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Government Resources: Federal, State, Local + California
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Selected Government Agencies, Index
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Contact Officials, Vote Histories, Ratings plus
Imperial Valley, Ca. gov't officials
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Presidential Transition, Electoral College, History of the Presidency
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Search Government Sources
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Political Parties, Elections, Political News & 2000 Election 2004 Candidates and for K-12
Presidential Election 2004 from Time for Kids
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DOD, Military, Veteran Sites
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Founding Documents
Founding Fathers
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Laws, Regulations, U.S. Code
                    • Hard to Find Data, US Gov & 10 Most Wanted Documents
"In God We Trust" and "under God" "Under God".
(by Richard E. Gardiner, April 2003)
"History of.."
(The history of a phrase. by James Piereson, 10/27/2003,
The Weekly Standard, Volume 009, Issue 07)
Preambles to State Constitutions of the United States
Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids by grade range & Gov't Sites by Agency, Alphabetical, or Subject for:
K-2 ~ 3-5 ~ 6-8 ~ 9-12 ~ Parents & Teachers and Harrold's Civics/Government Study Links
Be Heard. Download GovernMail which links people to government representatives around the world. Special sections for the US Senate and House. Includes world parliaments and leaders other countries. These listings include email addresses for world leaders. Users can write to leaders of other countries to let their voice be heard. Plus: Political news, C-Span live coverage of Senate and House, & popular news sources such as CNN or USA Today. A free advertiser supported program. (0.9MB)
MIT web site gathers and displays information on government (background, intro)
(Qoute: "Anyone can anonymously contribute information, but to ensure accuracy of submitted data, the system contacts the members of the government cited, giving them the opportunity for confirmation or denial.")

The (MIT) Government Information Awareness (GIA) site.
(Qoute: "In the United States, there is a widening gap between a citizen's ability to monitor his or her government and the government's ability to monitor a citizen. Average citizens have limited access to important government records, while available information is often illegible. Meanwhile, the government's eagerness and means to oversee a citizen's personal activity is rapidly increasing.")

Congress for Kids
[K4-12+] Interactive learning fun, quizes, tours for students, teachers, parents, & citizens of all ages.
new item ani gif Schools: Emergency Preparedness -- URL:
(Source & H/T Cameron Banks, Community Outreach, Community for Accredited Online Schools,, P.O. Box 77041, San Francisco, CA 94107)
On March 1, 2003, a new U.S. Government Federal Agency was offically organized:
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
DHS Agencies & Components Structure
View a preliminary organizational chart of what the new Department will look like under the legislation. [.ppt format] (src: DHS)
Agencies absorbed by the DHS
Government structure after formation of Homeland Security Department (chart,
American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) DHS News [survey, FAQs, airport screeners, veterans] (
Federal Register (Search)
CFR (List of..)
Search Regulatory Databases
State Legislative issues
Federal Legislative Issues

FTC Do Not Call (phone number) Registry at FTC Identity Theft Help and Clearing House at FTC Info re SPAM eMail at
More Related Privacy/Government Web Sites + Harrold's Identity Theft & Spam & Spyware & Privacy Links

Federal Toll-Free Numbers & Phone Directories (FCIC, NCC) Federal 800 Numbers ( U.S. Government Blue Pages (federal, state, local) U.S. Gov. Phone & eMail Directories (
I.R.S. - Internal Revenue Service - Taxes
Compare Your Current Income Taxes Against a Flat-Tax System. Federal Taxes are only part of the Problem.
See Your Entire Burden with This Tax Calculator. + Tax Facts + Tax Relief Info (src: House Rep. Armey)
Here's Why: The Debt Clock (FY 2001) & Now in FY 2002 plus Official: The Public Debt, U.S. Treasury
[sources: 'Daily Republican', TIPS, & the U.S. Treasury]
Your Share is ~ $95,800.00+ !!! and 'speaking criminally', watch The Crime Clock
Jobs & Career News + Job Links
"Elections Aren't Won by Who Voted, They're Lost by Who Didn't" ~~ rfh
Who votes? (src: AP)
Federal Consumer Information Center + Resources Re September 11 + Our Flag: History, Presentation, Care
Congress in the News (searchable, LOC) & Bill Tracker, Current Legislation (H.R. & S.) []
(current bills, sponsers, last major action, by whom, amendments, cosponsors, summary, full text, related bills, House Union calendar #, Senate calendar #)
Political/Legal News & Government Press Releases & Speeches & Transcripts
[USGOV, Cabinent, Congress, HR, Senate, Supreme Court, Fire, Nuclear; Foreign Gov, Embassies, NGO] (src: NewsCenter GWU VA/DC)

18Jan04: Directory of RF [Russian Federation] Defense Related Agencies and Personnel

A. Top Government Resources: Top   10 Most Wanted Gov't Documents (CDT) ~ #10 Downing Street & FCO (U.K.) & Russia
Government Information Locator Service (GILS) State & Local Government on the Net Citizens Against Government Waste
"The Politics of Pork" aka "When Pigs Fly"
G.P.O. Gov't Links Official information at your fingertips
[branch, decisions, core, regs, law, bills]
Other databases
[federal agency file libraries (ffl), CBD, agencies]
FFL, alphabetical index from a to z
(50 per page) (100 per)
Federal Online Searches Locate/Search Gov't Sites USENET, Gov't & the Gov't News Usenet Hierarchy Gov't News Search
Federal Services Regularly Requested also available online in Plain Text The Federal Web Page Locator
eGov U.S. Government Links eGov International Government Links gksoft WWW Gov't Links Page
The White House Federal Government Guide Federal Consumer Information Center (FCIC) (FAQs & Useful Contacts) 1-800-FED-INFO
FirstGov - 30,000+ Federal Gov't Resources For Seniors, FirstGov Pension Search (PBCG) FedWorld
Government Secrecy Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Find States' Departments of Education, Contact Information
California NRA ( National Rifle Association ) Legislative Firearms News
Califonia Senate & Assembly & Index
California State Law (29 subject areas, searchable) & State Constitution & Statutes
California State & Federal Government Locators
California State & Local Government (LOC)
California City & County Governments (src:
[US/world newspapers, magazines, TV, publication/article searches: +17K links]
Census 2000 - Imperial County, California + More Details
Eldon R. Calwell's Imperial Valley Links
Harrold's Imperial Valley Links
Imperial County, California's ICOE Links
( Including: Southern California Teacher Recruitment Center, California Education Code, California Courts, California State Assembly, California State Department of Education, California Home Page, California State Senate, Offical California Legislative Information, Office of Public School Construction )
LA TIMES California, Federal Government, & Political Links
  • Key Research Websites:
    Government, News, Reference, Organizations
    (src: Sen. Battin, Ca. 37th District, newsletter)
    [categorized links, 21 pages]
    Viewing pdf files requires a viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Association of Bay Area Local Governments California Association of Clerks & Election Officials California Center for Regional Leadership California School Boards Association California School Boards Association's Governance Standards California State Association of Counties League of California Cities Municipal Courts in California Special Districts Database United States Conference of Mayors Source: California Voter Foundation
    State Locator Sites:
  • Illinois, Find It!
  • LSU Indices: Executive Judicial Legislative Independent Boards, Commissions, Committees Quasi-Official
    FirstGov Indices: Executive Judicial Legislative Independent & Gov't Corps. Boards, Commissions, Committees Quasi-Official State/Local
    Juan E. Cabanelas' Indices: U.S. Senate Other Governmental "Non-Partisan" House of Representatives Legislative Judicial Executive Search by ZIP
    InfoSpace Search: State & Local Governments For Officials/Personnel Federal Agencies & Other Major Search Indexes Foreign Gov'ts Embassies & Consulates, Wash.,D.C.
    Rulers: Lists of heads of state and heads of government w/photos (and, in certain cases, de facto leaders not occupying either of those formal positions of all countries and territories, going back to about 1700 in most cases)
    Committees and Subcommittees (Federal) Yahoo U.S.. (3600+) Google Gov, Law Enf., Military
    Less Known/Miscellaneous Sites Related to the Government     (SOG - "Seat of Government") FTP micellaneous government documents
    Government Resources & Databases GovBot Searches - Government & Miltary
    Global Government Information Locator & Constitutional Documents, world wide
    US City Gov'ts - International City Gov'ts - Other World City/Gov't Links - City/Urban Q&A Forum
    Local, State, Federal, International Government Agencies List - Related State Organizations, Federal Agencies, IT Resources
    U.S. Government Sites Indices: La. State U. - ALL Indexed U. of So.Cal Index of Federal Gov't Resources: Judicial and virutal law libraries, Executive and regulations, Legislative and statutes, online web sites and research guide ELA's Federal & State About.Com All Search
    Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch U.S. Congress Contact Information - Repesentatives (searchable by Zip or State) & Senators by State How to Communicate w/Public Officials (Courtesy of: TNA & The John Birch Society)
    U. Michigan's Documents Center & Federal Gov't Resources on the Web: + Bibliographies | Budget | Civil Service | Copyright | Directories | Executive Branch | Executive Orders | FOIA | GAO | Grants | Historic Documents | Legislative Branch | Judicial Branch | Laws | OMB | Patents | President | Regulations | Taxes | Trademarks | Web Site Directories | White House plus Statistical Measures and US Gov't Links & Agency Acronyms + Abbreviations & Acronyms, USG and Military Acronyms & Glossary [Indian U.] (


    B. Top Selected Federal Agencies Online: Top

    Federal Grants Federal Benefits Are You Eligible for Benefits? Seniors Check Here
    Veteran's News, Information, Gov't. & Military Links Medical Tips, Research, Ills Federal, State, & Business Links


    C. Top Contact Officials, Voting Histories & Ratings
    Imperial Valley, Ca. gov't officials
    : Top

    Politicians' Addresses world-wide
    Contact Congress - Tips on How to Communicate with Congress, Visiting, Legislative Process - Congressional Guide - Search for Bills - Bill Tracker, Current Legislation (H.R. & S.) [] - House Schedule - Senate Schedule - Committee Hearings - Issues & Legislation - State Legislatures - Governors

    The Security Search Engine
    Your Privacy & Security Rights?
    How They Have Voted.
    The Senate --- The House
    You May Be Surprised!
    When Ever You Vote,
    Who Voted For You....
    Who Voted Against You.
    Locate Them House -or- Senate
    Email Members/Committees
    Search For Members
    By State, Last Name, Keyword
    Federal eMail:   Senate - House
    or Locate Representatives by Your Zip+4
    or U.S.P.S. Zip+4 Lookup
    Julian E. Cabanela's: "Contacting the Congress"
    [+ state click map] "..a very up-to-date database of congressional contact information for the 107th Congress. As of June 25, 2002 there are 532 email addresses (of which 389 are Web-based email homepages), and 538 WWW homepages known for the 540 members of the 107th Congress. More traditional ground mail addresses are available for all Congressmembers."
    Mike Waters': "Congress Merge (committees, sub-committees, hearings, congressional schedule, special meetings, committee & sub-committee members, ZIP to members & legislator databases) link Source: Juan E. Cabanela's "Contacting Congress"
    Gun Owners of America: Congress Guide
    (Find by Delegation, Committee, Leadership, Key Officers & Phone Numbers, Name Search & by Party-Chamber-State, 5 or 9 Zip, Alphabetical by House or Senate)
    Congressional Directory & Search by Senate or House Committee, Alphabetically Listed, Congressional Leaders, Key Officers & Capital Phone Numbers, Member or Staff Name, Party, Chamber, or State
    (Citizens Against Government Waste)
    GOA State Legislatures Guide
    Contact State Officials (from Faeros Press)
    Founding Documents
    U.S. Political Party Web Sites
    California Party Sites Voter Information Ca. DOJ Sites/Information RKBA Related Sites

    Ca. State & Federal Representatives
    (Indexed on Left Side/Frame of CALNRA.ORG page)

    Contact Congress - Congressional Guide - Issues/Legislation - State Legislatures - Governors
    Find & eMail Your Congressional (House) Representative by Alphabetic Listing, Zip Code, State, or Clickable Map
    Alternate eMail Site for House of Representatives (searchable by Zip & State)
    Official Members and Committees Telephone Directory 107th Congress (plus Write Your Representative and mailing labels in MS, WP, & ASCII
    Election Information for the 108th Congress by State or Chronological Order)
    Public Disclosure, House
    Senators Listed by Name & by State (w/address, phone number, web page) + eMail other Senate Offices & Committees
    Search, Find, Contact: Congress, The President, Federal Agencies (src: American Conservative Union (ACU)

    STATE not Fed

    Legislative Alerts
    Current Legislation
    Key Votes
    Key Issues, Federal
    Find Issues Information
    Congressional Directory
    How to Communicate
    Biograph & Address

    Contact President Bush
    202-456-1111 (phone)
    White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414 (email)
    Contact your Senator --
    Contact your Representative --
    House and Senate switchboard: (202) 224-3121
    Links to Central Government Agencies --
    Source, The Federalist:
    Find Federal Officials
    Enter ZIP Code:

    or Search by State

    Find State Officials
    Enter ZIP Code:

    or Search by State

    Contact The Media
    Enter ZIP Code:

    or Search by State

    Bills in Congress & Votes in Congress & Issues/Action Alerts & Letters to Leaders
                    and ~ or
    Telephone Congress at:
    US Capitol Switchboard [toll free]
    +1 (888) 449-3511
    The Capitol Switchboard:
    +1 (202) 224-3121

    Congressional Directory (CDT)

    Tips on Writing to
    Your Elected Officials

    VoteSmart Tracks
    13,000+ Politicians

    Find Representatives - Contact
    Contributors & Political Action Committees ( PACS )
    Recipients of, and Their Travel
    Government Documents & Rate Your Representatives

    Follow The Money
    Campaign Contributions In State Politics
    GOA Media Guide
    (by Zip Code, Editors Reporters Producers, Organization Name, State Territory, Clickable US/State Map, Write by eMail & sMail)
    GOA Election 2000
    (Political Candidates, Election Dates, by Zip, Clickable Map, Links, President, Congress, State, Key Races, Outlooks, Register, Candidate Information, Results)
    Register to Vote & en Español (Be-A-Voter)
    Register to Vote &/or Absentee Ballot in US & Abroad
    para Español- Pasos de progresión Del Registro del Estados
    Presidential Debate Commission>
    G. Gordon Liddy's: Search Federal Departments, Agencies, and Offices (src: ACU)
    Capital Ethics Legislative News from Washington, D.C.
    (current legislation, action alerts; house, senate, committee hearings schedules, contact officials)
    Political Contacts/ Legal Action:
    Pending Federal Legislation re Abortion Issues & Action Information src:
    Open Secrets
    Money in the U.S. Elections
    Capital Eye
    Money-in-Politics Newsletter
    Mr. Smith eMails
    Mr. Smith eMails Washington
    From:' FAQs
    Guide to elected & appointed officialsBills in CongressVotes in CongressLetters to LeadersAgenciesSupreme CourtReceive Weekly Updates on Votes (track your Senators & Representatives) • Tips on Telephoning, Writing, and Addressing Correspondence to Senators & Congressmen
    Contact the Media

    D. Top Presidential Transition ~ The Electoral College ~ History of the Presidency & Elections: Top
    and, also see:
    the Electoral College Polls & Predictions for Nov. 2nd, 2004 Presidential Election
    "Elections Aren't Won by Who Voted, They're Lost by Who Didn't" ~~ rfh
    Ben's Guide
    to the U.S. Government for Kids by grade range & Gov't Sites by Agency, Alphabetical, or Subject for:
    K-2 ~ 3-5 ~ 6-8 ~ 9-12 ~ Parents & Teachers
    Living Room Candidate (American Museum of the Moving Image) new item ani gif
         (link source: SBC Knowledge Network Explorer (KNE). KNE Quote: "The Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commercials 1952-2004 is an innovative online exhibition presenting more than 250 television commercials from every election year beginning in 1952.. The exhibition also features a sidebar section, "The Desktop Candidate," about the growing role of the Internet in presidential campaigns.)
    Requires Windows Media Player 9 or RealPlayer G2 and above.
         [Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School; Content Area: Business (Marketing), Community Interest (Current Events/News), Community Interest (Government/Politics), History & Social Studies (Current Events), History & Social Studies (Government), History & Social Studies (United States History) [Dewey #320] Application type: Information Resources]
    2000 Presidential Election
    President & Vice-President Elect Bush and Cheney Transition
    ( Newcenter + How To Apply for Appointments w/Online Applications + Transition + Security + Home )
    Post-Election Current/Scheduled Events Time Line from Election Night to Inauguration Jan. 20th
    Presidential History - American Presidents - Portrait Images - Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States - Presidents Who Were Not Inaugurated - Biographies of Current & Past Presidents & of the Year 2000 Prs/VP Candidates - Notable Places & Historical Landmarks - small speaker image/ small TV set image History of Voting in America, Timeline of Changes C-Span Audio/TV Shows re the Presidency - Teacher Guides, Lesson Plans, & Resources for Each President - Order of Presidential Succession - Who is in Line - U.S. Electoral College (1789-present), including Federalist Papers: Federalist No. 68 (author: Alexander Hamilton, "The Mode of Electing the President from the New York Packet, 14Mar1788) - Keep the Electoral College? - Defending the Electoral College. - Electoral College ~ Then, Now, Tomorrow - Electoral College, Groliers - Electoral College FAQs - Electoral College Constitutional Topic - In Case of A Tie (e.g. 1824) - Executive Order 13000 24Apr96 re Succession of Secretary of Defense - USC1, Title3, Chapter 1 - Presidential Elections & Vacancies - Election of Presidents and the Electoral College (GPO) - Electoral College Home Page (USGOV) - 2000 Electoral Vote Results (NARA, USGOV, Electoral Commission) - Electoral Vote MAP of Year 2000 Votes & by County Sq. Miles/Population/Growth & Voting Method - CNN FYI Daily News Lesson Plans for Students & Teachers - CNN News Electoral, Senate, & Congressional Vote Tallies (un-official) - Supreme Court of the U.S. - Bush Filings to Supreme Court Gore's - Florida State Courts - Clerk of Court, Leon County (Tallahassee, Fl) Cases, Briefs, Records
    ABC Election News' Timeline from Nov.7th to Today
  • U.S. Presidential Election & Transition
  • ABC - Brinkster Links - CBS - CourtTV - CSPAN 2000 & Transition 2001 - FOX - Knight Ridder - NBC - Reuters - Time - US News & World Report - USA Today - Washington Times
    Electoral College 101, How it Works by Timothy A. Cantrell - How the Electoral College Works ( - Home Page - News - Vote Counter/Talley - Daily Events Calendar
    CNN - Facts - Players - Timeline - Video - Government Links - Judge Sauls' Decision 4Dec00 small TV set image
    Florida Courts Election 2000 - Judical Watch - Campaign Watch - Republican & Democrat Petitions
    Electoral Vote 2000 MAP & by County Square Miles by Population by Growth & Voting Method
    eyes horiz line gifTop
    Please, if you are eligible in any election, do so remembering history and for a politicians who will defend the principles upon which our Republic was founded.    ~~ rfh
    From for 2004 is
  • A List of All Candidate(s) for President in 2004: A surprising number are running, several dozen!
    (biographies, issue positions [ NPAT ], public statements on issues, campaign finances, voting records)

  • Vote-Smart links to:
  • State Primary Dates,
  • How Does the Primary Process Work?,
  • Electoral College Votes per State,
  • What is the Electoral College?,
  • Debates, Forums & Events,
  • Political Party Information,
  • Other Internet Resources.
    Wikepedia: John F. Kerry
    and his voting record
    still pictures movie or video video sound or narration text narrative
    Electoral College Predictions & Polls
    Electoral College Map State-by-State & How it works.Vote Calculator
    Electoral College Projections Poll Watch: Electoral College Count Federal Review Poll Meta-Analysis of State Polls Race 2004 RCP Poll Strategic Vision MSNBC Polling Report Election Projection Zogby Daily Gallup Poll PFA Poll new item ani gif
    Click for
    see latest
    Wikepedia: George W. Bush
    George W. Bush & Dick Cheney
    Libertarian: Michael Badnarik &
    Green Peace: David Cobb & Patricia LaMarche
    Independent: Ralph Nader & Peter Comejo
    Native American: Leonard Peltier
    Constitution Pary: Michael Anthony Peroutka & Dr. Chuck Baldwin - w/ Historical Documents
    For additional, state-by-state, Kerry alternatives, visit: Vote Calculator new item ani gif

    List of all candidates by party affilitation, voting records, issues, state measures: A new item animated gif.

    For additional, state-by-state, Kerry alternatives, visit the links source at:
    An Electoral College Election Vote Calculator A new item animated gif.
    examples: A new item animated gif.
    Colorado: Amondson, Brown, Dodge, VanAuken;
    Florida: Brown;
    Iowa: Calero, VanAuken;
    Louisiana: Admondson, Brown, Calero;
    Michigan: Calero;
    Minnesota: Calero, VanAuken;
    New Jersey: VanAuken;
    New York: Calero;
    South Carolina: Calero;
    Texas: Brown;
    Utah: Brown, Calero, Jay;
    Vermont: Calero, Parker;
    Washington: Calero, Parker.

    Admondson, Independent American Party

    2004 Major Presidential Candidates detailed, including photos, bios, & a click map to state political demographics and election challengers:
    from links source: On the
    (photographs, party news, debate dates, biographies, click map for a state's information, related topical articles & sites, election schedule, issues, and Political News)
    Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Party)
    George W. Bush (President)
    Dick Cheney (Vice President)
    Carol Moseley-Braun (Former IL Senator) out
    Wesley Clark (NATO General) out
    David Cobb (Green Party)
    Howard Dean (Former VT Governor) out
    John Edwards (NC Senator)
    Dick Gephardt (MO Representative) out
    Bob Graham (FL Senator) out
    John Kerry (MA Senator)
    Dennis Kucinich (OH Representative) out
    Joe Lieberman (CT Senator) out
    Michael Peroutka (Constitution Party) [Pro-Life & 2nd Amendment]
    Al Sharpton (Reverend and Civil Rights activist) out?
    Ralph Nader (advocate)

    Senate races & House of Representatives' Votes and Quotes
    (with essays on political/PAC issues, government policy, links to activism centers, past & future candidates, other political leaders, and governors, cabinent, Supreme Court) Now that the year 2000 Presidential Election completed, pages of former candidates for the Presidency may provide additional topical information about the electoral process governing President Bush's process to become the 43rd President of the United States:
    George Bush,  Jr.,  Republican:
    (Conservative Moderate, Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Supports 2nd Amendment)
    White House - GOP
    Alan Keyes,  former Republican Presidential Candidate:
    (Constitutionalist, Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Supports 2nd Amendment) And: Alan Keyes' Weekly Commentary (World News Daily)
    And: The Declaration Foundation: Restoring America
    with links to: Founding Principles Current Events Family Values Education Sites Justice Organizations Personal Sites

    Ralph Nader, (2004) (
    (Moderate Liberal, Environment, Corporate/Trade Reform, Pro-Native American Rights)
    Harry Browne (2000),
    (Individual Liberty, Smaller Government, Less Taxation, Free Market, Supports 2nd Amendment, Pro-Gun Rights) Harry

    E. Top Searches: Top

    Search U.S. Supreme Court Cases: Syllabi, May 1990-Present (src: Legal Information Institute (LII), Cornell U.)
    Search for Legislation: 'Bills & Summary Status' in the House and Senate of the 107th Congress (CAGW, LOC/TG)
    Congressional Guide - Contact Congress - Issues & Legislation - State Legislatures - Governors (CAGW, LOC/TG)
    Search using the Librarians' Index to the Internet: Government & Law (
    Search for Federal House/Senate Legislation (CAGW - Citizens Against Gov't Waste (LOC))
    Search the Database of Government Websites (GovBots 1.5M+ Pages, Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR))
    Multi-Databases Search of U.S. Government (budget, campaign reform hearings, congressional bills, congressional directory, congressional documents, congressional record, Deschler's Precedents, economics indicators & documents, Export Administration records, Federal Register, GAO Comptroller decisions, GILS records, government manual, Hind's Precedents, history of bills, House calendar, House Rules and Manual, Interior IG reports, Privacy Act, Public and Private laws, Senate Calendar, Supreme Court decisions, unified agenda, United States Code USC, printing office style manual 2000)
    Search the Index of State & Local Government on the Net (5813+ state, local, multi-state, federal resources, national organizations, other government managed, related resources) from Piper Resources
    Search by State - by Keyword(s) - By Category (demographics, projects, digital authentication, education, electronic commerce, records, IT, law and/or regulations, competition/deregulation, services, institutions, benefits, communcations infrastructure, strategic planning, universal access, task forces, special projects) All Entries by a State, U.S. Territory, or Canadian Province (from}
    Search 32 Categories, 2200+ Entries of State Gov't Information and State chief information officers (Plus, information resource executives & managers from the 50 states, six U. S. territories, and the District of Columbia)
    Search the NCJIS (National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics)
    (Integrated Justice, NIBRS, Law Enforcement, Courts, Criminal History Improvement Programs, Internet Crimes Against Children)
    Search GovNewsGroup International, Federal, State & Local Financial Management
    Government News Groups & FAQs - Government Asset Sales; US Federal Organizations, Networks, & Resources; Courses; GPO; News)
    Statistics, Mapped Profiles (federal, regional, state, local) and Search 70+ Statistal Agencies by agencies listed alphabetically w/their available statistical measures, by subject, data access tools, & gov't pages for kids. [100+ Federal Agencies' Statistics]

    F. Top Politics, Political Parties, News: Top
    Parties, Political, Principal and RNC / DNC Contributers by Zip/Name or Address (
    Republican & GOP & Abriendo Caminos
    GOP HistoryParty SwitchersOrigin of the ElephantOrigin of "GOP"Party RulesParty Platform
    Democratic Reform Libertarian Constitution Party Natural Law Green Party Socialist Communist
    • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: A List of political parties in the United States (major, third, minor, historical, & links to them)
    • From Encyclopedia (Wikipedia): A List of political parties in the United States (regional, categorized by different measures, graphs, and articles)

    • Yahoo's Directory of U.S. Political Parties
    Above on this page is additional voting & voter registration information ,
    sites of the principal parties ,  with contact information for most federal and state election participants .
    Also, visit:  Debate Transcripts, Candidates Links, & Party Home Pages.
    (From here:  eMail your Congressman, Senator, President or Vice-President on issues important to you.)
    And, You Can eMail newspapers and other media voicing your opionions about issues and candidates.

    G. Top DOD & Military Sites and Veterans Organizations : Top


    H. Top Founding Documents: Top
    The U.S. Constitution: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    Declaration of Independence and a Chronology of Its Drafting, 1776-1777
    Ben Franklin & The California Department Of Energy:  Declaration of Independence
    Primary Source Documents Pertaining to Early American History (c. 500 B.C.E. - c. 1800 A.D.) (link src: Bill of Rights Institute)
    Bill of Rights: English Bill of Rights (16Dec1689) & A Documentary History of the Bill of Rights (15Dec1791) (link src: Bill of Rights Institute)
    Declaration of Independence: Dunlap ver (Printed Text - No Signatures) (112k) or Stone ver (Cursive Text With Signatures) (239k) [source:]
    Documents, A Chronology of U.S. Historical (Pre-Colonial to Present) (U.Ok ) [link source:]
    The U.S. Constitution, Full Text, The Preamble, Articles to the Constitution, and The Amendments, Full Text [src: Hon. Ron Paul, 107th Congress, Tx-14)
    The Constitution of the United States 1787 Constitution, Indexed as of 1995 The Constitution Society (extensive) & Images of Political Philosophers, Documents, Founding Fathers, Court Judges, Presidents, Events, Places
    President James Madison (src: Declaration of Independence American Confederations
    The Constitution of the United States Bill of Rights Federalist Papers
    The Federalist Papers (1778, #1-#85) and The Anti-Federalist Papers (#1-#85) (link src: Bill of Rights Institute) Judicial Review Founders Quiz
    U.S. States Constitutions, State Web Sites, Comments/Webmaster Web Addresses Images of State Seals
    Signers of the Declaration Signers of the Articles of Confederation Signers of the U. S. Constitution (src: Colonial Hall)
    Continental Congress & Constitutional Convention Documents (1774-1789) - List/Search 1-274 - About
    Bill of Rights Articles I-X  (1791) Bill of Rights, Amendments I-X Articles XI-XXVII
    Founding Documents of the U.S. The Federalist Papers - View/Download All 85 - About
    American Heritage Online Documents, Stories, Prayers, Letters, Narratives (historical & modern re: government, Constitution, law) (
    Government & Historical American Documents (500 A.D. - 1878)


    L. Top Laws, Regulations and U.S. Code: Top

    Government News GovSpot Government Search-It-All
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    Electoral College (1789-1996), Its History & Process plus Constitutional Amendment Process (src: The Constitutional Amendment Process (NARA) D.
    Federalism, American: Cases & Materials (American Government Courses, materials: Purdue University Calumet. The site also contains a glossary, a timeline, historical documents (American, British, and English), review questions, edited court cases, other materials, and links to other free resources. [src: PacBell's Blue Web'n])
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    Speech, Privacy, & Cyber-Liberties Bills in the 105th & the 106th Congresses, and now those in the 107th

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