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    What is a high [speed] bandwidth internet connection? About bandwidth/Internet speeds.
    Devices that can be used to connect at the various speeds, include:
    A Modem , High Speed Dialup , ISDN , DSL , Satellite , LAN (local area network) , and a Cable Modem.
    What are their connection speeds?
    Typical transfer speeds for a 1MB size file using a:
    dial-up modem: 145-282 secs, ISDN: 63-127 secs, Satellite: 7-32 secs, DSL: 5-32 secs, Cable: 2-32 secs
    Test your Internet connection speed (many locations to check your bandwith)
    A commentary on speed: "Watching Grass Grow at Internet Speed" (by Joel Tucker)
    Web Resources for Newsrooms ( links to statistics / reference / information / facts, source: Gannett Company, Inc. [(news service)])

    News Radio, TV, Television Feeds, Video Online + Radio, TV & Videos online & also see: Internet Browser Plugins & Media Players
  1. American Voice Radio (streaming)
  2. BBC News Radio - Latest/Current & Today in Pictures + TV, video & audio small TV set image & alternate URL
  3. C-Span small speaker image TV small TV set image
  4. C/Net small speaker image
  5. CNN News Radio Update
  6. CNN News Video, Podcasts, and Radio
  7. Federal News Radio 1050 AM [CNN]- Listen Online small speaker image
  8. Find Radio/TV
  9. Fox News Videossmall TV set image
  10. French Internet Radio and Online News Radio
  11.'s links to Radio Stations and Web-TV broadcast live Worldwide
    (including Germany, Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Oceania, Format, Internet Radio, Broadband Radio, and police scanners, ATC, Web-TV, MP3)
  12. IraqNet News to TV Online: Bloomberg - MSNBC - Pulse 24 Toronto
  13. KCRW World News small speaker image (NPR, BBC, PRI, VOA 24/7) (RAM or MP3 ShoutCast)
  14. Live Leak (news video blog)
  15. Media Players & Audio/Video Plugins Links
  16. Mike's Radio World (2K+ links) & Radio News small speaker image
  17. MIT Radio Stations Directory
  18. MSN small speaker image small TV set image
  19. MSNBC small TV set image small speaker image Live Video & MSN News Video small TV set image
  20. NPR ® small speaker image Choose WMP or RA
  21. NRA Live small TV set image
  22. NS Feedroom small TV set image
  23. OV Guide: News/Business (Online Video Guide) small TV set image
  24. Pentagon Channel Live Feed 24/7 small speaker image, small TV set image
  25. PBS Video News small TV set image & News Hour for Students small TV set image
  26. Plug Ins plus additional sources from Gary Price's Resource Shelf
    1. Free Pint's Streaming Audio & Video News Article w/Links to:
    2. Internet Radio Basics & Advanced (
  27. Public Radio Fan (US/Non-US)
  28. Radio America Listen 24/7 small speaker image alt audio feed
  29. Radio@Netscape Plus small speaker image
  30. Radio/TV News
  31. Radio Moscow, Voice of Russia
  32. Radio Russia (many links to European, Russian, Baltic news radio stations)
  33. Radio Scout's Public Radio Index
  34. Internet Radio News LinksNews Internet Radio Shows and Stations & Search Internet Radio
  35. Radiomat - U.S. All News Radio Stations small speaker image
    ( KCBS, San Francisco · KDKA, Pittsburgh · KFWB, Los Angeles · KMOX, St. Louis · KNX, Los Angeles · KRLD, Dallas · KYW, Philadelphia · WBBM, Chicago · WBZ, Boston · WCBS, New York · WINS, New York · WWJ, Detroit )
  36. Real Audio News Radio Index
  37. RealOne News Feeds small speaker image small TV set image (NPR, BBC, Asia/Pacific, FeedRoom, World News Web Site Links, WX, WSJ)
  38. RealOne Radio
  39. Reuters Logo   Television
    (business, world news, life, entertainment, most watched)
  40. Russian & International News/TV Online (Mass Media in Russia)
    1. Voice of Russia (VOR, multi-lingual, about) English
  41. Talk Radio Links, includes news
  42. Shortwave Radio by Country/ Region & How to Listen
  43. Sporting News small speaker image (Fox 24/7)
  44. The News Room (video, text, and photos from 175+ news sources)
  45. Tuners: VTuner (15 day trial) & Sonic Box (free)
  46. Vatican Radio - Radio Vaticana (Africa, America, Europe, Vatican) small speaker image
  47. Video Streams small TV set image (CNN, WSVN MIA/Fox, MSNBC Baghdad, MSNBC Main Feed 1, C-SPAN, Haberturk TV Turkey)
    1. iVillage FeedRoom
    2. The FeedRoom
    3. Real Media Video Channels Feeds (RSS Channels list)
  48. Virtual Tuner: Links to Live News Radio (International)
  49. VOA News Radio/TV (55 languages) small speaker image small TV set image
  50. WWW Shortwave Listening Guide & Current Hour's Programming
  51. Yahoo: Streaming News Videos,  A new item animated gif. AP, AP News Videos small TV set image, Latest, NPR small speaker image, ON24, Photos, Videos small TV set image, Reuters, US, News, World, News Videos
  52. Yahoo Radio Genre Index

Listen to the News! World Radio Stations

Sources: & Mario Profaca's Cyberspace Stations

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