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  1. Debt, Credit, Credit Reports:
    Some "Credit Education" Information Basics - "Educación de crédito"

       (Also see: Financial Education and Career Development, Credit, Finance, Reference, Relocate, Salary   + eMail scams & Internet Fraud, Credit Card# Stolen?, Identity/Internet Theft, credit checks, reporting scam/fraud) (Credit, FICO, Interest Rates, Jobs, etc.)

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    (Categories include: General Finance, Loans, Mortgages, Banking, Investing, Debt + an online loan calculator & articles about..commonly used financial terms)

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      Articles about DEBT:
      From the Fair Debt Collection Home Page:
    1. Debt collection statute of limitations listed by state
    2. Free credit card calculator ("Shows total interest making minimum payments!")
    3. Free Budget Calculator
    4. Debt Consolidation Loan Calculator
      (" much money you can save by paying off your credit card debt with a low interest personal loan or home refiance loan.")
      [Attorneys in your state or list your legal web site here, Fair Debt Collection BLOG, Five Most Important Credit Laws, Attorney General Complaint Forms, Attorney General Web Sites, Statute of Limitations on Debt, Statute of Limitations by State, Free Budget Calculator & Credit Card Calculator & Debt Consolidation Calculator, Wage Garnishment Laws, Garnishment Procedures, State and Local Gov Laws, Consumer Alert - Junk Debt, bill collectors]

    5. From the BCS Alliance:
      (comment: lots of information about dealing with creditors, credit problems, harrassment, bill collectors, judgements, annoying calls at home and work...)
    6. Articles about debt, debt management, collection, bankruptcy, budgeting worksheets, & credit counseling
    7. Articles about Credit, Credit Cards, Credit Rating, Credit Scores
    8. Credit articles about credit rating, credit reports, credit cards, identity theft
    9. Credit Repair: Guide to Money, Counting Money, Earning & Saving Money (H/T Courtney Phillips,, El Paso County, Colorado 26Mar15) new item ani gif
    10. Budgeting, How to and What are 'payday' loans? ("The Good, the Bad and the Ugly")
    11. Loans, both Mortgage and Auto including mortgage information about: what are, what is, the process, comparing, avoiding, closing, mortgage dictionary, how to, compare, pitfalls, glossary and automotive car buying new/used, warranties, service contracts, buy/lease, & dealer reserve
      (also see below, amortization calculators)
    12. How to Calculate a Monthly Payment without a Calculator
      amortization tables: monthly mortgage payments (15 & 30 year)
      amortization tables: monthly automotive car payments (36 & 48 & 60 month / 3-4-5 year)
    13. Amortization Table, online printable
      (an amortization schedule calculator that also provides charts of your loan payments,

      + Create/print Your Own Free Printable Calendar, monthly or yearly with/without holidays
      (src:, also see, Reference Desk links)
    14. APR or "flat rate" loan repayment calculator
      ( This calculator provides a method of comparing compound and flat rates of interest. Flat rates of interest are often used in illustrations because they appear lower than the APR but are in actual fact more expensive. For example, an APR of 7.8% represents a better value than a flat rate of 5%. [Includes comments.] )
    Credit Cards:
        (research credit card rates, transfers, instant approvals, rewards, cash back, airline, business, student, pre-paid, specials, credit quality) quote "determining whether their [your] credit card or other personal information has been compromised"
        (CardCops, ID Protect monitors the internet 24/7 for fraudulent activity involving your credit cards and personal information.)
    also see, below: Credit Card Calculators
    (What will it take to pay off my credit card? and When will you be debt free?)

    Free Annual Credit Reports, online at:
         • Internet address:
         • Toll-free number: (877) 322-8228
         • Mailing address: Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

         (about ACR & FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions])

          " is a centralized service for consumers to request annual credit reports. It was created by the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.
 processes requests for free credit file disclosures (commonly called credit reports). Under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act ( FACT Act of 2003, Bill Summary, 108th Congress * *  ) consumers can request and obtain a free credit report once every 12 months from each of the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies. provides consumers with the secure means to do so."

    * * Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, Pub. L. No. 108-159, enacted December 4, 2003
      When are free annual credit reports available in my state? (
    1. Credit reports free -- in the West. Residents of Western and Midwest states can now see their credit reports without charge. Coming in June 2005: the South. Here's how to get a look at yours as soon as it's available.
      [includes information about what financial institutions must disclose, military alerts, false credit info & disclosing to you, bad credit & fraud alerts, opt-out rules] (src: &
      FICO score:
    1. FICO, definitions on the web (src:
    2. Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary (Copyright 2003, home [online, financial terms & definitions])
    3. From's Real Estate Glossary: FICO: The credit scoring model that determines the likelihood of repayment. A minimum score of 620 is required to obtain prime interest rates.
    4. From International Business Finance's glossary: FICO: The Fair, Isaac and Company credit scoring system used by many lenders to determine a borrowers ability to repay a mortgage; uses a scoring range of 450 to 850 the lower the score, the higher the risk.
    5. From myFico's ® CREDIT EDUCATION web pages. (y myFICO - Educación de crédito en Español , y mas Páginas en Español)
      (© copyright 2001-2004 Fair Isaac Corporation)
    The three major national credit bureaus are:
    Equifax, P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374-0241; (800) 685-1111.
    Experian (formerly TRW), P.O. Box 2002, Allen, TX 75013; (888) EXPERIAN (397-3742).
    Trans Union, P.O. Box 1000, Chester, PA 19022; (800) 916-8800.

    How to dispute credit errors. (src: Federal Trade Commission, FTC)
      quote from " Free credit reports are just the start."
      by Liz Pulliam Weston contributor to MSN Money Central:
      plus, additional quotes from Ms. Weston's articles:
      Specialized firms maintain databases full of the details regarding other aspects of your life, including:
      • Your employment history
      • Auto and homeowners insurance claims youve filed
      • Whether youve bounced any checks
      • Your medical records
      • Your housing rental history (including whether youve been evicted)
    1. "Insurance Service Office" (ISO) provides summaries of your auto and homeowners claims to insurers.
      "ISOs A-PLUS reports can be ordered by calling (800) 709-8842 or by writing A-PLUS Consumer Inquiry Center, 545 Washington Blvd. 22nd Floor, Jersey City, NY 07310-1686."
    2. " Insurers keep a secret history of your home."
    3. " Comprehensive Loss Underwriters Exchange, or CLUE" [provides home owner/rentors information.] (part of ChoicePoint)
    4. Tenant histories:
      Registry Safe-Rent & the U.D. Registry
    5. Employment Screeners..
      " Find out what databases say about you." (articles by Paul Wenske "The Kansas City Star" Newspaper)
      quote: [you have] "the right each year to one free credit report from each of the three major credit reporting services. But did you know the 'Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, or FACTA of 2003, also allow free reports from and assortment of "specialty" reporting agencies that vacuum up personal information, including insurance, job, tenant and medical histories?"
    1. Choice Point: ChoicePoint CLUE report (.pdf format) (866) 312-8076
      "ChoicePoint also compiles employment histories.."
      ChoicePoint pre-employment background check (.pdf format) (866) 312-8075
      "ChoicePoint also compiles tenant histories.."
      ChoicePoint Tentant history (.pdf format) (877) 448-5732
    2. The Medical Information Bureau (MIB): (life, health, longterm care & disability insurance)
      MIB: to check for your records (866) 692-6901
    3. " database. e.g. If a bank closes a consumer's account due to insufficient funds, etc."
      ChexSystems consumer debit reports (800) 692-6901
      "A ChexSystems report is a good idea if you are a victim of identify theft."
      See what interest rates lenders typically offer consumers based on FICO score ranges by using the FICO Credit/Loan & Interest Calculator.
    1. Credit Scores About them & how they are used about you.
    2. What is my FICO score? (also known as a "Fair, Isaac score", FICO®)
    3. Credit Reports
    4. Credit Scores: myFICO Credit Scores What are they?
    5. What's considered in your score? myFICO Considerations
    6. How to Improve your FICO score.
    7. FICO's Facts and Fallacies.
    8. Credit Inquiries: about credit inquiries and how they may or may not affect your FICO score.
    9. Checking your [credit] report(s).
    10. myFICO's (®) Glossary [of credit related definitions/terms/terminology] y el Glosario en Español
    11. and
    12. myFICO's ® Calculators about borrowing money, debt pay off and savings:
      (Mortgage calculators, Auto [vehicle] calculators, Loan calculators, Debt and Credit Cards, Savings calculators, Personal Finance, Investment calculators, and Retirement calculators)
    13. Credit Report Websites related Credit Reporting Searches (
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    Finance, Finances, Financial, Loans, Relocation:
    1. Debt glossary
    2. Financial Dictionary (src: Sound Mind Investing [SMI], site index)
    3. Finance Glossary, Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary & Master Index
    4. Financial Glossary (src: Mortgage Calculators)
    5. Financial Glossary (src: Mortgage 1)
    6. MBS glossary
    7. Military OneSource (, military oriented)
      ( Body, Career, Crisis, Deployment, Education, Elder Care, Financial Calculators, Guard/Reserve, Legal, Mind, Money, Moving, Parenting, Recreation, Relationships, Relocation, Severely Injured, Special Needs, Transition)
    8. Mortgage Glossary/Dictionary (src:
    9. Mortgage glossary including: Fannie Mae glossary & Home Inspections glossary
      Finance Calculators:
    1. Amortization Calculator (submitted by 'John' Tu.9Aug11) A new item animated gif
      (What is an amortization calculator? An amortization calculator determines payment information for any type of loan although it is most commonly used for mortgages. It requires a starting amount (principal), an annual interest rate and a length in years or months (term). Based on that information it calculates the monthly payment that is required to pay off the loan in the term length. In most cases, it is assumed the interest rate is fixed and does not change over the course of the loan. It is also assumed that there is only one payment per month.
    2. Financial Calculators (KJE Computer Solutions, Inc.)
      Over 100 Personal Finance and Mortgage Calculators (350+ Australian, Canadian, Chinese, French, Spanish and U.S. Financial Calculators)
      Mortgage | Loans | Credit Cards & Debt | Auto | Investment | Retirement Savings & Planning | Tax Calculators | Savings Calculators | Personal Finance | Insurance Calculators | Business Calculators | Canadian Calculators | French Canadian | Spanish | Chinese | Australian Mortgages and Loans | Australian Savings and Personal Finance
    3. Mortgage Calculator (HUD)
    4. Mortgage Calculators & Financial Calculators
    5. Mortgage Calculators (Mortgage Calculators web sites software)
    6. Mortgage Refinancing
    7. Payment/Pre-Payment/Equity Options
    8. and, from
      (also, see: BCS Alliance in the 'Debt' section above)
      1. How to Calculate a Monthly Payment without a Calculator
      2. amortization tables: monthly mortgage payments
        (15 & 30 year)
      3. amortization tables: monthly automotive car payments
        (36 & 48 & 60 month / 3-4-5 year)
      Finances, Personal Considerations:
    1. A Second Home?
    2. ARM Comparisons
    3. Can You Afford It?
    4. Closing Costs
    5. Credit Scoring (also see FICO above)
    6. Currency Converter #1 and #2 or a Currency Converter by, The Currency Site.
    7. (sources: HUD - Bankrate - Allstate)
    8. Downpayment?
    9. How Much Can I Borrow?
    10. Fixed or Adjustable?
    11. Interest Totals
    12. Metric/Engish Conversion
    13. Monthly Payments/Pre-Payments
    14. Pay Points?
    15. Paycheck Calculators
    16. Rent vs Buying (rent amortization table, rent versus buying, mortgage payments calculator
    17. Worksheet
      Interest Rates:
    1. Average Interest Rates
    2. Average Mortgage Rates
    3. Compare Rates Offered
    4. Rates - Bank, Mortgage, Tax, School Loan, Equity, Personal, Vehicle, Renovations
    5. Today's High/Low Five (5)
    6. Wall Street Journal: Key Money Rates
    7. (includes Prime Rate, Certificates of Deposit, Commerical Paper, Consumer Price Index, Eurodollars [Euros], Fannie Mae, Federal Funds [overnight], Freddie Mac, London Interbank Offered Rates [LIBOR], Treasury Bills [T-Bills])
    Mortgage Interest Rates

    Current Mortgage Rates
    Historical Mortgage Rates

      Real Estate:
    1. Real Estate & Mortgage Glossary, Dictionary, and Lexicons (
      (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German)
    1. Compare Cities & Salaries
    2. Jobs
    3. Research Schools
    4. (src: Randy-Realty, El Centro, Ca.)
      Stock Exchanges/Markets & Financial Terminology:
    1. Yahoo! Financial Glossary
    2. How to read the "Wall Street Journal"
    3. Wall Street Journal's "Glossary of Terms"
    4. (international business terms, introduction to business terms, journalism terms and Other Teaching Tools: lesson plans, focus sheets, & todays top Journal headlines)
  2. What will it take to pay off my credit card?
    Enter your credit card balance: $
    Enter the credit card's interest rate: %
    Enter payment amount per month: $
    Enter desired months until debt free:
    Free JavaScripts provided by The JavaScript Source
  3. (May 2006, quote source: CNet News:
    Quote: "Wells Fargo Bank has launched a pilot of an online multiplayer video game built entirely inside another virtual world: Linden Lab's "Second Life." The pilot project, known as Stagecoach Island, is a digital environment intended to help young people learn financial responsibility. Visitors there can skydive, fly hovercrafts, dance and shop. But woven into the experience, to which Wells Fargo has been inviting groups of people in San Diego and Austin, Texas, is a series of financial messages intended to help them learn something about money management."
    [ quote source: "Wells Fargo launches game inside 'Second Life' By Daniel Terdiman 16Sep05, C/Net News, article URL: ]
    The game: Stagecoach Island
    + video preview of the game
    about the online multiplayer video game (see quote above) (from Wells Fargo Bank & Linden Lab)
(also see above: Credit, Debt, Credit Reports, Financial Calculators)

Cars Insurance - Auto Loans Bad Credit No Downpayment Low Monthly Payments
Auto Insurance, Car Loans, Car Rentals, Auto Leases, Used Cars

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(also see above: Credit, Debt, Credit Reports, Financial Calculators)

Cars Insurance - Auto Loans Bad Credit No Downpayment Low Monthly Payments
Auto Insurance, Car Loans, Car Rentals, Auto Leases, Used Cars

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