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The decimation of the Native Americans

Quiz: Native American History (src: MS Encarta)
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Today-in-NA History (src: NNN) Native American
Course & Study Resources

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"Wake for an Indian Warrior" (Marine Corporal Brett Lundstrom, age 22, Native American - killed January 7, 2006 in Fallujah, Iraq)
[Youtube slide show presentation of Rocky Mountain News, photography by Todd Heisler, article by Jim Sheeler, 21Jan06.]
On This Day
NA History

NA Links by Phil Konstantin
NA News Links
Native American Heritage Month is November - Census Facts '97 2002 2003 Populations
President's Proclamation Official Proclamation, White House, Wash., D.C.
..first proclaimed in 1990 by the U.S. Senate and President George W. Bush..
American Forces Information Service
Lots More NA Heritage Month Links
Listen to American Indian Radio On Satellite (AIROS) On-Line Live
Click for Music & Quotes - Horsemen Image
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NA Quotes - Environs -
More Native American Web Resources & NA Study Links
National Native American Awarness Month is also known as National American Indian Heritage Month, and National American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month - A Brief History on the Creation of a National American Indian Heritage Month, The Effort to Establish a day of Recognition for American Indians.
May is Native Heroes Month and from NAPT Health News: May is "Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month."

A petition encouraging schools to celebrate NA Heritage Month, w/NA links as found in this good example Montgomery County Public Schools curriculum throughout the year with lesson plans & links by K-5, 6-8, 9-12, reading, and to related sites.
Native American Heritage Month Lesson Activities (Pre-K to 12)

Colors of the Wind (music, lyrics) -and- Native Radio
Defense Link's Native American Heritage Month (broadband) (modem) AFIS Web Sites
NA Search Links
NA Search Links
NA Search Links
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NativeWeb News Digest (Native American news headlines, U.S./World) & Announcements & U.N. Indigenous Issues
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Native American:
November is National Native American Month
The Original Founding Fathers


"The Lost Civilizations of North America" is a powerful film that gives answers to the question of why we haven’t heard about the great civilizations that existed on the North American continent and why theories about their origins have passed out of place and time.
video source:

Glenn Beck - Fox News - Aug. 18, 2010

 Glenn Beck discusses the documentary on his TV show - Aug. 18, 2010
Map: Tribes of the Indian Nation
related, map:
related, map, interactive, state-by-state:
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A Talking Clock for your PC with Cherokee Language Voice Option
Lakhota Speakster v5.0
Lakhota Speakster program icon

Download Kakhota Speakster
Quote from (source), "Want to learn simple Lakhota (American Indian) words and phrases? Well folks, we first released this software in 1996: there are many of you still getting use out of the old 16-bit version. Due to many requests to upgrade to a more "modern interface/ version" we just had to oblige - committing the 100's of hours required. This new version doesn't just let you hear/ play the word or phrase but delivers it via an array of flash videos. Includes a massive translation text dictionary as well. Has been tested to be compatible with Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP & Vista (not tested on Vista 64-bit)."

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