Thurning Hall, Dereham, Norfolk, UK & Email & Photo Views
Patrick D. Harrold, Resume & Other Pages, Sacramento,,CA & Email
Patrick Kendal Harrold, Capt., USAF; MIA 1969-1973, Laos, DNA ID & Brief Biograph
Patrick Kendal Harrold, Capt., MIA Announcement 31Oct97 &
Patrick K. Harrold, Capt., DOD US Security & Privacy Notice No.192-M 30Oct97
Patrick Kendal Harrold, Capt., DPMO - Def. POW/MIA Update 30Oct97-SEA Servicemen Returned
Patrick Kendal Harrold, Capt., 11Nov97, Veterans Day Ceremony (widow) Linda Harrold [article, photos]
Harrold Youth Center, Military Child & Teen Services, Ft . Leavenworth,, Kansas, US & Biograph
Patrick T. Harrold, Resume B.A. Comp.Sci., Cal State, Sacramento,,CA, & Email
Paul Harrold, Colorado Handball Association 12Aug93 [listed]
Peter Harrold, Retired Banker & After Dinner Speaker,,UK
Q Top
Quaker Harrold Family, The
R Top
Rachel & Britton Harrold, [listed] memoriam to Rachel Anderson, mother, OKC Bombing
Ray Harrold, Presenter MS 95/NT, U. West. Sydney, Campbelltown, NWS, AU 6Nov98 [listed]
The Ramey Family Tree
Randolf Harrold, InNOVAcorp, Nova Scotia - Uruguay Marine Applications & Development [Jan98]
Randy Wilson's Home Page (Richard Harrold-Mary Ann Beals), Also Genealogy Links
HARROLD - John, Mitchel, Robert; 51st Virginia Infantry Regiment Roster, CSA 1861-1865 & Brief Bios
Richard Harrold, b.1945 Family Tree [cited], Smithville,,NJ,US [Descendants of W.Pitt]
Richard Harrold, Evaluating Internet Info., collaboration [listed]
Richard Harrold, Family of Mary Ann Beals, c.1685/1691, Chester Co., PA, US
Richard Harrold, Born 1685 - Chester Co., PA or b. abt. 1691, Rowan Co., NC, US [Info Wanted]
Richard A. (Dick) Harrold's - PC Database Solutions, Chandler, Phoenix,,AZ & Email
Richard G. & Marge E. Harrold, Harrold's Insurance Agency, Jeannette,, PA & Email & Map
Richard Harrold, Spec.Ops Chief, KS Wildlife & Park Dept., Newspaper Article & Alternate
Richard Harrold, Wildlife & Parks, Kansas, US [article, 11Sep97, listed] &: Art.04Jan98
Rita M. Harrold, Dir. Ed.&Tech.Dev.,IESNA & Article 15Jul96 & [listed]
Richard Harrold, Statement Against Proposed Rights & Article & Email
Road Images by Family or Geographic Association, IA, US [Harrold]
Rob Harrold, Para-Gliding. SE Wa;es. ..UK [listed]
Robert Harrold, The Four Horsemen Tuba Quartet, on euphonium,,KY, US [listed]
Robert Harrold, BA, MM, ABD; Ass't. Prof., Music, Fort Hays St. U, Hays, Ellis, KN, US [photo] & Email
Robert Harrold, Benden Web Page, Greenup,, KY, US & Email
Robert Harrold, Dir.; Real Property Tax Office 11Feb98, Orleans Co., NY, US
Robert Harrold, Prog. & Data Lib. Coord., Computing Sect., British Astronomical Soc., UK & Email
Robert (Bob) Harrold, Scouter-Scout Group UK/FR '98 Trip; Oconomowoc,, WI, US. & Email
Robert (Bob) Harrold, Rev.; St. Michael's Reformed Episcopal Church, Niagara Falls, ON, CA
Robert E. Harrold, ARI Network Service, Inc., Milwaukee,,WI, US & Threaded Msg
Robert E. (Bob) Harrold, ARI Network Services [price list], Milwaukee,, WI, US & Email
Robert E. Harrold, Public PGP Encryption Key 20Sep96,,,,US & Email
Robert Franklin (Bob) Harrold, my father [photo]
Robert L. Harrold, Chair; Campus Technology, North Dakota SU, Fargo,,ND, US [listed]
Robin Harrold, Lenexa, KS, US; Sr. Operating Off., Shawnee Mission Med. Center; KS, US [Photo]
Rod & Bev Harrold, Shelby Car Club, N. Canton, OH, US [listed]
Roger Harrold, Dir. Stu. Dev.; 20Nov97 Article, U of Minn. Study...Greek & Non-G. Stu. [qouted]
Ross Harrold, Dr.; Admin.&Train.Acad.Staff, U. New Eng., Armidale, NSW, AU 12Dec95 [listed] & 3Mar98
Ross Harrold, Dr.; Sr. Lecturer, U. New Eng., Armidale NSW, NZ [biograph] & [listed] & Email & [listed]
Roy Harrold, PH Girls Softball Assoc., Milton, ON, CA [listed]
Roy M. Harrold, Bed & Breakfast, Norwich, Norfolk, UK [listed]
Ruby Harrold-Claesson, Dghtr. of Mr. &: Mrs. O.J. Harrold, Kingston, Jamaica [photo]
Ruth Ann Harrold, member St. Matthew's U. Methodist, Sympathy Prayer, Annandale,,VA, US
S Top
S. H. Harrold, Ltd; Opticians, Buckingham,,UK
Samantha Harrold, TV Actress, 'High Tide' Episodes [listed]
Sarah Harrold, died, 17OCT1759, Rowan Co., NC, US [gedcom] (1662-1759), father ? born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? about 1636, Sarah's brother Richard born about 1664 or 1680 England?
Sarah Harrold, Born 2Sep1784, Blacklick Township, Indiana Co., PA, US; d.22Apr1865
Scott Harrold, Co-Chair. Pacific CBAA;, Richmond, BC, CA [listed]
Scott A. Harrold's [Scooter's 911], Georgetown, Vermilion, IL, US & Source: Law Enf. List
Sharon Harrold,,,,,US [photo only]
ShelbyNet ISP, Shelbyville,, IN, US - [Harrold partnership]
Sherry Harrold, Physics Sect.,Mech. Grp., Fermi Nat. Accelerator Lab., Batavia,, IL, US [listed] & Email
Simon Harrold, Aspen Stage Dec94, Aspen, CO, US [listed, cast]
Simon Harrold, Marketing Comm. Manager, JCP Computer Services, London,,UK
Sir Harrold of Warrington & An Tir Soc. [photo] & Email [Elizabeth Braidwood, photographer, Aug97]
Stacey's Book Search List, (Carlock) 'History...Pioneer Americans...Harrold...'
Stanley Harrold, Author: The Abolitionists and the South, 1831-1861 & Civil War Books
Stanley Harrold, Editor; Southern Dissent, History Dep't., So. Carolina State U., Orangeburg, ,SC, US
Stanton and Bonner Families: with a Harrold genealogy line (Nebraska)
Stephen (Steve) Chinn's - A Harrold Family History descendents of Richard Harrold (U.S.)
Stephen Oliver Harrold, Dr., B.Sc.(Eng), ACGI, Ph.D., CEng, FIEE; Dept.EE, CityU, HK & Email & [bio-photo]
Steve Harrold, Artist for St. James Cathedral Renovation, Seattle,, WA, US [photo]
Steve Harrold, '96 Pro Cycles BMX Racing Team, Johnson City,, TN, US [listed]
Steve J. Harrold, Dr. - Postgraduate Admissions Tutor, U of Manchester,, UK & Email & Server
Steven E. Harrold, Photographer,,,,US [Best of 1996]
Steven Harrold, Singer [Tenor, Gothic Voices CD] & [listed] &
Susan Harrold, Threaded Msg re Computers in Rural Schools, 15Feb95, ,,CA & Email
Susan Saxon-Harrold, Dr., Independent Sector, Washington, D.C. [listed] & Research VP-Oct98 [Bio]
Suzanne Harrold,email re UNIX software for ambulance service, Monash U,, AU & Email &
Suzanne Harrold. Ms.; Acc't. Mng. Info. Course, Monash U, Clayton, AU [listed]
T Top
T. Harrold, Dr., British Fertility Society, Conference, Dundee 16Dec??,,UK [listed]
Teddy Harrold, Photographer "The Hinckley Times"; "The History of Tin Hat" Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK
Teschek's - Orkney Islands [Scotland] Harrold Genealogy Pages & The GENUKI Project
Thomas Harrold, House Exchange Vacation, Orknet BBS, Montreal, Quebec, CA
Thomas R. Harrold, B.S. Computer Science - Resume,, Knoxville, TN, US & Email [photo, Arlington, Va.]
Thrandeston, Suffolk, England (UK): Harrold family forum
Tim Harrold, Teacher - Sci. & Soc. Studies, Indiana School for the Deaf; Indianapolis, IN, US [photo]
Tim Harrold, Exec. V.P., Classical Music , Polygram Records '94 [listed]
Todd Harrold Band, The; Roanoke, IN, US & & Listed
Tommy Harrold, '56 Buffs Basketball Team, Boulder,,CO,US [quoted]
Tracy Harrold, BSc; Dept. Pub. Health, U Aberdeen, Scotland, UK [photo]
Two Harrold Families of Orkney (Scotland) [Teshek's] Harrold Surname [7 Generations]
U Top
V Top
Valerie Harrold, [listed in obituary of Lucille Hullam d.26Sep95] Detroit, MI, US
W Top
Walt Custer's Orkney Genealogy Site, Santa Ana,, CA, US - Links [Harrold]
W. Harrold, photo-home; Hiwassee,, North Carolina, US; 1938 (by NAIL Search, see Search Engines page)
Wayne Harrold, Cal-Trans, Right-of-Way Appraisal Branch, ,CA, US [listed] & Email
William Harrold, NC GenForum, Seeking Info re John & Richard Harrold
William Harrold, Prof.;Eng.MA-PH.D course listed,Fall97,UW-M, Milwaukee,,WI & Roster Listing
William E. Harrold, Author; review ...Robert Browning...Poems [listed]
William HARROLD of Dursley Gloucestershire, Family of (1840-recent)
X Top
Y Top
Z Top
Zachary Miles Harrold, b. 28Jun97 in Hobart (father Matthew-Clarence, TA, AU 7018) & Matthew's Email
Other Harrold Related Sites Top
Gene Harrold Clements' - Clements/Harrold/Rees/Haines Family Tree [Photos & Related Links]
Gene Harrold Clements' Family[Photos & Tree]
Gene's & My Grand Parents Frank & Grace Harrold w/his Mother Mariam [photo, 1905]
Gene's Family Surnames Including: Harrold, McFarland, Rees, Mendenhall First Name, Last Name - Index
Jonna Lea Turnbull Genealogy & Harrold [listed]
William R. Harrold, GedPage Lineage (sons, Kevin & Cody)
Missile Silo, Underground Tour, Virtual

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