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    Resources to help you find ancestors from Poodwaddle's References & Resources

  1. Check the phone book:,,, The Ultimate, Yahoo People
  2. Google their name:
  3. Check genealogy websites:
  4. Check public records: Public Records
  5. Try a people search engine: Zabasearch
  6. Search college alumni:, Planet Alumni
  7. Pipl: A Search Engine designed to Retrieve Information about People from the Deep Web
  8. If all else fails use Intelius background check: (fee based $US, Not Free costs money)
Poodwaddle's World Clock Vital Statistics

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    Acronyms, Dictionaries, Thesauri, Encyclopedias, Online Books, Reference:
  1. Harrold's Links to e-Text/e-Books (includes c.1530-c.1657 lexicons)
  2. LookSmart's Genealogy Acronyms & Abbreviations links
  3. UK Genealogy Common Acronyms and Jargon
  4.'s "The Secret Code of Genealogy: Abbreviations and Acronyms" (by George G. Morgan)
    Genetic (DNA) Genealogy Search: Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation
    (free..a non-profit organization building..DNA and corresponding genealogical information)
    Request a kit. -- Why participate?

    Harrold Surname Indicated by chckmark.gif
  1. 101sites/"> 101 Best Family History Web Sites - Family Tree Magazine
  2. cs/free_genealogy/a/free_sites.htm"> 101 Ways to Research Your Family Tree for Free
  3. by Kimberly Powell
  4. 1880 U.S. Federal Census
  5. (free)
  6. 1930 U.S. Federal Census
  7. (and other Census Resources)
  8. 50 State Archives Referral List (GA. Dep't. of Archives & History)
  9. 51st Virginia Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.; Mary Jo Loyd's Genealogy Page & Links & Email

  10. A Top
  11. Genealogy Resources (by wide range of subjects, links, genealogical history)
  12. Access Genealogy (U.S, states, world, U.S./Canadian/English census)
  13. (Where families come together.)
  14. African-American Genealogy Resources
  15. Alumni Roster, Bushy Park, Central H.S., London [Emails/Photos/Locate - 1953-1962]
  16. alt.genealogy UseNet Newsgroup [Changes Frequently, Read/Post Often]
  17. Also - The CommoBunker's Central HS Links + 'military' & 'military-brat' locators
  18. American History & Genealogy Project (AHGP) by State & States Link Map
  19. American Indian Sites, Genealogy Search Engines & Indices, Scots'n Irish Links
  20. - 'World Tree' Name Searches
  21.'s Main Search Page, Details Found are Free at no cost/free icon or by Paid Subscription dollar sign image
  22. Ancestory Connections - Links Indexed by Surnames & Award Winners by State, Country
  23. Ancient Faces - Visual & Photos Genealogy Exchange (family, military, mystery, special collections, stories)
  24. Andy & Sharon (née Harrold) Lesko's - Genealogy in PA, Westmoreland Co., PA, US [links] chckmark.gif"
  25. A Barrel of Free Genealogy and Civil War Sites
  26. A One-Step Portal for On-Line Genealogy
  27. by Stephen P. Morse
  28. A to Z of Irish Genealogy
  29. About Genealogy - The Family Tree and Genealogy Research Guide
  30. Acadian Genealogy
  31. AfriGeneas ~ African American & African Ancestored Genealogy
  32. American Family Immigration History Center
  33. American Immigration Wall of Honor at Ellis Island
  35. - Online Genealogy
  36. Animation: Compare dates by US Counties forming westward - 1650-Present, 'Twas different
  37. Animation: Compare dates by US 48 States forming westward - 1650-Present, a lot different.
  38. Growth of a Nation (teacher guide) 10Min/56Kbs
    [Source: SBC Knowledge Network Explorer (KNE) "e; A ten minute narrated movie, divided into smaller segments, which depicts the geographic history of the United States from the beginning of the nation to fifty states. Geographic elements are interactive, as is the timeline. It will take sixty seconds to load with a 56K modem. A teachers' guide is located at (Requires Flash 6.) By Peter Mays. Grade Level: Early Childhood (K-2), Elementary, Middle School, High School Content Area: Education (Alternatives), History & Social Studies (United States History) [Dewey #973] Application type: Other Resources"e;]
  40. - Online Genealogy
  41. Annals of Genealogical Research
  42. AnyWho's Directory Assistance: Business or Person Phone, Address, e-Mail, reverse lookup
    (also see "Telephone Book")
  43. Arrival Information for Passengers to the Port of New York
  44. AT&T - Resources, 'How To...', Advice, Survey, E.G.s, Forms & Aids, Links

  45. B Top
  46. BaiCon's Surnames of Kentucky - Genealogy & Tools Links - Chat - Search Engines
  47. Bedfordshire County Genealogy Pages - Links, Bedfordshire, UK chckmark.gif
  48. Robert Bickham's Family & Genealogy & Databases & 26 Tips & Graphics Links
  49. Black Sheep Society of Genealogists (IBSSG); ...dastardly, infamous, or of ill-repute & Links
  50. Debra Boswell's "Genealogy At Poohs" - Help, Tutors, Links
  51. Brigham Young U, Roots-L, World Wide List Addresses, Phone #s
  52. Jan Bunten's Electric Roots & Revolutionary & Colonial & Genealogy & New England Links chckmark.gif"

  53. C Top
  54. California Genealogy Resources (1905-1989 death/marriage/estate indices/SW-AZ,CA,NM,Nv Searches/Phone Directories, Pacific Region, City/County Directories, Histories, Land Indices/WW1 Draft Records/1790-1920 Census Maps)
  55. James Canada's Genealogy Page [IVC,ROP,PC Class 98/99]
  56. Cane Creek Monthly Genealogy Research, Snow Camp,, NC, US chckmark.gif" &
    Cane Creek Monthly Genealogy Research: Timeline, Photos, Quaker Links
  57. Celtic Heritage Newsletter (tripod)
  58. - Genealogy*
  59. Census Online
  60. Johni Cerny's Family Tutor for Basic Genealogy Records
  61. Cemeteries, Graveyards, and Burying Grounds (
  62. Cherokee by Blood - American Indian Searches, Story Histories - Links
  63. Cherokee Eastern Nation, Western, NC, US - Genealogy Information
  64. Cherokee & Native American, Home Page,,TN, US (Marylyn Letson's Genealogy Links)
  65. Cherokee & Native American Genealogy Links (NAI Embassy Site Directory)
  66. Cherokee & Other American Indian, Native American Genealogy Related Sites
  67. Christine's Genealogy Website
  68. City Directories Online
  69. Civil War, American; Grand Army of the Republic, research links (Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, SUVCW)
  70. Civil War Era, Researching People of the (USCWC)
  71. Area51/Lair/3680/cw/cw.html"> Civil War, Rosters
  72. Civil War, Soldiers and Sailors System
  73. Clan Macrae Online Genealogy Links & Main Web Page, Scotland,,UK
  74. Commonwealth War Graves Commission (UK organization, worldwide WWI/WWII)
  75. Courthouses, City Halls, Capitals (
  76. Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
  77. Cyndi's 'H' Surnames & Look-Up Table & Site Index & Links Being Added
  78. Mark & Cyndi's Genealogy Library - Index, Sources, Publishers, Recommendations, Book Searches US & UK
  79. Churchyard's The genealogically weirdest situation ever [added 26Feb99]

  80. D Top
  81. Dave's Root Cellar - Genealogy Start Point-Links-Search Engines
  82. Dead Fred: Genealogy Photo Archive (search, preserve, record, remember)
    (A quote, "Trace your roots for FREE with our searchable database containing thousands of identified and mystery photos for genealogy enthusiasts looking for long-lost family. Anyone who finds a photo of a direct ancestor that is owned by the archive will receive the photo for free.")
  83. Deborah Harrold 'DH Consulting'
  84. Dead People Server
  85. Death Indexes, Records and Database - Online and Searchable
  86. Der deutsche Genealogieserver -
  87. DNATraits
  88. Doll's Genealogy Site
  89. DMOZ - Open Directory Projects, Genealogy Indices
  90. Douglas G. Detling's Family & Genealogy Links
  91. Digiflux Photo Restoration (has brief tutor re emailing pictures)
  92. Bert Doorn's Genealogy Web Rings, Links, Byford, Serpentine/Jarrahdal Shire, AU
  93. Dr. Barbara Denny George's Genealogy & On-Line Classes & German Harrold Ancestory to 1500's chckmark.gif"

  94. E Top
  95. Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
  96. Edenfield Genealogical Society, Links & Resources, Warner Robins, GA, US
  97. Emigration Records to US., CA & AU; 1635-1891, Public Records Office, N. Ireland
  98. Ellis Island Genealogical Records Center
  99. Ellis Island Museum NY/NJ
  100. England & Wales, Civil Registrion Index - Births, Deaths, Marriages by FreeBMD
  101. English U.K./G.B. Genealogical Resources (Groups, Military, Records, Passenger Lists)
  102. Everton Maps, county maps by state; state icons & genealogy sites; index
  103. Everton Publishers Genealogical Helper - Links, Logan,,UT,US & Name Searches
  104. Excite's Genealogy Links & Resources Page

  105. F Top
  106. Family Chronicle Genealogy Links
  107. Family Genealogy & History Internet Education Directory*
  108. Family History Centers & Library Sources, Salt Lake City, UT,,US
  109. Family History Package
    (source Barbara J. Feldman's SurfNetKids, Quote: "Six how-to articles (excerpted from the official Ellis Island Foundation publication "Do People Grow on Family Trees?") and a set of printable forms comprise this family history lesson from Family Education. The section on conducting family interviews is excellent, with advice such as "Start with easy, friendly questions." There is also a printable checklist of interview questions, not found in same section, but rather in Genealogy Forms. Look in the lower left-hand corner of the home page for the link.)
  110. Family History Zone - Tips for Beginners*
  111. Family Research - English, Scottish, and Irish Genealogy chckmark.gif"
  112. Family Search Internet Genealogy Service*
  113. Family Search Internet (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) Family Search Internet Service (LDS) [271 Harrold surnames chckmark.gif"]
  114. Family Tree DNA - Genetic Tests For Your Genealogy Questions*
  115. Family Tree Maker's Automatic Search & E-mail re New Family Info on the Net"
    Family Tree Maker's Searches + Useful Links
  116. Family Tree Searcher - Find Family Trees Easily
    (Enter your ancestor information just once to search for family trees at multiple online genealogy databases.)
  117. FEEFHS's Top Genealogy Search Engines & Search" & Master List [Harrolds]
  118. First Names Reference Database (name variations)
  119. Find-A-Grave (The Famous and Not So Famous) - USA - Harrold Surname Searchchckmark.gif
  120. Finding businesses tools online
    (by David Sarokin, a Google Answers Researcher and freelance research consultant at sarokin at gmail dot com) [link src: FreePint]
  121. Finding people tools online
    (by David Sarokin, a Google Answers Researcher and freelance research consultant at sarokin at gmail dot com) [link src: FreePint]
  122. Ferretsoft's Downloads Help You Find Email Addresses, Phone #s, Web Searches, Info, & Files
  123. ( both free & not free cost $ gif )
    [ Search Documents, Browse Documents, NARA Partnership, Original Documents, Browse Documents, Story Pages, FREE Membership, About ]
    (Some quotes, "..original historical documents..combined with social networking..documents collections (398+), most never before available before on the Internet, relating to the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, US Presidents, historical newspapers, naturalization documents, hosting millions of records..")
  124. Forsyth County, North Carolina, Genealogy Databases [US, NC, 11 Other Counties] NC, US

  125. G Top
  126. Game: Genealogy Word Search (
  127. (Teach your kids how to make games just like this with a step-by-step manual: )
  128. Gathering of the Clans - Scottish Oriented Genealogy Resources & Surnames & More
  129. Gathering of the Irish - Irish Oriented Genealogy Resources & Surnames
  130. Catholic, Local Catholic Church and Family History & Genealogical Research Guide
  131. Chris Garrigues' Genealogy Resources chckmark.gif" & Documents
  132. Christine Gaunt & John Fuller's Genealogy Resources & Email
  133. Gene Macintosh Genealogy Software by Diana & David Eppstein [bio-graph]
  134. Genealogy Ancestry Search*
  135. Genealogy Home Page, The*
  136. Genealogy Register, The*
  137. Genealogy Classes (
    (source Barbara J. Feldman's SurfNetKids, Quote: "The National Genealogical Society estimates that family history is the second most popular hobby in America (after gardening) and one of the most searched for topics on the Internet. As a hobby, genealogy has all the right stuff. It is fun, educational, addictive, and everyone (regardless of their age) can join in.   For those ready to take the next step in their family research, serves up eighty-five free online lessons to explore at your own pace. Classes are divided into four sections: Beginning Genealogy, Internet Genealogy, Tracing Immigrant Origins, and Researching with (a guide to their subscription service.) Each illustrated lesson covers a specific topic (such as Pre-1820 Immigration) making it easy to find the information you want if you are looking for specific help.)
  138. Genealogy Home PageTM, The (4K+ genealogy/research links)
  139. Genealogy & Family History Databases*
  140. Genealogy's Most Wanted
  141. GenClass - Online Genealogy Classes*
  142. Genealoge Blog*
  143. by Hugh Watkins
  145. Genealogy: Finding Roots on the Web*
  146. Genealogy Gateway: Genealogy, Family Tree, and Surname Resources*
  147. Genealogy Helplist*
  148. Genealogy Land*
  149. Genealogy Portal*
  150. Genealogy Resources* (
  151. Genealogy Resources*
  152. Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Introduction* (
  153. Genealogy Search Help*
  154. Genealogy Spot: family search, heraldry, surnames, public records*
  155. Genealogy Today - Family Tree Home Page and Genealogy Search*
  156. GeneaNet - Genealogy and Family History Records*
  157. GeneaNet - Indexing All Genealogical Resources on/off the Internet [multi-lingual] & Harrolds
  158. GeneaSofts - Daily News on Genealogy Software*
  159. GenCircles*
  160. Geni - Everyone's Related*
  161. group/Genie-Angels/"> Genie-Angels: Yahoo Group*
  162. GENMAPS - Old maps of Great Britain for genealogists/historians (rootsweb)
  163. GenSource*
  164. GenSource Exclusively for Genealogists*
  165. GenUKI - UK & Ireland Genealogy, including: Researching UK & Irish Genealogy from Abroad
  166. GenWriters*
  167. [German] - Influential German Blog*
  168. German Genealogy*
  169. German Genealogy Resources (Niall's Genealogy Home Page)
  170. Germanic Genealogy (German, Deutsch) - Translation
  171. Guide to Genealogy
      The Genealogy Guide:
    1. Sources, resources
    2. Getting Started
    3. Family Tree
    4. Useful Links

    5. (The The Genealogy Guide: is a useful for those wishing to learn more about their family history, provides advice regarding tracing their family trees, is simple to use and provides step-by-step information on getting started with sources that are available to help. It also shows you how to compile your very own family tree and has a useful links section to help with your research.)
  172. Guildhall Library, Sources (from 1500's) - Marriage License Records, London/Middlesex, UK
  173. Guilford Co. NC, Index of Surnames A-K, HARROLD & Email to researcher - William Harrold chckmark.gif"

  174. H Top
  175. Harrel's Genealogy Page, Oak Ridge,, TN, US chckmark.gif"
  176. Harrold And Related Roots Online Database (our Harrold family genealogy)
  177. Harrold Family Genealogy Forum (GenForum)
    (Browse, Create or Search Surname Discussion Groups or Bulletin Boards) & Alternate chckmark.gif"
  178. Harrold Surnames Genealogy Records ( chckmark.gif"
  179. Haunted Houses & Ghost Story Directories - Halloween Magazine
  180. Helm's Genealogy Toolbox*
  181. Heraldica - Heraldry, Coats of Arms, Glossary, Indices, FAQs, Royalty, Lineage
  182. HeritageQuest*
  183. Hinton's Cemeteries of South, Illinois, Photos, Some Bio-Data, 500+Names
  184. Historical Research Center Genealogy Links
  185. Hispanic Genealogy*
  186. HistoQuest*
  187. History Trails: Family History
    (, family trees, research, census, community/ies, military records)
  188. Home Town Locator Gazetteer*

  189. I Top
  190. I Found It - Genealogy Search Engine-Directory, Indices
  191. International Internet Genealogical Society, 82 Resource Sites
  192. Introduction to Genealogy: A Free Online Class
    (source Barbara J. Feldman's SurfNetKids, Quote: "The genealogy site at hosts a self-paced four-lesson introduction to genealogy that includes interaction in a discussion forum, homework assignments and online quizzes. In addition to the class, this site has oodles of articles and reviews of other genealogy sites. Two great clicks are Genealogy Glossary and U.S. Vital Records (organized by state), both found in the upper left-hand corner under Essentials.")
  193. Illinois, Find It!
  194. Illinois (state) Genealogy Links
  195. Imperial County, CA - List of Helpful Genealogy Web Sites
  196. International Internet Genealogical Society Newsletter
  197. - Cemetary Transciption Library*
  198. Irish Naming Traditions + Baby Names: Girls & Boys A Speaker GIF Image. & links to other baby/names sites
  199. Italian Genealogy, My Italian Family Tree*
  200. li> Istanbul Jewish Genealogy Project*
  201. Italian Genealogy*
  202. Iredell County Surnames [USGenWeb], North Carolina, US - Links chckmark.gif"

  203. J Top
  204. Janyce's Root Dig, 1500+ Genealogy Links &: Other Tools & Information
  205. Jewish History Genealogy Institute, The Center for*
  206. Jewish Genealogy & JewishGen Family Finder & Quick Guide & FAQ
  207. Jewish Genealogy Blog, The - Tracing the Tribe*
  208. JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy*
  209. Journal of Genetic Genealogy (JoGG)*
  210. Journal of On-Line Genealogy - What is New Home Page
  211. Juno's - Genealogy & Surnames Links
  212. Just Black & White-Genealogy Links & Photo & Doc Preservation Tips & Restore & Enhance

  213. K Top
  214. Public People/Business Records, Background Checks, Some Free at no cost/free icon Most Fee Basis cost $ gif

  215. L Top
  216. Jeff La Marca's - Sicilian Surnames Registry & USGenRing Links
  217. Langenberg - Reverse Searches & deceased SSN/SOC  (people, telephone, portal)
  218. Lakewood, OH,, US Library's Ready References indexed by the Dewey Decimal System (useful)
  219. Terri Lamb's 'The Mining Co.' Guide to Genealogy - Searches, Links, Other Resources
  220. Langford's ports, country, isle, state 'Ship & Passenger' & Ships 1538-1825 Lists & Names Index
  221. Le Centre de généalogie francophone d'Amérique [Translate with BabelFish] & Email
  223. Lineages' Genealogy 'How to...', Trees, Searches [US, CA, FR & other European] & Ref. Library
  224. LinkMonster - Genealogy Pages Links List [big +/- 500kb]
  225. LinkPedium - A Link Directory of Genealogical Resources*
  226. Local History and Genealogy Reading Room*
  227. Louis Kessler's Genealogy Software Links*
  228. Lycos Genealogy Research & Clubs & More Links
  229. Lutherans Online Genealogy Exchange*
  230. Lycos.Family Tree - Genealogy Search Engine for Finding Your Ancestors

  231. M Top
  232. - Genealogy News & Software for Macintosh Users*
  233. Maps of the Past (also has many genealogy, treasure hunting, military, & family history links) Most Fee Basis cost $ gif (discounts for teachers & students)
    (maps: City, County, State, Mining, Railroad, Civil War, International, Panoramic, Topographical, county land ownership maps for family genealogists )
  234. Medieval & Ancient Maps (links to 230,000+)
  235. Mechling Assoc. Harrold Zion Lutheran Church Records 1772-Recent,Westmoreland Co.,PA,US
  236. Michigan State GENDIS, Genelogical Death Indexing System, Dep't of Community Health, Division of Vital Records & Health Statistics
  237. Pam Middleton-Lee Genealogy Resources [interesting]
  238. Military - Prisoner of War/Missing in Action, POW-MIA Search
  239. Military Brats Registry
  240. Military Genealogy - U.S. military resources for the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and the Gulf War ( Mormon Family History Centers by State; Genealogy 'How To...; & Reference Links
  241. Mormon Genealogy Search Tips
    (Tips on searching and studying Mormon Genealogy and Genealogy) [Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS]
  242. Morticians, National Directory Of; Documents Sources
  243. Sabina J. Murray's - Deciphering Old Handwriting
  244. Museum - Immigration, FreeTown, MA, US
  245. Museum of Immigration History - Genealogy Resources - Family History Resources, Net (U. Minnesota, US)
  246. Multi-Map, Search/Map Locations UK & World/Wide
  247. My - Create Your Own Family Tree Web Site (free)
  248. MyHeritage - Genealogy Search Engine*

  249. N Top
  250. Namebase - A database of 80K +/- names..people..groups in..Intelligence & Political Activism
  251. NameTraq*
  252. NARA Genealogy Genealogy Main Page*
  253. NARA Genealogy Page [CIA/EDRC] & Links
  254. NARA Immigrant Information
  255. NARA Index of Family Research Records, US Gov.
  256. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Genealogy Pages: U.S. NARA Genealogy Main Page
  257. National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA)
    1. Related Unclaimed, Assets, Benefits links
    2. IRS Unclaimed Tax Refunds Search
    3. Missing Money Free Search for Unclaimed Property (NAUPA)
      1. by Main States map
      2. Related links: e.g. Australia, Canada, Switzerland, US
    4. State, Federal, Canadian, Worldwide, general searches for unclaimed monies, assets, property, frozen/dormant Swiss accounts, Jewish victims Gestapo records, National Socialist art database (
  258. National Cemetery Administration, Veterans Administration: National Gravesite Locator
    (search by last name, first name or request by mail) [also under Veterans Administration]
    Browse the VA National Cemeteries, by State
    Obtaining Military Records & Medals
  259. National Cemeteries - Nationwide Gravesite Locator* (Veterans Affairs, see above)
  260. National Genealogical Society Home*
  261. National Genealogical Society (US)
  262. National Genealogical Society's NetGuide - Worldwide List Of Genealogy Resources
  263. National Obituary Archive (U.S., NOA, w/celebrity search)
  264. Native American Genealogy (
  265. Native American Links (Harrold's Native American links page)
  266. Native American Genealogy by Barbara Benge (links,, Osiyo)
  267. NewWho's Genealogy Indices & Surname Search
  268. NORCAL Genealogy Index*
  269. North American Indian & Indigenous People Genealogy/History BBS & Search Links [many]

  270. O Top
  271. Obits Archive*
  272. Obituaries 101 - Death Notices USA/Canada*
  273. Obituaries Help (a free resource maintained by volunteers) new item
    (Author quote, "I have free genealogy downloads including a family tree chart and many advice articles covering everything from how to write an obituary to using obituaries for genealogy research. - Title/Anchor text: Newspaper Obituaries - - Description: Access newspaper obituaries and discover your genealogy online. - Discover obituary resources like old newspaper obituaries archives, funerals, sympathy resources and Download free genealogy forms and printable family tree charts.)
  274. Obituary Central (search by name, 1B+)
    [links, surnames, US, Canadian, cemetery inscriptions, ship passenger lists, historical & genealogical societies, funerals, dictionary, search by institutions]
  275. Obituary Daily Times & in Français - Le Scoop nécrologique - Search the Database!
  276. Obituary Indices by Surname Harroldchckmark.gif (
  277. Odessa - A German-Russian Genealogical Library*
  278. Olive Tree Genealogy - Search Free Genealogy Databases for Your Ancestors*
  280. One Step Genealogy WebPages*
  281. by Stephen B Morse
  282. Online Searchable Death Indexes, Records & Obituaries*
  283. Society/Genealogy/"> Open Directory - Society: Genealogy*
  284. Origins - Scottish birth, death, and marriage records c.1553 to present (General Register Office for Scotland)(fee/not free cost $ gif)
  285. Overseas Brats Online - Schools, Alumni, Search For, Register, Famous, Links

  286. P Top
  287. Passengers,1848-'51,GB>Pt. Chalmers,NZ, Richard/Margaret Harrold née Marwick, SS Bernicia
  288. People Search and Genealogy Archive Postings*
  289. People & Genealogy Search Engines Links
  290. PhpGedView - A New Look For Your Old Ancestors*
  291. PixSharp - Photo restoration, editing, and enhancement services and Genealogy Links
  292. Political Graveyard, The (U.S. Political Biography, Where the Dead Politicians are Buried) []
  293. Public Records Search System (6000+ free public record databases, by state, by territory, Canada, world)

  294. Q Top
  295. Quaker, The Religious Society of Friends, Index of Web Sites & Other Quaker Sites
  296. The Quaker Harrold Heritage
  297. Quaker Roots-Links
  298. The Quaker Corner - Our Quaker Heritage - Quaker Surnames & Heritage
  299. QuestFinder FFAL Genealogy Links

  300. R Top
  301. about/contacts/personal/Genea/"> RAND Genealogy Club*
  302. Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness*
  303. RandomGenealogy - Off-beat Genealogy Stories & News*
  304. RDL FFAL Genealogy Links & Site Search
  305. Research Aids for the Family Historian
  306. Researching Your Family Tree*
  307. Rodovid - Free Multilingual Family Tree Portal*
  308. RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative*
  309. RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project*
  310. RootsWeb:  
    RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative & GenConnect Boards
    RootsWeb for Newbies & Help Desk and FAQ & 7Jan99 Newsletter
    Genealogy Newsletters, Searchable Archives:   by Surname, by Country, Other Categories
    For Example, the:   Harrold Surname
      RootsWeb Guide to Tracing Family Trees:
    2. WHAT'S IN A NAME?
    13. MILITARY RECORDS (worldwide)
    14. MILITARY RECORDS (United States)
    30. COURT RECORDS: "Here Come de Judge"
    31. Search GedCom Records
    32. Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild (records: criminal, immigration, ship manifests, pax lists, captains, ports, homestead, maps, probates, tax, tombstones)
    33. Joanne Rabun's - Genealogy & Links & Sayings, Word/Phrase Origins & Folk Etymologies
  311. Radio Show On The Net, Family History (radio, audio)
  312. Revolutionary War, Philadelphia Region, Genealogy Links
  313. Royal & Noble Genealogical Data on the Web [Britain/UK, Europe, Other Nations' Royals]
  314. Royal Family Links (Royals, Royalty)
  315. Royal Genealogies Index [A-to-Z][UK](Henry Churchyard)

  316. S Top
  317. Saint (St.) Elfgifu's Genealogy, circa 944 [Royal, UK]
  318. Scots ~ Scottish Genealogy Links, Subjects, News + Gaelic & Scots Culture
  319. Scot Talk - Forum Chatter, Advice, Clans, Kilts & Tartans, Lore, Whiskey, Weather, Places - Links to Organizations & Scotland Interests
  320. Scottish Genealogy Society, The*
  321. Scottish History, Medieval Battles, Celtic History (by Robert H. Gunn)
  322. Scottish Military Historical Society
  323. Search: Advice for Effective Genealogy Searches
    (Answer a series of simple questions and get customized advice on the most effective next steps for searching your ancestors.)
  324. Snap's Crime-Fighters' Indices, federal, state, private [search links]
  325. Snap's Genealogy Categorized Indices [Variety]
  326. Snap's Genealogy Categories & Research Sources & Surnames Index
  327. Social Security Death Index, U.S. (
  328. Social Security Death Index Search Engine (U.S) (rootsweb) (61+ million, US)
  329. Society of Genealogists, London, England
  330. Soundex Indexing System, The*
  331. Surname Guide to Genealogy Websites on the WWW (6500+)
  332. Surnames - What's in A Name? History & Origins & E - H Listings [Harrold] chckmark.gif" (many $ sites)
  333. Surname Web (search for your surname genealogy)

  334. T Top
  335. Telephone Books Online: U.S., World (indexed by world region & country)
  336. Teschek's - Orkney Islands [Scotland] Harrold Genealogy Pages & The GENUKI Project
  337. Texas (US State) death records (3,963,456/163,544 surnames/1964-1998) (rootsweb)
  338. Tours, Genealogy/Roots: Elderhostel (Denmark, Gemrany, Ireland, Sweden) & Routes to Roots (Jewish research book cost $ giffor Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine) & Caravella Italia, groups of 4-12 (Italy)
  339. Tripod's Free Homepage & Page Builder, Genealogy 'Pod', Monthly News Letters
  340. Randy Treadway's - Alphabetized Index of An Interesting Variety of Resources, e.g. Adoptees
  341. Treasure Maps 'How-to' Genealogy, US Census, Newsletter (links)
  342. Tribal Junction
    Create a visual family tree & automatically connect relatives' trees.

  343. UVW Top
  344. UK Website*
  345. UK Genealogy*
  346. Unclaimed Persons Search (California State County Coroners' Records)
    US GenWeb & Alternate & the World GenWeb
  347. USGENWEB List of US Counties, Genealogy Links
  348. USGenWeb Project, The*
  349. U.S. Presidents, Genealogy

  350. V Top
  351. Verify SOC/SSN #, Deaths [origin?, webmaster?]
  352. Veterans Administration, National Cemetery Administration: National Gravesite Locator
    (search by last name, first name or request by mail) [also under Veterans Administration]
    Browse the VA National Cemeteries, by State
    Obtaining Military Records & Medals
  353. Veterans, Locate Buried Vets
  354. Viet Nahm - Found Dogtags [Matched to Names on the Vietnam War Memorial; The Wall, Washington, D.C.] (vietnahm, vietnam, lost, dog tags, missing in action, war, Viet Nam)
  355. Vital Records: Where to write for vital records
    (indexed by State where birth, death, marriage, or divorce occurred)
    or download a complete list, by state (47 ppg., Adobe .pdf format)
    (source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS))
  356. Virtual Gumshoe - Investigative Resources Available on the Web*
  357. Volunteers Can Search Family Tree CD-Roms

  358. W Top
  359. WebCrawler Index of Genealogy Resources
  360. WebRoots*
  361. What is New on the WWW - Genealogy Pages, Add Your URL [hundreds links]
  362. What your name means and Information about your birthdate (from Paul Sadowski,
  363. Who's Alive and Who's Dead? (2000+ entries, among the rich'n famous & not-so)
  364. Randy Wilson - Genealogy Links
  365. Richard Wilson - Genealogy Links - New Sites - MegaSites - Compuology Home Page California Pioneer List (pre-1880)
  366. Herman de Wit's Online PAX, Dutch & Belgian BBSes & his
    European, USSR, US/CA, Latin & S0.Amer., AU, World GenWeb, GenRing Links
  367. WorldGenWeb Project*
  368. World Music:RootsWorld:Real Music:ReelWorld:Folk Music (radio, audio)
  369. World War I (US) Civilian Draft Registration Database (1,215,381 records/141,114 surnames/born 1872-1900~15% of US counties)(rootsweb)
  370. World War II Casualties (
  371. Wrestling Graveyard
  372. Yahoo's Genealogy Links Index

  373. XY Top
  374. YSearch - Y-DNA Public Database*
  375. Yugoslavia, Royal House of Serbia - Family, News

  376. Z Top
  377. ZDTV's 8 Basics Steps to Tracing Your Family Tree (Lisa Lynn Dugan) + Online 'Video, How To...'
  378. * Zillman's Genealogy Resources on the Net
    (Subject Tracer Information Blog Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A. for monitoring genealogy resources and sites on the Internet.)

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