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History of Sacrifice (1775-2000)
Dec. 7, 1941 - Pearl Harbor Killed: 2,403 HISTORY - Today-in-History - HISTORY Sep. 11, 2001 - WTC/Pentagon/PA Killed: 2996
soldier bugler calling to arms after the December 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese Imperial Navy aircraft
Patriot Day : September 11, A Remembrance
WTC Lessons Rembrances Help Our Flag Our Pledge Writings•Music Taps Pearl Tribunals Where Wanted Declare War
Attack At Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941WSJ 9Dec41 - USN Dec.7th Rememberance & Yahoo Links Listen to part of the "Day in Infamy" (ra) small speaker image Speech by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered on December 8, 1941 before the Joint Session of Congress of the United States. (or in full ram, ram, au (528K) wav format Windows (528K) aiff format, MacIntosh (528K)**) - [more History Links - full transcript and a brief description of the 'Attack at Pearl Harbor, 1941 (print)',
How To Cite This Article: "Attack At Pearl Harbor, 1941," EyeWitness to History, (1997).
-and- A Japanese View (print)
How To Cite This Article: "Attack At Pearl Harbor, 1941, - the Japanese View" EyeWitness to History, (2001).
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World War TwoThe WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. - A 360° panorama [400,000 U.S. killed50-70M total]
American Flag - We Will Remember
eagle with tear before WTC, mourning attack of September 11, 2001 by Muslim terrorists
Timelines of Liberty
icon of the American Flag 1776
(source: Poet Patriot)
Finding & Evaluating Internet Sources: by Janice R. Walker Internet Sources Citation Guide: Bibliographic, Footnote & Endnote (Melvin E. Page, 1995, E. Tn. State U.)
Roman Numerals Timelines Clocks, Time & Calendars Links Today in History (TIH) Eceben's Today, Date, Time & Calendar Links
From Archiving Early America: "This Day In Early America"
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"It is the duty of every good citizen to use all the opportunities which occur to him, for preserving documents relating to the history of our country."
-- Thomas Jefferson
, letter to Hugh P. Taylor, October 4, 1823 (source:

    History: (also see Books, Online & Dictionaries)
  1. 1828 edition of Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language (source:
    Quote from Monte Shaffer, "Search, Browse, and Study this dictionary to learn the language of the early American, Christian language."
  2. 20th Century History (
  3. 4th of July, Independance Day Celebrations History, Year by Year from 1776 to now.
    [chronologies: 4th, music, Presidential activies; stories, orations, speeches] (by Jim Heintze, American University, Washington, D.C.)
  4. 4th of July, Lesson Plans
  5. 50 States, Capitals, Commonwealths & Territories (birds, flags, songs, facts)
  6. A Guide to History Resources on the Internet
  7. A&E TV Lesson Plans/Class Room Study Guides
  8. African-American (
  1. America, c.1620 Mayflower/Pilgrims (source: Caleb Johnson's history)
  2. America: (link source:
      Documents That Started America
    1. The Declaration of Independence
    2. The Federalist Papers, 1787 - 1788
    3. American History in Patriotic Sounds and Music
      + copies of the Declaration of Independence to print:
      Dunlap ver (Printed Text - No Signatures) (112k) -or- Stone ver (Cursive Text With Signatures) (239k)
    4. Constitution Lesson Plans: K-12 & West Point Curriculum
      from "The Constitutional Sources Project" (source:
      (also see American & Founding Quotations & Books and Texts, online )
    5. Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics
    6. National Archives: read, history of, download, or print copies of U.S. Founding Documents:
      The Declaration of Independence
      The Constition of the United States
      The Bill of Rights
      download Hi-Resolution images of Founding Documents
      biographies of The Founding Fathers: Delegates to the Constitutional Convention (1787)
      sign and print a personalized copy of the Declaration of Independence
    7. Rights of People (Constitutional & Citizenship Educational Resources)
    8. The Constitution of the United States of America
    9. The Bill of Rights, The First Ten Amendments
    10. The Remaining Amendments [to the Contitution] (Amendments XI-XXVII to the Constitution of the United States)
    11. Washington's Vision
      (Wikipedia biograph: 1st President of the United States, George Washington [term of office: April 30, 1789 March 3, 1797],
      (genealogy of: born February 22, 1732 died December 14, 1799))
      1. The Writings of George Augustine Washington
        from the Original Manuscript Sources 1745-1799, Edited by John C. Fitzpatrick (1931-44), Preface to the Electronic Edition: Frank E. Grizzard, Jr., Washington Resources at the University of Virginia Library
      2. State of the Union Address, January 8, 1790
        (link source: 17K+ free etexts, also see: Harrold's links to free online books)
    12. And, from the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) + Headlines from around the Web
        Foundational Documents
      1. Declaration of Independence
      2. U.S. Constitution
      3. Bill of Rights - Constitutional amendments 1-10
      4. Constitutional Amendments 11-27
      5. The Powers of Congress - the constitutional authority to enact legislation
      6. Former U.S. Rep. David "Davy" Crockett's [biograph] (1786 - 1836) Famous Speech "Not Yours To Give"
Welcome to The
Interactive Founders' Timeline
Search a comprehensive
database of quotations on
various topics.

All Years or:
Interactive Founders' Timeline

Timelines of Liberty
icon of the American Flag 1776

(source: Poet Patriot)

also see:
Books Online
Traditional American Values and Founding Fathers' Quotations
or see:
Quotations only (rfh)
  1. America, Flags of the Confederacy
    + General Robert E. Lee's "Farewell to the Army of Northern Virginia", Headquarters Army of Northern Virginia, Appomattox Courthouse, April 10, 1865 (General Orders No. 9)"
  2. American Flag, The ( "Old Glory", "Stars and Stripes" ) [ links to Flag etiquette, history of the flag and many more related links]
  3. [American] Flag of the United States: Pledge of Allegiance to the
  4. American (
  5. American Biographical Directory of the United States Congress (1774-present)
    (biographies and information about approximately 12,000 Representatives, Delegates, Resident Commissioners, and Senators, from the 1st through the current Congresses)
      U.S. House of Representatives
    1. Historical Information from 1789 through the present Congress
  6. American - This Month in History - Essays/Opinions - Homework Help
  7. American, Declaration of Independence (Surf the Net with Kids)
  8. American and Related History:
      History of the American Political Process, Founding Fathers, Historical Documents and Events
      Source: The Junto Society (
    1. On a Day in American History, Indexed from Jan1-Dec31
        American History
      1. Historical Speeches
      2. Important U.S. Historical Documents
      3. Presidents
      4. This day in History
      5. Timelines (.circa 2350 BC/BCE-AD/CE present)
      6. Native American History
      7. Junto Society Home Page
    2. American Embassy, U.S. History Resources on the Net, Oslo, Norway
    3. American Flag, Betsy Ross, Flag Etiquette, Timeline, Picture History
    4. American Flag Day, June 14 & U.S. Founding Documents, Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance
      also: Government Links, Harrold's (documents, history)
      also: Civics/Government, Harrold's
      also: American Founding Documents
      and a Weekly Constitutional Challenge w/suggested readings (src: CNSNews)
    5. American Flag, Flag of U.S.A. (Auf Deutsch * En Espanol * En Franais * In Hindi)
    6. American Flag, Learn to Fold an American Flag
    7. American Flag FAQs (also see: History) (colors, designed by, flag etiquette, half mast, proper disposal, ceremonial disposal, gold fringe, if it touches the ground, proper way to fold, display on what holidays, where 24hrs, flag terms, Flag Miscellania - Law & Regulations, Flag Ratios, 50 Star designer [Robert F. Heft], How to Hold the Flag, Meaning of Folding Program, Facts'n Timeline, "Ol Glory", Pledge history, Francis Scott Key, Flag Day, The Eagle, Flag Pictures, Capitals & Statehood)
    8. American Flag, Star-Spangled Banner Project (Smithsonian)(flash)
    9. American Flag, Pledge of Allegiance (Yahoo: Original 1892, in 16Jun1954 President Eisenhower ordered 'under God' added, Red Skelton's interpretation, History of)
    10. American Flag, Pledge of Allegiance
      1. Pledge of Allegiance Commentary (full text)
        by Red Skelton

        Listen to Red's Commentary or listen from an Alternate Source, Shrine Clowns
        or A Speaker GIF Image. Click the play button to open & HEAR Red
        (src: ISCA's Red's Commentary Page)
      2. and read and hear on
        Deb's Fun Pages, Poof Cat A Speaker GIF Image. , NC Mason
        Red Skelton b.1913-d.1997
    11. And from: "Surfing the Net with Kids" (Barbara J. Feldman)
      1. American Flag Concentration Puzzle
      2. American Flag Jigsaw
      3. American Flag Scrambler
      4. American Flag Word Search
      5. Download a American Flag Screensaver
      6. Learn how to make games just like these with my step-by-step how-to manual
      7. Pledge of Allegiance, by Barbara J. Feldman
      8. Pledge of Allegiance, Related Books
      9. Pledge of Allegiance, Related Posters
        "One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all." Do these words violate the religious freedom guaranteed by our Constitution? Last month a federal court declared the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional. Is this absurd? Or is this religious freedom? Read more about the history of the Pledge, and its current controversy at these five sites. :
      10. American Treasures: A Matter of Conscience
        In 1935, ten-year-old Billy Gobitas wrote to his Pennsylvania school board explaining that he wouldn't recite the Pledge of Allegiance because it violated the biblical commandment not to worship any "graven images." He and his sister were expelled from school for their beliefs. As you learn about the three ensuing court decisions, consider the similarities and differences with the recent Newdow case.
      11. Vast Majority in U.S. Support "Under God"
        CNN reports on a Newsweek poll that shows ninety percent of Americans believe the phrase "under God" should remain in the Pledge of Allegiance, and that it is acceptable for the government to promote religious expression, as long as no specific religion is mentioned. Don't leave without visiting the links in the sidebar below the text of the Pledge. Those listed under CNN NewsPass Video require a paid subscription, but the rest are free. Best clicks are History of the Pledge, and a printable PDF download of the Newdow v. U.S. Congress court decision.
      12. The Original Pledge of Allegiance
        The Pledge of Allegiance was written 110 years ago to be recited by school children on Colombus Day, 1892, in celebration of the quadricentennial of Columbus' arrival. This article from the site gives a brief history of changes to the Pledge, up to the most recent change in June of 1954 when the words "under God" were added. Other pages cover the history of the flag itself, Flag Day and the Star Spangled Banner.
      13. Story and Meaning of Pledge
        So what exactly does "indivisible" mean? Visit to learn the meaning of each line of the Pledge, and then scroll down to read about the two men who both claim to have written the Pledge of Allegiance. Francis Bellamy and James Upham both worked at the magazine which published the original Pledge, and both families said they had evidence to substantiate their claims of authorship. The matter was settled in 1939 by a committee of the United States Flag Association. Visit to read all about it.
      14. Time for Kids: Pledge of Allegiance Under Fire
        On June 26, a three judge panel of a California federal court ruled 2-1 that the Pledge of Allegiance violates the United States Constitution. This Time for Kids article explains the controversial decision, and introduces the man who started the suit: Sacramento father, Michael Newdow. Best clicks are the comments from kids, which can be read by scrolling with the purple arrows in the sidebar. Got something to say? Send it in by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Say What? insert.
    12. More American Flag and Pledge of Allegiance links (
    13. American History ...especially for teachers: Lesson Plans, activities, critical thinking collections, and professional development (Library of Congress)
    14. American History, Civics, and Service: Our Documents, A National Initiative on
      1. 100 Milestone Documents
      2. People's choice: top 100 influential documents
      3. Educator, Librarian, and Student tools (standards, downloads, teachable documents, lesson plans, and Digital Classroom)
      (related resources, education, library, historical documents, american heritage, historical documents)
    15. American Rhetoric Online Speech Bank
      (Quote, "Database of and index to 5000+ full text, audio and video versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, other recorded media events, and a declaration or two. See also a special issue: The Rhetoric of 9-11")
    16. American Revolution (Surf the Net with Kids)
    17. American Revolutionary War: 1775-1781 (src: The Patriot [movie] website)
    18. American and Political Science
    19. American & Military History (dedicated to the Corps of Cadets at West Point) by Bill Thayer (U. Chicago) [includes 20+ full length books]
      [also see, below: Rome, LacusCurtius, by Bill Thayer and the same linked at Books Online] Ancient History, Internet Sourcebook [Source: - Halsall Home, ancient history]
        (see below: 'Internet History Sourcebooks Project')
      1. Ancient History Sourcebook
    20. Animations:
        American History
      1. Animation: Compare dates by US Counties forming westward - 1650-Present, 'Twas different about the animation
      2. Aging of the U.S. 1950-2050
      3. Animation: Compare dates by US 48 States Boundaries of the United States and the Several States, forming westward - 1650-Present, a lot different.
      4. Formation of the California Missions
      5. Animation: Growth of a Nation 1790-2000 (teacher guide) 10Min/56Kbs narration, printable
        [Source: SBC Knowledge Network Explorer (KNE) " A ten minute narrated movie, divided into smaller segments, which depicts the geographic history of the United States from the beginning of the nation to fifty states. Geographic elements are interactive, as is the timeline. It will take sixty seconds to load with a 56K modem. A teachers' guide is located at (Requires Flash 6.) By Peter Mays. Grade Level: Early Childhood (K-2), Elementary, Middle School, High School Content Area: Education (Alternatives), History & Social Studies (United States History) [Dewey #973] Application type: Other Resources" ]
        1. American History (map) Web Sites (animated & static)
          1. military, historic
          2. States map, interactive (click'n learn)
          3. chronologies of U.S. History (1492-2000)
          4. American documents, historical & founding (17th C.-present)
          5. Cycles in U.S. History
          6. Presidents of the U.S.
          7. links to other history sites and primary content: source documents
        2. Animated and Interactive
            Darkwing Atlas Project: Many of the following maps/atlas links are now under this web URL:
            European (+atlas, images)
            North America: American History (animated map, Territorial Expansion of the United States 1783-1898, slavery through 1860, legal status of slavery through 1860)
          1. Historical & Cultural Atlas Resource/Maps
            ( natural resources/trade, Ancient Near East, Classical Greece, Hellenistic World & Roman Republic, Principate & Empire, Late Antiquity & Early Medieval ) [ Aegean, Mediterranean, Spain, Mesopotamia, Rome, Bronze Age, Phoenicians, Athenian, Macedonia, Alexander, Punic War, Jewish Diaspora, Christianity, Gaul, Barbarians, Vandals, Vikings ]
          2. Images: ( Urban, Economy, Water, Religion, Landscape, Inscriptions, stone reliefs, Epitaph, Epigraphical, inscriptions )
          3. American History
            (North American Map Archive: Territorial Expansion 1783-1898, Slavery through 1960, Legal Status of Slavery through 1860 )
            Shockwave browser plug-in required for interactive maps
        3. Static Map Sites: Military from West Point & Historic (U.S.)
        4. States: List of, locations, descriptions
        5. Chronologies, U.S. History: 1492-2000, Major Events, LoC, U.S. Documents, Cycles (90 year) of U.S. History
        6. Overall History, Presidents, & other U.S. History Gateways links
        7. Primary Documents Sources: Selection, Revolution Period, U.S. Government, Civil War, & Native American

        8. (Source for A-F:
      6. Animation: A morphing map showing how the border lines have changed throughout U.S. history (source with border related timelines at
    21. Archiving Early America
        Primary Source Material from 18th Century America
      1. Digital Library
      2. Jefferson Primer
      3. Freedom Documents
      4. Early America Review
      5. World of Early America
      6. Lives of Famous Americans
      7. Maps
      8. Milestone Events
      9. Portraits
      10. Town Crier Forums
      11. Pages from the Past
      12. Crosswords
      13. Quiz Game
      14. Music
      15. Movies
      16. Search: Archiving Early America
  9. American Historical Documents
  10. Ancient/Classical History (
  11. Antiquity Online: Civilizations, Philosophies, & Changing Religions (Frank E. Smitha)
  12. Atlas of the 20th Century, Historical
    (source: Matthew White)
  13. (History Channel)
  14. Biographys Online PBS (ancient, modern, events, war, world)
  15. Birthdays, Famous (
  16. British (
    How to do history • Conquest • Local history • Victorian Britain • Family history • Archaeology • Wars and conflict • Church and state (, articles, games, quizes)
  17. Byzantine Music: Hymns from the Liturgical Tradition of the Orthodox Christian Church
  18. Byzantine & Medieval Studies Links Index (
  19. [California] Missions Tour  (source: Tom's Domain [Tom Simondi] )
    If you use this site for reference, please see the citation page   for bibliographic information and formats. Thank you. [Tom Simondi] (also see his: Aesop's Fables) (& see below: 'Missions')
  20. Celtic Heritage - Countries, Culture, Legends (short narratives or related links,
      History & Culture, Anglo-Saxon & Viking:
    1. King Arthur & The Holy Grail
    2. Ireland , Scotland , & Wales
    3. Mythology: Myths and Legends
  21. China the Beautiful;
    Chinese History, Art and Literature:
      History (Big5, GB)
    1. Read Poetry, Poetry, Love in Poetry
    2. Portraits of Emperors (Qin, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties)
    3. Classics & Novels
    4. Literature, World
  22. Chinese, Indian, & Japanese Emperors of the Sangoku, The Three Kingdoms from 2637 B.C.
  23. Christian History, This Week (select by month & week)
  24. Christian History Links
  25. Civil War - American Civil War Source: The Year 1861-1865 (by Thomas Lindström, Sweden) + Civil War links
  26. Civil War, American - A brief history of the American Civil War (1861–1865) (src:
    (American Civil War:Comprehensive American Civil War site with forums)
  27. Civil War, American, Africans in the
  28. Civil War, American, Camp Life, Collections from Gettysburg
  29. Civil War, American; Southern Civil War Society - Main Page (music)
  30. Civil War, American; Confederate Submarine 'The Hunley', Search/Discovered/Raised (Aug00) - News/Articles - Photos - Traveling Exhibit - Submarine Study/Lessons (K2-K8) ( - TV Show, 12Aug00
  31. Civil War, American; Grand Army of the Republic (GAR, Union) (Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, SUVCW)
  32. Civil War, American; GAR Photographs (SUVCW)
  33. Civil War, American, for Kids
  34. Civil War, American: The History Place
  35. Civil War, American, The Time of the Lincolns
  36. Colosseum: A Gladiator's Story (interactive, animated flash) []
    (src: [SBC Knowledge Network Explorer] Grade Level: Early Childhood (K-2), Elementary, Middle School, High School, College, Adult/Professional; Content Area: Arts (Architecture), History & Social Studies (Anthropology / Archaeology), History & Social Studies (World History); [Dewey #909] Application type: Information Resources, Activities)
  37. Confederate States of America, history page (CSA) (
  38. Crossword, 30 years of
  39. Digital Classroom, The; National Archives & Records Administration (NARA - Primary Sources, Activities, & Training for Educators and Students - Materials & Methods - Presidential Records, Gov't. Laws & Regulations, CFRs) + Library & Archive Grants
  40. Digital History
    ( The site's "Ask the HyperHistorian" feature allows users to pose questions to professional historians. This Web site was designed and developed to support the teaching of American History in K-12 schools and colleges and is supported by the Department of History and the College of Education at the University of Houston. Grade Level: Middle School, High School, College, Adult/Professional Content Area: Community Interest (Reference Desk), History & Social Studies (United States History) [Dewey #027] ) Application type: References & Tools. link source:
  41. Earth, Pre-Cambrian to the Present [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
  42. Earth's Timeline & Global Shifts, planet's plate movements, geology, geologic time
    (from Pre-Cambrian [570,000,000 years ago] to the Cenozoic [65,000,000 to present], interactive, MSNBC)
  43. Egypt, 'A Field Trip to Ancient Egypt (K-Adult)
  44. Explorers, Indexed Alphabetically (Enchanted Learning)
  45. EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe (When you cite documents from this website (, please consult Modern Language Association Documentation Style for Citing Sources from the World Wide Web.)
  46. Evolution or Creation? (timeline image & biblical quotation) [src: AP]
  47. EyeWitness (Accounts of) History Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It
    1. Ancient
    2. Middle Ages/Rennaisannce
    3. 17th Century
    4. 18th Century
    5. 19th Century
    6. Civil War
    7. Old West
    8. 20th Century
    9. World War I
    10. World War II
    11. Photo of the Week
    12. Snapshots: Photographic Gateways to History
    13. Voices, of the 20th Century
    14. Index of 'Eyewitness to History.'
    + Attack At Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 - "A Day in Infamy" small speaker image : President Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt, December 8, 1941 before the Congress of the United States & 'These Colors Don't Run', Remember...Poster, 1941
  48. Feminist of the Day
    (also see: daily graphic)
  49. Garden and Landscape History
  50. German History (Wikipedia Encyclopedia)
    (also, "The Holy Roman Empire", see Roman/Rome history links below)
  51. German History WWW links (by Ruti Ungar, The Institute for German History)
      (Middle Ages, Early Modern Period, Nineteenth Century, Twentieth Century, Sites & Articles on the Web, Text Archives, Journals, Reference Works, Museums, German Studies, Universities, Libraries, DataBases, Scholarships, Historians and the Web, Conferences and Events)
    1. Deutschland: Knige, Kaiser, Staatschefs (Kings, Kaiser, Chiefs of State)
    2. German Philosophy & Literature
    3. Germanistik
      (Web Genocide Documentation Centre: Internet Resources on Genocide and Mass Kilings)

    4. (also see: Books Online)
  52. Great American Speeches (1645-1931) []
  53. Greece, Ancient (ThinkQuest)
  54. Guide to History Resources on the Internet (Faculty of Economics & Social Science, U.of the West of England)
  55. Halloween, The History of
  56. Historical Documents
      American Historical & Founding:
    1. WallBuilders' historical document or family-oriented information links (1-8)
      (history, creationism, educational groups, environmental issues, Founders' Homes, historical documents & groups; legal, prayer, Pro-Family, Pro-Life, & Worldview Youth organizations)
      1. The American Colonist's Library
      2. A Century of Lawmaking
      3. Continental Congress & Constitutional Convention Documents
      4. Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
      5. The Founders' Constitution
      6. George Washington Papers
      7. George Washington Writings
      8. Thomas Historical Documents
    2. Diplomacy, Economics, Government, History, Law, and Politics:
      1. Pre-18th Century
      2. 18th Century
        1. The Alien & Sedition Acts: 1798
        2. Articles of Association, 20Oct1774
        3. Articles of Confederation, 1Mar1781
        4. Charles II's Grant of New England to the Duke of York, 1676 - Exemplified by Queen Anne; 1712
      3. 19th Century
        1. Confederate States of America
        2. Jefferson Papers
        3. Laws of War
        4. Monroe Doctrine, 2Dec1823
        5. Native Americans: Statutes of the U.S.
        6. Native Americans: Treaties with the U.S.
        7. Relations between Native Americans and the U.S
        8. War 1812
      4. 20th Century
        1. The A-Bomb: The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
        2. Nurember War Crimes Trial, 1945-1948
        3. WWII Documents
      5. 21st Century
          Major Collections including:
        1. Chronology of American History, 1492-1988
        (source: Yale Law School, The Avalon Project) [also see Online Books]
      6. Historical Texts Archive (world, regional, topical)
          United States:
        1. US Articles, books, speeches (includes Native American)
        2. Other Links, categorized (by state, topic, or time frame)
        3. USA West historical articles, books, speeches (includes borders/fronteras)
  57. History Channel, This Week in History, & Revolutinary Era Links & Other Links
  58. History for Kids (w/lesson plans, crafts, projects)
    Europe, Asia, and Africa before 1500 AD:
      • Culture & Society:
    1. Architecture
    2. Art
    3. Clothing
    4. Economy
    5. Environment
    6. Food
    7. Games
    8. Government
    9. Literature
    10. Middle Ages
    11. People
    12. Philosophy
    13. Religion
    14. Science
    15. War
      • Countries:
    1. Africa
    2. China
    3. Egypt
    4. Germany
    5. Greece
    6. India
    7. Islam
    8. Rome
    9. West Asia
  59. History Globe (history thru HTML, XML, & Flash animation)
  60. History Net, The (Portal Page) - Today in History (THN) (also Harrold's: TIH links)
  61. History Net, The Cowles History Group (links from Ancient Mediterranean to Present)
  62. History & Government
    (American, Archaeology, Ancient Civilizations, Disasters, European, Law, Military, Politics, Rennaisance, War) (K-Adult, ThinkQuest)
  63. Hitler, Adolf (An Apolitical Historical Website) (also see, below: Holocaust & World War II & Books Online & Timelines)
  64. Hitler, Adolf [Adolf Hitler] (source: The Free Dictionary Encyclopedia by Farlex)
  65. Hitler's Speeches (Hitler Historical Museum)
    WritingsSpeechesImagesArtifactsArtPostersFriends and CompatriotsLinks
    (also see, below: Holocaust & World War II & Books Online & Timelines)
  66. Holidays, Food Themed, by month and/or day
  67. Federal Holidays (U.S.) 1997-2010 (US OPM) - USNO
  68. The Holocaust, WWII:    (also see, Books Online: Holocaust)   PG-13    (also see, below: Timelines)
      Holocaust Curriculum Resources for K-12
      (source: ISLMC)
    1. Holocaust: A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust (
    2. Origins: Nazism
    3. Holocaust of World War II, The: Teachers Net - The Holocaust [many research links, catergorized and timelines, stories, Operation Paper Clip, histories,
      book links, political history, genocide, the SS, the Gestapo, camp lists, the trains...]
      (Teacher Net webmaster's quote: "I always recommend looking through all Holocaust material with one of your parents, as some of the material can get quite graphic. They will be able to help you with any questions you have and you can discuss anything that might make you feel uncomfortable.")
    4. The Holocaust History Project: is a free archive of documents, photographs, recordings, and essays regarding the Holocaust, including direct refutation of Holocaust-denial.
  69. Holocaust: Deputy Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler's Speech at Posen - Read the Speech by the SS leader in which he speaks openly about the Holocaust & Listen with Real Audio A Speaker GIF Image. (source: DMOZ, Society..Holocaust, below)
  70. Holocaust: Himmler's October 4, 1943 Posen Speech complete translations and audio texts
    [source: The Nizkor Project - Dedicated to 12 million Holocaust victims who suffered and died at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime still pictures movie or video video sound or narration]
    (On October 4th, 1943, the Reichsführer-SS, Heinrich Himmler, gave a three-hour speech. Approximately two hours into the speech, Himmler made some extremely damning and revealing statements regarding the extermination of the Jewish people.)
  71. Holocaust: Society: History: By Time Period: Twentieth Century: Holocaust (DMOZ, 389)
    Google Web Directory
    • DMOZ's "Holocaust search" on:   
    AltaVista - A9 - AOL - Ask - Clusty - Gigablast - Google - Lycos - MSN - WiseNut - Yahoo
  72. Holocausts: Web Genocide Documentation Center
    ( Armenian, Cambodia, East Timor, euthanasia, Jewish holocaust, Jewish holocaust timeline, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland-Third Reich, Rwanda & Burundi, Nazi occupation forces, Sierra Leone, Third Reich functionaries, Third Reich bio-profiles, World War II, Yugoslav wars, + crimes, conventions, definitions, documents laws, statutes, trials )
    (also see, below: Timelines: Holocaust, The)
  73. International History (
    1. Internet History Sourcebooks Project: (extensive) (includes RA & midi music)
    2. African
    3. Ancient
    4. Ancient Law
    5. Byzantine
    6. East Asian
    7. Global
    8. Indian
    9. Islamic, Islam
    10. Jewish
    11. Medieval Sourcebook
    12. Medieval Law & Legal History, History of Law
    13. Medieval Music
    14. Modern History Sourcebook
    15. Online books, manuscripts, documents, texts
    16. Science
    17. Saints' Lives
    18. The Long 19th Century (pre 19th thru 20th)
    19. Women's
    ("..a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts", src: Fordham U., NY)
  74. Legal History (source:
    Including: General [historical] Interest, Ancient Law, American Legal History, English Legal History and European Legal History
  75. Luther, Martin. "The Life of Martin Luther"  (by Susan Lynn Peterson)
  76. Medieval (
    1. Mexico
    2. President Herbert Hoover (early '30s) ordered the deportation of all illegal aliens in order to make jobs available to American citizens that desperately needed work.
    3. Operation Wetback was a 1954 project of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to remove about 1.2 million illegal immigrants from the southwestern United States, with a focus on Mexican nationals.
    4. A history of the border (
    5. A morphing map showing how the border lines have changed throughout history (
    6. An interactive timeline that you can use to find out more about this history of the border (
    7. A (printable, pre-1519 to 1998) text timeline featuring important dates and events of the region, including fuller descriptions of key aspects of border life; this timeline can be printed and used as a reference (
    8. The Borderlands Encyclopedia (U. Texas)
    9. Mexican History & Culture (Mexican Embassy, DK)
    10. Mexican History Timeline Overview, History Indexed, Historical Figures, People
    11. Mexico Theme: Online lesson plans and resources for studying Mexico, the Mexican culture and Cinco de Mayo (Pre-School to 5th by grade)
  77. Military, by subject, era, battle, war, related sites
  78. Military History (
  79. Military History Online
    (Ancient; Articles; Civil War, Genealogy; Civil War, U.S.; Desert Storm; Horse and Musket; Medal of Honor; other 19th Century; World War I (WWI); other 20th Century; World War II (WWII); Renaissance; Vietnam War; War Gaming)
  80. Military, Feudal Warfare - 7th Century A.D.-16th Century A.D., Europe & Middle East
    [Battle of Tours, Battle of Hastings, Knights, Persia, Byzantium, Constantinople, Crusades, Charlamagne, Franks, Feudalism, Islam, Islamic, Muslim, Moslem, Barbarians, Romans, Charles Martel, Pax Dei, Christian, Vikings, Pope Leo III, ] (a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation by Lt. Colonel Mitchell, 21Feb06,
  81. Missions Tour  [California] (source: Tom's Domain [Tom Simondi] )
    If you use this site for reference, please see the citation page  for bibliographic information and formats. Thank you. [Tom Simondi]
    (also see his: Aesop's Fables)
  82. Mythology, The Pantheons of (from African to Norse)
  83. Mythology: Dieties, List of (from Abenaki to Zuni, Ancient to present)
  84. Mythology: Egyptian Godesses, Gods and Godesses (w/picture list)
  85. Mythology: Greek Gods & Godesses
  86. Mythology: Greek and Roman Equivalent Gods
  87. Mythology: Native American (many North American, South & Central, Eskimo)
  88. Mythology: Norse Gods & their genealogy
  89. Mythology: Roman Gods & Godesses
  90. Mythology, Mystica (from Ancient Beliefs to Theosophy, Gods/Godesses) & Mythical-Folk (src:
  91. Native American
  92. Olympic Games, Ancient, The Real Story of the (K-12) (source: U. of PA)
  93. Olympics, The Ancient (source: Perseus Project , Classics Dep't , Tufts U.)
  94. Ottomans -
    ("A chronology, maps, glossary, history, military history, biographical info, art and cultures of the Ottoman Empire that has once dominated a large territory from Egypt to Russia, from India to Austria. is written and edited by Mr. Korkut Ozgen, born in Istanbul and a graduate of History Faculty at Bogazici University, Istanbul.")
    [quote & link source: SBC Knowledge Network Explorer (KNE)]
    (Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School Content Area: Arts (Architecture), Arts (Visual Arts), Community Interest (Regional Information), History & Social Studies (Cultures), History & Social Studies (World History) [Dewey #909] Application type: Information Resources )
  95. Outlines, American History: Documents, Essays, Biographies, Presidents
    "From Revolution to Reconstruction", USIA
  96. Patriot's Pub A Speaker GIF Image.
    (Online radio discussion on The U.S. Constitution, the Founding Fathers and the creation of the U.S.)
  97. Penny Post Cards from America's Past - View old time pictures of American Cities (
  98. Platitudes with Attitudes
    Lessons: Platitudes, Etymology, Scientific Method, How to Research, How to Write an Essay, Make a Webpage
    (link source: SBC Knowledge Network Explorer, quote, "Platitudes with Attitudes get students to examine local sayings and then to "prove them" using the scientific method. A unique blend of history, language arts and science! Basically you: 1) Assign or have students choose sayings; 2) research the etymology of their sayings; 3) use the scientific method to either prove or disprove the saying; 4) post a web page showing students work. Comes complete with lessons, discussion board, chats, Education Standards, and updates.
    Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School; Content Area: English (General/Other), History & Social Studies; (General/Other) [Dewey #800]; Application type: Information Resources")
  99. Plumbing, Ancient & Current and Plumbing, Roman to Old English

  100. ( also see: 44 Presidents images morphed at "Games'n Diversions")
  101. Preambles to the Constitutions of U.S. States also Preambles to State Constitutions

  102. POTUS:
  103. POTUS: President of the United States (IPL)
  104. Test Your Knowledge of our Earliest U.S. President (Quiz, source: Stanley L. Klos's,
    [ art, history, library, science, natural history, war]
  105. Pre-1789 U.S. Presidents, U.S. Capitals & the Declaration of Independence [history, videos, narratives]
    (sources: Wikipedia, Stanley L. Klos's web sites:,, and

  106. related, print format
  107. The Forgotten Presidents of The Continental Congresses (1774 to 1789)
  108. President Lincoln, Abraham [b.1809-d.1865] (Abraham Lincoln
    (some links source: Cyber-Nation)
    1. Lincoln Quiz
    2. Quotations
    3. The Amazing And Compelling Story Of Abraham Lincoln
    4. The Gettysburg Address - Inspiring Words Of Abraham Lincoln
    5. The Original Gettysburg Address As Written In President Lincoln's Handwriting
    6. Picture Of Abraham Lincoln 11 Days Before Delivering The Gettysburg Address
    7. How Abraham Lincoln Overcame Obstacles To Become The 16th U.S. President
  109. President Kennedy, John Fitzgerald
    (Candidate, Assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald, President Johnson, Witnesses, Funeral, Dallas PD - Audio/Sound Files)
  110. President Reagan, Ronald
    (links src:
    1. CNN: Ronald Reagan 1911-2004 (biography, style, funeral, sights'n sounds)
    2. IPL: POTUS Ronald Reagan
    3. PBS: The American Experience: Reagan, Pesident of the United States
    4. Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library: Kids' Kabinet (K-8)
    5. Time Magazine: Commermorative Issue: Ronald Reagan: 1911-2004
  111. Presidents of the United States (POTUS, Internet Public Library [IPL])
  112. Presidents of the Twentieth Century Crossword Puzzle (
  113. Presidents, American (C-SPAN) & Teacher Aids
  114. Presidents, American, U.S. Inaugural Addresses:
    1. Inaugural Addresses (
    2. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents
      ( Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy; The Avalon Project at Yale Law School )
    3. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States + Audio/Video archives small speaker image
      ( The American Presidency Project by John Woolley and Gerhard Peters at UCSB )
    <B>Know your presidents?</B>
    (source: Chicago Tribune)
    Quiz:  Know your presidents?

    If you need to brush up on your history before taking the quiz, check out the "Chicago Tribune" portraits of America's leaders.
    Also try out the newspaper's presidential puzzles,
    including the Big Presidential Game Puzzle.
  115. Presidents: From the Ronald Reagon Memorial Foundation & Library - Presidential Museum & Archives
    (40th President of the United States, Born in Illinois, February 6, 1911 - Died in California, June 5, 2004)
      Fun Facts for Grades K-8:
    1. Presidential Stuff:  Meet the Presidents
    2. Birthday Cake:  Upcoming Presidential Birthdays
    3. Ask Mr. President:  Send a Message to the President
    4. Where in America?:  Presidential Sites Around the Country
    5. Wanna Play?:  Games & Puzzles
    6. Ways to Learn More:  Links to other Presidential Libraries' Web Sites
  116. Presidents' Speeches, historic (links from God and Country)  
    (also see U.S. History below)
  117. Prime Ministers in History (UK), Take A Virtual Tour of 10 Downing Street (Quick Time plug-in required), History of the building at 10 Downing (from Roman/Saxon, to King Canute (r.1017-1035), Edward the Confessor (r. 1042-66), William I (1066-1087), the Axe brewery (1500's))
  118. Prisoner of War, Search Engine, Viet Nahm (
  119. Quotes and Quotations, Famous
  120. Reformation, The  
      (society, religion, Christianity, Church history, Anglican, Catholic, French Huguenot, Lutheran, Martyrs, Protestant, Radical, Scottish)
    1. History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century (also see: history links)
      (by Jean-Henri Merle d'Aubigné, Henry White - Reformation - 1858 - 867 pages. via Google in text or .pdf)

    2. [also visit Harrold's Online Books Links]
  121. Roman Empire (ThinkQuest)
  122. Roman Life, Cuisine, Recipes, Dress, Men, Women, Houses in Antique Rome (MS)
  123. Roman Ludi (games), Calendar of Roman Holidays, Sayings & Proverbs, Imperial Forums Quiz (MS)
  124. Roman Numerals, Numbering System, numeration (MS)
  125. Encyclopedia Romana ( SPQR, ROMA, NOT, NEXUS )
    (link source: Harrold's Encyclopedia links at
  126. Rome, Ancient from Barbara J. Feldman's:
      Ancient Rome:
    1. BBC for Schools: The Romans (K-8 w/lesson plans)
      + History of the Romans (12-adult)
    2. History for Kids: Ancient Rome
      [ "..before the rise of Rome, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire. (Portland State U.) ..what the Romans wore and ate, ..history of Roman pottery. ..general Roman history, a time line, ..ancient Greece and Egypt sections. ]
    3. PBS: The Roman Empire in the First Century (+ K4-9 lesson plans, rubrics, online class resources)
      [ "..Emperors, ..poets and philosophers, in the 1st Century AD, ..'Emperor of Rome' game!" ]
  127. Rome, Age of the Emperors (MS)
  128. Rome, of, Map of the Empire, Panem et Circensus (MS, Comune Di Roma)
  129. Rome, Chronology of History, Rome Caput Mundi & Index of Imperors [27 B.C.E. - 395 A.D.] (MS)
  130. Rome, Development of Christianity
  131. Rome, Germania: Battle of Teutoburg Forest (German: Teutoburger Wald)
  132. Rome, LacusCurtius by Bill Thayer (U. Chicago)
    [also see, above: American & Military History, by Bill Thayer and the same linked at Books Online]
  133. Rome, LIVIUS - Index to Articles on Ancient History
    (Anatolia, Carthage, Egypt, Germania Inferior, Greece, Judaea, Mesopotamia, Persia, Rome, Miscellaneous, Picture archive)
  134. Rome, Recovering the Forums (MS)
  135. Rome, SPQR (Modern, Le Pagina Di Roma, Italian)
  136. Rome, Virtual Tours & Reconstructions of Rome's Imperial Forums (3D) + Virtual Tour of Modern Rome (MS)
  137. - This site contains lists of heads of state and heads of government (and, in certain cases, de facto leaders not occupying either of those formal positions) of all countries and territories, going back to about 1700 in most cases
  138. Russian History (source: Bucknell Russian Studies)
  139. A History of Scots to 1700 (related: The Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL))
    (Abbreviations, Introduction, Origins, Characteristics, Vocabulary, Orthography, Phonology, Grammar, Chronology, Style, Bibliography, Permissions)
  140. Scotland: History Of The Scottish Nation
    ( By Rev. J. A. Wylie LL.D., Published in 1886. ) [also see below: 'Timelines: Scottish Timeline' and genealogy] (link src:
  141. Scottish History - Culture, Battles, Literature
    (early Scottish history, battles, culture, literature, American history and music, haggis and Robert Burns)
    (link src:
  142. Seattle and King County, Washington, US
  143. Sounds of History (speakers in alphabetical order, English, actual recordings)
  144. Speeches, Great Historical Speeches
    (, also see: Timelines & Holocaust)
  145. Take a Spin Through History:   Biographies (15,000), Biographical Dictionary, History by Country; by Special Interest: including, the Holocaust and (related pages), World's Religions; plus Native American, Asian American, African American, Women's History; by Time and Historical Periods: Ancient and Classical, Renaissance, Modern Period, 20th Century (colorful, musical)
  146. This is a Christian Nation
    ["The [Supreme] Court is correct to establish the character of our government by looking at its history."]
  147. Timelines:   [ What is the meaning of AD, BC, BCE and CE? ]
    1. c. 2350 BC/BCE-AD/CE present (source: The Junto Society, timelines)
    2. .circa 1000→21st Century: US Documents Timeline
      (also see, below: United States History Documents and Speeches ( © 2007)
    3. 20th Century Timeline by Quarters:
    4. 20th Century Timelines
      (links source: Chico High School, Chico, Ca. US "Time Capsule Museum" links)
    5. A Time-Line of English Poetry 658-2001 (indexed, by period, searchable) [U. Toronto]
    6. AlternaTime Collection of Timelines on the Web (History & Cultures, Science & Technology, Arts & Literature, Popular Culture, Science Fiction)
    7. America: A Short Political, Literary and Cultural History of the United States.  (Colonial-present)
    8. America: A timeline of important dates during our nation's founding.
      ( src: The Heritage Foundation )
    9. American Federalism
    10. American News, Lifestyle Headlines, Events 1900-1999 (src:Archer's Audio Archives) [1900's related links]
    11. Ancient History, Timetables
      1. 5000 B.C. to 2001 B.C.
      2. 2000 B.C. to 1001 B.C.
      3. 1000 B.C. to 701 B.C.
      4. 700 B.C. to 601 B.C.
      5. 600 B.C. to 501 B.C.
        (+ history links) (Stein/Grun [biblio])
      6. 4000 B.C. to 1055 A.D.
      7. Archaeological and Biblical Timeline
        from the Tell el-Far'ah, South Israel Excavation Project and a
        Archaeology Timeline Banner from the Early Bronze Age 3100-2000 BCE to the British Mandate 1917-1948 CE
    12. Anglo-Saxon Chronice (1 CE-1154 CE) & Intro [original translation]
      [source:Thaet Angelseaxisce]
      The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle [source: Online Medieval and Classical Library,]
    13. BCE - 2000/present (
    14. BBC Timelines:
      and Historical Figures
    15. Biblical, Old Testament (3000 BCE-500 BCE)
        Biblical (source:
      1. B.C./B.C.E. Timeline of Biblical & World Events (3000 B.C.E.-1 B.C.)
      2. A Chronology of Paul's Life (10 C.E. -- 62 C.E.)
      3. Bible Timeline for After Christ's Birth (New Testament Timeline)
      4. Chronology 1 C.E.--199 C.E. by Paul Harvey
      5. Chronology 200 C.E.--640 C.E. by Paul Harvey
      6. Church History Timeline from Jesus to Constantine (30 A.D.-313 A.D.)
      7. Church History Timelines (Google search)
    16. Britain: A Short Political, Literary and Cultural History of Britain (1509 - 2000)
    17. British History Timelines (5000 BCE-1998 A.D.)
    18. British Monarchy, Royal Family, Royals
      1. Links to: (Ancient History, World History, Classical Music, Western Art, War, U.S. History, Religion, Health & Medicine, Mythology, Baseball. Charts printable and for sale)
      2. G.B. & U.K. Royalty
    19. British Monarchy, large chart
    20. Celtic Britain & Ireland (17th-19th Centuries)
    21. Colonialism, 1863-1913
    22. Culinary History Timeline (6th Millenium BC, China to 2003 in the U.S.), also see Food Timeline below.
      [src: Morris County (NJ) Library "Childrens's Desk," MCL]
    23. Documents, A Chronology of U.S. Historical (Pre-Colonial to Present)
    24. Egypt, Old Testament, Mesopotamia
    25. Fact Monster's Timelines:
        from More Features's Timelines Search Results ( +/- 100 ),
      1. Biography/People
      2. Disasters
      3. Entertainment
      4. Health, Science & the Internet
      5. History & Government
      6. Society & Cultures
      7. Sports
      8. United States
      9. World
      10. .
        (citation: "Timeline Archive." Fact Monster. 2003 Family Education Network. 31 May. 2004 . )
    26. Food History Timeline, 20th Century [From 1872's 'Black Jack Chewing Gum' to 2002's colored M&Ms](edibles & quaffables)
    27. Food Timeline (Pre-Historic to Modern Times) [linked to recipes & cookbooks], also see Culinary Timeline above.
    28. French Revolution
    29. Geologic Ages of Earth History (geology, dinosaur) [Dinosauria]
    30. Geological Time Machine (Phanerozoic, 543 MYA to Present) []
    31. Germ Warfare [CE c.1346-1998 A.D.](Biological, Chemical)
    32. Global Governance, A Timeline to
    33. Holocaust Project Timebase, The (1889-1999)
      1. Teachers
      2. Students
    34. Holocaust: Destruction of European Jewry, Explanatory Timeline
      (also see, above: Holocaust, The)
    35. From Year-by-Year
      1. World History
      2. Tallest Buildings
      3. The Space Shuttle
      4. Millennial Milestones
      5. Iraq Timeline
      6. 2008: Afghanistan and the Taliban
      7. More Timelines at
    36. HyperHistory Timeline (src: Hyper History - World History Charts) (Pre-History to 2003)
      Major Civilizations, Timelines of
      (links source: Chico High School, Chico, Ca. US "Time Capsule Museum" links)
    37. Iraq, 1915-1995 (TimeLines.Info, hundreds of timelines)
    38. Jewish History (c2000 BCE - 1999 CE)
    39. Mental Health (U.K)
    40. Mexico, history index (3500 BC - 1990's AD) & Historical Figures (940? - 1900's)
    41. Millennium Years (.circa 1000 A.D.-2000 A.D.) [src: AP] in Shockwave
      1. Overview
      2. Empires
      3. Innovations
      4. People
    42. Nazi Concentration Camps, Timeline of: 1933-1945
    43. Nazism Holocaust Timeline (1918-2001) (
      (also, see above: "Hitler, Adolf" &/or Holocaust)
    44. Native American (1200 BC - 1836 AD)
      1. Historical, 1800-present
    45. Osama bin Laden, 1957-2001 (more 1995-2000 links)
    46. Parthia, Partho-centric (247 B.C. to A.D. 228: ancient Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaidzhan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Israel)
    47. Roman Newspaper, lesson plan (753 B.C. - 476 A.D.)
      Modern: Rome for You - Accomodations, Sights, Museums, Transportation, Food, Shopping (Suzanne Andrews, Ask Italy A new item animated gif
      Its History, Folklore, Culture and Traditions, Monuments and Places, Gastronomy, wine and typical products, Sport, Fun and Free time, Events and appointments, Information to know, Useful numbers)
    48. Rome, Ancient (2000 BCE-300 CE)
    49. Russia, narrative, 1533-1991
    50. Scottish Battles and Conflicts Timeline (AD 84 - 1882)
    51. Tel el-Far'ah, Biblical Timeline (10,000: 3100 BCE-1948 CE) [Palestine, Ancient Egypt]
    52. Terrorism [Terrorist] Incidents 1968-present
      (source: Terrorism Knowledge Base)
    53. Timelines on the Net: (Britain, Rome, English Monarchy, Holocaust)
    54. U.S. Historical Timeline: 1600 - 1799, 1800 - 1849, 1850 - 1899
      (links source: Chico High School, Chico, Ca. US "Time Capsule Museum" links)
    55. United States History, Timeline of (Panoramic Horizontal Pictorial) (
    56. World Cultures, Ancient (China, Near East, India, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Early Islam, Medieval Europe)
    57. World History Timeline - 401 B.C. to now
    58. War Resources: A Century of Wars (Spanish American, 1898 to Persian Gulf War, 2000's)

    59. [also see: more World War II links below]
    60. World War Two (WWII, Timeline 1939-1945)
    61. WWII World War 2 Timelines from 1939 to 1945. (links from:
    62. Year by Year 1900 to 2003 (+ printable calendars)
      (+ Decade by Decade and More 'Timelines' links)
    63. Year by Year 1900 to 2003 (
      ( + Decade-by-Decade, e.g. 1930-1930 ) and Calendar(s):
      Perpetual from 1583-present, related links to Gregorian, Chinese, Hindu, Islamic, & Jewish;
      plus "What Happened on a Particular Day in History, or Year" (more Calendars & Time related links)
    64. Year by Year 1900 to 2003 ( ( + Decade-by-Decade, e.g. 1930-1930 ) and Calendar(s):
      Perpetual from 1583-present, related links to Gregorian, Chinese, Hindu, Islamic, & Jewish;
      plus "What Happened on a Particular Day in History, or Year" (more Calendars & Time related links)
      (link source: Chico High School, Chico, Ca. US: with links to American Government, California Information, History, General, Social, Economic, & Political, U.S. History, War, including WW II/WW2/WWII, World War (+ Nazi and Sino/Japanese Holocaust links; propaganda, posters, leaflets), World History.)
  148. Ukraine, Abridged History
    (Loosely translated and abridged by George Skoryk from "HISTORY OF UKRAINE" by Mykhaylo Hrushevs'kyi Illustrations copied from 1990 edition published in Kyiv (ref.ISBN 5-88490-002-3)) and Ukraine History, Memoirs, Biographies, Articles & Links to other Ukrainian Sites by George Skoryk
  149. United States History Documents and Speeches
      source: © 2007 All rights reserved.
    1. 100 Milestone Documents
    2. Amendments not Ratified
    3. 1st Amendment
    4. Amendments to the Constitution
    5. Bill of Rights
    6. Documents Timeline (c.1000-21st Century)
    7. Documents that Shaped America
    8. Flags (also see: U.S. Flag resources links)
    9. Presidential Inaugurations
    10. Other:
      1. Additional Resources
      2. Additional Sites of Interest
      3. Government Sites
      4. History Hotline
      5. Latin Americans
      6. Mexican Americans
      7. Related Sites
      8. Relief Organizations
      9. Study Aids
      1. Citizens Medal
      2. Defense of Freedom Medal
      3. Medal of Freedom
      4. Medal of Valor
      5. Terrorism Medal
      1. Korean War
      2. Iraqi War
      3. Spanish American War
      4. Vietnam War
    11. Speeches:
      1. Documents & Speeches
      2. Historic Quotes
      3. Historic Speeches
      4. Ronald Reagan Speeches
      5. State of the Union Addresses
      6. Top 100 American Speeches
    12. Significant Historical Figures
    13. State Constitutitons
    14. U S Constitution
  150. "Universal Newsreels" (1929 to 1967)
    Quotes from the "Internet Archives" about the newsreels:
    "In the pre-TV era, people saw the news every week in their neighborhood movie theaters. .. released twice a week. .. a fascinating and unique view of an era when motion pictures defined our culture and were a primary source of visual news reporting.   Surviving materials from the entire collection are available at the National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, Maryland."

    Eye Witness Accounts (.swf, National Archives)
    Our Democracy (hi-speed, broadband)
  151. U.S. History for younger children (link src:
  152. U.S. History Links   (links from God and Country)  
      Historical Documents & Speeches:
    1. Articles of Confederation
    2. Common Sense by Thomas Paine
    3. Declaration of Independence
    4. Mayflower Compact
    5. U.S. Constitution

    6. (also see Presidents speeches above)
  153., 'Connecting the Generations'
  154. Vietnam War (src: Archer's Audio Archives)
  155. Vikings
    ("Ten centuries ago, Vikings lived in northern Europe, in an area that now includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden.")
    [src: Surfing the Net with Kids by Barbara J. Feldman]
  156. Women's History by Topics - By Subject, w/Description - Biographies - Global, by Region - Recent, by year - Time, by Era - Quotations - In Today's History - Encylopedia (
  157. Words That Men Live By []
    1. World War Two: World History, Links to Resources and Materials, Maps, Discussions (K-Adult, Hartford Web Publishing)) (Enlightenment, French Revolution, Reaction and Revolutions, Industrial Revolution, World War I, Russian Revolution, Between the Wars, Holocaust, Cold War, Asia, Africa, Latin America)
    2. WWII animated powerpoint slideshow of major campaigns
    3. World War II Memorial (WWII, World War Two)
    4. WWII German, British/English, Soviet/Russian, Italian, Japanese, & USA Leaders. (source: WW2 History, Index of (Phil Stokes))
    5. WWII - Schutzstaffel, or SS (
    6. WWII - "Rosie" the Riveter (also, Women & WWII photo gallery)
    7. World War II in Europe
      (by Brandon Kyle Leniart, also: WWII Summary | WWII Facts & Statistics | WWII Weapons | WWII Photos | WWII Memoirs | Brief WWII Biographies | Recommended Books & Movies | WWII Links | About Mr. Leniart, the Author )
    8. "Tunnel Harry"
      (an interactive pictographic of ' Harry ', the tunnel began in 1943, that allowed over 70 men to escape from the German POW camp, 'Stalag III', during World War II. This was the same tunnel made famous by the movie 'The Great Escape'. The URL takes you to a site where one of the men, after the War, drew a diagram with explanations of each of the sections. When graphics appear, move cursor over the number (no need to click) to display an explanation of activity. Make sure you take the tour. The last number to 'roll over' is 16. Be sure to look and read the numbers and click 'next' to move along.)
    [also see: more War links above]
    World War Two remembered
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Roman Numerals:
Quote, "The numbers that we use are called Arabic numbers, as the Europeans learnt them from the Arabs, although they were invented in India. Romans had a completely different number system."
(quote source: Giles Edkins and Jo Edkins' Educational & Reference Webpages
Type A Number (1-3999) Here:

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M = 1000 D = 500 C = 100 L = 50
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