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Single Space .gif L. - Reverse Lookup by Address, Phone Number, eMail, Location
Single Space .gif S. - Internet Searching Tutors & Citation-Plagiarism
Single Space .gif W. - Wikipedia's Categories of Search Engines & List of WWW search services
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plus Doing Business on the Internet [ source: Getting Started: Internet Resources (Library of Congress) ]
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Not Sure What Terms to Search For?   GoTo.com's Search Term Help/Suggestions -Or try-
Ziegler's 200+ Categorized Searches Indexed for those that are not sure where to start.
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ISP Longitude/Latitude Location by HostName, Domain Name, or IP number.
Search Engine Watch’s Search Engine Listings.
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  • 1    (click on letter to return to top)
    1Blink - Internet, Newsgroups, News + Alaska/Canada Searches (metasearch)
    2Ask (metasearch)
    2B - UK/Europe Searches + News, Phone Listings, UK Maps
    2Q - Search Indices (choose 4 per search)
    411 (free phone directory assistance) or call 1-800-FREE411 ( 1-800-373-3411 )
           • Use it online
           • compare 411 rates
           • Snopes: True (Aug06)
    411 Canada: Canada411 - Canadian Find A Business or Person Phone Directory (Yellow Pages group)
    411 Locate (basic lookup free, some cost $ gif fee based)
           • ( Yellow Pages, People Pages, Reverse Lookup, Map/ Directions, Traffic Update, List Your, Public Records, Email Search, Area Code, Zip Code, Shopping, Add )
  • A    (click on letter to return to top)
    AAA Matilda - Select by 250+ Countries / Muncipalities -or by- Choose Language & Free Index
    Accoona - "Super Target Your Search" (alt)
          [artifical intelligence, highlighted ranked results & 5M+ Chinese businesses database]
    ( advertised by U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton, AP 7Dec04, photo),
    Accoona.com takes it's name from the Swahili phrase hakuna matata ('no worries') popularized by the Disney movie 'The Lion King'. )
    Acoona, China, chinese
    Accufind Search Combines MSN/Webcrawler/Excite
    Aeneid [aggregation/inktomi/trade/internet-proprietary mix]
    Ahoy! Homepage Finder & FAQ/Discussion of Search Methods - U.of Wash.,Seattle,Wa,,US
    (A business directory listing more than 700,000 American and Canadian companies classified by their business activity. [free listing, no registration required] )
    Al-Bawaba (english) (‘The Gateway’ in Arabic, a mid-East search portal)
    The Middle East Internet Network, Covering the Mid-East, North Africa, the Arab World &
    Algeria, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman,
    Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.
    (related keywords, Arab, Arabic Muslim, Islam, Islamic)
    All Academic (subject, author, publication, title)
    All-In-One 500 +/- Catagorized Search Engines/Indexes
    All-Net Tools
    (Link source: Freepint.com by Gary Price. Quote: "[All-Net Tools] gives a range of options for looking at sites, as the previous three sites do [toolkits]. This also gives access to anonymous search tools, phone number look-ups, currency and language conversions, and more.")
    All4One (metasearch)
    AllSearchEngines.com Major Search Engines/Indices Categorized (comprehensive)
    All The Web (computer/fast,comprehensive,see FastSearch)
    AlphaSearch (portal, catagorized)2/00
    AltaVista [multi-lingual] & Add Your URL & Meta Tag Info (hybrid/spider)
    AltaVista - International, Regional & Local Area Searches Single Space .gif
    AltaVista - MicroPortal Sign-up (Search,Stocks,News,Sports,WX) Single Space .gif
    AltaVista - MY AV Customize Your Personal Search Page Single Space .gif
    AltaVista - ZIP2 Business, Person, Maps, Local & Regional Single Space .gif
    American Civil War Information Archive, Bryan D. Boyle & Email
    American Indian Sites, Genealogy Search Engines & Indices, Scots'n Irish Links
    American Indians, OST/OTFM Indian Monies System, Missing Accountholders List [Harrold]
    Answer Ant (download, find, share)
    AnyWho: Telephone - People - Business - Reverse - Toll-Free (categorized) - Multi-Engine
    AOL's hot searches
    (17 categories, each of those categories can be examined based on time increments of "Right Now," "Last Hour" and "Last 24 Hours." The search engine's hot 2004 searches are broken into the following categories: Celebrities, Entertainment, Music, News, Sports, Health, Food, Shopping, Destinations, and Miscellaneous.
    AOL NetFind & Home (hybrid)
    Apollo Ollo Advertising Business Directory (free listings)
    Artcyclopeda (art)
    ArtNet (art)
    ArtsNet - A Professional Arts Listing & Search (art)
    Argus (music) Single Space .gif
    Ask for Kids + News Resources for Kids   (formerly Ask Jeeves for Kids)
    Ask Jeeves- A Question & Juengerman's Search Links- Alternate [hybrid/natural language syntax]
    Ask Me Help Desk (You can ask real people questions for FREE.)
    Ask the Local [UK]
    (find websites that offer particular products by matching the search query with a postcode (UK) rather than zip code (US))
    Auctions - My Opera's Simultaneous Search of 6 e-Auction Sites to Find Products (auction/sales)
    Azoos (can use boolean parameters)
  • B    (click on letter to return to top)
    Bankruptcy Law Firms
    Bastard Nation - Adoptees Search
    Big Hub (meta search/former iSleuth) & Government (portal, gov)
    Beaucoup (2,500+) Engines, Directories & (800+) Indices [US, European, African, Asian]
    Bureau van Dijk: database to find and individual company or companies or generate large lists for a chosen sector, country, region, firm size or all [also see 'SEC']
    Big Yellow, US & Global & (business oriented)
    Bingooo, Download (140+ agents)
    Biocrawler (biology)
    bitpipe - About [bus/corp. focus]
    BizCardz Business Directory - Searches [Liane J. Harrold, Pres.], ....US
    Britannica Search byteSearch (meta search + specialized indexes)
    Buscartigo (Search engine on news and scientific articles specialized in Human and Applied Social Sciences, like Accounting, Business, Economics, History, Law, Philosophy and Sociology in Brazil)
  • C    (click on letter to return to top)
    C4 TotalSearch (meta search)
    CaBoom! - Direct Entry to Major Search Engines (portal)
    California Law Library + Indices to Other States & Countries (law)
    CalState University Libraries Internet Search Tools/Links (src: California State U., East Bayd, Hayward, Ca.)
    (includes Internet Search Tutors, techniques, and evaluation criteria)
    Canada411 - Canadian Find A Business or Person Phone Directory (Yellow Pages group)
    Caribe Search - Caribbean Search Engine (Caribbean)
    Caribe Seek Directory (Caribbean)
    Census Bureau, U.S. & Searches:   Top Level Chemical Industry Supplier Registry
    (..compilation of chemical suppliers enabling buyers to..source manufacturers for price and capacity of commodity and specialty chemicals by name or CAS registry number. ..includes free magazines, jobs, news and events)
    Chubba (also see WhatUSeek)
    CiteSeer (about scientific literature digital library)
    CitySearch - online city guide and yellow pages
    Complete Planet
    (search the invisible web, 70K searchable databases, specialty search engines & dynamic searchable databases allowing deeper searches to find web pages and documents that are not crawled or indexed.)
    Counties List, US, Search - Maps - Lon/Lat - US Census Links
    Cha-Cha Search - Results in Outline form
    (FAQs e.g. Cha-Cha currently only indexes web pages on machines in the University of California, Berkeley domain.)
    Chadds Ford International [skip trace, assets] (people, bus cost $ gif fee)
    Christian Links Page by Larry Ingram (7300+), Some Research Resouces
    Christian Search Engines Links Page by Lambert Dolphin
    Chubba Web-UseNet-WX-Dictionary-Encyclopedia Multi-Engine Search FAQ Add Your URL
    Clickey (Searches Return Top-Level Domain/Free Banner)
    Comfind - Business Directory & Add URL (business)
    Copernic, Search Engine, Download (80+ agents in free version)
    Campus Community Risk Maps - 10 Mall Examples
    Crime - Parole Resources by State + some states' Prisoner Inmate Databases - Sex Offender Registry
    Crime - Neighborhood Crime Risk Maps by Zipcode
    Crime - Zip & College + American/National League Stadium Risks (CrimeCheck, APB)
    Criminal Justice Search [4,500+ sites] (Dr. Frank Schmalleger))
    CUSI-EMNET-NEXOR Indices/Othe /Software/People/Docs/Dictionaries
    Cyber411 C4 Parallel Multi-Engine Searches, 16 in 1
  • D    (click on letter to return to top)
    Dalhousie U. Indices - Search, Meta-Search, Email, Software
    Databases - The Invisible Web [article, search links] by Chris Sherman 29Jul99
    Debriefing (meta search, nph, english/french)
    DefenseLINK, the Official Department of Defense (DOD) Web Site & Searches
    Deja News Search of Internet News Groups
    Dialog • Thomson [ Fee Based   costs money
    ("since 1966, the world's first online information retrieval system, ..900+ databases" ..link source: http://www.freepint.com)
    Diggit! & Images Search Voyeur
    (images, photos, pictures search, 12 million+)
    Direct Hit (hybrid/results weighted by site popularity/others' hits)
    Direct Searches
    [material(s) "hidden" from or data not easily or entirely searchable/accessible from general search tools] (by Gary Price) (also see 'invisible databases' below) [extensive, reference, bookshelf, library, librarian, faq, faqs, facts, research]
    Disinformation - A Sub-Culture Search Engine/Directory
    Ditto (images)
    DMOZ Open Directory - About (human/directories) [used by AOL Search , AltaVista , HotBot , Google , Lycos , Netscape Search ]
    Dogpile Multi-Engine Search (13) (meta search)
    Domain Crawler (Search for • Domain names • IP addresses • AS numbers)
    Domain Tools
    (Link source: Freepint.com by Gary Price. Quote: "Domain Tools is another site-analysis toolbox [toolkit]. On this one I [Price] like the ReverseIP look-up facility, ..")
    Dr. Webster's Catagorized Searches (portal)
    DSL Availibility Search by ZIP Code
  • E    (click on letter to return to top)
    ED WWWeb Policy & Procedures - Style/Markup [Mar 98]
    eHow - How to Get Things Done - Centers - Index - Help (useful)
    Education & Dictionary Searches (from Harrold's K-12 study links page)
    Engwho (engineering)

  • EuroSeek European Multi-Language & Multi-Regional Search Engine [40 lingua
    EuroPages-European Business Directories Multi-Language Searchs [30 countries]
    Excite & Add Your URL (computer)
    Expo21xx (electronic fairground, trade shows, exhibitions, trade fairs, related news; industry, service, consumer, business) [Search]
    EZ-Find - 1 Multiple Engine Query with no retyping (portal)
  • F    (click on letter to return to top)
    Fan Sites - Actors, Actresses, Child, Bands, Musicians, NASCAR (celebrity)
    Faganfinder URLInfo
    (Link source: Freepint.com by Gary Price. Quote: "Faganfinder URLInfo is a toolkit with translation, who is lookups, links to Alexa, search-engine utilities, blogs and more. A real 'Swiss army knife' of a site.")
    Fast Search
    FastSearch 23+ Engines (portal)
    Federal Government Internet Guide (Washington Post)
    Federal Government Search List of Internet Sites
    Federation of East & Central European Family History Societies (FEEFHS) Searches [Harrolds]
    Fedworld, National Tech. Info. Service, U.S. Dep't. of Commerce (gov)
    FEEFHS's Top Genealogy Search Engines
    Ferretsoft's Downloads Help You Find Email Addresses, Phone #s, Web Searches, Info, & Files
    FileZ - Win,Dos,NT,Apps,Graphics,Audio - Programs/File Searches
    Filamentality - Pacific Bell's Knowledge Network Explorer, Easy to Use
    FindLaw (law)
    FindLaw Dict., News, URLP,Gov't., Cons't., Codes, Circuits, Opinions + Links (law)
    FindLink - 'Safe & Clean' Net Searching (moderated URL directories)
    Find Same (content not keyword, check for URLs w/duplicate material)
    FinditQuick (Find It Quick + jobs search) FindSpot Search Tips & 'How To' Examples Shown For Major Engines (portal)
    Fisher-Rios Military, Nursing, & Mental Health Directories Online Searches [29Mar99]
    FoneFind - US, CA & International Phone Code Searches
    Fotosearch: Stock Photography Search and Stock Footage SearchAdvanced Stock Photo and Stock Video Search
    (search fifty+ image sources, find royalty-free photography, clipart pictures, illustrations, video clips, vector maps, and background clip art imagery..over 700,000 images) (keywords: photo photograpy footage video videos image images search searches)
    Frame Search (multi-engine, portal)
    Free 411 phone directory assistance or call 1-800-FREE411 ( 1-800-373-3411 )
           • Use it online
           • compare 411 rates
           • Snopes: True (Aug06)
    FreeFind Search Engine
    Freepint's Direct Search (also see, above: Direct Searches)
    (Link source: Freepint.com by Gary Price. Quote: "[Gary Price's]..direct search is a growing compilation of links to the search interfaces of resources that contain data not easily or entirely searchable/accessible from general search tools like Alta Vista, Google, or Hotbot.")
    Frontier's Software Search
  • G    (click on letter to return to top)
    Galaxy Classified & Directories Search
    Geographic Data Search
    Genealogy, name, family tree searches (Harrold's genealogy links list)
    Get Human (avoid automated answering systems, directory of 400+ companies (Aug06))
          • Tips on contacting human operators
          • The database of human contacts.
    GI Joe - Where'd He Go? Links to find former military personnel/friends (military, by Sandy Berger, AARP May00)
    GSNF Intro to Internet Searching   Research & Searching Tools
    Global Ads (multi-engine, portal)
    GLOSS - Stanford U,,US 'Computer-Science Technical-Reports' Search & NCSTRL
    Go.com (hybrid/Infoseek)
    Go2Net - FAQ + MetaSpy What's Being Searched? (filtered) [meta crawler]
    Goo++ GooPlusPlus multi search, a Google-Centered Compact Meta Search & Personal Links Home Page Manager by Bob Carroll, Las Vegas, Nevada, US
    GoHip! & Add URL Info & Add URL [one or more engines]
    Google & Info & FAQ & Add URL [bus. focus] (hybrid/ranks by links-popularity, 48 languages)
    Google Answers (Ask A Question. Set A Price. Get Your Answer) (ask 500+ experts)
    Google Site Search for searching just your web site       Add a customized search engine to your own web site using Google's Co-Op
    Gopher Jewels, the Original Internet, includes genealogy sites
    Go Search (catagorized, multi-engine, portal)
    GoTo & Search Page (hybrid/Harvest style Index/US$ get higher result/non-pay Inktomi)
    GovBot - Database of Government Web Sites by CIIR
    Government Phone, Email, & Addresses - US Fed, State, Local, Foreign & Search
    GPO - Fed. Government. Info. Search, Selected Web Sites
    GTE Superpages (business)
  • H    (click on letter to return to top)
    Haverford College's Index of Web & Gopher Servers of Computer Science [1997]
    Harvest, Example List of Broker Sites
    Healthwide (portal, health/medical searches, Google)
    Hicks Web/People/News/Wx Searches (portal)
    Highway 61 (meta search with humor)
    Hippias (philosophy)
    HotBot [multi-lingual] [see FEEFHS's above] & Check URLs & Add URL & Plain Text Version
    (hybrid/1st page-DirectHit,2nd Inktomi/URLs Open Dir)
    Hotels & Motels Worldwide, search (src: discounthotels.co.uk)
    Hotpads - a map-based rental housing search site
    Host Name, Domain Name or IP Address Searches for Latitude/Longitude location
    Hotwords - Go to Sites Rather Than A List (meta search)
    Hyper Index Search
  • I    (click on letter to return to top)
    iAtlas [business focus]
    I Found It! - Genealogy Search Engine
    Imperial County, CA Office of Ed., CA & Federal Resources/Searches (gov)
    IncyWincy (invisible web)
    Index of Indices & WWW Searches (described) & Email & UseNet
    Industrial Manufacturers Directory (IQS Directory)
    Inference Infind & News Example & About [multi-engine meta/catalogs results by group]
    Infohiway Directory Search
    Infoseek & Add Your URL & HTML How To...Links
    InfoSpace Email Name Search (e.g. Harrold Surname Found 1000+US 250+UK 10+DE)
    InfoSpace - Find People, Places, Things, Main Search Page & Add URL
    InfoSpace White Yellow Pages Government Reverse Lookup Cities (people/phone/address/email)
    infoUSA Reverse Searches (people, telephone, address, email)
    Inktomi Searches (the engine inside some others, examples in Au, Nz, Us, Ja)
    Inomics (economics)
    Internet Archive, The
    (The Wayback Machine, started 24Oct01, world's largest internet database, 10B pages, 100+ Terabytes)
    internet.com Index Search & CyberAtlas eBusiness/Technology Resources (bus/net demographics)
    Internets (invisible web)
    InterNIC's Domain Name Registration & URL Search for .com .net .org & .edu
    Invisible Web (invisible web)
    Iran Index  and  Dictionary - Free Online English to Persian eMail with Translation (Farsi,Arabic)
    Iran & Mid-East Seach & Search Engines List (English)
    Iran Portal Page Index (categorized) (src: Pars Times)
    (and links to searches; general, international & specialized search engines; search directories; meta search engines; image search engines; reference & subject directories; and online translation links)
    Internet Oracle (portal, catagorized)
    Internet Searches (8) (portal)
    iTools (multiple search methods)
    Invisible Databases
    Invisible Gateways
    Invisible Web, The
    Ixquick (meta, multi-lingual)
    ( Dansk  - Deutsch  - English  - English UK  - Español  - Français  - Italiano  - Nederlands  - Norsk  - Polski  - Português  - Suomi  - Svenska  - Türkçe  -  -  -  - )
    It's Useful (relevant web search, meta)
  • J    (click on letter to return to top)
  • Jayde - 20 Search Engines/Indices & Add URL (w/links to other Add URL sites)
  • K    (click on letter to return to top)
    KartOO w/visual display interfaces (meta) (uses flashplayer from: Shockwave(English)
    Kids - Kids Click (web search for kids by librarians, 600+ subjects, pictures, sounds)
    Kids - Kids Click - Dewey Decimal Search
    Kids - Internet for Kids (portal)
    Kids - Kids Search Engines & URL Directories, Education & Reference
    Kresch's Search Engines Direct Queries (17" Screen) & (14/15" Screens) & Email Searches
  • L    (click on letter to return to top)
    Langenberg's WWW- Religion- Reverse Searches & deceased SSN/SOC (people/phone/portal)
    LawCrawler & FindLaw Library 10000+ References (law)
    Law Guru 450+Resources Search & Legal Questions/Answers (law)
    Librarians' Index to the Internet (U. California)
    Library of Congress (LOC) 'Harvest' Index & Searches & Historical Documents
    Link Centre, Search Engine, Genealogy Pages - Brierley Hill, West Midlands, UK & Main Page
    LinkMonster Website Search & Announcements
    Liszt's Auto-Search 84k+USENet NewsGroups & IRC Chat Dir's & E-Mail Discussion[fast]
    Lasoo - Location Finder, Contemporary (world click map, public establishments, maps)
    Local.com "local businesses, products, services and people, jobs, classified" + UK Local
    LookSmart Searches US [syntax help] & AU & UK & How To Add URLs (human/AltaVista)
    Lycos Web Search at Lycos & Add Your URL (hybrid/OpenDir/DirectHit)
    Lycos People Finder & Ancestor Search
    Lycos' Pictures & Sounds Multimedia Search
    Lynx - Active Search, Submit, & Promote Web Sites
  • M    (click on letter to return to top)
    MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK -- Yellow Pages Industrial Directory (200K American and Canadian manufacturers)
    Magellan [Excite] & Observe Random Real-Time Queries (voyeur)
    Mamma - Can also search for MP3, Image, Sound Files (meta search)
    Map Muse (find places to work, live, play, learn, + brands, real estate, and places of general interest)
    Mario's "Open Sources Deep Search" (news, military, government)
    Matchsite (meta search)
    Matisse's Online Searchs & Search Resources
    Matrix, The: of Internet Search Engines and Catalogs & Searchable Indices
    Mechanical Bull Info & Searches (10) (metasearch,java/css rodeo)
    Medieval Resources, Hist. Dep't., Catholic UofA, netSERF-1000+Links & Email: Beau A.C. Harbin
    MedWorld (medical)
    Meta Gopher (meta search)
    Meta Search (meta search)
    Metacrawler - Search 9 Engines &/or Usenet Newsgroups (meta-search)
    (Metacrawler allows you to query several top search engines at one time. Results are shown on the same page)
    MetaFind - 6 Engine Search & FAQ (meta-search)
    Metahoo - an Ad-free web portal, search results by relevance and source. A search option allows users to select an information Optional searches: web, directory, news, jobs, auctions, MP3, pictures, weather
    Microsoft's Experimental search engine (13Jul04, MSN)
    MooonBaby: Search Engine and Directory and Search MoonBaby.com
    MSN - Advanced & Add URL (hybrid/LookSmart/AltaVista/DirectHit))
    Midwest Web Group's - Index of Databases on Individuals
    Microsoft's "Live Search"
    Mike's Links to 600+ Search Engines & Page of Web Resources
    Military - SearchMil.com
    Military City, 10.5+ Million US Military Records, Membership & Some Free Access, Live Chat
    Military Dependent Schools & DoDDS/DoDEA WebRing
    Military Brats Online [many search for (locate) people links]
    Military-Brats Registry (also related books) [links]
    Mining Company - 500+ Moderated Categories & Index
    MultiMeta (metasearch, includes Acoon & Yahoo DE)
    MultiSearch Canada
    My Search Engines (Add a search engine to your website, make your own search engine page, choose from thousands of search engines, access your personal search engine page from anywhere)
    myGO Searches (meta search)
    My Space Online (search portal, Map/Graphical Interface)
    MyQuest.in - India / Dehli NCR Directory Search, categorized, including movies, weather, hotels, restuarants, retail, general, hospitals, medical, currency converter
  • N    (click on letter to return to top)
    National Archives of Canada, Former Military & Civilian Personnel Records
    NARA Archival Information. Locator (NAIL) & Search Page &
    Military Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, MO, US & MPRC Email
    NASA (National Air & Space Administration) -alt- NASA Space Link
    NARA Other Search Sites - Military, Veteran, Museum, Alumni, USGOV
    National Institute of Health-National Library of Medicine-Grateful Med
    National Vets Archives - Databases of Military Veterans' Reunions
    Nerdworld Business & General Web searches (directory)
    NetAcer (meta search (30) + specialized categories)
    (Link source: Freepint.com by Gary Price. Quote: "Netcraft provides a number of tools [toolkit] for looking at web hosts. My most-used tool is the "SearchDNS" tool that allows you to find web sites containing selected keywords or characters.")
    Netscape - Netcenter [human/syntax help/multi-enginelingual/OpenDir/Google]
    The News Index - Search 300+ Current News Sources br> Northern Light Search & Alternate URL & Add URL
    NW Iowa C. Search, Reference, & Library Links (www,edu,lib,ref)
  • O    (click on letter to return to top)
    Ollo Advertising Business Directory (free listings, Apollo)
    OneSeek - Web Rings & multi-engine searches
    Open Directory (DMOZ) - About (human/directories)
    Open Text Pin-Stripe (business)
    Opera Browser's Search Engines & Links - Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany
    Opera MyOpera Portal Searches Page
    Oyaka.com "Local Events & Ticketing Websites" (U.K, Ireland and U.S.)
  • P    (click on letter to return to top)
    Patrick's Searches (200+) (multi search/meta search/java)
    Pianopedia Search Engine for piano teachers, students, performing pianists. ( in English or Français )
    (link source: SBC KNE BLue Web'n - "800 composers, 5100+ works, & 14700+ movements. Creator: Dr. Eric Brisson. Grade Level: HS, College, Adult/Professional. Content Area: Arts (Music), Community Interest (Reference Desk) [Dewey #780] Application type: Tools]")
    Pepe Search (Fast Search)
    Photos and Images of Macro Universe, Aerial View (cost $ gif fee based) and Free Stock Images (featurepics.com)
      Picture, Image, Video and Audio searches
      [age appropriateness may be configured or filtered in some, see their respective options]
    1. AltaVista Audio & MP3s (sounds, music)
    2. AltaVista Image Search (pictures)
    3. AltaVista Video (videos)
    4. Bedford/St. Martin's U.S. History Image Library (pictures, 300+)
    5. Blinkx (TV, videos)
    6. Flickr (pictures, you can store share sort images)
    7. Google Video (videos, info about)
    8. iFilm - Video, User Video, Movies, Trailers, Music and Viral Videos
    9. Library of Congress: Prints & Photographs Reading Room (pictures, images people, events, historical/history, architecture, environment, PPOC-Prints & Photographs Online Catalog)
    10. NASA Image Exchange (pictures, photos, images, video, movies, audio, sound/sounds)
    11. Pics4Learning (pictures, copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students)
    12. PicSearch (pictures)
    13. Search for Video (News Sports Entertainment Business Technology Health Viral)
    14. Scran media costs money (images, movies, sounds - free thumbnails only, full access registration, Scotland trust)
    15. United Streaming costs money (pictures, videos - Not Free; however, has 30-day public, private or home school/homeschool free trial)
    16. Yahoo Audio (sounds, music)
    17. Yahoo Images (pictures, info about)
    18. Yahoo Video (videos)
    19. You Tube - Broadcast Yourself

    20. [ credit: some links sourced from: "How To: Find Good Sources of Online Images" by Jeffrey Branzburg (Branzburg.com), published in "Technology & Learning" magazine, Vol. 26, Nu.8, March 2006, p.34; TechLearning.com ]
    PlanetSearch & Add Your URL
    Polar Search (Scandanavia-Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Iceland)
    Political Information (political, politics)
    POW-MIA Search (Scope Systems)w/Multiple Criteria
    POW/MIA Database [121,764](LOC) & TaskForce Russia & 85 Country Studies Links
    Prodigy Personal Web Pages Search [dated]
    ProFusion - Select 3 Best/3 Fastest/or 9 Engines (meta search)
    Process Industry Supplier Registry
    (index of links to:Manual compilation of process suppliers to easily source manufacturers of process, energy and manufacturing products such as valves, pumps and strainers. The site includes free magazines, jobs, news and events. )
    Proteus - Search 24 Engines/8 meta-crawlers
    PsychCrawler (psychology)
    PureSearch - meta, general, specialty & reference (multi-engine meta)
  • Q    (click on letter to return to top)
    QuestFinder.com FFAL URL Directory
    "Quintura for Kids" - a visual and intuitive search engine for children
  • R    (click on letter to return to top)
    Raging Search (text relevance/link analysis, 350M+ indexed, May2000) - Information About
    Reflector (not a search engine, java script for Gnutella networking)
    REX - The Internet Resource Exchange, A URL Directory
    RightBot (directory)(family friendly)
    Robots, Spiders, Crawlers Index - Bots, Agents, Hosts - More - FAQ's - Française
    Romany (Caribbean oriented)
    Russia On The Net - Russian Search Engine/URL Directory
    • Translate Russian Translator/Translators:
       Promt-Online & RusTran
  • S    (click on letter to return to top)
    San Francisco Call's 1869 Births, San Francisco,, CA, US & Genealogy Indices [Harrold]
    Satellite Views of Earth, search (Microsoft TerraServer, USGS) [U.S. ZI & Alaska]
    SavvySearch - Can Create Customized Meta Searches (meta search)
    ScanDoo - pre-checks Google, MSN, or Yahoo searches for problems then displays search results
    School News' High School & College Alumni Listing
    Scour Net - Multimedia Search, Optimized for Images, Sound, Video
    Scrub-the-Web Search Engine & Add Your URL(s) Real Time, No Delays & Scrub Beta (4/98)
    Search Broker - U.of AZ (400+Engines/Directories at Once) & One Page Help & Index
    Search City (2400+ Engines/Directories, Portal)
    Search Engine Land & Daily Search Cast, Search Engine News
    (.mp3, Webmaster Radio, iTunes & Yahoo podcast) [ 11Dec06, About Danny Sullivan Services ]
    Search Engine Report ("Search Engine Watch", large index to engines, categorized, analysis)
    Search Engine Resources & search engine (searching) tutorials (Bob Drudge's: categorized by type and by service)
    SearchIt & Add URL
    Searchopolis (education/research oriented)
    Search, Specialty, Meta, News, Children, Regional, FAQs, Fun, Newsletter & Sitemap
    SeachQB.com - search engine for football scouts, GMs, journalists, and gridiron fanatics (Google custom search)
    Security Search - The Security Search Engine
    Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR database of public companies (SEC, company) [also see: 'Bureau van Dijk']
    Securities and Exchange Commission full-text searching of company reports (beta) (SEC, companies) [also see: 'Bureau van Dijk']
    Senior Citizens Search Portal
    SENSUS: Voice Speaking Internet BrowserDownload it here (read web page text directly in the browser, e.g. online books) [ Providing Internet Access to the Blind and Partially Sighted ]
    Seti-Search, Select Multiple Engines to Search
    Simple Search
    Shtetl Seeker (find obscure town names with a 'sounds like' or lat-long search)
    Singing Fish [also see: media players/browser plugins]
    ( audio/video search engine - "Find free Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, and mp3 media in music, news, movies, sports, TV and radio, and finance categories." - family filterable )
    Site See Submission Service - Position Evaluator
    Slovenia (Slovenije) Web Index & Telephone Directories
    Snap (hybrid/URL Directory/Inktomi)
    SocioWeb (sociology)
    Sohu.com Chinese graphic 中文
    (SpeechBot: a search engine for audio & video content hosted & played from other websites)
    Special Engines
    Specialized, National, Regional, Subject Specific + Synonym dictionaries & thesauri
    Starting Point, A Search & Directory - MetaSearches ± 170
    Stilbite (Meta)
    StreetEYE - Market Quotes/Business/News Search
    StudyBuddy - AOL & Blinkx K-12 search engine
    (about Study Buddy, by Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service, 9Aug06)
    Subjex (dialog based search, talk in human-like conversation)
    Sullivan's Search Engine Watch - News, Help, Tips, Lists & More
    SuperPromo Search Directory [UK]
    SurfPoint URL Indices Search & 6 Multi-Lingual Search Engines [32 languages]
    SurfWax meta
    Sygol search (directory)
    ( Submit your URL(s) into Sygol &/or Add Sygol to your web page(s) )
  • T    (click on letter to return to top)
    Teach-nology Portal
    Ted's Links to Search Engines & Directories
    Telephone Directories, World Wide, 40+countries (people, telephone)

    The Search Page
    For People Who Want to Search for Something but Do Not Know Where to Start (by J. Marcus Ziegler)
    Thomas - Library of Congress (LOC) Legislative Information on the Internet
    Topica - Categorized eMail & List Directories (people, lists, directories, topical)
    (Trexy is a research tool that remembers your searches on more than 3000 search engines & allows users to follow in the footsteps of other searchers.)
    Turnpike's Catalogues, Indices and Virtual Libraries & Fun Stuff (e.g. bagpipes)
  • U    (click on letter to return to top)
    UFO Crawler (UFO=Unidentified Flying Object) [IBM/Yahoo]
    U.S. Business Advisor (Federal Government Business Information & Searches
    U.S. City Locations; lat/long, Zip postal code, County Name, & more
    U.S. Combat Casualty Digest & Veteran/Military Links
    U.S. Geological Survey (Maps/Location Searches, Reston,, VA 20192, US)
    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office & Databases & Searches
    U.S. Postal Service Zip+4 Address Lookup
    USENET, Internet Groups, DejaNews -- Groups.Google.com
    UniSci - Daily University Science News Search (science)
  • V    (click on letter to return to top)
    Ventana AsiaPacific Search Engine & International Directories & Search
    Virtual Tourist, geographic directory of all the WWW servers in the world
    Vivisimo (displays hierarchal relationships)
  • W    (click on letter to return to top)
    W3 Search, Info Servers, Software People, Pubs/FAQs, Docs, Speech
    Web Cam Resource (1000+ Links)
    Web Cruiser - Multi-Engine/Multi-Directory Single Query Search & Add URL
    Web Doctors (1600+Engines,Indices,Databases,FFA [Free for All] Directories/Yellow Pages)
    Web Search 2K (family oriented)
    Web Search.com Directory & Add URL
    WebCam Spider Search & Catergorized & Panorama More Pans (webcams)
    WebCrawler [spider] & Add Your URL · Web · Images · Audio · Video · News · Yellow Pages · White Pages
    WebCrawler Voyeur Loses Second Sight icon for change (Sadly, one of the first services that let you see what people were searching for online, WebCrawler Voyeur, has closed. Excite@Home, which operates WebCrawler, says it might come back in the near future.)
    Web Lens
    (4,500 Web Search Tools, Information, Tutorials, Tips'n Tricks, Scholarly & Academic Research, Writers, Women, Seniors)
    What's New Too!
    whatUseek Web Directory - Add Your URL
    White Pages + zipcodes/maps/URLs (people, telephone)
    Whois - Domain Names Defined & Rules - More (from register.com)
    Who Is - Learn2 Register A Domain Name
    Who Is - Asia Pacific Information Centre (APNIC) & Search (Asia & Pacific)
    Who Is - ARIN name, IP address, ASN, host name search & FAQ (Americas & Southern Africa)
    Who Is - (ICA N) The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (URL & IP#s)
    ICANN Responds To House Committee by Declan McCullagh (8Jul99)
    ICANN - List of Accredited and Accreditation-Qualified Registrars [of Domain Names]
    ICANN - Domain Name Registrars' Contact Information & Links to Them
    Who Is - ICANN Country Code(s) Top Level Domains e.g. .US/.UK/.RU/.TC (CCTLDs)
    Who Is - ICom's Services "Is the URL you want taken?" InterNIC Search
    Who Is - idNames URL Search & FAQs re Domain Name Registration (DNR)
    Who Is - Interlog Internet Services (DNR) including .CA domains
    Who IS - Internic, A Critique By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (ZDNet, 2Apr99)
    Who Is - Internic Domain Name Registration (DNR) (Search For/Register Domain Names)
    Who Is - Regional Internet Registry (RIR) (RIPE) NCC & Searches (Europe/Surrounding Areas)
    Who Is - Register.com (Search For/Register Domain Names)
    Widow Meta Search
    WolframAlpha WolframAlpha search engine favicon (about)
    (Quote from Stephen Wolfram, "..ask a computer any factual question, and have it compute the answer.")
    Wombat, Australian & New Zealand Oriented
    World wide X.500/LDAP Directory for a WWW client
    WWW Surf & Internet Resources & Searches
    WWWHunter & Add URL (business)
    WWWomen - The Virtual Woman (female oriented)
  • X    (click on letter to return to top)
  • Y    (click on letter to return to top)
    Yahoo! (human) & Add Your URL & Add Your URL & Submission Tips
    Yahoo WebRings
    Yahooligan's - Yahoo's Kid Safe Internet Search Browser
    Yahoo Search Engine List, Compare, How to Search, URL Directories - 1300+ Sites
    Yoofindit.com: Search Directory (w/Yahoo Tech News)
    YRIF's WebABLE Links Search for Disabled & Internet Accessibility Needs
    Yellow Pages, Tel phone Book Searches
  • Z    (click on letter to return to top)
    Zolex's Categorized Searches (portal)

    Intelligently search the Internet in your own language
    Enter your query
    Leave original Powered by InterTran (tm)
    Please MOVE AND HOLD your MOUSE CURSOR over the little DOWN ARROWS in the translated web page in order to see a pop-up window with POSSIBLE TRANSLATIONS.
    A1. Top Non-English Search Engines: Top

    Algunos En Español:   Motores de búsqueda y directorios en Español   (Spanish)
    Buscadores (multiple/online)
    Buscartigo en Español (Search engine on news and scientific articles specialized in Human and Applied Social Sciences, like Accounting, Business, Economics, History, Law, Philosophy and Sociology in Brazil)
    Kids.Net.AU en Español
    Buscartigo (Search engine on news and scientific articles specialized in Human and Applied Social Sciences, like Accounting, Business, Economics, History, Law, Philosophy and Sociology: Brazil)
    El Sitio - USA, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, México, Uruguay, Venezuela, Otros países (de Buenos Aires)
    Español Search Engines (incluye después 3 conexiones)
    Escape Artist - una lista de sur/latino-americano catalogos/busqueda en Español
    Máquinas de Busqueda (127+, Bienvenidos a la sección de Buscadores Hispaños, Titulares el primer buscador de noticias-encluye enlaces a la información de 70 medios españoles)
    Muy Bueno & eMail Gratis, Bi-Lingual (San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Monterey, & Sacramento, Ca., US)
    Netscape España y América Latina
    ¡Olé! - Buscar Temas, Arbol, Publicidad, Estadísticas, AllEurope
    Online Resource for Students & Teachers of Spanish
    Open chile - Información de Internet en Chile y el mundo y Preguntas Frecuentes (FAQ)
    Periscopio (chat, foros, email, tele/radio, traductor)
    Picosito (English) & en Español,
    El Hogar de la Comunidad Hispana/Latina en el Internet
    Hispanic/Latino Online Community
    QuePasa en Español en Englis   (portal; Phoenix, AZ, US)
    Star Media, Brazil Global:   Argentina - Brasil - Chile - Colombia - España
    México - Perú - Puerto Rico - Uruguay - Venezuela - Otros Países + Latin Red (comunidad latina) & Open Chile (CL) & Paisas (CO)
    Tarantula (México)
    Yahoo México - US en Español y en España
    YUPI MSN icon for change y ¿Qué es Yupi? icon for change US En Español Y En España
    In Arabic:
    Al-Bawaba (‘The Gateway’ in Arabic, a mid-East search portal) (also in English)
    In Chinese:
    Baidu (??) : a Chinese search engine
           ( Definition/description of Baidu from Wikipedia: "..resembles..Google.. As of March 2005, ..the seventh most visited site on the Internet.
             Its name translates to "hundreds of times" in English." )

    Sina - China - H.K. & Greater China - Taiwan - North America & Chinese worldwide - English
    In Deutsch:
    Bingooo, Download (140+ agents)
    Deutsche Suchmaschinen (German Search Engines) & 98 Deutschsprachige Suchmaschinen
    Gratis anmelden bei Suchmaschinen
    Inference - Die Intelligente Schnelle Parallele Web Suche von Inference Corporation
    Kids.Net.Au in Deutsch
    Law - Hyperlinks zu anderen interessanten (Völkerrecht)
    Allgemeines-Vereinte Nationen-ICJ, Tribunal-WTO-NATO-Menschenrechte-Regierungen, Ministerien etc.
    MultiMeta (metasuchen)
    Netscape Deutschland
    ShareLook Deutschland
    Suchspion (Suchspion - Deutsche Suchmaschine und Internetverzeichnis) [Search Spy]
    Toool.de (a German site, groups search engines into categories)
    (Universiteitsbibliotheek is a collection of search engine links, specially designed to assist students in research on the Internet. The search engines listed are mostly subject and discipline specific.)
    Universiteitsbibliotheek's Free-access bibliographies in the Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences and General Science
    Universiteitsbibliotheek's index of special search engines and searchable directories
    In Française:
    Inference - la recherche parallèle rapide et intelligente sur le Web
    Kids.Net.Au: Français,
    Voila & Explorez les Newsgroups
    Sharelook France
    Resources for first-time travelers to France A new item animated gif.
    More Foreign Search Engines/Portals At:
    AllSearchEngines International List SEs - by Country & All Search Engine Links Categorized
    Orientation.com - By Geograpic Region (Beyond North America & Europe)
    OperaSoftware's - US/German/Scandanavian Searches Page
    Australia - iiNet Internet/Categories/Specialized [Anzwers/Looksmart]
    Austria/Österreich - Sharelook
    Argentina/Latin America - La Brujula
    Belgium/Belgien - Sharelook
    Big Kid - 13 International Search Sites
    Finland (& TV1/TV2/MTV3/Nelonen Links)
    Google (Chinese Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Icelandic Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Spanish Swedish)
    International Search Engines/Indices
    Japan - DoKoDa Search Engine
    Japan - InfoSeek Search
    Microsoft Search Portals by Country
    Norway/Norsk/Norwegian - Nettvik
    Norway/Norsk/Norwegian - Kvasir
    Buscartigo versão em Português (Search engine on news and scientific articles specialized in Human and Applied Social Sciences, like Accounting, Business, Economics, History, Law, Philosophy and Sociology in Brazil)
    Russia-On-Line NetSearch
    Schweiz/Switzerland - Sharelook
    Svenska/Sweden/Swedish - Sunet WWW & In English
    Animated Horizontal Line Break

    B. Top Add Your URLs to Web Search Engines' Indices At: Top
    1. Alexa web site robot crawler
    2. AltaVista http://add-url.altavista.com/cgi-bin/newurl?
      IMPORTANT! If you fail to include the ? at the end of the URL above, you will only get a blank page.
    3. Anzwers [easy entry(ies)] (AU/NZ)
    4. AOL (Excite engine)
    5. EuroFerret
    6. Excite
    7. Hotbot & Check If Already Indexed
    8. InfoMak
    9. InfoSeek
    10. Lycos (+ Check If Already Indexed)
    11. Northern Light
    12. Planet Search (© Philips Electronics N.V.)
    13. Voilà : Enregistrement de votre site Web ( © France Télécom )
    14. Web Crawler
    15. Webaholics, AAA + Add to Several URL Directories &
    16. World Homepage Archive, AAA Matilda [personal pages only, rotating, fun]
    17. whatUseek (non-shock waved)
    18. Ad Station
    19. Add Me - Submit Your URL to 34 Search Engines/Indices
    20. AllTheWeb
    21. Google
    22. GoHip!
    23. InfoSpace
    24. Jayde To 10 Add URLs & Best 100 Engines/Indices
    25. LookSmart - How to Add URLs
    26. Magellan [Excite]
    27. Microsoft (MSN) [Submit!]
    28. MOSHIx2 [Alise] (US-Japan)
    29. Northern Light
    30. PlanetSearch
    31. QuestFinder (FFAL)
    32. Riot - Link Submission
    33. SearchIt
    A Horizontal Line GIF of Kilroy Was Here
      And, articles by David Gikandi :   [ http://www.searchpositioning.com/articles.shtml ]
    1. Web & Search Engines Facts You Need To Know!
    2. Search Engine Specifics
    3. The Ultimate Keyword Optimization Guide for Search Engine Positioning.
    4. Search Engine Spam: Useful Knowledge for the Web Site Promoter
    5. How to Get Top Search Engine Positioning
    6. 64% Internet Marketing
    7. Search Engine Positioning Going Mainstream [doorway pages]
    8. plus
    9. When and Where to Submit Your Site to Search Engines (BusyMarketing.com)
    C. Top Help & Tips on How To Search, Ranking, Doorway Pages: Top

    How To Search, Help'n Tips:
    Articles on Internet Searching
    (link source: http://www.freepint.com)
    Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook
    ( by Ran Hock, link source: http://www.freepint.com )
    authoritative free websites with licensed databases
    (San José Public Libraries & the San José California, US State University Library, link source: http://www.freepint.com)
    A Picture Graph of The Entire Internet  by  Cheswick & Burch (links) (Can Buy As Posters)
    How to 'Find it on the web'-by Matt Lake & Dylan Tweney [article, PCWorld Jun99]
    Results Ranking in Web Search Engines-Martin P. Courtois & Michael W. Berry (ONLINE, May99)
    Summary of Search Engine Facts
    How To Use Web Search Engines, The Spider's Apprentice & Ranked & Analysis - Linda Barlow
    Advanced Searching: Tricks of the Trade /a>
    Beyond Surfing: Tools & Techniques for Searching the Web
    Browser Watch - Browsers Ranked by Per Centage Used on the Net
    What Search Spiders Look For, Tips, Facts, Tutors, Ranking, Newsletter
    Background Info: 'What Are Reverse Directories/Searches?'
    Internet Use by Teachers
    Internet Search Tips & Strategies (Robert Harris, SCCU)
    Links to You, Check Total # of Links to You on Major Search Engines.p
    The URL submission process, step-by-step + high listing techniques. by Jim Rhodes
    Search - Tutor, Web Search Tutor & Page Content & Publicizing & Mail Info & Home w/photo (Jim Rhodes)
    Some Useful Terms to Know About Adding URLS & Search Engines. by Robert Woodhead
       KidsClick - How to Web Search- Subject Lists- Sorted Guides- Using Words & Numbers- Keyword Searches- Related Words/Common & Rare- And, Or, Not, Phrases- Robot vrs Human Databases- Selection versus Filtering- Multimedia Pictures & Sounds- What is not on the Internet Web
    Ranking -or- How Search Engines Order/List Web Sites:
    Rank - Who will play domain names cop on the Net? [article, Howard Mintz,Mercury News,24Jun99]
    Rank - 'How to Get Your Site Listed On the Web' (Excite)
    Rank - Improve Web Page Position on Search Engines (IMC Newsletter)
    Rank - Yahoo's Links to Listing Your URLs into Search Engines & Directories
    Rank - Maintain Your Search Engines Positions (Dawn Gray, Author & Ezine Publisher)
    Virtual Librarian's - Web Searching, Sleuthing, & Sifting; Tutorial Lessons
    Doorway Pages:
    Doorway Pages, What Are They? How to?
    "Cyber Squatting:"
    If the U.S. Senate 'Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act' becomes law,
    trademark owners will be able to sue for statutory damages if anoth r company
    registers its trademark as a domain name, according to sponsor Sen. Orrin Hatch (Aug99)
    Ruling Puts Domain Name Entitlement in Question.
    by Davan Maharaj & Karen Kaplan (9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals) (LA Times, 23Aug99)

    Animated Horizontal Line Break

    D. Top Odds & Ends - Correlate Time Lines, Events, or Places: Top

    AccuSubmit - Free Classified Ad Listing
    Amateur (HAM) Radio Call-Sign Lookup, Lon/Lat Mapping, WX - 1.9 Million+Entries
    Amateur (HAM) Lookup by Name, Address, Class, Postal Code, & Other
    Almanac - Facts, Figures, Fun & Research Links
    Assembly's - Free Bulletin Board System, Link To / Post / Reply to Public Messages
    BeSeen - Free Chat, BoardRoom, GuestBook, Quiz, Nav, Counters, Graphics
    On This Day in History (Harrold's links to)
    Legal- Peter Coffee, Court Case, Recording Streaming (audio) Bits [article, 26Oct98]
    Legal- HWG's Copyright & Internet Trademark Issues: Topics, Definitions, Sources & Links
    Legal- Terrence J. Carroll's Copyright FAQs & Links
    Legal- Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D.;Articles re Legal Issues & The Internet
    Legal- Benedict O'Mahoney 's Copyright Issues
    Legal- Brad Templeton's - 10 Big Myths About Copyright & Linking Issues
    Maps - Atlas by Location, Postal, Phone in Great Britain [links]
    Maps - Census Bureau, Map Index, Cities, Counties, Lon/Lat, Census, Fed/State Contacts
    Maps - Census Bureau, Locate US locations by Name, State, or 5-digit Zip (postal) code (Gazetteer)
    Maps, Census Bureau, Tiger Map Surfer, State/Regional/County/City layers
    Maps - Eagle GeoCoding, by Address, returns NAD-27 location, Postal, Census
    Maps, Geographic Corresponce Engine, mapping/source/target/demographics
    Maps - Map Blast, by Address/Postal - Canada & US & Advanced Search
    Maps - MapQuest, Interactive Atlas & Mappin Service
    Matilda - The World's Zip and Postal Codes Searches
    Perpetual Calendar & Types Catalog, Links, References & General References
    MSNBC Weather & Other Local City Resources
    NetSearch.com Product-Services Email Ezines
    Phillips' Java Scripted Morse Code Translator (java, links)
    U.S. Historical Census Data Browser
    US Naval Observatory Master Clock, On-Line Talking Universal Time Clock (needs RealAudio player)
    US Postal Service, Address or Zip Code+4 Lookup & FAQs - Addressing, Mail (Zip) Codes
    Virus Myths & Hoaxes
    Viruses - 'How to Avoid Them' (CNET, 5May99) (links - tutor, myths,protection)
    ( also see: Harrold's Anti-Virus, PC and LAN Security Links )
    WebCal's Events Search, 1966-2000
    Web Promote's Weekly Newsletter on Status of Search Engines
    Weather, Satellite, Radar, Jetstream Maps
    Web (hit) Counters, A Guide & Comparisons
    What Is In A Name by ParentSoup - Meanings, Origins
    Wolf Run Links to Free Web Resources
    Judi Wolinsky's Interactive Estimate,Calculate,Evaluate,Translation Calculators [Sci/Math,Health,Finance,Time]
    Animated Horizontal Line Break

    Animated Horizontal Line Break

    G. Top Blogs, List Servers' News Groups, Search Terms Popularity & Keywords Rankings: Top

    http://blogs.feedster.com :
    (news search engine that tracks RSS and blogs, indexing over one million syndicated sources)
    http://www.waypath.com :
    (tracks 4M+ blogs. You can search, or browse the many categories; In addition, the Most Active Topics, News Stories, and the Most Popular News Stories and Topics.)
    Google Groups
    http://groups-beta.google.com :
    (Formerly DejaNews, thousands f lists are available for searching)
    Yahoo! Groups
    http://groups.yahoo.com :
    (all sorts of consumer groups)
    http://lists.topica.com : (100K+ individuals and businesses use Topica's discussion groups.)
    Keywords Popularity
    http://hot.aol.com/hot/index.jsp :
    AOL's hot searches
    (17 categories, each category can be examined based on time increments of "Right Now," "Last Hour" and "Last 24 Hours." Plus, 2004 searches http://hot.aol.com/2004/ are broken into the following categories: Celebrities, Entertainment, Music, News, Sports, Health, Food, Shopping, Destinations, and Miscellaneous.)
    Ask Jeeves
    http://sp.ask.com/docs/about/jeevesiq.html :
    (tracking into four weekly categories: Top Searches, Top Advancing Searches, Top Vacation Searches and Top News Searches. ..also information on top searches for 2004 at http://www.primezone.com/newsroom/news_releases.mhtml?d=69802)
    Google Zeitgeist
    http://www.google.com/press/zeitgeist.html :
    (Google Zeitgeist lists the 2004 top five searches in 29 categories listed under Top Search Queries, Image Search Queries, Froogle Queries, and Local Search Queries)
    Lycos 50
    http://50.lycos.com :
    (weekly compilation of the top 50 searches)
    Yahoo! Buzz Index
    http://buzz.yahoo.com :
    (Yahoo! 15 sub-categories under the category of Today's Top Movers, Overall, Actors, Music, Sports, Television, Video Games; more information under the More Buzz category, like Decliners and Buzz for Kids. You can also view the Yahoo! Best of Search 2004 at http://tools.search.yahoo.com/top2004/.)
    Keyword Popularity
    http://www.wordtracker.com :
    (Wordtracker can be used two ways - what's hot now and a 24/7 banner that runs atop its homepage displayin ranking of the top 50 keywords on the Internet)
    http://uv.bidtool.overture.com/d/USm/search/tools/bidtool/ :
    (You can search on a keyword, find out how much the current bid is, and which term is the top bid)\
    http://www.alexa.com/site/ds/movers_shakers :
    (Once independent but now part of Amazon.com. Contains information on particular sites and rankings of the Top 500 and Most Popular 10,000 web sites.)

    From WordTracker.com
    (Top searched words today. These words are unfiltered)

    Also: MetaSpy Voyeur from Metacrawler Search Engine

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