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    Tutors, Languages/Linguas:      [ Also visit the U.S. EnglishFirst Foundation ]
  1. American Sign Language (ASL Web Sites [ThinkQuest] by (Grade)
  2. Balbir Oberoi's Language Links - English - French/Français - German/Deutsch - Italian/Italiano - Spanish/español/España
  3. BBC World Service - Learning English (BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation)
  4. California Project - Resources - (language specific, for teachers/students, placement information exchange, research & publications)
  5. Learn French, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, German, Italian, English and more (Download a language to your brain, with Learn Fast) [costs money Not Free]
  6. Defense Language Institute (DLI), Presidio of Monterey & Linguists Net (DLIFLC)
  7. English Tutors:
    1. English as a Second Language - U.S. Money, counting, bills, coins - Tips for ESL Teachers
      ( source: Concorde Middle School, Cabarrus Co., NC, US [Adriane Moser] )
    2. English 9.0, Interactive (downloads, high-bandwidth)
    3. English: Learn English with Pictures icon for change A Speaker GIF image
      Practice spelling with word games free
      (Learn English with Pictures (and Audio) is a free, online, resource to learn English words in a fun way. The site has over 400 words and photographs.. Beneath each photograph, there is an audio button to click and hear the word. ESL and EFL) )
    4. English: More "Learn English", ESL, and SAT prep sites
    5. English Online (1-language.com)
    6. English Tutorial - "Learn English with audio and transliterations" A Speaker GIF image
      Practice spelling with word games free
      (The menus, transliterations and translations are in four languages: French, Hebrew Russian and Spanish. Good for ESL and EFL students)
    7. English Online, Grammar
      (beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, upper-intermediate)
    8. English Online, Learn American A Speaker GIF image
      Practice spelling with word games free
    9. English Portal: Learn English online (free exercises, idioms, common abbreviations, slang, proverbs and more)
    10. English Tutors, Immigration Aids & Mr. Dictionary (English) - Dictionary Types Indexed
    11. Vocabulary Games (K-Adult & ESL, Test Preparation)
      (..219 topics, 10,000+ English words and phrases. Topics include grade level words, rooms in a home, sports, health, and careers. The games can be played on the computer or printed out. )
  8. Human Languages - Search - List by Language - Schools (online, regular) - Linguistic Resources, Essays, Grants, Jobs, Databases
  9. Human-Language Pages:
    Foreign Language Lessons
    (world, online, interactive, lessons, pronounciation, grammar, ESL, ELD, ASL)
  10. Foreign Language/Culture/Art Sites (includes Cherokee, Germany, Old/Middle English)
  11. Resources for first-time travelers to France (per D.White, 16Oct12)
  12. German / Deutsch / Alemán / Duits / Allemand / Tedesco / ドイツ語 / 독어 / Alemão / Немецко / Γερμανικά
      German Language Tutors Online
    1. Learn German online (an online-German Course from „DeutschAkademie”, a language school in Berlin, Munich and Vienna)
      [ Arabisch, Bulgarisch, Chinesisch, Deutsch, English, Französisch, Griechisch, Italienisch, Japanisch, Koreanisch, Kroatisch, Norwegisch, Polnisch, Russisch, Schwedisch, Slowakisch, Spanisch, Tschechisch, Türkisch, Ungarisch ]
    2. German (Deutche) Language Tutor Online (http://www.dwelle.de/campus/sprachkurse/english.html)
    3. Learning German (allstays.com)
      (includes links to: interpreting signs, asking directions, ordering from a menu, shopping or boarding the train, German grammar and vocabulary, common phrases, useful words, and numbers, grammar rules and exercises, conjugate German verb, printable worksheets, German-Flashcards, common German phrases organized by category: Food & Drink, Transport, and Shopping; vocabulary skills, hundred-word test, compound words, word order is different than English, difficult concepts; audio clips & audio files, providing correct pronunciation of vowels, consonants, vowel and letter combinations, and the alphabet; German recipes, all parts of speech, conjugation and declension of German words, quizzes, Vocabulary Trainer)
    4. Learning German (for student learners & teachers) (http://www.dw-world.de/english/0,3367,2469,00.html)
    5. German Tutor, The (English, Spanish y Español)
      (source: 20030625 - Barbara J. Feldman's SurfNetKids Newsletter: "Creating a collection of interactive German lessons for both English and Spanish speakers won this high-school team a second place prize. The site is organized so that it can be used sequentially as a complete introduction to German, or randomly, jumping to specific units as you need them. To study the units in sequence, simply follow the left-hand menu from Diagnosis to Lessons. For a quick overview of German pronunciation and grammar, try the "compressed tutorial" German on the Go!")
  13. Greek & Hebrew Language Orientation (dabar.org)
  14. Indo-European Language Tutorials at ielanguages.com • web site by Jennifer Wagner: Curriculum Vitae
    (She authored the following tutorials: French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish and Bosnian, Croatian & Serbian)
    (These tutorials were written by others: Portuguese, Icelandic, Faroese, Welsh, Ukrainian, Russian, Finnish, Indonesian, and Turkish tutorials )
    1. Croatian / Hrvatski
    2. Dutch / Nederlands
    3. Faroese / Føroyskt
    4. *Finnish / Suomi
    5. French / Français
    6. French Slang / L'argot
    7. German / Deutsch
    8. Icelandic / Íslenska
    9. Italian / Italiano
    1. *Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia
    2. Norwegian / Norsk
    3. Portuguese / Português
    4. Russian / Русский
    5. Spanish / Español
    6. Swedish / Svenska
    7. *Turkish / Türkçe
    8. Ukrainian / Українськa
    © 1997 - 2009 Jennifer Wagner • www.ielanguages.com   E-mail: ielanguages [at] gmail [dot] com
  15. I Love Languages - Artificial - Index of Languages (193+ Sub-Categories)- Dictionaries (125+ 9 Sub-Categories) - Language Lessons (65+ Categories) - Linguistics + (55 Resources & 4 Sub-Categories) - Organizations & for Teachers
    (From: Rene Kondratzky's Vocabulary Drill Site)
  16. Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes
  17. Language Sites on the Net - German - French - Spanish - ESOL - Italian - Russian - Portuguese - Dutch - Scandinavian - Celtic - Add New - Staff Development - Case Studies - Training Materials (online workshop, language learner web skills, 'treasure hunt' exercise for new learners) (W@ll)
  18. Languages, Materials for Teaching & Learning (E.L. Easton)
  19. Languages-on-the-Web (learn languages, multi-lingual short stories, 30K+ links)
  20. Microsoft Word 97 Tutorial (U. N.Texas)
  21. Look, Listen, Learn (arithmetic, Bible, languages, U.S. Presidents includes reading, study, tutors, quizes)
    (French, German, Hindu, Indonesian, Korean, Spanish, Swahili)
  22. Online Interactive English Language School
  23. Online Learning, News Headlines & Articles (moreover.com) Free Example, Barnes&Noble (Mickey Alam Khan, dmnews.com, 22Oct01)
  24. Online Resource for Students & Teachers of Spanish
  25. Questique - Educational word game (aid to teaching English) [costs money Free]
  26. Spanish/español from 'Rocket Languages'
             [ Rocket Languages Ltd, c/o Libros Media Ltd, 8721 Santa Monica Blvd #1229, Los Angeles, CA 90069-4057, USA Phone: +1-323-297-2935 (Asia/Pacific NZ: +64-3-377-8305) ]
    Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series
    Previous Newsletters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 31
    Spanish Phrases
    Spanish Idioms Game (Common Spanish phrases)
    Spanish Grammar
    Spanish Verbs
    Latin Culture
    Spanish Pronunciation

    A quote from RocketLanguages.com, "If you’re traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, you need to know the bare minimum to get around.  Keep our useful vocabulary lists on hand for those times when you’ve got something crucial to say and no one around who speaks English."

    Essential Spanish For Traveling - ¡Hola!  Hoy, vamos a aprender algo muy interesante.  ¡Disfruta la lección!
    ..Cleaning - around the household in Spanish! A Speaker GIF image
    ..Rent a car in Spanish! A Speaker GIF image
    ..how to describe people in Spanish! A Speaker GIF image
    ..basic Spanish phrases that will help you blend in with the locals! A Speaker GIF image
    Spanish words for rooms around the house
    Describe people in Spanish..adjectivos (adjectives)..appearance, kind of person they are.
    Emergency Spanish Words
    In/Around the Car
    ("..they are necessary if you plan to do any driving at all when visiting a Spanish speaking country.")
    Spanish at the Airport
    Spanish in the City
    Spanish at the Post Office
    Spanish at the Bank
    Spanish Transport Words
    Spanish at the Restaurant
    Spanish at the Hotel
    "a El [al] Hotel" (to The Hotel) (audio lesson)
    "a El [al] Hotel" (to The Hotel) (20 flash cards)
    "en El Hotel" (in/at The Hotel)
    "en El Hotel" (in/at The Hotel) (Quiz)
    "los números" (the numbers) (Enjoy the lesson! ¡Disfruta la lección!)
    "los números" (the numbers, over 20 & larger numbers, dates) (Enjoy! ¡Qué la disfrutes!)
    Spanish at the Hospital
    "El Agua" (Water) Audio Lesson  icon for change
    "El Agua" (Water) Conversation Practice (31Jan09)
    (Quote, "You'll also learn one easily confused difference between showers in Spanish-speaking countries versus those in English-speaking countries. This tip can save you some embarrassing moments!")
    "El Agua" (Water) flash cards
    "El Agua" (Water) Quiz
    "Hello and Goodbye in Spanish (audio lesson) A Speaker GIF Image
    Greetings and Goodbyes - Saludos y Despedidas (Lesson, audio & text)
    Practice spelling with word games free
    Greetings and Goodbyes - Saludos y Despedidas (Quiz)
    Life's Necessities - Las Necesidades de la Vida (audio lesson) A Speaker GIF image
    Practice spelling with word games free
    Life's Necessities - Las Necesidades de la Vida (quiz)
    The Airport - El Aeropuerto (Intentemos algo diferente.. Audio Lesson) A Speaker GIF image
    Practice spelling with word games free
    At the Beach - La Playa (Going to the beach in a Spanish-speaking country? ..a quick and easy list of beach vocabulary .., water safety is important. ..)
    Job Interview - Entrevista (.. about working hours, references and work permits. .. your experience and your qualifications.. Audio Lesson)
    Workplace Terminology (How do you describe your occupation in Spanish? How do ask about someone else’s profession? .. Maybe someone is asking you to attend a meeting, answer the phone or photocopy some important information. .. understand instructions, or give them to someone else.)
    The Airport - El Aeropuerto (Conversation Practise, from the airport to the hotel)
    The Airport - El Aeropuerto (20 flash cards)
    The Airport - El Aeropuerto (Quiz)
    The City - La Ciudad (¡Disfruta la lección! audio lesson) A Speaker GIF image
    Practice spelling with word games free
    Descriptive words that express qualities, such as short, tall, fat, skinny, nice, mean, rich or poor
    "essential in communicating with other people..  These vital terms will make your Spanish phrases colorful and rich."  (lesson thirty-three of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    Daily greetings & how to respond to such [nuanced]greetings "Of course, you can always say, "I'm fine", but what if you are feeling worried and nervous, or maybe you are feeling fantastic?"  (lesson thirty-four of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    Daily greetings & how to respond to such [emotional] greetings
    "When traveling to a Spanish-speaking country searching for love or communicating your feelings to a Spanish-speaking partner, romantic phrases and words are an absolute necessity.  You will master how to speak with a natural sounding flow when expressing your love and commitment to your loved one." (lesson thirty-five of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "Just as the word "Happy" is used combined with a festive occasion such as someone's Birthday, Christmas or New Years, in Spanish we say "Feliz" this, and "Feliz" that and ¡Salud! not only means "Cheers!" but is also said when someone sneezes, just like "Bless you!"" (audio lesson) A Speaker GIF image
    "These set phrases are a must-know for socializing.." (lesson thirty-six of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "Sometimes, illness and injuries happen unexpectedly and it's important to know how to handle such situations."
    "After this lesson, it won't be a big deal if you do get hurt or have a sudden because you will be confident in expressing your condition or need to the doctor or pharmacist." (lesson thirty-seven of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "Leisure, entertainment and pastime activities."
    "How do you spend your Saturday afternoon? - Reading you favorite novel? Playing tennis? Watching a movie? What are your hobbies? " (lesson thirty-eight of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "Clothing: planning for travel, weather, activities."
    "..make a necessary clothing list in Spanish.." (lesson thirty-nine of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "Eating out: a typical Cocktail hour Tapas dining experience, how to ask for a recommendation, & how to pay your bill, the tradition of tipping."
    "..make a necessary clothing list in Spanish.." (lesson forty-three of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "Signs: Familiarizing yourself with them
    (Have you ever felt embarrassed pushing a door when there is a big sign that clearly reads "PULL"? Or perhaps if you're a woman, you've walked into a men's restroom mistakenly completely missing the "MEN" sign above the door... Yes, signs are very important. Without them, life would be confusing, and sometimes, even dangerous. We see signs all the time- street signs, traffic signs, parking signs, no-smoking and smoking signs - they are an essential part of daily life. This esson is all about Spanish written signs! Familiarizing yourself with these signs will surely prevent you from sitting in the non-smoking area if you're a smoker, and vice versa.)
    (lesson forty-four of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "Here are phrases that you need to have for a phone conversation in Spanish. ."
    (lesson forty-five of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "how to describe your home, or as we say in Spanish, Tu Hogar. From the entry way to the basement, .. as we go through each room and check out all your furniture!."
    (lesson forty-six of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "necessary house cleaning phrases and words in Spanish to keep your home-living comfortable."
    (lesson forty-seven of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "essential words and phrases for handling money in Spanish."
    "A los tontos no les dura el dinero". This literally means "Money does not last for the fools" basically implying that a fool and his money are soon parted.
    "When traveling or living in a Spanish-speaking country, you will surely need to be wise in spending your money..."

    (lesson forty-eight of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "familiarize yourself with a Spanish-talking ATM machine and a Spanish written ATM display screen."
    (lesson forty-nine of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "a smooth and easy car rental process ..get a nice car in good condition."
    (lesson fifty of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "when taking the train or subway - from the ticket office to the departure platform - to the sleeping car, making sure you don't miss your train or where to get off."
    (lesson fifty-one of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "..choosing the perfect accommodation and room is important as it will make your vacation comfortable and satisfying.  ..you'll be confident to specify the type of room you want in Spanish."
    (lesson fifty-two of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "..Need to book accommodation in Spanish? ..free audio lesson ..make a reservation in Spanish like a pro ..different types of accommodation, the facilities on offer, and the kind of room you need."
    "words and phrases for beaches of a Spanish-speaking country"
    (lesson fifty-three of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    "job interviews"
    (lesson fifty-four of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    (..Prepare yourself to talk about your previous work experiences, your qualifications. ..learn how to check out conditions & benefits, including salary, work hours, and of course, if there is any paid vacation! )
    "What is your new occupation?  What are your duties and responsibilities?" ¡Nos vemos! (See you)
    (lesson fifty-five of the Rocket Spanish Newsletter Series)
    (..describe your work experience & job skills to family, friends, a new boss or at a new job)
    "Personality Types in Spanish:   What words would you use to describe your personality??" “I am ____”. In Spanish you say it like this, “El/ella es _____”. A new item animated gif.
    "Movie genre words in Spanish " When talking about movies or books in Spanish, you may want to ask another person, “Have you seen _____?” (“¿has visto ____?”) or, “Have you read ___?” (“Has leído ____?”)Another useful phrase is, “What is it about?” (De que se trata?). A new item animated gif.

    Remember, work through the lessons at your own pace - there's absolutely no harm in repetition.  You'll find your Spanish groove in your own time.
    ¡Hasta la próxima!
    ¿Es interesante la materia?  Is the subject interesting?
    Sign-up for a free 6-Day Spanish Course at RocketLanguages.com (6-parts by eMail, .mp3 format)
    Here is an example: Lesson 1 of 6 from Rocket Languages: The first in the 6-part eMail series of Spanish lessons
      Sign up for for free trial: Rocket Spanish Premium Trial
    1. Interactive Audio Lessons1.1 Introductions
      In this introductory lesson, Mauricio and Amy break the ice. We've got the basics covered, so don't be shy, learn how to greet someone and say hello.
    2. 1.2 Introductions Expanded
      The conversation is off to a rolling start! Listen in as Mauricio and Amy discover a few more details about one another.
    3. 1.3 The Perfect Coffee
      This refreshing lesson takes you to the counter to order a sumptuous Spanish coffee. But not so fast... you'll have to learn a few things about asking for what you want or need in Spanish first!
    4. 1.4 Taking a Photo
      As the old adage goes 'a picture says a thousand words' and it'll feel like you've learned just as many in this lesson (as long as you're not counting!)
    5. 1.5 What do you do for a Living?
      Take your Spanish conversing to the next level and learn how to ask the burning question... What do you do for a living? and more in this installment of your Rocket Spanish.
    6. 1.6 Family Status
      Tell your age (or not) in this edition of Rocket Spanish. We'll even show you how to give out your number and status. Using discretion however; entirely up to you.
    7. 1.7 Traveling on Schedule
      Let our Spanish enthusiasts walk you through your travel itinerary. We'll cover what time, what day, and ensure our ride to the airport gets us there with time to spare. Get your bags packed, we're due to depart!
    8. 1.7 Traveling on Schedule
      Let our Spanish enthusiasts walk you through your travel itinerary. We'll cover what time, what day, and ensure our ride to the airport gets us there with time to spare. Get your bags packed, we're due to depart!
    Rocket Languages Ltd, c/o Libros Media Ltd, attn: Mauricio Evlampieff, 8721 Santa Monica Blvd #1229, Los Angeles, CA 90069-4057, USA
    Rocket Spanish: http://www.rocketlanguages.com/spanish/premium/
    1. Russian: http://rt.com/learn-russian/
    2. 100 online lessons created specially for beginners.
    3. Video lessons of Russian from Marina Orlova, .. enjoy linguistics ..Find out what “Preevet!" means.
    4. A little bit of Russian: mini-video lessons.. . No boring books required, just sit back, watch and be taught all the basic Russian you need to go shopping for groceries, go to a clinic or a drugstore, have guests over, ask for instructions and learn many more useful words and phrases in our entertaining one-minute series on RTД.
    5. From Russia TV at http://RT.com's All About Russia: Russiapedia, Blogs, Climate, Cuisine, Economy, Facts, Films, GoRussia, Holidays, Language, Literature, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Panoramas, Population, Religion
  27. Satellite Communications for Learning (SCOLA) (languages)
  28. Slang Dictionary (speaks) & Business Idioms (peakenglish.com)
  29. Parlo Online English, Spanish, French Lessons - Teacher Lesson Plans, Class Activities - Explore Cultures, Articles (basic, intermediate, advanced), Radio, Songs, Pen Pals - English Learning Games - Translate Words: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian
  30. The Talking Spanish Dictionary A Speaker GIF image
      Spanish language learning resources:
    1. quizes: weekly & grammar
    2. vocabulary
    3. verbs
    4. grammar
    5. advanced idioms course
    6. language schools

    7. (from WebWorkbooks, contains over 120,000 entries, 45,000 voice files;  Click on the left speaker icon to hear how the word is pronounced in Spain, and on the right icon to hear how it is pronounced in Latin America..) [also see: dictionaries]
  31. Spanish in the World: Varieties of the Spanish language, History of Spanish & Links to Spanish resources
  32. Spanish Language School in Seville (CLIC) [costs money Not Free]
    (TEFL / TESOL Spain, Cursos de Inglés, Alemán, Francés, Italiano, Estudia en el Extranjero)
  33. Spanish - Free Online Tutorial & Translations Dictionary (grammar, written & oral excercises, tests) - Related (middle-adult) Teacher Resources - Radio
  34. Spanish: Jiffy Spanish Free Lessons to Learn Spanish A Speaker GIF image
    Practice spelling with word games free
      A great way to learn Spanish for free. (contacts: )
    1. Free Spanish Lessons
    2. Spanish Vocabulary
    3. Spanish Phrase Builder alt
    4. Spanish Pronunciation
    5. Spanish Grammar
    6. Spanish Verbs
    7. Spanish Verb Drills
    8. Spanish Culture alt
    9. How to Learn Spanish alt
    10. 100 Common Words
    11. Spanish Numbers
    12. All about Spanish grammar
      1. Lessons
      2. Introduction
      3. Pronounciation
      4. Very Basic Grammar and Language Essentials
      5. Basic Conversations in Spanish
      6. Telling the time in Spanish
      7. The Spanish verb "Tener"
      8. Verb Basics
      9. verb 'to be'
      10. Irregular Verbs
      11. Family
      12. Present Progressive Tense
      13. House and Home
      14. Dating and Marriage
      15. Money and Shopping
      16. Accommodation
      17. Transportation
  35. Spanish - Srna. Hoffman's beginner's Spanish Language help (source: Kittatinny HS, Newton, NJ, US)
  36. Spanish Professor
      Learning lessons, tools & links:
    1. numbers in Spanish
    2. conjugation of Spanish verbs
    3. Links to online Spanish courses
    4. Links to Spanish, Hispanic, Latino culture
    5. Spanish dictionaries (also see: Dictionaries)
  37. Spanish - Learn Spanish using Free Interactive Online Lessons source: (www.learnspanishtoday.com) A Speaker GIF image
    Practice spelling with word games free
    (interactive audio/visual Spanish lessons that teach over 500 words Free online. Free sections include: Greetings, Survival Expressions, Colors, Numbers, Months, Days of the Week, and hundreds of other useful words and phrases.)
  38. Learn Spanish in Spain with Universpain
    1. Test Your Level
    2. Free Spanish Lesson
    3. Spanish Word for Today
  39. Spelling City A Speaker GIF image
    Practice spelling with word games free
    [K-8 students teachers parents]
  40. Vietnamese, Learn
  41. Vocabulary Training Exercises in English (select your native lingua to other language) - German/Deutsch - French - Spanish/español - Intro/FAQs - Language, Travel/Euro/CA, Astrology Links -
  42. Vocabulix.com - free online Vocabulary trainer and Conjugation trainer icon for change
    ( This trainer targets people who are interested in learning foreign languages, such as English, Spanish or German. "...without spending large amounts of money." )
  43. World Languages and Number Systems
  44. Yamada Language Guides - Non-English Fonts Archive by Lingua - Internet Based Learning - WWW Links - Ethnologue - Index 6,703 - by Region - Maps - North America Native Lands, Current & Historical - Mapped (U.Oregon)

Free English Language Study Guides
    General Studies:
  1. Free Online Tutoring: BrainFuse in English y Tutora gratis en español
    ("..a variety of tutoring programs..provided for free to eligible NCLBA parents.")
    (What is BrainFuse? Is it free?may require local library cardHow do we qualify? )

    Mathematics: (may require downloadable patches)
  1. Interactive Mathematics 10.0 (downloads, high-bandwidth)
  2. Look, Listen, Learn (elementary arithmetic: addition & multiplication, Bible, languages, U.S. Presidents includes reading, study, tutors, quizes)

  1. Free: learning vocabulary Study vocabulary or almost anything
    ( Languages & Vocabulary [ from Arabic to Welsh ] • Math & Science • History, Geography & Social Studies • Arts & Literature • by Study Level (G8-16+) • Professional & Trade • Standardized Tests • Fun & Interesting )

    Tutors, Typing:
  1. Typing Tutor - Free download (source: Tranexp.com - Translation Experts)
  2. Typing Tutor - EasyType (interactive/audio) A Speaker GIF image
    Practice spelling with word games free
  3. Typing Tutor - Free touch typing course in five lessons. (typeonline.co.uk)
  4. Practise typing with a simple online exercise (harrold.org/games.html)

    Tutors, Computer Use:
  1. Telus Internet Services: (interactive/audio, CA) (Telus Home Page) A Speaker GIF image
    Practice spelling with word games free
    1. Introduction to Internet Explorer
    2. Introduction to Netscape
    3. Operating Systems
    4. Security
    5. E-mail
    6. Search
    7. Web Tools & Information
    8. Office Tools
    9. Utilities
    10. Design, Development & FTP
    11. Home Networking Basics & Security
    12. Tutorials, How To's, and Network/Internet Connection Tests
  2. Contacting Host (URL/ISP) Owners
  3. How ADSL/DSL Works (source: How Stuff Works
  4. RDN Virtual Training Suite
    "..free online tutorials to help students, lecturers and researchers improve their Internet information literacy and IT skills."
  5. Web Pages, HTML, Internet tutors'n tools
  6. Programming and Computer Guides
    (languages, coding, tutorials, guides, PC hardware, source: resources from Online Computer Science Degree)

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